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Found 13 results

  1. mistborn

    Does anyone know if the rule of 16% of the Scadrian population being allomancers is still in effect in the later eras?
  2. Ok so I’m up late thinking and I recently just started playing a video game called Valorant. It’s pretty fun but there is a bunch of character roles that help the 5v5 team plant a bomb or diffuse the bomb. So each character has a kit of abilities and I was just thinking how cool a mistborn version would be. You could have like Lurchers and Coinshots that fight or have Thugs. And then you could have a Nicroburst that boosts abilities or a Leecher that would drain people of their alloymancy. You could have seekers have some sort of small X-ray vision ability for people burning metals. Copper clouds could hide that from seekers and like make footsteps around them not make noise. You could have those tempreal metal burners in the game too. I bet we could even implement Lerasium as like ult orbs to charge a mistborn ult ability. You could have Oracals make like a clone to send out that you control but has 0 health. Augurs could like see where an enemy used to be as a kind of trail. You could even use feruchemy. A Steelrunner could store speed and then tap it to be super fast. A blood maker could heal themselves my storing heath they take from opponents by attacking and maybe heal other teammates. Spinners could like see where people are on the map for a limited time. Windwhisper is basically a tineye and a Brute is like a thug. in the buy phase you could like buy metal minds to fill with properties and you could buy metal vials along with guns. You could go further too and make it so you can buy a clip of aluminum throwing daggers or bullets. And there is still possibilities for more ferrings and mistings that you could release as season updates. oh and another thing you could even add is like hemalurgic spikes where when you or a teammate kill someone they drop a spike with their power or just enhance your power for a round. Or in a feruchemist case a unsealed metal mind with what they had stored. All of these ideas could make a really cool tactile 5v5 fps shooter. The team synergy would be so cool if you knew how to make it work. Like imagine taking a sight and just having a Pulser slowing down a chock point and a Slider just speeding your team to sight and then having lurchers get into a wacky spot and a coin shot shooting coins around. I feel like a game like this would be So fun to make and play. So what do y’all think? Any add on ideas? Any video game developers tryna snag this idea?. Maybe Dragonsteel sees this and makes it? Let’s here it.
  3. So iirc, Mistborn could see through the mists. So can Mistings, right? Do you know if Ferrings/Feruchemists can see through the mists as well? Anyway. Mists can power Allomancy, and according to WoB, Feruchemy as well if someone knows what they're doing. But it's interesting to me that mists seem to empower Mistings by more than just their metallic power: From BoM: So does that mean that the Mists can provide just a touch of any of the powers? Brandon also said that a Misting's power is determined by genetics, and that Mists can empower and Snap someone who ordinarily wouldn't have enough allomantic potential. So does that mean, since all Mistings are descendants of full Mistborn, that they have like, 60% potential for their primary power and 1% or something for all the others. And the mists empower this one percent?
  4. In the original Mistborn trilogy, Kelsier wars Vin not to burn unknown metals because bad metals can make you sick and bad alloys can make you sick. This means that Mistborn can burn all metals even ones that don't grant any power. Does that mean that there are mistings that can burn metals like lead? Also, does this mean that there are way more feruchemy abilities or is it just storing nothing at which point would you be able to push/pull on the metal if it was full?
  5. I'm sure most people have wondered about or wished that there was more than just Mistings of a single metal and Mistborn with all the metals, or Ferrings and Full Feruchemists. I can't say I know exactly why Brandon limited things to that (though I am aware of his magical philosophy that limitations are more interesting than powers, and I agree, they are), but every now and then I've found myself wondering what would happen if Metalborn could exist with a push/pull pair, or all 4 metals of a quadrant, or all the pulling metals, or all the pushing metals. So I figured I'd make a topic where we can discuss which sets we'd want, or which ones you think are particularly powerful or interesting (tin/pewter pair, for example) or theorycrafting little things like what certain names would be for these hypothetical Metalborn. If I had a push/pull pair of Allomantic metals, I'd probably go with Chromium/Nicrosil. Leeching is super useful against all kinds of Invested things, and Nicrobursting can be even more chaotic or helpful, depending on who you use it on, and whether you're coordinating the timing of the burst or trying to surprise them with it. For feruchemy, even though they're not divided by push/pull & internal/external, I'd probably take the pair of... Well... Chromium and Nicrosil, actually. Fortune manipulation fascinates me, in general, and F-Nicrosil can be powerful and versatile under the right conditions. So what would you pick, if you could have a set of Metalborn powers between Misting/Ferring and Mistborn/Full Feruchemist?
  6. So we know that when a regular person burns lerasium their connection with Preservation is increased drastically and they become a mistborn. However is this the same effect we'd expect to see if an allomancer were to burn lerasium? Presumabely a misting would become a powerful mistborn, or would they instead just become a very powerful misting? This seems unlikely as we know that the difference between becoming a misting or a mistborn is in the strength of your bloodline and thus your connection to preservation. So presumably when their connection to preservation increases they too would become a mistborn. However, what about a mistborn? Would they become a stronger mistborn? Stronger than a regular lerasium mistborn since they already have the basis for their power? Or would they, since they can already burn all metals, be able to experience another effect whih is the true power of lerasium and the connection to preservation is simply a side effect? I welcome your thoughts on the matter.
  7. I work at a school and while at work I frequently find myself thinking "if only I could get these kids more interested in the subjects they are studying". Science for example is an exceptionally interesting subject that it seems some students just don't share my appreciation for. That's when I came up with an amazing idea. What if I burned brass and rioted their curiosity. Suddenly I'd have a classroom full of students who actually wanted to learn everything I needed to teach them. And if my classroom aid was a Soother they could be burning zinc in the back of the classroom, dampening their rambunctiousness...osity? So here's the game, If you could apply a single allomantic ability (i.e. you're a misting) to a job what do you think the best combos of allomantic abilities and jobs would be.
  8. So a thought comes to me post Mistborn reread. Why are allomancers so rare? Sure in the era of TFE the known abundance of allomancers was limited by knowledge, as well as socioeconomic factors such as nobles generally having fewer children. But by HoA it is identified that around 16 percent of skaa are mistings (more, as it is implied that Preservation didn't reveal mistings that were irrelevant). Furthermore it would seem that an allomancer does not need to be born to parents who are allomancers, although that likely enhancers their likelihood of inheriting allomancy. Fast forward to AoL and more and it seems that all the allomancers don't seem as common as they ought to be. Especially with a reduced class divide.
  9. So...I already posted this in Misting Jobs...but I had enough fun with the idea that I thought it warranted it's own thread. Basically, Harry Potter has quiddich, Scadrial needs it's own magical sport. I've outlined my idea your own, or make suggestions about mine. Each team is made of 16 of each type of (non-god metal) misting. I'm thinking...very large, expansive field of play with partial, maze-like obstructions separating the two sides in the middle, with a short field of open area at either end, directly in front of each teams' end zone, and six tall, metal, flag poles of varying heights placed at different intervals in the obstacle laden middle ground. Atop each flag pole, is a flag. Each flag has a different point value. (total points 16?) In each end zone is a bolted down iron platform (6x6?). This is the area that someone has to return to with a flag in order to score. On either side of that are two raised pedestals big enough for one person to stand on, the pillars are plated in iron. Imagine neutral flag in halo 4, only with 16 mistings on each team, and 6 flags, and the flags can't be easily reached from the ground...and the only 3 point flag is like 20 ft up. Parts of the field have little jets in the ground the keep large areas obscured in a blanket of mist. There are several smaller iron plates fixed to various places around the arena. Players only get their ordinary fabric uniforms, with minimal padding, no additional metal allowed aside from a pocket for 2 vials (there should be a box of more vials behind the scoring platform on each side), although there are several cantaloupe sized rubber balls scatter throughout the field of play that have 1lb iron weights in the middle. Full contact, although there would have to be some rules regarding conduct so that thugs are not just ripping limbs off of people. Your thug, lurcher and coinshot are your primary movers for getting the flags. Tineye and Seeker work together as on field tactical coordinators. Coppercloud, leecher, nicroburst, slider, pulser, rioter and soother offer a wide range of offensive and defense support roles. Dura-gnat and alum-gnat, as well as your auger better be in great shape, because they're not very useful otherwise. I'm not really sure how to employ your oracle...because I'm not 100% on how that power works...but could possibly be useful if you put your mind to it. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME MISTBALL?!?!?!?
  10. mistborn

    So, can Lurchers Pull objects hidden in buildings. For example, I'm standing on a street and there's a huge chunk of metal inside a building. Can I Pull on it? I finished the first three Mistborn books, but I forgot about this.
  11. So, I noticed that one sixteenth of the mistfallen were atium burners. This doesn't make sense, since that would mean the other, normal sixteen metals have a statistically lower number. So what if electrum burners (electrum having the altered effect of atium) can also burn atium, they just don't know it because there is no more atium?
  12. I'm still in the process of reading the series, so no spoilers, please! I was just going through the metals, thinking about the best/worst metal to be a misting with. Naturally, I eventually made it to gold, but I can't recall anyone saying if or if not someone could be a misting of a high metal. Sorry if this is answered later on in the book, but I don't have as much time to read as I'd like, making progress slow.
  13. So apparently all metals are allomanticlly reactive, but some just have the effect of killing you. If you were to burn Lead, you could die. So when does an alloy become a bad alloy? Kelsier said that the Purer the metal is, the more power you get, but if the alloy is off, you still get Power. So if you're burning 98% tin and 2 % lead, then the lead doesn't do anything. Yet, if you burn 91% tin, and 9% lead, you get pewter. When does a metal become a weak Alloy? is 96% tin 4% lead a weak Tin or a Weak Pewter? Is it Both? I'm assuming that since you can burn all metals, they all have they're own sDNA, but how is the sDNA of a non-allomantic metal deadly? and how do two types of sDNA combine to form a new alloy? When does a pewter alloy have enough lead to become deadly? For that matter, if Aluminum destroys the sDNA of metals, how can it possibly be alloyed with Copper? Recap, When does a percentage become weak? Deadly? How does it become deadly?