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Found 1 result

  1. In Secret History (part 6, chapter 3), Kelsier attempts to speak into a soldier in Elend's army who's 'not broken, but merely ... open', and tries to let him spread the word that anyone pierced by metal cannot be trusted. However, this man named Midge tells the other soldiers that "I'm holy, and you just ain't" and start a brawl. During this brawl, one of the soldiers punches Demoux in the face. In The Hero of Ages (chapter 47) we see Demoux trying to stop a brawl, but one of the soldiers (Bilg, see his Coppermind page here) punches Demoux in the face. Conclusion 1: This, along with a couple of other hints about the setting, makes me think that we're talking about the same brawl here. Most of you will probably agree so far. To proceed ... after the brawl, Ham mentions that this was yet another fight between mistfallen and regular soldiers, which means that Midge might be one of the mistfallen. This statement is further supported by the fact that Kelsier is able to talk into him, implicating that Midge has cracks in his spiritweb and thus also indicating that Midge might be an Allomancer. Conclusion 2: While there is no proof, this gives us at least reason to think that Midge is one of the mistfallen. Let me know what you think about this. No matter how, I wanted to share this thought anyway as not everyone seems to be aware of this connection (conclusion 1).