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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys new here, this may have already been answered but can the mists be stored in metal similar to how stormlight is stored in gemstones.
  2. Hi I don't know if this has been discussed before, but do you think that the mist are now the excess ruinous intent in era 2? A WoB implies Harmony is doing something with his "spare" Ruin so to speak (new to using the forums so im not sure how to link this WoB). So could the mists now be this excess ruinous investure rather than preservation? The reason I thought this is at end of Alloy of law, Wax burns some of the mists, while wearing the spiked earing. However, in era 1, a spike stops Vin using the mists, which were of preservation. So my question is, was Wax able to use some of this mists as a consequence they are now more of Ruin, which is in line with Wax "being of Ruin", or did he have access just as a consequence of Harmony's attention (implying the mists are still of preservation or just Harmonys combined intents in general). P.s I know there are theories that the spare ruin is related to a potential daughter-product of an ettmetal reaction, but what if this excess is the mists, or that a mix of both ?
  3. Mistborn Foreshadowing much?
  4. Please tell me if this has been proposed before. Anyone who has read the Stormlight Archive knows all about Rock's obsession with the thick lowlander air. I think most people just assume it's a cultural belief. However, I think it could be Honor/Cultivation's gaseous manifestation. Ruin and Preservation both had a solid, liquid, and gaseous manifestation: Preservation's manifestations Ruin- this, atium, and his Shardpool at Hathsin(I think I remember that from somewhere but if I'm wrong correct me.) So, the rest of the shards probably have these three manifestations too. I'm not sure if that's been confirmed yet, but it seems like a logical assumption. We know the solid manifestations of Honor and Cultivation are the Shardblades and the shardpool(s) of one (or both) of them are in the Horneater Peaks. We haven't seen their gaseous manifestation yet. Is it possible that the Horneater air is this gaseous manifestation? It seems like a strange idea for the Horneaters to get into their heads, and Rock continues to believe it despite having breathed the lowlander air for around a year. If there was really no difference, then Rock probably would have realized. What do you think?
  5. So, from what I can piece together... The god metals result from a body breaking apart from the sheer power of a Shard, and they form the following: Gas/Spirit Aspect - The willpower and consciousness of the holder, able to be anywhere the atmosphere can spread. Liquid/Cognitive Aspect - The subconscious and full skill potential of the holder, absorbed easier than water into a human. Solid/Physical Aspect - The limited, but usable raw material of the holder, in handy bead form. The ways each of these replenish are rather interesting. The Well of Ascension, for instance. (Please, don't be shy about goofs or overreaching speculation - if I'm wrong, I'm wrong) Magnetic North itself, right? And it was a plug on top of Ruin's spirit aspect, hence Ruin's body had to dribble out through the ground. Why did Preservation collect as a liquid and Ruin as a solid? Why are beads of lerasium bare and atium inside large geodes? Did Preservation merge with the planet's crust? My theory, yes. The geodes are a protective layer against mutual annihilation of both elements. A magnetic north lerasium well and magnetic south atium well don't quite make sense, as Ruin's mind would not be trapped by the Well. But this may have been the original balance of the planet. The whole thing has so many what-ifs and RAFOs it can make your head spin. But this raises the curious possibility of what the south polers may have been doing when faced with the scientific curiosity of a world where the north and south poles may have both been on the opposite side of the planet.
  6. Since Sazed now holds the power of Preservation, couldn't he take the form of the mist spirit like Leras did if he wanted to? Also, would he be bound in not being able to directly speak to humans anymore (as Preservation was) or would the fact that he is partly Ruin amend that (as Ruin was able to speak directly to those with Hemalurgic spikes)?
  7. So I was rereading HoA and when Vin is wailing on Inquisitors near the end and drawing on copious amounts of mist I noticed a lot of similarities..... It says that she breathed in the mists It also says something along the lines of there was a storm inside her or swirling or raging (don't have the book in front of me) It also said it was smoking off of her skin and that she breathed it out Let me qualify by saying that I am realatively new and haven't tried to scour all theories for this, so if I'm restating something I would love a link to the discussion. If not, Is there a correlation between stormlight and the mists more than just both being gaseous manifestations of the shard? It seems pretty intentional to me. I would love to hear your comments, questions, reprimands etc.
  8. This post is largely a collection of information about what the highstorms have been shown to do and my take on them. Firstly, highstorms can be predicted mathematically with some degree of accuracy ~80% by Lirin. Secondly, WoB is that they serve a similar function to the mists in some way. The Mists did several things: They were attracted to allomancers, they could be used to fuel allomancy by certain individuals, they countered the power of Ruin to some extent and allomancers burning tin became attuned to them. I believe a passing remark was made about desolations being predicted mathematically has also been made. Mists were also the body of Preservation. The likely explanation is that this last point is what Brandon meant about mists and highstorms being related, but I thought about taking the connections one step further. From these, we can draw parallels. The Highstorms certainly fuel surgebinding, although not as directly as the mists fueled Vin. Kaladin had a unique experience of seeing a face in the highstorm which can be connected to the attraction of mists to invested beings. (people with magic have some special resonance with the body of the shard powering them) My speculations are that the two other functions of the mists are also mirrored by highstorms. Both Desolations and Highstorms have the potential to be predicted with some accuracy. Thus, highstorms may be related to stopping desolations in some way. This covers both the countering of Odium's power and the mathematical predictions of each. If a highstorm occurs every time that a desolation has the potential to happen, they could block Odium's attacks. Does anyone have any other ideas on how these interactions might occurs or whether they happen at all?
  9. So I just finished HoA again today, and there were a few things that stuck out to me: 1. The mist that seeps out of vin/sazed when they're holding preservation's power (or ruin's) is really really similar to how stormlight leaks from surgebinders. I know there was a Q&A I read recently where stormlight (highstorms?) was similar to the mist from mistborn, and that we didn't have a name for it. Just thought that was interesting. 2. When sazed picked up Ruin and Preservation, he essentially created a "new" shard because he was of a single mind how to use the opposing powers. They function as one shard now, and WoB said that if Sazed were to die, he would drop harmony, not ruin and preservation (though they could be separated again). This made me think that Adonalsium could be put back together eventually. Extrapolating in the other direction, would it be possible for Honor (or other splintered shards) to be rebuilt? Obviously, there's a lot about splintering that we don't know, but it seems at least like a plausible idea. What do you guys think?