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Found 4 results

  1. "Are you sure about this sir?" Tina asked, nervously. "It's our only option. If that part of the Circle breaks..." Samuel paused, grimacing. "No, this is the only way. We need men, and we need men now." "But sir, most of these men were discharged! You'd be sending them to the slaughter." "I know that!" He slammed his fist on his desk. "I know that. But it's the only option we have. Our other soldiers are stretched thin enough as it is. We can't afford to lose any more soldiers, and we can't afford to lose any more ground. The only option we have left is to find more Rithmatists, and those don't drop out of the sky. We need all the help we can get, even if they are a bit unusual." "But sir," "No more objections!" Sam yelled. "I don't like this any more than you do, but this is our only option. I'm sending in the order." He wired the missive through. "You're dismissed colonel." She sighed. "Yes sir." As Tina left the room, Sam let out a rare smile. "The Rithmatists were sure to be slaughtered." he thought to himself. "They would be outnumbered and outgunned as soon as they entered the war zone. His operatives among them would make short work of the remaining survivors. And with that part of the Circle undefended, it would surely break. And once that happened," his eyes began turning a milky white. "The Forgotten would rule." Welcome to Mid-Range 21! This is a rerun of my first game, MR3. Both games are set in the Rithmatist universe. In order to encourage role play, please include in your signup why your character was discharged from the military. Below are the rules. The game will be running on Monday, April 17th. Rollover is at 7 PM Central Time, 1 AM BST, with turns lasting 48 hours. I look forward to GMing you. Let me know if you have any rule clarifications/other questions for me. Quick Links:
  2. Perhaps, it was a foregone conclusion. Surrounded by chalklings, alone in the cold of night, there was nothing the camp could do. They tried killing Cole, even after his repeated protests. The kid was crying, desperately looking to survive. The town moved to strike him down, but Gunther tried to stop the mob. That was the only opening the Forgotten needed. Cole's eyes turned bright white as he stabbed Gunther straight in the chest. The rest of the Forgotten smiled, as the chalklings poured into their makeshift defense. Gunther could only watch helplessly as the swarm slid over his hairy body. He was the first to die. Shem couldn't hold out very long. He had tried so hard to kill the Forgotten. How had Joel blocked his shot? He guessed he would never get the answer. Shanice pulled out a revolver. She was so glad that Lance had taught her how to use it. Too bad she had killed him with it. She fired at Lance three times. Damaging his Circle irreparably. The chalklings quickly rushed through the openings. Locke was the next to fall. He had worked so hard to protect the camp. When no one else watched, he was there to pick up the slack. It didn't matter now. Joel shot Line after Line of Vigor at him. He tried launching an assault, but the man protected himself with stunning precision. He was so focused on his attack, he didn't see the chalklings breach his defenses. He was swallowed in minutes. The chalklings paused, as Isaac took out a flask. "Come comrades. Let's not fight..." he took a long swig. "We don't have to be enemies any more. Let's be friends." The chalklings began crawling over Kyle's body, not eating him, but converting him. His eyes began glowing white, turning into those of a Forgotten. "No!" screamed Neil. He had frozen with chalklings, but he sprang into action, drawing Lines of Warding and Forbiddance like a man possessed. He ran to Kyle's side, desperately trying to stop the corruption. Neil looked at him, eyes glowing white. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a kitchen knife. He stabbed Neil, once, twice, three times. "Not you too. Not you too. I was supposed to protect everyone. This wasn't supposed to happen. This shouldn't have happened." Kyle continued stabbing him, not hearing anything. "No!" Neil yanked the knife from Kyle. He stabbed the man straight in the eye, and then raked the knife against Kyle's face, producing a deep gash. He crumpled to the floor, as the horde ate their next meal. Cole stared at Kyle. "Do you think he's still usable?" He asked monotonously. Isaac examined him. Kyle was still breathing. "Potentially. I don't want to see his artistry go away. We'll have to see if he makes it." He picked up the man's body. "Come comrades, let's drink! This was a job well done." The Forgotten smiled as they toasted their flasks, four sets of glowing white eyes amidst the darkness of the night. Vote Count: Aman (4): Seonid, Jondesu, Randuir, Orlok Jondesu (5): Aman, Joe, Frozen Mint, Elenion, Hemalurgic Headshot Seonid was killed. He was a Village Assassin. Jondesu was lynched. He was a Village turned Forgotten Artist. (He unfortunately died right after being converted) The Forgotten have won! Analysis and doc links coming soon. Player List:
  3. There were few things worse than a gossip, Ryth decided. That woman, Stick, certainly fell under that category. Although she was extremely quiet during the attack, she wouldn't shut up afterwards. Unfortunately, she wouldn't talk about what mattered. They were trying to find the Forgotten, not chat about handsome Knight-Senators. It had certainly gotten the town riled up. She had to be hiding something, they reasoned. He didn't want to think about what happened next. Being ganged up like that. He shuddered. At least it had been a quick death. It wasn't like they could stand around and do nothing. Strike first, that was his motto. At least, that's what Professor Nalizar taught him. Come to think of it, hadn't Stick been in that class. It didn't matter now. You always had to be thinking of the next step. The next step, for him at least, was investigating the Circle. Who had enough firepower to blow it to smithereens? The whole set up was screwy. He started tracing the Line, making sure no gaps were present. That's when he found it. It was a hole about a foot across. If the chalklings wanted to, they could surge through it, but they were still. They were silent, as if waiting for something. Engrossed by the chalklings, Ryth didn't notice the person standing behind him. He certainly didn't see them grab a brick, and clock him over the head. He wasn't aware of his body being thrown into the Circle. He couldn't watch as the killer sealed the Line behind him. He couldn't even scream before the chalklings ate their next meal. His corpse was shredded in a matter of minutes. His killer smiled, and then vanished into the darkness. Vote Count: Stick (6): Elenion, Joe, Frozen Mint, Paranoid King, Ornstein, Randuir Hemalurgic Headshot (1): Stick Paranoid King (1): Jondesu Joe (2): Lopen, Brightness Radiant Stick was lynched. She was a Village Duelist. Ryth was killed, and eaten by the Chalklings. He was a Village Duelist. Player List: The cycle will end 48 hours from now on Sunday, 9 PM Eastern Time.
  4. It started with a bang. The last shipment of troops had finally arrived in camp. The hike here had been particularly arduous. The roads were slick with mud, and rain continued to pour down as they huddled into the miserable cabin. “So, why’d they kick you guys out?” asked Isaac, chewing on a piece of jerky. “What do you mean, kicked out?” responded Amelia. “I didn’t get kicked out. What are you talking about, I wasn’t kicked out. It was just a… extended stay of action.” “That’s called being kicked out.” Ryth remarked dryly. “So… everyone here has been discharged? I wonder why they gathered us all together.” questioned Lance. “Don’t know, don’t care.” K’Sarben muttered. “Still, it is a bit odd.” remarked Cole. “It’s probably because we’re the only ones they could find for this job.” Locke hypothesized. “It is kind of a hell hole.” Joel said, his eyes fluttering shut. The blast jolted him awake. “What in the…” He looked out the door. “Oh Master preserve me.” A five foot hole had been blown in the middle of the Circle. The chalklings that had been aimlessly circling around began swarming through the gap. The camp was overrun in minutes. “Everyone, to your battle positions. We can’t let them get through!” shouted Dagger Tongue. “It’s the Forgotten, they sabotaged us! They’re among us!” Kyle yelled. “There’s no time for this. We’ll fight after the camp is safe.” argued Shanice. Stick readied herself for the attack, and the rest of the camp began following suit. Still, the seed of doubt was planted in their mind. They began to bicker among one another. Soon the camp would be filled with blood, and not all of it would be from the chalklings. Welcome to MR21. The cycle will end 48 hours from now, Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern Time. Also, a friendly reminder to all villagers: Draw your lines of warding. Player List: