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Found 1 result

  1. Quick Fix 36/ Anonymous Game 5: Dream Thieves "This is ABC News, bringing you the important stories of New York City. We're looking at some warming weather over the next week, perhaps indicating the full return of spring. On Friday it'll even reach a temperature of 49 degrees Fahrenheit, with no storms in sight, although the nights will still stay chilly with lows of 12 degrees in the beginning of the week, getting up to 34 by Friday." "In other updated news, it has been several months since the so called 'Amnesia wave,' in which a group of random people seemed to be affected to fight one another, leaving several dead, and yet every single participant does not remember a thing. Scientists have, as of yet, been unable to determine the cause for this unusual behavior, although they have linked the event to several others that have occurred all across the United States. The public is advised to report any odd activity matching previous descriptions of this 'amnesia wave.' Now, back to our story about yet another political scandal..." _____________ Welcome to QF36: Dream Thieves. This is based on the Sanderson short story "Dreamer," which admittedly is kind of hard to find. If you can find it, I would recommend you read it in advance, but it shouldn't hinder understanding the game if you don't read it. The only thing you need to really know is that it involves body hopping. This game will utilize the Anonymous Accounts, but in a bit of an unusual way, necessitating a couple things that need to be made clear. 1. You will be using multiple anonymous accounts over the course of this game. You cannot, under any circumstances, use any anonymous account that you are not supposed to be in. I will do my best to help with preventing any accidents, but playing this game will require you to be careful about what account you are signing into. 2. Speaking of that, the fact that you will be using multiple accounts in this game will make actions and players extremely difficult to keep track of, even with Droughtbringer helping me out as co-GM. As such, all actions will need to be submitted on your real account, not on the anonymous account you are using at the time. 3. Because of the aforementioned difficulty in keeping track of players, I will be using specific terminology in regards to what regards to what. I will also be keeping track of all players by their actual usernames, and players not wishing to lose their minds are encouraged to use actual usernames with team mates. However, due to the body hopping mechanic, I also will not be confirming the true username of any player unless that player truly dies. 4. Please also abide by all other anonymous account rules, no PMing an out of game player, no changing passwords or anything aesthetic, etc. Rule breakers will be punished severely. I assume. Terminology: Player: the actual person using the account, aka the spirit possessing the body. Body: an anonymous account. Can be possessed by a player. Role: the role that a player will receive in their actual account. Identity: the role that a body will have. Finally, this game will have a hard limit of 16 players. In order for this game to work, I will need activity, and will only allow 2 consecutive turns in a row of inactivity before you will be replaced by a pinch hitter. If you don't think you can be as active as this QF will require, sign up as a pinch hitter. This game will start on 3/3/19, at 10 PM MST. Sign-Up Rules: Player List: 1. Lumgol 2. Coop772 3. Elandera 4. Devotary of Spontaneity/ Somne 5. Itiah 6. Xinoehp512 7. Young Bard 8. Snipexe 9. Randuir 10. Cadmium Compounder 11. Shqueeves 12. Roadwalker 13. Sart 14. Alvron 15. GreenRover Pinch Hitters: 1. Mailliw 2. Walin 3. Spectators: Fura, Shortcuts: Countdown: