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Found 84 results

  1. Hey! I've been writing a lot of poetry and music stuff lately, so I figured I'd share some of it :)) Promises (written more than two years ago) Made to Hurt (2 years ago) Not Lit (2 years ago) Contradictions (2 years ago) Hope (2 years ago) Drown (2 years ago) Dragon Lullaby (under two years ago) Depend On You (...year and a half? Ish?) Defied (also year and a halfish?) Love? (Yearish ago) Dino Poem (Maybe a bit over a year ago) Voyage (little over a year again) Good In Me (pretty recent, end of March) Ocean (written yesterday) (tw mostly vague mentions of abuse) (not based on true events) That's all for now, I tried to keep them all fairly in order of when they were written. I'll post more when I write them, or when I find old ones that I want to share.
  2. Anybody like Beethoven’s 6th symphony (the pastorale)? Here I outline what it is REALLY about!
  3. So I'm a pianist that specializes in improv, and I've had a lot of fun turning people's prompts into music lately! I took a couple prompts on a SU, and I enjoyed myself so much that I decided to make a thread. So feel free to ask away! You can give me descriptions, story ideas, emotions, images, passages from a novel, honestly, pretty much anything you want, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Here's one I did for @Elf, entitled "Footsteps", the prompt being: "A person walks through a seedy area at midnight, hearing footsteps behind them; footsteps get closer and closer and the person tries to run and eventually the footsteps reach the person AND the person takes out their knife and stabs whoever was making those footsteps" And here's another one I did for @Morningtide, "The End of a Book" with the prompt "that moment when you are so thrilled because you finished the most amazing book and then your realize that YOU FINISHED IT. And you feel so peaceful, but your heart hurts, but you are so, so happy. " (my mic was a little funky with the lower notes on this one). Edit: I thought that since I've gotten so many prompts I'd make a list of some of the best ones so people can hear some of the highlights from this thread! A couple favorites: "Torn" - "You just find out that your loved one is dead, the one who helped you get over your parents deaths and your siblings deaths. You learn this after waking up, captured by your enemies and a piece of you feels torn and ripped out and it's never gonna come back. You cry and cry and cry, and start to wish for death. Yet you hold on because the one you loved would want you to live and so, you're trapped in the world of the living, separated from your only true love and stuck in a cycle of depression and guilt that you didn't do everything you could to save them." "The Storm!" - "The wild, destructive joy of a huge thunderstorm that rolls in after a hot sunny day." "The Attack" - "You and four others are holding at bay a large attacking force long enough for the rest of the rebels to escape. Some of your friends are lost, presumed dead, yet you fight on, knowing that if you fail the resistance and hope of your race WILL FALL!" "Raindrops" - "It's... quiet. You're inside, cheeks and hands pressed to the glass of a window. You can feel them start to burn with the coldness of the surface, of which rain is hitting. In fact, it's pouring, and the sky is covered with big rolling masses of dark clouds. The only sounds are the soft pattering of the water on the grass, thunder, and your breath, which fogs up the aperture. There's a tiny, almost minuscule hole in the clouds, where a beam of light shines through on an overarching willow. It's bathed in bright light, and when you see it, you almost can't believe the rest of the world is covered and drowning in a torrential downpour. A tiny haven where life grows- reaches up, as if trying to touch the sun shining on it. It casts a shadow. The shadow is made of the light." "Starlight" - "You and your loved one just professed your love as the sun is setting and the stars are rising." Why_.m4a
  4. Just a random thought I had. David Bowie, "Rock 'n Roll Suicide"
  5. Hi, I've been trying to get back into music lately and I think I've come up with some cool chord progressions/riffs, but I'm concerned that if I think it's cool then someone else will have too and already recorded it. Is there some kind of resource to check whether someone has already recorded something or do I just have to listen more widely/find people who do and hope no-one recognises anything? I googled how Shazam works and that appears to be based on digital information within the audio files themselves, not the combination of various musical notes, and so playing something into that wouldn't help too much.
  6. I wrote this song after being inspired by the books. I wanted to create something somewhat melancholic, but hopeful. It is jazz fusion, so if you're not into that you might not find it interesting. I hope you enjoy it. My wife did the drawing. I think she did a great job, so I'll post some of the others she did as well.
  7. Hey everyone! As the title says, I have a music project called The Lost Radiants which makes music inspired by the Cosmere. In 2023, I decided to do my own Year of Sanderson by writing and releasing an original Cosmere song each month of the year. My January song, "Seven Swords", released today on all streaming platforms! This project is only a couple of months old, but was originally conceived after I wrote a song called "Bridge Four" back in 2017 while anxiously awaiting the publication of Oathbringer. You can also listen to that song on Spotify, Apple Music, etc! Outside of my original music, I've also gotten in the habit of releasing Cosmere "parody" covers on my Instagram and TikTok. So far, these include a reimagined version of "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus called "Broken Bridgeboy" and a version of "Wonderwall" by Oasis called "Stormwall". In the next week or so, I'll also be releasing a version of Olivia Rodrigo's "Traitor" about Moash. Here's a link to my Spotify page with Seven Swords: My Instagram where you can find my cover songs:
  8. A cover of Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeas but it's about Maps the Bridgeman. Song, performed by me on ukulele and vocals: Maps on Soundcloud Lyrics: Big beard, flat face Birthmark, what a shape shape shape What a shape shape shape, What a shape shape shape What a shape shape shape, What a shape shape shape Wait, they don't love you like I love you Wait, they don't love you like I love you Ma-a-a-aps, wait! They don't love you like I love you... Make Sig narrate We're going to die, We can't escape Rock cooks, stew's great Oh, shave shave shave, Oh, shave shave shave Wait, they don't love you like I love you Wait! they don't love you like I love you Ma-a-a-aps, wait! They don't love you like I love you… Wait! they don't love you like I love you Ma-a-a-aps, wait! They don't love you like I love you…
  9. So I've been watching the Studio Ghibli movies and I'd forgotten how awesome the songs were, and as such, I've decided to arrange a piano medley. I'm still choosing which songs to include, so I thought it might be a good idea to check in with you guys as I know there are some fans here. I put a couple of the songs I've been considering in a poll above- I'll probably pick the top four or five to put into the medley. Feel free to suggest songs also cause I definitely missed some good ones. After I figure out my song list I'll arrange and record it...might put it in the Creator's Corner if people are interested in hearing it.
  10. I'm having an issue with figuring out one of my magic systems. There will be music in the back of someone's head constantly, based off their emotions. If the person lets the music into their head the magic happens. Like for anger maybe things could explode or light on fire or the person could summon fire. If the person spends too long in the music they will either go mad or turn into monsters of the music they were sucked into, constantly listening to the music and causing the magic. I've come up with two lists for possible emotions. I'm not sure if these are the complete lists I want or if I should go shorter. If you have any suggestions for which emotions I should use and/or for what magic comes from the emotions it would be awesome. Edit: - Each person with the magic would have different ways of expressing the magic. It is based off personalities as well as their tendencies. If a person is prone to anger (a hothead) and roars or abuses when they get mad, their anger magic will be firey. If the person is cold and shoots insults or whatever, their anger magic will be cold and icey. - The music in the distance of every human's head will be called the dons and it will be described as being heard in the distance until the person lets it in. The music will be in tune to the individual's strongest emotion. The dons can be completely let in or just barely let to leak in. I will be making an updated list for the emotions I will likely use and maybe what elements or magic the emotions can cause. (The emotions need to be able to be connected to music.) The music will only be attached to major emotions (unless I am convinced or decide otherwise).
  11. I heard Skullcrusher Mountain by Jonathan Coulton the other day and thought, wow, that would really work for Raboniel, and here we are The song is attached. Here are the lyrics, written by myself and Priscellie. I hope you enjoy! Urithiru Tower 2023.mp3 Urithiru Tower So this is your secret lair in Urithiru Tower I hope that you've enjoyed our stay so far I see you’ve met my daughter Essu Her behaviour is quite disturbing But I assure you she’s harmless enough She’s insane, calls for her mommy, And she has a way of learning human songs And humming them to me I’m so into you But I’m way too smart for you Even my Regals think I’m crazy I’m not surprised that you agree If you could find some way to be A little bit less afraid of me You’d see that Odium’s dominion Isn’t total, ‘cause I’m not gonna kill you yet I called this secret weapons plan pure research to please you But I get the feeling that you don’t like it What’s with all the scheming? You like secrets, you like research, Maybe you don’t like carnage so much Maybe I killed too many humans Isn’t it enough to know that I’m willing to share My Towerlight with you? I’m so into you But I’m way too tall for you Even my Regals think I’m crazy I’m not surprised that you agree If you could find some way to be A little bit less afraid of me You’d see that Odium’s dominion Isn’t total, ‘cause I’m not gonna kill you yet Picture the two of us alone inside a room where we can sing While out across Roshar our music causes Worldwide genocide And whether singers win, or humans I don’t care Let’s just end it But it wouldn’t mean quite as much to me to have to watch you die You know it isn’t easy occupying Urithiru Tower So maybe you could cut me just a little slack Would it kill you to stay in this room? I’ve been lovely, I’ve been gracious And this Tower is full of Fused Odium is losing patience Baby you should stay and be my Voice of Lights And sing the Rhythm of War with me I’m so into you But I’m way too old for you Even my Regals think I’m crazy I’m not surprised that you agree If you could find some way to be A little bit less afraid of me You’d see that - oh, a Voidlight dagger How delightful, dear, that You’re gonna kill me dead Really completely dead I can feel it, I’m dead
  12. I was tickled by the idea that Brandon Sanderson noted that in Alethi, Kholin is pronounced "Kho-LEEN" with a fricative like a Hebrew chet, and who doesn't love to get nerdy and needlessly nit picky about pronounciation?? So here is a tongue-in-cheek entreaty to pronounce Kholin 'correctly'. Obviously, the relevant WoBs are linked! The lyrics are below, and the mp3 is attached at the bottom of the message, as usual it's me singing accompanied by me on the ukulele. To the tune of "Jolene" by Dolly Parton Kholene - rewritten by cosmere_play Kholin, Kholin, Kholin, Kholin No one says it right, this is a theme Kholin, Kholin, Kholin, Kholin Kate and Michael do not say Kholin I saw K-H-O-L-I-N And read it “colon” till the end But the only colon’s in that Shardplate scene I’d only read the book before I didn’t know I needed lore Some Words of Brandon to pronounce Kholin When he created names anew He borrowed ideas from Hebrew Then changed a bit to make it Alethi To his main characters he gives This voiceless velar fricative The K-H in Kholin makes us breathy Kholin, Kholin, Kholin, Kholin I’m begging you to say it as Kholin Kholin, Kholin, Kholin, Kholin Even Brandon doesn’t say Kholin Come with me and lay the bridge Enunciate a fake language Correct Alethi yes that is my scheme You've got the chance, don't hesitate To feel your dorsum resonate And be pedantic to a large extreme Kholin, Kholin, Kholin, Kholin Brandon says he cannot say Kholin Kholin, Kholin, Kholin, Kholin I’m begging of you to please say Kholin I’m begging you Kholin Kholene_cosmereplay_-_parody_of_Jolene_Dolly_Parton.mp3
  13. I was just thinking that it might be a good idea to have a thread where we can just share the things that keep us going. Songs, quotes, books, tumblr posts, anything like that. When you're struggling, this is what you turn to for motivation or a little bit of happy. Or even what brings you joy when you're already in a good place. These are some of mine. This Year, The Mountain Goats No Children, The Mountain Goats (this song is not happy at all, but it's good, and is really fun to yell along with.) Flares, The Script (perfect for when you're feeling lonely) Piano Man, Billy Joel The Boxer, Mumford and Sons (This one is also really sad, but also really good.) Carry On, Fun The Anthropocene Reviewed, by John Green (This is one of my favorite books of all time, and it really makes you appreciate being alive, and being able to experience. I'll probably share quotes from this a lot if this thread becomes a little active.) An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, by Hank Green (A beautiful book that reminds you that despite our flaws, humanity is amazing) Hank Green music (This Isn't Hogwarts and A Song About an Anglerfish are a couple of my favorites. They're just fun and remind you that you're unalone in your nerdiness.) Vlogbrothers videos (especially the sunset ones, or the ones where John goes on a walk from 2020. Vlogbrothers videos just in general are the reason I'm a functioning human being.)
  14. As I was listening to the audiobook of White Sand, I began to hear what eventually became this song. At first, it was just some strings and piano doing "something interesting and desert-ish" (technical terminology). But it hit me early on: How cool would it be to introduce something Cosmere-related into the lyrics or music? The ketek that makes up the lyrics took me a good day to hone, but I thought it would make a good challenge to musically represent (on a much, MUCH smaller scale) what Brandon is doing in his books by connecting his worlds together. It certainly served to shape the song into what it is! I hope you enjoy it!! Make sure to download the mp3 or WAV below!! HUGE thanks to @Infamoti for his amazing work on this song. Artwork by Isaac Stewart. Link to download mp3 and WAV:
  15. A fun, light-hearted parody of the children's song Sandwiches by Fred Penner...only now it's about how much Hoid loves Investiture! Mild spoilers for Mistborn, Warbreaker, and Stormlight Archive.Hoid's Magic Song - based on Fred Penner's Sandwiches song.mp3 Lyrics: [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Investiture is fine. I like investiture, I use it all the time; Magic is my supper and magic is my lunch; If there’s a hundred kinds of magic then I’d use them all at once. [Verse 1] I'm a roaming and a rambling And a wandering all along, And if you care to listen, I will sing a happy song. I will not ask a favour And I will not ask a fee, But if you have yourself some magic Won't you give a bit to me? [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Allomancy's fine. I like lerasium, I eat it all the time; I eat it for my supper and I eat it for my lunch; If I had a hundred beads of it, I'd eat them all at once. [Verse 2] Once I went to Nalthis, Summoned to the God Queen, I swear she was the brightest lady That I'd ever seen. I told her she was colourful And could not ask for more, I told her a story Then she threw me out the door. [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Biochroma's fine. I like Heightening, I breathe it all the time; I take Breaths for my supper and I take Breaths for my lunch; If I found a hundred Breaths, oh well I'd breathe them all at once. [Verse 3] Well, once I met a brilliant girl, the fairest in the land, The Brightlords of the country, they were asking for her hand. They’d offer her alliances, Emeralds to appease; I offered her some magic And she said that she was pleased! [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Bonding spren is fine. I like lightweaving, I use it all the time; Stormlight is my supper and Stormlight is my lunch; If I had a hundred broams of it, I'd breathe them all at once. [Verse 4] Well magic could be colour, breath, or light, or metal platters, But they are all so good to me, It really doesn’t matter Lights or kites or being right, Any kind will do. I like the Cosmere’s magic, How about you? [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Investiture is fine. I like investiture, I use it all the time; Magic is my supper and magic is my lunch; If there’s a hundred kinds of magic then I’d use them all at once.
  16. A while ago it was discovered that the continent of Roshar exactly matches a 3d slice of a 4d Julia set. For those who didn't know, go to and watch the video until you see Roshar. Now, I am not familiar enough with advanced maths myself to do this, but I imagine there is an equation for each Julia set and I was wondering if anyone would know if there's any way with the information we now know about the pure tones of Roshar to make even a guess at the equation for Roshar. I also know that if you type in Julia sets and music into google there's a scholarly article about how Julia sets can create musical pieces (think the rhythms of each shard, maybe?). I'm sure cymatics connects with all this too. Whatever you know or whatever you theorize (or whatever posts that have come up about this before) I'd love to hear it!
  17. So, I made a Kaladin Playlist, it's still being worked on, I think I'll stop around the 1.5-2 hour mark, but enjoy the songs I've chosen for now.
  18. I was deeply moved by Dalinar's pivotal moment in Oathbringer; this song is the result. Enjoy!
  19. Hey I'm Noahdon. In real life my name is Noah so if nothing else, I am here on 17th Shard to claim one of the best screen names in the fandom (though I think the Rosharans may dismay at the asymmetry, I couldn't resist the poignant pun). I got into Brandon Sanderson in 2018 by listening to Michael Kramer and Kate Reading read The Way of Kings on a 10hr road trip to visit my significant other over break. I was happily surprised that after the 20hr round trip there was still so much story to be had and I was hooked. Wanting to see how the fantasy names were spelled I picked up a hard copy of book and started lurking on Coppermind and 17th Shard forums. I expertly avoided many spoilers and learning about the expansive Cosmere I was goaded to finish all of Brandon's published works within it so I could start making more solid connections in my brain. Brandon and all of the other epic fantasy authors I would pick up after sparked my love for reading again as an adult. After listening to the audiobook in bed my significant other was became interested in Shallan and I was able to convince her to start reading as well. We now have a thriving SFF book club that meets over Zoom and I have someone to discuss my theories with. However, she has not finished all of the Cosmere yet, so after listening to Shardcast I knew there was a larger community I could engage with. So hello everyone! Happy to be here! Other than being a Cosmere and all-around nerd, I am also into Brandon's Writing Excuses Podcast and have started my own novella. I am a musician so naturally, I'm chasing after Hoid and plan to write music with some investiture magic inspiration at some point. I also am a DM and tabletop RPGer. Can't wait to hear your theories and talk fantasy with y'all!
  20. This is just something fun I thought I'd throw together, but I thought people might find it interesting (or amusing). I was thinking about songs that I think fit well with various Cosmere works, and since a lot of them fit with Mistborn, I thought I'd do a brief writeup focusing on songs most people have probably heard of - namely, Disney movie songs. For this list, I'l go through each song, roughly in the order I think they fit in the books, and provide a link and a brief blurb as to why I chose them. A couple of notes - one, this is mostly going to be for Final Empire and a few for Well of Ascension for various reasons, but mostly because they were my first two Brandon books and I found them easiest to make connections for. For another, I'm including some songs from The Prince of Egypt as well, even though that one's not technically Disney, because a)., it's the same style of animated musical extravaganza, b)., most of the songs fit too well with Scadrial and the Final Empire to ignore, and c)., Prince of Egypt is awesome anyway, and so is its music. With that out of the way, away we go! Final Empire “Deliver Us” – Prince of Egypt A perfect scene-setting for Scadrial under the Lord Ruler's dominion. “Strangers Like Me” - Tarzan Vin is introduced to and intrigued by Kelsier and his crew. “Through Heaven’s Eyes” – Prince of Egypt Sazed teaches Vin and helps her find her confidence and her place in the world. “Make a Man out of You” – Mulan Or make an allomancer out of you, rather:). Kelsier trains Vin in the use of her powers. “Let it Go” – Frozen Vin, gaining confidence, begins to open up and take pride and joy in her abilities. “Part of Your World” and “Part of Your World Reprise” – The Little Mermaid Attending her first balls, Vin becomes increasingly fascinated with the world of the nobility, and with Elend. “Playing with the Big Boys” – Prince of Egypt Vin and Kelsier fight the Inquisitors at Kredik Shaw, barely escaping with their lives. “Reflection” – Mulan Caught between her dual life as Vin the mistborn and Valette the noblewoman, Vin questions her identity. “All I Ever Wanted” – Prince of Egypt Elend becomes increasingly dissatisfied with the state of the Final Empire and realizes that he is on a different path from what his father expects of him. “God Help the Outcasts” – Hunchback of Notre Dame Vin and Kelsier visit the skaa tenements. “He Lives in You” – Lion King II The anthem of the fledgling Church of the Survivor after Kelsier's martyrdom. “When You Believe” – Prince of Egypt The rebellion triumphs after Vin kills the Lord Ruler. Well of Ascension "Into the Unknown" - Frozen II Vin becomes increasingly preoccupied with the call of the Well. “Be Prepared” – Lion King A paean to Straff's ambitions to seize control of Luthadel and become a new emperor. Also a better song than Straff (my personal most hated Cosmere character) deserves, but hey, it fits. “Hellfire” – Hunchback of Notre Dame Zane's destructive obsession with Vin grows. "Not One of Us" - Lion King II After the attempted assassination and her assault on Cett's keep, Vin fears the crew - and Elend - will reject her. "Love Will Find a Way" - Lion King II Vin and Elend reconcile after Zane dies and are married. "Savages” – Pocahontas The battle for Luthadel, culminating in Vin's return. That's what I have. Anyone else have thoughts? Or ideas for Hero of Ages or Era 2?
  21. So I make music and rap, and wrote this a while back (around when Oathbringer first came out). I know my mixing skills aren't that great, but I wanted to make a tribute to my personal hero and writing idol. How many bars can you catch? Also, I'm aware that some of the names in the fandom are usually pronounced differently, but as Brandon says: you are free to pronounce the names he makes up however you want! xD Lyrics: (Intro)Brandon Sanderson Yeshevishman This the nerdiest stuff I've ever done! Yo! These days most Rappers are trying to stay topical It's hard to be lighthearted and keep it comical Yet I could act polite, like top hat and monocle And still write raps longer than the Stormlight chronicles! So stay back and stay wack I pull guns and play Wax Switch my flow up more than Brandon Changes Wayne's hats! Yo, like this guy I'm disguised Burning metal gets you this high! Got more personality than Wit, need Steris to list my- Atributes, yet I got attitude like Bastille I'll turn into any weapon you want like I'm Syl But stop reprimanding me there's no real damage done 'Cause I'm killing with a pen: that's Brandon Sanderson! Son, you saying I am famous? Stab the eye like you're Sadeas Even look like Adolin, 'cause I'm dressed like a playah! Don't want me at your party, I'm an unwanted visitor Don't spike the punch, I spike your heart; make you an Inquisitor I burn MCs like Metals so call me a Mistborn Got more fight than Bridge Four More stormlight than six storms And you're tripping like you're Sing, or Teft on opium Step to me? Your career is unmade - your new name is Odium! Got talent! You a Smedry, 'cause I think that yours is broken I'm half royal, ruling grammar, call me semi-Kholin Could rewrite the whole Wheel of Time - MC Jordan No girls folding their arms beneath their breasts when I'm recording! I could write like other rappers: "Took an enchantress from Elantress Bragging how the answer is always to romance her." Although that wine's decanted I'm still bringing witty banter Harder than Horneater White while your stuffs the softest amber! Every rhyme aluminum, every line a shardblade 'Cause when I run you through with one, I give you heartache Worse than the one that Szeth gave Gavilar Leave you more depressed than Evi's death made Dalinar! I'm a chef, you're a cook, and your rhymes are thick as mist Plus your bars are always falling flat like the Rythmatist. (I'm playing) But I'm so raw I'll leave your throat parched and Leave you feeling less than a dark eyes: like a Parshman! (That's harsh man!) I'm not racist: Joyner of the Cosmere Joining with the Cosmere to be the storming boss here! Forming a new order like Reckoners meets Radiants Drawing a line in the White Sand between you and my braininess Making you hate this more than an Ardent hates an atheist 'Cause I write like I'm Jasnah! You thinking this is alien? I came to win! The rap Kaladin I'm that paladin Leaving your brains addled, riding the wind when I saddle it. Better step out the ring if it's me that you're battling 'Cause I win every duel: MC Young Adolin! B.S. his initials; my lyrics? no way! Swear to travel with swagger - call that my Oathgate!
  22. Enjoy! Note there are spoilers, so listener beware! Download links mp3: wav:
  23. The band is run by a guitarist named Kelsen, and his younger sister Marene, who is a soprano. They play Kell and Vin (used to be Kell and Mare, but that got too weird.) Kelsen’s girlfriend Domique plays the keyboard and has the role of Mare (which works much better.) Their cousin, Ashren, plays Marsh and is the bassist. For Elend they recruited Marene’s friend from band, Renek, who plays drums. Ashren recruited Andryl, a Terris Pathian, for Sazed. He plays rhythm guitar. Kelsen’s best friend Endel is their manager and sound tech. He also plays a theremin and a classic guitar. When he’s onstage he’s Dox. They do have an organist, Vinouex, who Renek met in church. He plays Breeze when he joins them. He brought his flutist, South Scadrian, girlfriend Jenah, to play Alriane. Another of Marene’s band friends, Laine, plays a sax and Ham. Nesier was a blind kid Kelsen met at a church fundraiser. He plays Spook and a viola. He introduced the band to Razen, his counselor at his camp, the band’s oldest member. Razen plays a clarinet, trumpet, and harp (not all at once!) He was recruited to play Clubs, due to his limp and age. Then Jenah brought her little sister, Mart, to play accordion and Beldre. And Andryl discovered his neighbor, Tynsen, plays the glockenspiel, so now she’s Tindwyl. The band members aren’t all onstage at the same time. But they do all play. Except for Andryl, Tynsen, Jenah and Mart all the members are devout Survivorists. The former two are Pathians, and the latter two are from an offshoot Survivor/Sovereign combination faith that was created when Scadrial figured out the two were the same. At an early point Kelsier discovered them and started funding the band. Only Kelsen, Marene, and Endel know their silent backer’s identity. Core band: Kelsen: lead electric guitar, vocalist, Kelsier (Survivorist) Marene: vocalist, lute, Vin (Survivorist) Domique: keyboard, Mare (Survivorist) Ashren: Bassist, Marsh (Survivorist) Renek: Drummer, Elend (Survivorist) Andryl: Rhythm guitar, Sazed (Pathian) Endel: classic guitar, theremin, sound tech, manager, Dox (Survivorist) Additional members: Vinouex: organist, Breeze (Survivorist) Jenah: flutist, Alriane (Survivor-Sovereignist) Laine: saxophonist, Ham (Survivorist) Nesier: viola (and other types of violins), Spook (Survivorist) Razen: clarinetist, trumpeter, harpist, Clubs (Survivorist) Mart: accordionist, Beldre (Survivor-Sovereignist) Tynsen: glockenspiel, Tindwyl (Pathian) Others: Kelsier: (mostly) Silent backer
  24. Hello friends! Here’s my cosmere artwork. I’m new to the 17th shard, hopefully there are others here who can appreciate what I’ve done here. I love TSA, these songs are sort of Pop/electro Music I made while rereading tWoK. All original lyrics and music. I put a lot of work into them, what’s your favorite of the three? If people like em I wanna do more let me know.
  25. So I was listening to the Wind's Pleasure by @Spock and I was like "Whoa! This is awesome!" And it sparked an idea. Well, I say it's an idea, but it's not exactly original. Can we just make some music for the Cosmere? If we aren't getting cinematics then can we get audiomatics (dunno if that's a word)? If you know me, you know that I love to organize stuff like this. If you have something musical to post, do it in this format: Name of Score OR (if you don't have a name) Just say "Suggestions?" Name of Book that the music is from (If you're not sure what book it's from, then just say "TBD") Link or File Download for music. Feel free to just copy and paste the URL or insert a link into smaller text. An (optional) short description. Spoilers are allowed! If you don't have something musical to post, then try to keep the discussion (obviously) on-topic. If you have critiques or comments, be sure not to be mean. Saying "this bit needs work" is fine, but saying "this song sucks" isn't. That being said, go forth, musicians, in the memory of Hoid's flute!