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Found 55 results

  1. HDjsnvjdnvjsnvkcn what is that Emperor’s Soul dog meme I can’t. :lol: 

    1. R J

      R J

      It is The Truth. 

    2. AonEne


      Is that your dog, or did you just find the image? 

    3. R J

      R J

      I just found the image. My family has cats sadly 

  2. So I was listening to the Wind's Pleasure by @Spock and I was like "Whoa! This is awesome!" And it sparked an idea. Well, I say it's an idea, but it's not exactly original. Can we just make some music for the Cosmere? If we aren't getting cinematics then can we get audiomatics (dunno if that's a word)? If you know me, you know that I love to organize stuff like this. If you have something musical to post, do it in this format: Name of Score OR (if you don't have a name) Just say "Suggestions?" Name of Book that the music is from (If you're not sure what book it's from, then just say "TBD") Link or File Download for music. Feel free to just copy and paste the URL or insert a link into smaller text. An (optional) short description. Spoilers are allowed! If you don't have something musical to post, then try to keep the discussion (obviously) on-topic. If you have critiques or comments, be sure not to be mean. Saying "this bit needs work" is fine, but saying "this song sucks" isn't. That being said, go forth, musicians, in the memory of Hoid's flute!
  3. Hey all, I've been trying to write some music and I just don't know...any advice???
  4. So some late night Cosmere reddit browsing found a thread which had Crazy Train playing during Kaladin and Adolin's duel in WoR. That got me thinking: which well known music can you imagine playing in pivotal scenes in the Cosmere? Personally, I can imagine Forge (especially 3:05 onwards) or Portals during Bridge 4's rescue of the Kholin army in WoK. Let's me honest, Kaladin's Stormlight blast landing is the equivalent of Thor's Bifrost entrance. I guess this could apply to any genre, but I really like the approach of A Knight's Tale, which used modern rock music to illustrate how people would have felt about their music back in the Middle Ages.
  5. Hello everyone Using my furlough time wisely, I felt compelled by a question from the lovely people at r/cosmere on Reddit. ‘What music do you read the books to?’ My response was to write and record an imaginary soundtrack to the first trilogy. I’m unable to link as a new me ever to the group but you will find the album on most music sites - search for ‘Zavodila The Mistborn Suite’ I know this may not be to everybody’s taste and I’m not after critiques, it’s released and finished now. I would hope that you listen though, the books had a profound effect on me. This is the first thing I’ve ever released, that should say enough about their power. Thank you John
  6. I noticed that there were a lot of musicians on here. So...... here all you musicians can post musician jokes, talk about your bad sight-reading skills, and bemoan your musician fates.
  7. Ok so, this is being written as I'm listening to Revolver, which I must say is somewhat of a shift from their earlier work. Everything before it was somewhat similar, but not in a bad way. For some reason, certain songs reminded me of surf guitar instrumentals which I will occasionally listen to when I'm not in the mood for my usual playlist or my soundtrack music playlist. But I digress. Now, I've not listened to the Beatles much before this point (I know, I'm a heretic) but I definitely prefer Revolver over Rubber Soul. Both are good, but I like most songs on Revolver more so than on Rubber soul. More to come (maybe)
  8. So, I like electronopop, and as I was listening to my favorite artist (Owl City) there was this song that reminded me of mistborn, specifically Spook. It's called Embers by Owl City, Album name: The Midsummer Station here are the lyrics: There were days when each hour was a war I fought to survive There were nights full of nightmares and I dreaded closing my eyes There were skies that burst open with a downpour to drown me alive But the world took a spark like a match in the dark and the fire brought me to life So I'm fanning the flames to climb so high 'cause there's no other way we can stay alive 'Cause we're burning bright as we all unite And when it's all said and done we'll shine like the sun so don't let the fire die And we'll watch the sky as it fills with light And though the embers are new, whatever you do just don't let the fire die And you'll find, there'll be mornings when the ashes and embers are cold But you'll fight with a passion and you'll never stop 'cause you know Yeah you know it gets better and your story is yet to be told Every push, every shove, every war, every love Yeah the coals are beginning to glow So I'm fanning the flames to climb so high 'cause there's no other way we can stay alive 'Cause we're burning bright as we all unite And when it's all said and done we'll shine like the sun so don't let the fire die And we'll watch the sky as it fills with light And though the embers are new, whatever you do just don't let the fire die Don't let the fire die It gets better Just don't let the fire die, no 'Cause we're burning bright as we all unite And when it's all said and done we'll shine like the sun so don't let the fire die And we'll watch the sky as it fills with light And though the embers are new, whatever you do just don't let the fire die And though the embers are new, whatever you do just don't let the fire die Don't let the fire die Let me know your thoughts! I have more Mistborn songs.
  9. Hi everyone! I've been working on a project to set the poetry and songs of the Wheel of Time to music. I have a number of pieces written and I can sing some of the parts, but I don't have anybody to play with. I've attached the only setting I have recorded: Mat's "Color of Trust" (from Lord of Chaos) which is sung by me, with my father on guitar. Are there any musically inclined fans (especially in the Seattle area) who are interested in getting together to play them together? Let me know if you're interested and what you sing/play, and we can plan from there :-) P.S. I know this might be better in the Wheel of Time forum, but I'm not restricting myself to Wheel of Time fans. Color of Trust - Voice/Guitar Wind that Shakes the Willow - Voice/Piano Forward the Lion - Voice/Piano As Long as the Wheel Turns - Voice/Piano Tia mi aven - 6 voice round Wash the Spears - 4 voice round Life is a Dream - 3 voices Soft the Winds - 3 voices Color of Trust.mp3
  10. This is a fan club for those who love metal of any form. Except tin.
  11. Not sure if there's much crossover between the SoundCloud rap community and the Mistborn/Cosmere community... but figured I'd share this demo in case that overlap contains more than just me haha Recently, I've been really into the Horrorcore genre, where lyrics tend to be... pretty dark and violent. Thought it would be a fun/funny exercise to write a song in that genre along those themes, but exclusively referencing Mistborn Era 1 (which, at times, is also... pretty dark and violent). I'm still very new to hip-hop production and rapping—this is actually the first rap song I've ever written and recorded (my musical background is in classical and rock), so it's really just for fun, but wanted to share in case someone else got a kick out of it. I wrote, performed, and recorded every part of the song (lyrics, production, mixing, mastering, etc.) so if anyone has feedback on any of that, I'd greatly appreciate that as well! The beat is somewhat inspired by gothic/baroque organ music, since I wanted the song to have a bit of a hymnal/religious feel, in theme with both Kelsier's and Rashek's storylines in Era 1. The first verse is from Kelsier's perspective ("To Kill God"), while the second verse is from Rashek's perspective ("Become God"). The full title ("To Kill God, Become God") also references three things: (1) Kelsier's plan to become a religious figure to defeat The Lord Ruler, (2) Rashek's Ascension to defeat The Deepness, and of course, (3) the finale of Hero of Ages. So, without further ado: "To Kill God, Become God" [Verse 1 - Kelsier] [Verse 2 - Rashek]
  12. I was listening to my YouTube Mix the other day and re-reading Well of Ascension, and something decided it would be a good idea to throw the song Stronger On Your Own (by Disturbed, I listened to them once and I can never escape) right up alongside an interaction with Zane and Vin, and honestly? Ironic. Go listen to the song and tell me that doesn't sound like a song for their whole deal. That got me thinking. What songs do y'all associate with particular characters/interactions/places in the Mistborn books?
  13. I have a somewhat unusual ask, though I realize these Fandoms are not completely orthogonal: I recently composed a 5-7-voice setting of the "The Grave is No Bar to My Call" from Book 1 of the Wheel of Time, but because I am but a single humble Gleeman, I haven't heard it outside of MIDI. I was hoping that if there was sufficient interest, we could try it at some point during/after Brandon's signing in Seattle this Saturday. The music isn't terribly complicated, we'll go over all the parts, and I don't care about voice ranges on individual parts (except! the person singing "Moridin, Moridin" probably needs to be a bass). Please let me know if you have any interest! Also, if anyone wants to bring a harp, silver-chased flute (or perhaps merely a guitar), I've included the chord symbols. Thanks! "I will find the song, or another will find the song, but the song will be sung this year or in a year to come. As it once was, so shall it be again, world without end." Tia mi aven - Chords.pdf Tia mi aven - round.mid
  14. music

    My name is Kaden MacKay. I am a composer, lyricist, slam poet, and playwright. The hobby most relevant to this forum that I have is that I write orchestral sketches based on the impressions that the genius of Brandon's books create. If there is ever a time that one of these books is made into a movie, I really, really want to compose the music for it. I have written themes and musical moments for The Rithmatist, the Mistborn series, Steelheart, Elantris, and a relatively extensive amount for the Stormlight Archive series. I hope that one day I can show Mr. Sanderson the works that his books have inspired, but, until then, I will just enjoy creating and expressing these books through music!
  15. I read all of the 3.5 Stormlight books back-to-back, almost always with a specific Google Play Music playlist playing in the background: Downtempo Instrumentals. "Hypnotic breaks and pensive electronic soundscapes from some of the greatest electronica artists: the perfect soundtrack for reading, working, or just relaxing." Now every time I hear this type of light electronic music I think of Kaladin, spear in hand, marching across the Shattered Plains... And that got me thinking, does anyone else associate a specific playlist/album with these books? I'm curious how broad such associations may be.
  16. Just hear that bass and think of all those digestive juices consuming those bones! I dare you to listen to the whole thing. It's quite brutal.
  17. So I've been kicking around in my head for awhile some music of the Cosmere and their characters. I messaged @Chaos about this and he said as long as I spoilered the lyrics and tagged the thread as explicit it should be ok. It is kinda hard to find music that doesn't have cursing in it, to fit this violent galaxy, but I was wondering what everyone else thought. So I read the original Mistborn trilogy awhile back, and then heard this song and it immediately attached itself to the first era Mistborn in my head. It's My Name is Human by Highly Suspect. Lyrics: Dalinarar from Oathbringer in his early years is incredibly murderous and the song Scream Aim Fire from Bullet For My Valentine seems to fit him well. Lyrics: The last one in for Kaladin and also kind of a joke. How to Save a Life by The Frey. Lyrics: Thoughts? Any other characters you have in your head? Disagreements, maybe you think of different songs? Am I the only person that matches music to books they read? Hope no one is offended by the songs picked.
  18. Hey ya'll! Taking a break from Oathbringer to share with you my upcoming project. I promise this isn't a marketing campaign. I was directly inspired by Dalinar in his plight to convince the world (tried to be vague and not spoil anything). when making this project. I was in a rough place and going through some mental health problems mixed with a breakup. I ran away to a barn and ended up writing a full album. One year later, this has over 25 features and I'm so proud of it. "Rise of the Giant King" is about the return of an evil tyrant. Nobody believes the messenger that the Giant King is actually real. Let me know what ya'll think and if you want to be a part of the next leg of this journey I have a million things planned from kids' books to RPGs.
  19. I was thinking that Roshar would have very different musical instruments because of how rare and expensive wood is making it unlikely for there to be common things like cellos, guitars, violins, or any other mainly wood instrument found on earth. They probably have mostly metal or maybe even shell instruments that are mostly wind instruments. This just made me kind of sad that there are probably no Rosharan cellists. If there were cellists on Roshar they would have to play left handed instruments because safe hands.
  20. Hey do any of you read with music playing in the background? I ask because of the Kaladin soundtrack for the way of kings so I assume that some of you do so what kind of music do you listen to while reading I use cinematic, position, and techno type music. a lot of the time the book and music lines up so perfectly making the reading experience that much better. And is there any kind of music that you think suits a character like sezth with Hi-Finesse Dystopia.
  21. I'm planning a roleplaying campaign that I'll be running with my friends, and I want to put together a playlist of background music to set the mood. The campaign will be a Firefly-esque space western. I've already pulled some songs from Firefly, obviously, as well as the soundtracks from Bastion and Titanfall, and I'm thinking about using a couple from Journey. I'm looking for additional suggestions. I'm especially in need some more intense songs that still have a similar flavor but would work well for combat. Any ideas?
  22. Listening to Leonard Cohen's "Anthem," I noticed that there were tons of connections to the Stormlight Archive. It even suggested a theory about what's to come! I know it's way off in tinfoil-land but still, I thought I'd put it together. See the lyrics below, followed by analysis: Ok, we're not off to a great start. Are there even any birds in Roshar? But just replace birds with Wind Spren! They don't dwell on what has passed away or what has yet to be, they just enjoy the moment. This is obviously about the desolation. The wars have literally been fought again and again. This is my favorite part - this is clearly about the Radiants. The crack in their soul lets them bond the spren and then literally lets Stormlight in! Szeth, Nan, Taravangian and others saw the signs that the Radiants were coming back. And the Holy birth of Jesus wasn't betrayed, but the Holy Oathpact sure was. Then, after Taravangian saw the signs, he had Szeth widow a lot of governments. This is all about Rlain (and hopefully Eshonai). They can't run anymore with the lawless Parshendi who have become killers singing their prayers to Odium and his spren, who have literally have summoned up the thundercloud to end all thunderclouds!!! I hope Eshonai manages to stop running with that lawless crowd. Dalinar is trying to strike up the march against Odium. But there's no drum - few are joining him or even believing him. The last line about love has no obvious connection that I can see. But it got me thinking. If Odium is the Divine Hatred Shard, shouldn't there also be a Divine Love Shard? I mean, how could Brandon not have a Shard representing Adonalsium's Love? And might Odium hate that Shard above all others? Might that Shard be fleeing the hatred, and perhaps at some point come into men's hearts as a refugee? I admit I don't know of any evidence for this, so it's pure tinfoil, but I mean, it just feels like there has to be a Love Shard, right? Ok, that's it. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think. I saw a previous post about this (link below), but I wanted to start a new post because I wanted to explore it more deeply.
  23. So here's something you may like, pick a character, and say what their favourite song would be. Preferably chracters from something Brandon had published, but feel free to choose other characters if you think they are well known enough for people to get it. To get the list started im going to pick Shallan: Love the Lie, by Sage Francis The Lord Ruler: Kill the poor, by the dead kennedys Enjoy!
  24. I found a great song that as soon as I listened to immediately reminded me of the Stormlight Archive... Just thought I'd post it here
  25. Hey guys! I figured I'd take part in the whole creative-thing, but since I cannot draw or write particularly well, and music is my forte, I figured I could take inspiration from the Cosmere (or any Sanderson) to write. I would love some suggestions, like "dark emotional ballad based on Vin and Elend's undying love" or "bridgeman work song". Any suggestions will be acknowledged and much appreciated.