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Found 21 results

  1. I'm mostly mentioning him because of the way he directs fight scenes.
  2. Her acting in this show.....not the best. But she has the look I will give her that
  3. Hopefully, there will be faithful movie adaptations of Brandon Sanderson's works in the future. I think that they would be live-action, but I would also love it if they were animated! I'm interested to hear your opinions on the matter, and what form of film (or tv show) you would like to see.
  4. I know, I know. This has been done before. I'm sure of it. I just can't find one of them! So here we go. I was randomly reading a Taravangian interlude, and realized I was imagining Erick Avari's voice for Taravangian. He plays Nicodemus in The Chosen and other things I'm sure, but I don't know what they are. I feel like he's a good enough actor, and I feel like he could pull off Taravangian's evil craftiness, even though he plays a completely different type of character in The Chosen. Also Gal Gadot as Jasnah, I think. (apparently me as Sazed as well) Tom Hiddleston as Wit, and it sounds crazy(to me it did then I realized it could work), but Elijah Wood as Szeth! My ideas. EDIT I wonder, whenever they do the SA tv show, how will Kaladin's brands work? How disfiguring will they be, and will the be makeup or CG?
  5. Hey guys, this is NOT a thread about Stormlight Movie casting, I know that's been done. What I really want to see discussed is what a theoretical Stormlight movie poster or trailer would look like, you know, those perfect scenes from the books that frames the entire movie/tv show/whatever. Imagine taglines and scenes for trailers and even trailer music. Stormlight is a fantastically visual world, with so many beautiful descriptions, cool fight scenes and undeniably flashy magic, with light streaming everywhere. One of my favorite ideas (I stole this from Reddit) is a poster for the Way of Kings where Kaladin leaps across the chasm, where we only see his back, his spear upraised, the bridge behind him and the Parshendi before him, Light twinkling in their gemstones. In the foreground we see Bridge Four still pushing teh bridge. The tagline would be a simple 'Speak the Words' What do you guys think? Go crazy!
  6. I saw a topic for movie trailers for the first 3 SA books, where basically people would write out a script for a trailer. I think it would be really fun to do that with RoW, so here you go. (Try to make the trailers as exciting but non-spoilery as possible. Imagine someone who hasn’t read the book is going to see it) Now go and make one!!!
  7. One day I was thinking about actors for a possible Mistborn movie and came up with the idea for casting Keegan-Micheal Key as Sazed as a joke. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense and now I'm convinced it's the perfect casting. I've seen one other person who also thought of this, am I crazy? (I just had the thought of having Kelsier as Sazed's anger translator and idk what to do with that idea)
  8. I heard that there is going to be a Mistborn movie. It has a page on IMDB titles “Mistborn The Final Empire” but had almost no other content other than a writer (who has done some movies starring Vin Diesal which worries me). Has anyone else’s heard anything?
  9. What did you guys think about the Sonic movie? I, for one really liked I had almost nothing wrong with it. I REALLY loved it.
  10. What is your Favorite Harry Potter Book and Movie?
  11. From the album Homemade Hero of Ages Movie Poster

    For anyone wondering, Vin is on the left, Elend on the right, and an abstraction of Ruin/Marsh in the middle.
  12. So I just found out HERE that Lionsgate has hired Sam Raimi, the guy who directed Spider-Man, to direct a film adaptation of Patrick Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicles, with Lin-Manuel Miranda (the guy who made Hamilton) producing. I have read both of the Kingkiller Chronicle books, and I plan to purchase and read the third book when it comes out, but I really don't like them, and I don't think they deserve the critical praise and the fan following they have built up. Why have they landed movie rights, while Sanderson's books still haven't been developed? I think all of Sanderson's books are more original, more engaging and have better pacing and character development than the Kingkiller books. The only thing Rothfuss does better is that his writing tends to be more beautiful than Sanderson's, but that is the only thing that doesn't translate onto the big screen. A lot of studious have been trying to cash in on the excitement over fantasy that was inspired by the Lord of the Rings and later by Game of Thrones, but none have have developed anything nearly as good. If they actually spend the time and money to develop any one of Sanderson's books into a movie or a television series, they could really have something incredible on their hands. I feel like the reason a Sanderson movie has not been made is mainly because his books have such complicated worldbuilding and magic systems - and you can't do it halfway, you have to develop a movie that fully represents the creative genius and the overarching plots that are present in Sanderson's books. That's very intimidating for movie studios, especially because Sanderson's books are popular, but they don't have the global fan base of something like Harry Potter - there's a good chance that a Stormlight movie could fail to make its money back if the marketing is bad or the critical reviews are poor. They have found someone to write a movie adaptation for Mistborn (see here), but I have little hope in the quality of the film and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't get made. Just the fact that the guy writing the Mistborn movie is primarily known for a brief string of stupid action movies (like Xander Cage), while the Kingkiller Chronicle movies are being directed by Sam Raimi and produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda (MUCH bigger names) tells you a little about which books people are paying more attention to.
  13. Give your dream casting and movie production and development here. For example, I would love if the stormlight archive was arranged into hour and a half segments like Sherlock, and each season would be a book. Regardless of method, the CGI needed for a project like this would have to be really, really extensive. Ideas?
  14. Based on the similar thread about adapting Mistborn: TFE to a movie, I ask: if you were in charge of turning the Stormlight Archive into a movie, how would you go about doing it? What would receive more screentime? What, more importantly, would you have to get rid of? But that's just my thoughts. What are yours?
  15. The title is pretty self explanatory. This is my opinion of how the Cosmere on screen should be conducted. This is for something along the lines of how it could be done with Netflix even though the rights have been taken by DMG. I know Brandon has said that it’s not likely to be done as an animated movie given how stuff like that has to be framed for kids, but there seems to be an advent of love for adult fantasy lately. Netflix seems like the easy answer for a platform here, but really, they’re already dipping their toes into expanding shared universes. I’m thinking two movie specials. One of Elantris and one of Warbreaker. These cover the books as much as they can. Then a spring release of Stormlight Archive season 1 covering Way of Kings. Then a winter release of Mistborn season 1 covering The Final Empire. It will keep with the regular alternating release of Stormlight then Mistborn and maybe a summer double feature movie of White Sand somewhere down the line. It should take about 10 years total to cover most of the Cosmere. Stormlight will end on ten books and Mistborn will end Era three on ten books. (Final era Mistborn will be addressed in a bit). At this point, the Cosmere franchise will be left with the Dragonsteel storyline. Given that the other backbone series have been completed, this will be sort of a ‘rebirth’ moment for the audience where the Cosmere line will be more streamlined. Only having to follow one series after all these would make everything feel fresh. (Honestly, it’d be like that moment you organize your books and declutter). So. Dragonsteel would cover seven seasons (one per book). Maybe they could do a Voltron thing where they sometimes release two seasons per year. When that’s finished, the final Mistborn series comes into play. Maybe they make the audience wait a little longer than usual for its release given how for more than a decade, a movie or tv series have been given in quick succession. Given how Mistborn Era 4 is the capstone to the Cosmere, it should probably be released as it’s own series and not under Mistborn. Maybe under a title like Cosmere: The Final Era. It will tie up the universe and should have longer than normal episodes to try to get as much of the books in there as possible. Naturally, even under a format like this where there’d be more story material than a movie, we still can’t have everything from the books present. As a compromise, Brandon would be a regular consultant and source for what should absolutely be kept from pivotal scenes to character moments. Stuff like this probably won’t happen but I wanted you to know what you guys think of this. Maybe you have a better suggestion of how things could be done?
  16. I heard that there is going to be a movie adaptation of TFE which is awsome (though personally I would have preferred a TV series), but it got me wondring. How do you think a movie wil let us know what metal the character is burning? How will we see the diffrence betweena normal burn and a flare? Will we see the blue lines when someone will burn iron/steel? etc.
  17. The film rights for Snapshot have already been bought by MGM! The book isn't even out yet. Branderson's getting popular with these movie people...
  18. Me and my team just finished out Stormlight fan-made movie! Let me know what you think! Also there's a link in the description on a 'making-of' documentary on how I made this movie happen if you're interested http:// @BrandSanderson Also a behind-the-scenes documentary of how we made the movie if you're interested!
  19. So I'm making a short film about the Way of Kings, book 1, chapter 13. This is purely for the community, and I'll be posting the link up when it's complete. However, I'd like to know the community's thoughts on seeing this scene hit the screen. How have adaptations let you down in the past? How have they lived up to your expectations? Writing the screenplay, I realised that certain things that were described weren't physically possible, even with power armor haha. So there will be some minor changes. I hope you will understand. But more importantly, I hope you're looking forward to it!