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Found 1 result

  1. Kalad Strifelover has overthrown Hanald, casting out the royal family of Idris. He has founded the nation of Hallandren in its place. Meanwhile, the dethroned and exiled Idris royal family has rallied old allies, forming the Pahn Unity. They aim to stand against Hallandren... And so the events are set in motion that will one day come to be known simply as "the Manywar." A near-global conflict where the fruits of new biochromatic research are bent solely towards unprecedented bloodshed. You have been sent to join a detachment of Idrian Soldiers that has just been dispatched from the infant nation of Idris, sent as sorely needed reinforcements to shore up the battle in Hallandren. ...But I never necessarily said it was Idris that sent you. Some of you are undoubtedly Hallandren Agents, sent to infiltrate the camp and keep the reinforcements from ever reaching the battle. Due to a severe winter, and the occasional sighting of a band of lifeless, your division has decided to hole up in the ruins of a ransacked town, one of many such towns in the wake of the Manywar. Because supplies are low, sickness is spreading, and visibility is poor, your division has elected not to break camp, at least until the weather improves. So now you are just kind of sitting around your campfire awkwardly, waiting for somebody to break the silence. Anybody care to introduce themselves? Ground Rules 24 Hour Cycles. Rollover at 7:00am GMT.Open single PMs, no group PMs.One action per cycle per person.Lynches are decided by plurality, minimum 2 votes. Tie votes are decided randomly.Failing to cast a vote on any cycle but the first one will result in death by sickness. Factions Idrian Loyalists- Villagers. Loyalists win if all the Hallandren Agents are killed. Hallandren Agents- Eliminators. Agents win if they outnumber the Idrian Loyalists. They have a google doc and a factional killing power. Roles Awakener- With basic knowledge of awakening, you may use an awakened rope to cancel somebody's action. With basic knowledge of lifeless, you may converse with the dead. Sentry- Tasked with watching over the camp, you may observe somebody at night, and discover who visits them. Captain- As a person of rank, you can discredit somebody, cancelling their vote. Soldier- You are the staple of the Idrian army. You don't get any special abilities, but at the end of the day your voice counts as much as anyone's. This game is scheduled to start in [signups has been extended by 3 days; the countdown reflects this fact] Player List: Rule Clarifications: Quick Links: