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Found 29 results

  1. Ok so I’m up late thinking and I recently just started playing a video game called Valorant. It’s pretty fun but there is a bunch of character roles that help the 5v5 team plant a bomb or diffuse the bomb. So each character has a kit of abilities and I was just thinking how cool a mistborn version would be. You could have like Lurchers and Coinshots that fight or have Thugs. And then you could have a Nicroburst that boosts abilities or a Leecher that would drain people of their alloymancy. You could have seekers have some sort of small X-ray vision ability for people burning metals. Copper clouds could hide that from seekers and like make footsteps around them not make noise. You could have those tempreal metal burners in the game too. I bet we could even implement Lerasium as like ult orbs to charge a mistborn ult ability. You could have Oracals make like a clone to send out that you control but has 0 health. Augurs could like see where an enemy used to be as a kind of trail. You could even use feruchemy. A Steelrunner could store speed and then tap it to be super fast. A blood maker could heal themselves my storing heath they take from opponents by attacking and maybe heal other teammates. Spinners could like see where people are on the map for a limited time. Windwhisper is basically a tineye and a Brute is like a thug. in the buy phase you could like buy metal minds to fill with properties and you could buy metal vials along with guns. You could go further too and make it so you can buy a clip of aluminum throwing daggers or bullets. And there is still possibilities for more ferrings and mistings that you could release as season updates. oh and another thing you could even add is like hemalurgic spikes where when you or a teammate kill someone they drop a spike with their power or just enhance your power for a round. Or in a feruchemist case a unsealed metal mind with what they had stored. All of these ideas could make a really cool tactile 5v5 fps shooter. The team synergy would be so cool if you knew how to make it work. Like imagine taking a sight and just having a Pulser slowing down a chock point and a Slider just speeding your team to sight and then having lurchers get into a wacky spot and a coin shot shooting coins around. I feel like a game like this would be So fun to make and play. So what do y’all think? Any add on ideas? Any video game developers tryna snag this idea?. Maybe Dragonsteel sees this and makes it? Let’s here it.
  2. I'm curious what we think about how strong different magic users are and whether we think certain magics effect strength, and how much. I'll give a list with descriptions in the order I'd rank them. I'm wondering if you think I'm missing any critical groups for consideration Drab: Everything is just a hair worse for drabs. I suspect this effects strength, even if it's just a tiny effect Normal human Human at a high heightening: Everything is just a little better at a high heightening. I suspect this effects strength as well, even though it's not noted and the effect compared to the other more profound effects of heightening are probably comparatively negligible. Listener in warform: Warform is for fighting and being strong is definitely an asset. I suspect listeners in war form aren't that much stronger than a strong human, but at least a little bit Elantrian: Everything is significantly enhanced for Elantrians, and I suspect this includes strength, though I don't think regular Elantrians are necessarily outside the high end of the normal human range. Returned: Their bodies, including their strength, are at least potentially seriously enhanced and idealized. You would expect them to be stronger than almost any normal human. Radiant with stormlight: Kaladin doesn't think stormlight enhances his strength, but I think he's wrong. I suspect the effect isn't enormous, and he couldn't like, lift a truck, but I think radiants holding stormlight are still stronger than normal humans can ever become. Allomancer burning pewter: Their main thing is their supernatural strength. I think even a weak pewter arm using his powers is about twice as strong as a very strong man. Koloss: Definitely super-human in their strength Dakhor monk: I think it's an exaggeration, but Dilaf suggests Dakhor monks are worth hundreds of soldiers, and they are clearly monstrously strong. Active ChayShan user: Shuden clearly overmatches Dakhor monks when using this magic. Person wearing shardplate: People can only wield shardhammers wearing plate, and show pretty incredible feats otherwise. Allomancer Flaring pewter: This is the main cosmere strength-focused magic maxed out. I think WOBs under-estimate the power of this magic as demonstrated via character feats in the text. Feruchemist tapping strength: This magic doesn't have a clear upper-limit. It's potentially the strongest, but it has serious limitations, like being almost too bulky to move, needing to have stored a ton of strength to use it for any significant period of time, etc. I think generally they are around where a pewter arm is in terms of strength if they don't max out. Allomancer burning Pewter with Duralumin: Like strength feruchemy, this doesn't really seem to have an upper limit, but for a one-off feat, this is probably easier to achieve unless the feruchemist is a pewter compounder. A Pewter compounder tapping strength while burning or flaring pewter: a theoretical pewter compounder would be absurdly strong, and have very little limit to their absurd strength. *Edited to include shard plate, Duralumin Pewter, and Pewter compounding.
  3. From the album A lurcher with a secret

    It's a character for a fan story in Era 2 I'm thinking of writng. If you look at his right hand it's translusent allowing you see the bone implying the presence of a Kandra. The Idea here is that as a child the character (Working name Caduel) lost his arm in factory work, soon after he found a very young kandra (though Caduel didn't know what it was at the time) only just learning to imitate flesh. With the Kadra's help Caduel has a working, living prosthesis. I want to use the story to create a mystery of who could be creating Kandra after the Catacendre, in addition explore the possblities of the powers offered by burning iron. I don't have a working name for the kandra yet, but I am how ever toying with idea of Caduel slowly discovering the kandra is fully aware, and for the kandra becoming somewhat of a little brother figure for Caduel. I added a nice backgroud to complete the sketch.
  4. So, I was exploring The Coppermind when I read through the Lerasium page. In it, it states that if a Mistborn were to burn Lerasium, it would strengthen their Allomantic power. If a Misting were to do the same, would on top of being a full powered Mistborn, also have the one metal they already had powered up beyond a Lerasium Mistborn? Another idea I had, was what if someone had a Hemalurgic spike for a metal as well as being full power?
  5. Apologies for the weird title, but I am unsure how to word what I want to say more succinctly. Essentially, is there any bias as to which type of misting (if you have allomantic lines) or ferring (if you have feruchemical lines) you become, or is it simply chance? Do individuals have stronger connections to certain metals or perhaps the powers they provide? To elaborate, would someone who would have naturally grown up to be charismatic have a stronger conmection to zinc or brass allomancy? Or do they simply become charismatic because of their powers? (Chicken/egg scenario here) I could see how an existing bias may be the case as there doesn't seem to be equal amounts of each type of misting/ferring. There are for example, fewer duralumin ferrings and gold mistings than there are other kinds. Presumably, an equal chance would result in equal amounts of each variant over a great enough sample size, so the entire world's population should see relatively even divisions. Anyway, hopefully some of you can provide clarification.
  6. So it's made very clear that Allomancers can be either Mistborn or Mistings - no inbetween. You either get one power, or you get all of them. However, it's also been stated that burning an alloy of lerasium and a metal makes you into a misting of that metal. So what would happen if you were to burn multiple, different alloys of lerasium - would all the investiture you burn compound and enhance one ability? Would they override each other, "wasting" the lerasium you previously burned? Would they merge and form a new allomantic ability entirely? Or would they have the intended effect and make you a "polymisting" of the metals that were chosen? Or, is it something else entirely?
  7. Ok, I am new to the site, so please be semi gentle, still getting used to things on this site. I had a question about Investiture. If you are a Misting or Mistborn for example and you found yourself off Scadrial and on Roshar. If you had vials of Allomantic metals, could you still burn your metals and it would work as if you were on Scadrial? Or would stormlight interfere with that? Or would the shards on the planet interfere with one's Investiture? Like would Cultivation for example recognize the shardic influence on the "foreign" Investiture? Boy I hope this question makes sense! Thank you everyone!
  8. So this just occurred to me, but... Mistings can use Feruchemy. Let me put it like this. If a Feruchemist made an unkeyed metalmind, a Misting would be able to burn that metalmind, if it was the same metal they burn normally. At first sight, you think, well duh, that's pretty obvious. But there are deeper applications to this. Mainly, that of a Nicroburst Misting. If you had a Mistborn with Nicrosil and Aluminum Feruchemy, you could create unkeyed metalminds that allow other types of Allomancy, that only a Nicroburst could burn. You could fill a metalmind with any Allomantic power and... Allomancy would power Feruchemy to power Allomancy. Basically a Nicroburst would have access to any Investiture that a Feruchemist created. And could unleash it tenfold.
  9. I've been playing around with ideas as to how to overcome atium, and I've thought that perhaps a feruchemist tapping steel would be able to exploit the fact that atium still relies on your reactions. An allomancer burning atium would see your atium shadow, but if a feruchemist were tapping enough steel then perhaps they would be able to move too fast for even the enhanced mind that atium provides to comprehend. I got this idea when I was reading Sazed's fight with Marsh. There was a point where he was moving too fast for Marsh to react, so perhaps if he were to use that same technique, but tapping more steel, on someone burning atium then perhaps it would work. I welcome your thoughts.
  10. If you don't know what Miasma Theory is, there is a Wikipedia article, but I can't add links yet, sorry. Miasma theory is the theory that was believed to be correct by most of the scientific community until germ theory was proposed. It theorizes that diseases were caused by miasma, which was basically "bad air", or "night air". What does this sound similar to? Mist comes out at night, and it causes sickness to scadrians. I think Brandon might've been inspired by Miasma theory when creating the concept of the mists and mist sickness. Kind of farfetched, but hey, maybe its true. Does anybody know if this idea has been discussed before, or if Brandon has ever talked about Miasma theory?
  11. So my question is, what causes a person to be born as a mistborn as opposed to a misting? Is it simply random chance that you are a mistborn and not a misting? Is it influenced by the strength and purity of your noble bloodline or lineage? The potency of the bloodline has some credit since Kar makes a mention of Vin having to have very pure bloodlines to be as strong as she is (that is paraphrased from memory so I may be mistaken). And it could be possible that Kelsier had a pure bloodline on his noble side. However, this is challenged by the fact that there are many pure blood nobles who aren't mistborn. So perhaps it's a combination of the two? Or a factor I haven't considered. Anyway, I welcome your thoughts.
  12. We all know that burning aluminium can with experience can clean sb body from investiture. But what can you do as duraluminium gnat. Could you just relese all investiture in Your body in some of.... explosion? Or in another way???
  13. In another topic we asked if a Misting may burn other metals (of course he can't obtain any power from them) or sense them as source of power at all. There talks made me think a lot about the Metallic Arts (and when I will find the time I want to write a complete topic about) but today I will talk only of the Misting's Allomancy alone. I asked this to Peter Ahlstrom ( and I recive this answer: Then I got no other answer, I waited for some days hoping in a new reply but nothing. Anyway also if He didn't explicit answer, He seems to me imply that a Misting can't sense any other metal and probably neither a bad alloy of his own metal. This made me think that Misting's Allomancy is protected by an "out of parameters" use. This is more in-line with Preservation's Power and I think it's because Allomancy as a Magic System spawned as "misting only" magic. The exsistence of Mistborns (and probably Full Feruchemist, but here we know nothing) is the result of some Allomancy's Hacking (we know for example the overwriting effect of Lerasium) or other aberations that somehow happen in the popolation (the same mutation that happens also in the real world....but without the Superpowers). In the end Preservation may be created the whole Mistborn concept as a tool for his masterplan aganist Ruin, pushing the allomancy to its limit. Mistborn are more "experimental Allomancer" they may try to burn everything with the hope to obtain some magical effect (I will be no surprise if they are capable of burning other than metal Invested's substances gaining some magical effect) and they can't harm themself with their power. Any thought about ? PS: We have some WoB-like words to refer as Peter's quotes ?
  14. Pushed from this @Oversleep 's question. I began to try to find an explaination that in the end made me ask direcly to Mister Sanderson. This is the answer I get about the matter I hope he would reply to the last one, but in the end we discovered something quite juicy. A perks is something developed by small sections though Interactions. Greater Powerhouse in the Cosmere leave no space for this natural interactions. We may use this fact to remove all the strange feats of Mistborn, Feruchemist or Fullborn by the effect of a weird Perk
  15. Well, here goes nothing. So, there has been quite a bit of discussion about how steel feruchemy works, and I am going to try and put together a bit on how I think it might work, why, the problems with it working in this manner, etc. I know this has been discussed before; I am trying to put it all in one place, I don't want to necro, and I want people to start talking about this again. To start, steel feruchemy stores physical speed, supposedly. When you store it, you go slower, and it has been described as feeling like 'moving through molasses'. When you tap, you go at much higher speeds than normally possible, including feats such as running faster than late 20th century automobiles, shooting several people in one room, from different angles, in a small enough space of time that it sounds like only one shot was fired, and dodging bullets. How I propose to suggest it works is thus; when you store speed, you are storing a percentage of the speed at which you do things. Not muscular speed, or the speed at which your metabolism works. At least not technically. The second is close, but only to the effect that your body has more speed, not that it is going faster. Speed is a function of Distance/Time. To go slower/faster, you must either increase/decrease distance, or decrease/increase time. I propose we decrease/increase time. This would fit most of the usual parameters of feruchemy. You store a percentage of something for a set amount of time; you get back the same percentage for the same amount of time. The quicker you burn, the faster you go, for the shorter period of time. This would solve most of the problems with friction with the ground, running into things, etc. Because you are technically moving at the same speed you normally would, only with more time to run in, running into things should effect you normally, while the things you hit would be hit by something moving in twice the amount of time they are(twice the speed?), which would mean that they are being hit by something moving twice as fast, while you are being hit by something in half the time as you are (half the speed?). This would also explain the problems with storing it, especially if you have a lot to do, as Sazed did.If you are literally storing time, it's going to take a while to store anything meaningful. And it would never be worth it to store speed to go faster later, unless you have some empty days before packed days. Other than that, it will always be end-neutral. It would also solve most of the problems with cornering, and stopping, aside from some possible road/rug/floorburn. It even loves the problem with continuing with speed while jumping, as your momentum would carry with you. This would work because you are still moving twice as fast, because S= D/T, so when you jump, you will retain the same S, to some extent. It would be very interesting to see someone fall while tapping F!Steel though, as they would experience it more slowly, while falling at the same speed. Also, there are very few WoB's about F!Steel, which makes this all based on speculation. Also, I am not a physics major, so this is all based on whatever I have left in my head from years of liking this kind of thing. The problems... This does not explain things like not having to eat while you are using it, as I am pretty sure Sazed did in the HoA. Air friction might still be a problem, but not until you hit extremely high speeds, at which point it would be a problem anyway. There are still a few problems with friction, heat, etc. There are also a bunch of places where this has already been discussed, most of which I have read. I will provide them for context: If you can think of more links, I will edit them in, and if there are holes, I will be very happy to discuss them. I know there are problems with this theory, and I don't mind them being pointed out.
  16. I'd love a book following a seeker misting who is some sort of bounty hunter or constable, because I feel like bronze is an underused power that actually has a lot of useful applications
  17. So if a misting, say tin, burned a lerasium-pewter alloy, would their sDNA get completely rewritten so they're just a pewter misting, or would it overlap, creating HoA Spook sans Ruin? Since lerasium can be burned by anyone, I suppose the alloys can too.
  18. It has been confirmed in The Final Empire that a Mistborn can burn any metal, but that bad ones are bad for them (in book 1, Kelsier says it can kill you, but in book 2 Vin says it can't). However, mistings can only burn one metal. I propose that a misting can burn any metal, but only one 'works', like how all allomantic metals metals work for Mistborn. Also, with 16 types of mistings, does that not mean that Seers (atium mistings) would also be able to burn one of the normal metals (one of the ones not discovered in The Final Empire. Sliders, perhaps?)
  19. I have not read Shadows of Self yet, so please no spoilers for book 5. Why are there no more mistborn in the Wax and Wayne series? Has it just been bred out? If so, I imagine it would become exceedingly rare but not impossible. Is there a confirmed answer or just speculation? Also, why were there no ferrings or twinborn in the original trilogy?
  20. I decided to make the mists less blurred here to show that Tin sharpens the senses, and that's also portrayed by the visible stars and the city lights in the background.
  21. I'm proud of the mists in this one. It's pretty straightforward.
  22. I chose to use a heartbeat to represent Pewter's powers, since it gives the person burning it better ability to endure hits, gives them more energy, and so forth. The energy ripples are also used to sort of give the idea that it's giving more energy as well.
  23. I tried to convey that Iron pulls on metals, as well as display its other notable power, detecting metal. Pretty straightforward. Just the right size for icon use, too.
  24. There are Atium mistings, so why not Lerasium ones? Thus my theory that Elend and the original 9 allomancers were Lerasium mistings. Is this possible?
  25. I think it’s safe to assume that most everyone reading this blog has also read Mistborn. If you have an overactive imagination like I do, I’m willing to bet that you’ve fantasized about lifting a car while burning pewter, flying through the darkness wearing a mistcloak, or overhearing a private conversation with the use of tin. These fun little daydreams invade my daily life. My inner child yearns for the powers of a mistborn. However, even in the world of Scadrial, mistborn are rare, so the younger me(being the practical child all of us never were), realizes it’s more realistic to long for the powers of a misting (since wishing for a magical power is realistic). This has sparked something of a debate between me and the people whom I’ve forced Mistborn on. The question is: which metal would you choose? If you ask my brother Swifftalon, he’d say either steel or atium. Both of those hold merit. Who wouldn’t want to be able to shoot pennies at people who annoy you, or effortlessly dodge between cars on the freeway just for funsies? It certainly does have a dramatic flair to it. My boss would pick brass. That makes sense. Who wouldn’t want to be able to influence the people around you, or make your employee’s more satisfied with their job? It isn’t hard to figure out which metal I’d choose; you only need to look as far as my necklace. For me, pewter is the only way to go. I know what you’re probably thinking. “Pewter, Nehex? But pewter only makes you stronger! Why do that when you can do all these other awesome things?” Fair question. It would be great to be able to fly, or to see into the future, or manipulate the minds of those around you. But, on a day-to-day basis, which is going to be more useful? Foresight or health? Endurance and energy or mind manipulation? Strength or limited flight? Sure, the other metals are fun and flashy, but as far as usefulness goes, pewter is better than gold. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? What metal would you choose? Weigh your options, then weigh in! Keep the fire alive, Austin