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Found 1 result

  1. MR25: Lowborn Intrigue "Brightness Ialai, a Brightlord Vendel has requested to see you." a guard informed Ialia, wife of Highprince Sadeas. "Send him in," she replied. Curious. I haven't seen Vendel in quite some time, Ialai thought. A middle-aged man entered the room soon after. He had dark hair slicked back down to his shoulders, and light green eyes. "Cousin Vendel, it's a surprise to see you here at the Shattered Plains," Ialai said as he approached. "I thought you were at Kharbranth?" "That's because I was," Vendel said gruffly. "Until that storming Taravangian had me banished for...practicing on some patients of his. I don't know what had him so upset. It was only a couple of darkeyes. The experiments weren't even fatal! ...for all of them," he added under his breath. "I see..." replied Ialai. "And what is your purpose for coming here?" "Well, I heard that you have quite a large army here. I figured you could spare a few of them to help me with my research," he said. "And what do I gain from sacrificing some of my husbands men to your, what was it? Ah, yes, your research?" she asked. "I'll share my findings with you. Some of my products have shown excellent promise," Vendel said proudly. "I suppose that could be useful to me," she said with a thoughtful expression. I think this could be very useful indeed, she thought. "Alright, you will have your men. But it won't be any of our fighting men. That would be wasteful. No, you can speak with Sadeas and he'll give you command of a Bridge Crew. We can't let you do your experiments out in the open, so you'll have to be careful with how you do them. I'd suggest bribing some of the bridge crew to administrate your...products, so no blame will be placed to you," she said. And if they show promise, they'll be of far more use to me than you ever will, she thought to herself, smiling slightly. I can always use more spies. "A brilliant idea!" Vendel exclaimed. "I knew coming to you was the right idea. You have my thanks, Brightness. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go speak with Brightlord Sadeas about that Bridge crew..." he said as he bowed and left the room. The Game Spies and Poisoining Roles Messages Action Order And that's the game! I thought I'd let the Bridge number be up to the players, so decide what you want before the game starts and I'll go with that(please don't go too high or low ). I wanted to go with a Bridge crew, since I thought it'd be funner than just sticking with the same story as MR8(although I did steal some things directly from MR8 since I'm rushing things a bit >>). I also thought you all might have fun coming up with criminal(or not) backstories for how you got to be a bridge crew member. Sign-ups will last until October 19th(not sure about a specific time). I'll be on vacation until the 17th, so I might not respond to questions or anything until then. Also, no promises that everything in the game is covered in the rules. Player list: 1. Darkness (Nuatoma Akihiko) 2. Randuir (Tenodin) 3. Straw (An Explosive Gerbil) 4. Brightness Radiant (undecided) 5. Hemalurgic Headshot (Kurt Barnacles) 6. Jondesu (Div) 7. Sami (Reddathan) 8. Roadwalker (Silver Feather) 9. Drake Marshall (Pashul) 10. Lemonelon (Ellenie) 11. StrikerEZ (Ardenal) 12. Walin (Nerkel) 13. Arinian (blank) 14. Sart (Mortago) 15. Megasif (Kohl) 16. OrlokTsubodai (Locke Tekiel) 17. Manukos (manukosokunam) 18. Eternum (Deral) 19. Shqueeves (Melb) 20. Joe in a Bush (Jost Joslin) Quick Links: