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Found 27 results

  1. Ok, so I'm re-reading Wax and Wayne, and I feel like I missed something about half-way through. Obviously, I know about Lessie and Wax - but the first reference I recall seeing of them being married is halfway through Shadows of Self when Marasi thinks, "Why else would Bleeder be parading around the city wearing the body of the man who had killed Waxillium's wife?" I checked the Coppermind and it says they were married, but there is no source referenced confirming that. The Lessie article has no sources at all. And the Waxillium article references the Shadows of Self Prologue which covers their meeting, but not getting married (though the connection between them is clearly obvious by the end of the prologue). I did a search of my kindle edition of the trilogy and can find nothing saying they were married (but a Kindle search isn't very flexible). Can someone point me to a passage in either Alloy of Law or Shadows of Self, before Marasi's thought above, indicating they were married?
  2. Harmony is imbalanced - there is too much Ruin not being used. rags How is Harmony balanced when a part of Preservation's power is expended on human sentience? Isn't that what caused all the trouble to begin with? Brandon Sanderson Indeed. Hm... What could Sazed be doing with that extra power... //1 Mojonero In Era 1 there was an imbalance between Ruin and Preservation because humans had a bit more Preservation than Ruin in them. After Harmony became a thing did this imbalance become [ir]relevant because both powers turned into one, or is it something Sazed had (or has) to deal with? Brandon Sanderson This is a RAFO for now--should come up in Era 3. //2 In addition, Harmony feels that he is largely unable to act in the ways that he wants to due to the conflicting nature of the Shards that he holds. To help rectify this, Harmony is searching for a Champion, though he doesn't directly name them as such. He says as much in the Stormlight Archive, and alludes to it in Mistborn Era 2 as well. "I have begun searching for a pathway out of this conundrum by seeking the ideal person to act on my behalf. Someone who embodies both Preservation and Ruin. A … sword, you might say, who can both protect and kill." - Rhythm of War, Chapter 29 I believe Waxillium Ladrian is being set up as Harmony's Champion. He has extremely strong morals which seem to align with Harmony's, at least according to the man himself. "I'm not Harmony's hands", Wax whispered. "I'm his sword." Shadows of Self, Chapter 25 I think we have sufficient evidence that Scadrian Metalborn are not restrained to their planet in the same way that, for example, a Knight Radiant would be. Hoid using allomancy on Roshar is a perfect example of this. They can easily leave their planet of origin and retain their abilities. Similarly, Metalborn only need specific alloys of metal to ingest in order to access their power; this is incredibly useful. They are not reliant on a specific fuel in the same way that Awakeners or Knights Radiant would be; metal can be found almost everywhere. Wax is also among the most talented living Metalborn, with an inborn set of abilities that are quite unique: Khriss claims Wax is one of only 3 'Crashers' (Feruchemical Iron + Allomantic Steel) ever born. [Bands of Mourning, Chapter 12] In addition to this, Wax is an extremely talented marksman, capable of making shots others would consider impossible. He may be the best marksman on Scadrial, which would put him in the running for the best in the Cosmere as well (at least with firearms). Now . . . What does this mean for Wax? Will he become immortal (through the Metallic Arts, or perhaps through direct Shardic intervention?) Wax, through Atium Hemalurgy, could become immortal very easily. This is discussed further below. Although we have not seen this onscreen, a Shard (especially the Shard of Preservation) could presumably just stop someone from aging. Will Wax gain additional powers? To call back to the first WoBs in this post, what better way to use up some extra Ruin investiture than by giving your main guy a few spikes? Maybe a boatload of Atium to boot? Hemalurgy by its very nature is destructive, but Wax could gain it's benefits without most of the downsides: Immortality through Atium Hemalurgy; obtaining Atium is a big roadblock for this method, but Harmony would presumably create a practically unlimited amount of it for his Champion. Having too many Hemalurgic spikes means you are you are subject to Harmony's direct control. This would not matter for Wax, as his would already be enacting Harmony's will. Other than Realmatic limitations to his Spiritweb, he would not be limited to any specific number of spikes. He could have a ton of them, not unlike Marsh. Hemalurgic spikes are gained by mutilation or death; this could matter less to Wax as he would presumably be using old Inquisitor spikes. In other words, Wax doesn’t necessarily need to kill anyone new to gain these powers. The spikes with needed powers may already exist. An even easier way for Wax to gain more powers, and perhaps the more likely method, is through the Southern Scadrian Medallions. It would also make sense for Wax (as Harmony's Champion) to wield the Bands of Mourning, or perhaps another object very similar to that in scope & power. What will Wax do as Harmony's Champion? Perhaps he will travel to Roshar . . . 3 Now I don't want to put too much stock into this, particularly because SA5 chronologically occurs before the entirety of Mistborn Era 2. 4 However, it does seem to indicate that there is a particular plot point (or character) from WW4 who will be important in SA5. How this will work out, I am unsure. Finally, I just think it would be really funny if a man known as 'Harmony's Sword' has never held a sword in his life & wouldn't know how to use one if he did. Thanks for reading. Sources: 1 2 3 4
  3. Our preview show with Danielle and Marvin is back, this time talking about The Lost Metal, the fourth Mistborn Era 2 novel that comes out November 15th, 2022! Preview chapters have not begun yet, and we don't know when they will, but we do have an extremely spicy blurb/synopsis for the book, and that's what we're talking about today! Link to the blurb: A draft of Lost Metal's prologue is out (and apparently Brandon read chapters 1 and 2 at the November Mini-Con, but we don't have the audio for this yet), and you can read the prologue here: The sweet Marasi thumbnail is by Dan Watson and will be in the Alloy leatherbound: The Waxillium background is also by Dan Watson and will be in the leatherbounds (and animated with permission by Marvin): If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  4. Happy New Year and welcome to 2022. The Lost Metal is finally for realsies coming out this year, and that is so great to finally say. So let's continue talking about Mistborn and Era 2 by talking about one of its biggest mysteries: the Set and Trell! Oh, and Paalm. And a bunch of other cosmere things, like Svrakiss. We're all over the place, but hopefully you maybe know more on this subject now than you did before! Today we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Evgeni (Argent), and David (Windrunner)! This happened in 2017, but here's our article showing off all the Shire Post Mint coins: Chapters: 00:00 Introductions and Show & Tell 3:22 Spoiler Warning 4:20 What is the Set? 10:58 Motivations and Goals of the Set 34:05 Trell and Autonomy 55:58 Paalmcast 1:19:09 The Set Origins 1:30:31 Technology 1:39:33 Men of Red and Gold (Crack Theory Time) 1:51:14 Final Thoughts and Hemalurgy If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  5. Tangent stood, leaning on the walls of the small room the Set had provided for planning. He was the first to arrive, so he merely stood. and hurt. He could hear, distantly, a sort of rhythm. The rhythms of pain. They pulsed from his spikes, of which he had three, each granting a power. The first, the abilities of a leecher. The second, a nicroburst. And his third, giving him allomantic bendalloy. Among average men, he was far superior. Among the agents of the set, he was the average one. Tangent stood.
  6. Rereading Alloy of Law, and a thought struck me, gear powered watches would be completely messed up by either of the temporal metals. If, say Wayne, was to burn Bendalloy to create a speed bubble around him, and watches inside would also be sped up, coming out of the bubble ahead of everyone else's. A similar thing would happen with Cadmium, the watches outside of the bubble would be ticking much faster than those inside, but they would be standard time, leaving the watch inside behind.
  7. We are extremely fortunate to have the amazing booktuber Merphy Napier on the show today! She just finished The Bands of Mourning for the first time, and so we thought hey, let's talk about Mistborn Era 2! What book is everyone's favorite, favorite characters, and more! The rest of us reread Era 2 and we have thoughts (and many more podcasts on Era 2 are coming). We have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Jessie (Lady Lameness), Rosemary (Kaymyth), and of course, Merphy, and you can find her channel here: She just did a Bands of Mourning review ( and she's been recently doing an awesome series on Inside Publishing ( which you should go check out! 00:00 Introductions 00:04:45 What did you think of Era 2? When to Read Secret History? 14:37 Shadows of Self 22:34 Favorite Era 2 books 35:20 Merphy on Bands of Mourning 47:26 Wayne 1:08:06 Wax 1:13:40 Steris 1:23:28 Marasi 1:28:57 Outro If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  8. Ah, it's been a while since I've posted a topic. Hope you all didn't miss me. So, we know that Kandra spikes are unique to them and that they can't accept another Kandra's spikes. This is probably because of Identity, similar to how metalminds only work with their user. However, we see Bleeder use two new spikes that were not her original, made out of trellium, a god metal. So how is she able to do this, despite the problem with identity? I have two theories. 1. Trellium is an alloy of a Shard's god metal and whatever Paalms original spike was. This would explain why Paalm has two that she uses despite having access to more (Which she uses to create chimeras), and why they are still useable for her. (The metal most likely being copper, as Paalm was third generation, and from Tensoon, it appears the third generation was created with blessings of presence, which needed copper spikes (This is also based on my assumption that generations were made with one type of spike.)) OR 2. Trellium's special ability has to do with identity, allowing bleeder to use it despite not being keyed to her identity, like that of an unkeyed metalmind. Seeing as every godmetal seems to have one unique capability (lerasium creates mistborn, atium is the best metal for hemalurgy, acting as a wild card, tavatsium is incredibly hard and can cut your soul, etc.) this would not be hard to believe, and would also fit in with all the identity and connection shenanigans going on in Mistborn Era 2 magic system.
  9. Granted I don’t particularly care how this all resolves and honestly I don’t think either need this but these are interesting little things
  10. This quote is about the servants of trell who will supposedly conquer Scadrial This seems to connect nicely to odium since those two are by far the most common color associated with odium. Since per wob his investiture should be gold and the fused as well as other creations like the everstorm are red. but the sets “faceless immortals” Suit does call it a “faceless immortal” but I would not expect him to know the difference between a mavset-im which is the type of fused this would likely be also known as those ones of masks. While the red eyes could result simply from corrupted investiture it doesn’t make sense to me why that would turn their eyes red as nothing similar happens to normal kandra. On top of this I do not personally see why autonomy if it is trell woudl have any reason to attempt to take over Scadrial and even if it did I do not see why it would not work with others in some capacity to maintain independence. Brandon has also stated there is a connection between odium and trell. I doubt that was a fused but it just seems possible especially since this happens post timeskip in stormlight.
  11. So after letting the revelations from Rhythm of War settle in my head for a few days, and reading some of the discussion on here, I had a thought about the “Lord of Scars.” Rather than Thaidakar literally being Kelsier, is it possible that Autonomy/whoever Trell is is coopting Kelsier’s authority or one of his many cults in the same way that Trellism appears to have been coopted in Mistborn Era 2? That would make a few things make more sense to me, and seems to fit the MO of “Trell.” Known problems with this theory: The description of someone with a “similar ailment” to the Heralds doesn’t seem to fit anyone but a Cognitive Shadow. Unless Autonomy wants Kelsier off Scadrial as well, which could be happening I guess. Also, Wit/Hoid seems to think it’s actually Kelsier, from what he told Shallan, and he seems to be actively undermining the Sovereign’s attempts at secrecy in Bands of Mourning, so it kind of seems like it might just be him. But I thought this was at least worth mentioning, since Hoid is not omniscient and could probably be fooled by, say, a Shard on occasion. So given those issues, this is probably more complex than the facts need to actually be. I do still like the thought that maybe they’re involved or related to each other in some way. I can’t see Kelsier, as we knew him, just allowing a foreign influence to invade Scadrial (in the form of Trell) if he knew about it, unless he was okay with that power’s goals somehow.
  12. What makes Brandon's funny characters and humor work for me even when they aren't that funny:
  13. Thank you guys for helping me sort out my feelings on this era!
  14. Trellium is described as a silvery metal with a red cast to it, and dark red spots similar to rust. There exists another substance which is described to have a similar appearance: Soulstone, which is noted to be a whitish fine grained rock with flecks of red mixed in. Could these two be the same substance? I know the texture of the two don't really match, one is described as being metallic and the other as being a soft chalk like rock that hardens after being baked in a fire. But the red dotted markings... It could be an indication of Corrupted Investiture, perhaps?
  15. Heyo! I decided to teach myself how to use Unity over quarantine, and after getting a grasp on the basics started working on a Mistborn video game. I decided to start simple and make a game based on Waxillium Ladrian, mostly because his powers are some of the easiest to translate to a platformer without adding any extra mechanics. Additionally, focusing on a Twinborn keeps the control scheme and HUD simple - no need to switch between metals or show a wide array of metal levels. Overall, I tried to be faithful to the physics as shown in the books, though I did make a few decisions based more on what would be fun to play than existing information on the magic. Here's a quick run-through of the tutorial level I made, showing off the Allomancy and Feruchemy. Update: You can now play the demo online here! Basics: It's a platformer. You can run, jump, and climb up ledges. You can jump through the bottom or drop through the top of yellow platforms, while blue "glass" platforms have to be shattered to pass through. There is a slight amount of simulated air resistance, but it's only really noticeable when moving very quickly or when storing weight. I originally wanted to completely remove control while in midair, forcing the player to rely on Allomancy to move around. However, we're so used to being able to nudge characters in midair that this really detracted from the enjoyment of the game. So, while there's not as much control in midair, the player can still move a bit in either direction. This also makes balancing on anchors with Allomancy a bit easier. The player is damaged when colliding with the ground or other obstacles based on the impulse of the collision. Basically, the lighter you are, the faster you have to be moving before you take damage. Feruchemy: There are three discrete levels of storing/tapping mass that the player has access to. The mass at each level is double the previous, and the rate at which mass is stored/tapped in the metalmind is dependent on linear distance from base mass: Level: | Scale: | Rate: -3 | 0.125 | +0.875 -2 | 0.250 | +0.750 -1 | 0.500 | +0.500 0 | 1.000 | +0.000 +1 | 2.000 | -1.000 +2 | 4.000 | -3.000 +3 | 8.000 | -7.000 Like Wax, the player will usually want to be constantly storing, and briefly switch to tapping when they need some extra oomph. Because of the extra air resistance, and the lower impulse on collisions, someone storing at the max rate can survive falls of an indefinite length. Being lighter also means the player can jump higher, while being heavier makes it easier to break glass panels. When changing mass, momentum is mostly conserved, but the change in velocity is decreased from what it should be to prevent some game breaking jumps and steel-pushes. Allomancy: Allomancy was probably the trickiest part to design, mostly because it's the least consistent. Artemos has talked about those issues in depth here, so I won't repeat what's already been said. My decision was to decouple the force on the metal being pushed and the force on Wax. While this completely breaks Newton's Third Law, it does allow for interactions more in line with the books. The force in either direction follows the equation A * (pm1 * pm2) / (r^2), where A is some constant, pm1/pm2 are the perceived masses of the character and the target, and r is the distance. For the force on the target, its perceived mass and the character's perceived mass are their current mass. This means that, if the character is tapping weight, their pushes are stronger and coins are shot faster. For the character, the target's perceived mass increases when it's well anchored, with the amount anchored depending on the angle between the push and the slope of the object the target is anchored against. Additionally, the character always perceives their own mass as their base mass. This means that if the character is storing weight, they can push themselves further and faster. Next Steps: If you want to poke at the code or play around with the mechanics, you can check out the current build on github. I've certainly enjoyed working on this, but I don't really have any future plans for this specific project, mostly because I want to create games that I can freely share and distribute. If I were to continue, the entire code base would probably need an overhaul, since it was written as I was still learning. I may reuse and reskin some of the Allomancy mechanics as magnet-based superpowers in a future game, because jumping around on coins is legitimately enjoyable. Enjoy!
  16. Spook and Kelsier as the two sides of Scadrial. ^-^
  17. I'm rusting rich, boys and girls:
  18. This is a theory as to how Kelsier was walking around in the flashback at the end of Bands of Mourning. I believe he's a mistwraith. I stumbled upon this theory when I read the following on the Coppermind regarding mistwraiths: "A single Hemalurgic spike is enough to staple a Cognitive Shadow to a mistwraith, though whether this has happened in the past is unknown." One could definitely argue that Kelsier is a cognitive shadow of sorts (albeit with more sentience than most) in Secret History. We also know that he is somehow missing an eye during the events of era 2. My guess is that he stapled himself to a mistwraith and had it assume the form of himself, and since he isn't a kandra, he doesn't need gifts to stay sane. He moved the one spike to his eye to both emulate marsh, and to give himself Steelsight. Thoughts? Comments? Has this theory been created before or did I find a new one?
  19. First, a recap of what we know about Harmonium: -It explodes when it contacts water -It copies the effects of whatever Allomantic ability is used nearby (Burning steel nearby would make it steelpush as well) -Burns with "a pure whiteness" when it's duplicating Allomantic effects -It slowly uses itself up when copying an ability With those in mind, my theory is that the Harmonium duplicates abilities by converting its mass into raw investiture, which then aligns with whatever "flavour" of investiture is being used. Here's why: Brandon Sanderson did say that what it's doing is akin to the way matter can be converted into energy, and that it's really unstable because it's Spiritual nature (a very delicately held balance of Preservation and Ruin) is unstable, and will tear itself apart if given the chance (it's sort of the opposite of The Stick). When it the Spiritual identity tears itself apart, that Spiritual energy is released into the Physical realm, causing an explosion. I believe that when ettmetal burns itself out when copying abilities, the metal is reacting with the water vapour in the air to create a slower, more controlled version of that Spiritual energy explosion. This continuous reaction produces small amounts of Spiritual energy, seen in the white light produced by it's burning. I like to think of that Spiritual energy as "unflavoured" investiture, sort of like how a stem cell is waiting to become any other cell. This "unflavoured" investiture then keys into whatever "flavour" of Allomancy is present, similar to how stem cells will typically turn into the same type of cell that is nearby. This would explain how Harmonium can copy Allomantic abilities used nearby. Answers to possible counterarguments: 1. If ettmetal reacts to water vapour as well, why doesn't it burn itself out when allomantic abilities aren't used nearby? My answer to this is that Harmonium won't react to such small amounts of water for the same reason that Stormlight doesn't soulcast everything around it without someone actively trying to soulcast. Soulcasting works by convincing the "soul" of a material to change it's Spiritual identity to that of another material using Stormlight (Honor's investiture) as a sort of bribe. But the "soul" will not change without a direction or idea of what it should change into, even if you have a huge amount of investiture. Similarly, Harmonium won't react with water vapour to produce "unflavoured" investiture if there isn't a flavour of investiture to key into. 2. So why is it that throwing liquid water onto it causes it to react if water vapour won't for the reasons stated in question 1? I think that it has to do with the nature of Harmonium's Spiritual identity. Harmonium's Identity does want to change, it has a direction it wants to go in, which is "not Harmonium". It's identity is made of two things that really, really don't want to be together, Preservation and Ruin. If water acts as a trigger for the opposing intents of Preservation and Ruin in the metal to react, then small amounts of water won't be enough to trigger the metal to change itself, but a large enough amount of water should be enough for the metal to react and change as it's identity wants it to. Again, it's similar to one of the characteristics of soulcasting, that even if you have the direction for the material to change into, you need enough Stormlight to convince the soul of the object. If we consider water as acting on Ettmetal in the same way that Stormlight acts on souls (a reason/motivation to change), then having enough water be enough for Ettmetal to change into the direction it wanted to in the first place. This is my first theory, so I welcome any questions and criticisms with open arms.
  20. Ok so its mentioned that spook rules for a century before stepping down, after the Final Ascension. Is there anything in WoB asking about how he lives so long? or are there any theories?
  21. VISITORS from other WORLDS Rarely does The House Record bring news of the sensational, but the reputable Lady Nicelle Sauvage of New Seran has contacted us with a report that will shock you. “I was lost in the mountains south of the Southern Roughs,” said Sauvage. “And my fellow travellers had either left me or died. That’s when I came upon a mountain pool of the most perfect blue, fed by the melting snows of the heights. Harmony, but I thought I’d reached Paradise.” As twilight struck early, as it is wont to do in the mountains, Sauvage saw a hunched figure by the pool. “Just a shadow, really,” she said. “Piercing eyes, and a face like some otherworldly beast from one of those hideous pulp stories. I regret to say I hadn’t the courage to engage this Visitor. Instead, its horrible visage struck right at my heart. I let preservation instinct take over and ran for an hour before making camp elsewhere.” We know Khriss is on planet (300 years after she was last seen on it). but Kelsier destroyed the Pits of Hathsin, as well as the main perpendicularity point. So unless she has access to another method (when im thinking she doesnt) in order to return she needs a perpendicularity point. Could this maybe be Harmony's pool?
  22. So i was re-reading Era 2 and i came across this: "Annoyingly, he was probably right. Why else would Bleeder be parading around the city wearing the body of the man who had killed Waxillium’s wife?" talking about Larkspur (the Pathian Priest) Only thing I've noticed (unless i was blind and missed it) they havent really mentioned Wax's wife any. Obviously its Lessie, i just havent seen it written as wife. But I was also looking at Coppermind and there is no connection between Larkspur and Bloody tan. Are they the same person, if so, should Coppermind be updated to reflect that?
  23. Something about the aluminum guns and bullets has been bothering me... They couldn't work. At least not more then one shot, because of the galling problem with aluminum. The barrel would be ruined and the cartridge would be jammed in the chamber. The problem with galling is why brass is almost exclusively used for cartridges. As a professional machinist and amateur engineer I can thinks of ways to make it work without using other metals, but they all rely on technology that is far advanced of that in Scandal.
  24. Slight spoilers for mistborn era 2 ahead. I'm gonna start by saying I'm not here to convince anyone of anything, I just want to know something. Is BS a SJW? I ask this because mostly because of mistborn Era 2. In none other of his works I've felt this way. I first noticed this when reading shadows of self and it all started with Melaan, who is an ancient being that has lived through the final empire and somehow after 600 years the thing she cares about is humans being sexist (even though there was literally no case of someone who is not already an awful person being sexist before) and somehow can't grasp the fact that kandras and humans are different. She also rants on about how harmony has no gender etc. It all seems so incredibly forced and only there to please a certain audience. Later on how Marasi started complaining to the constable captain how their uniforms are not appropriate which also came out of nowhere and it was not the time or place to discuss this and even Marasi herself says "we should discuss this another time" after bringing it up in the first place. Also all the times he mentions how "progressive" something is like we can't figure it out by ourselves. Whenever these issues were tackled in stormlight archive for example I didn't feel this way, I don't know why it just doesn't work here. He didn't introduce this as a "sexist world" as Melaan seems to think. From what he's said men and women pretty much have equal opportunities and one would think that seeing as how the ascendant warrior was a woman. Before anyone calls me anything, I'm not a sexist, bigot, racist whatever you want to think. My favorite character is actually Jasnah. I just pointed all this out so some of you can at least see where I'm coming from. So is he? Every instance of something like this in era 2 made me roll my eyes and has greatly discouraged me from continuing reading. I would have ignored it but I'm at chapter 3 of bands of mourning and he's continuing with it and seeing as how Era 2 is some of his latest work can I expect more of this in the future? I actually want someone to convince me otherwise since I'm really enjoying the cosmere but this... yeah. And I guess sorry if I offended anyone...? Also sorry if I posted this in the wrong subforum or if this place is not fit for this type of discussion in general. I didn't want to post this on the reddit sub because I believe that place tends to be quite biased.
  25. So i just finished Mistborn: Secret History and in the Postscribtum Brandon mentions that he as a very clear idea what Kelsier is doing and will be dropping hints again. Now we are two Books deep into the Second Era and maybe i need to re-read them with more cosmere awareness but i cant remember any hints of a Cognitiv/Cosmereaware Kelsier running around literally behind the scenes. Have you any ideas what he is planning, maybe have even found the hints?