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Found 6 results

  1. On this list of weird canon facts I give you this! Kelsier is a cat person. Marsh is a dog person Hoid would like heavy metal music Hoid loves bacon The Shard that Kelsier would find the most fun to punch is Honor Hoid has dressed in drag "several times" Shallan is a Ravenclaw, Jasnah is Slytherin, Dalinar is a Gryffindor, and Kaladin is Hufflepuff Elend's name means "misery" in German which was not intentional Taravangian would make a worse US president than Rashek "Gemheart" is a thing you can call your spouse in Alethkar Lift states on multiple occasions in Oathbringer that Dalinar has a tight butt If Drehy lived in Azir he would need to fill out paperwork to date a man (Sigzil mentions this in OB) Anyone want to add more?
  2. Hiya everybody, I've got a nice theory for ya today. Spoilers ahead for Secret History and Mistborn Era 1. Chapter 8, Epigraph, Final Empire: "He shall defend their ways, yet shall violate them. He will be their savior, yet they shall call him heretic. His name will be Discord, and they shall love him for it" So there was a WoB on Discord. Bands of Mourning release party (Jan. 25, 2016) #6 Questioner Last time you said that his name, if it wasn’t Harmony, it would be something else. Is it Discord? Brandon Sanderson This is relevant. Questioner It is relevant? Brandon Sanderson Yes. Now this actively sounded odd to me. "It is relevant" instead of an outright Yes or No or RAFO? There is always another secret ey? Secret History, Chapter 8: "Kelsier smiled, knowing that at long last it was finished. In a rush, the mists swirled in twin columns, impossibly high. The powers had been released. They quivered, uncertain, like a storm brewing. Nobody is holding them. . . . Kelsier reached out, timid, trembling. He could . . . Elend Venture’s spirit stumbled into the Cognitive Realm beside him, tripping and collapsing to the ground. He groaned, and Kelsier grinned at him." My personal theory is that if Elend died in WoA, Kelsier would have taken up the Shards, Preservation and Ruin but because he was more attuned to Ruin, he would become Discord. Am I overthinking it? I dunno just my personal theory that I want you guys to run through the mill.
  3. From the album Mistborn (Era I + II + SH)

    My brother said I make Hoid look like a stage magician rather than a jester.. I hope that's alright. I think it does kinda fit him, too.
  4. Alright this is my first post and so forgive me if this has been proposed before. In a recent reread of Mistborn era 1 I realized that in many of the references to the Deepness, it referenced it as being dark or black. However during the Final Empire and after, the Mists are white. The Mists are of Preservation, but could the Deepness have been something like Ruin’s “Mist”? Because Ruin’s power is frequently black. His Shardpool is black. They see his power as a black smoke.
  5. Each book is seperated into 5 parts, each of which has a different thought associated with it that describes it. Combined, all the thoughts form a ketek. In WoR, the formed ketek was made by Navani in her journal. In the third book, the ketek was written by Jasnah for Shallan's wedding. In TWoK, the ketek was spoken as a death rattle by an illiterate Herdazian man, who didn't speak the language the death rattle was spoken in. One more important fact to note is that Brandon has said that, like in mistborn era 1, either the first or second book in the series has a hint toward the last chapter in the series. I think that that hint is the ketek. Notice that in the second two keteks, their meaning makes sense. This suggests that the first one's meaning will also make sense. The ketek itself is: "Above silence, the illuminating storms - dying storms - illuminate the silence above". I think that perhaps "dying storms" could mean that the stormfather dies, and maybe "the silence above" could mean that there aren't any shards left alive, at least not in the Rosharian system. "illuminating storms" doesn't sound like it means anything other than being a filler, but I might be wrong about this. Idk what "above silence" could mean.
  6. This is with respect to Vin's fight against the assassins sent by Cett. There were total eight of them - 4 Thugs, 1 lurcher, 1 smoker and two coinshots; one of which was actually a Mistborn. First to die was a true coinshot; dagger in his chest. At some future point, she faced 3 of the remaining 7 : smoker, lurcher and coinshot-Mistborn. A wounded thug had stayed back to protect them. Vin next killed the thug. That makes 2 out of 8 dead (she attacked this second coinshot as well; thought she killed him, but as he was a Mistborn he did not die) She killed lurcher. That makes three dead. Then the watcher killed the smoker to give hint to Vin that there was a Mistborn in the team. That's four dead. By the end of the fight, 4 out of 8 people were dead, one of those being a thug. But the book mentions ''Though their Mistborn paused, the four unfortunate Thugs continued to charge, having no way to know that Vin burned atium.'' implying the total remaining as 5 people instead of 4. Is that a printing mistake or did I count those deaths wrong? (Though there is a clear mention of a thug dying) If that's a printing mistake, was it revised in the latter editions?