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Found 1 result

  1. Ok so I think I figured out how FTL travel would work via allomancy. Maybe someone else has already figured it out , so it's not novel but eh. Now I don't think it's actually travels faster than light. It might not even travel at light speed. At near light speed or maybe even half of light speed. So now we know that as a spacecraft reachs light speed. Time slows down for the person inside the craft. Hours for him would translate to centuries on the outside. This offers the problem. So suppose the craft creates an anchored bendalloy bubble . This bubble would slow down outside time to match the craft time and therefore negate the original time dilation. This could however lead to time moving very quickly within the craft and the person experiencing yrs of time go by. Not ideal . This is where cadmium comes into the picture. Suppose you had a smaller cadmium bubble in the cockpit to cancel out the bendalloy bubble . The bendalloy bubble would still work at the other parts of the craft. But the cockpit would experience normal time dilation. So the cockpit of the craft would experience a few hours or less , whereas the rest of the craft would experience yrs or centuries. Or alternatively , u could have a no of smaller bendalloy bubbles cover the craft sans the cockpit. I guess u could make the cockpit magnetically evitate or use A-Steel to make it levitate inside a chamber within the ship so that there is no wierd friction effects at the border of the time bubbles. This way , it would seem like instantaneous travel to both the traveller and the outside world. The journey would still be at near light speeds and take yrs ,decades or centuries objectively. But the time dilation would make it look instantaneous. It's near light travel transformed into faster than light via hacking time. So whatchu think ?