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Found 3 results

  1. Happy Monday to you all! There's lots of news (and some older news we haven't covered), so let's get into it. First up, we have two new chapters from Dragonsteel Prime: Bridge Four #2 and Bridge Four #3, ending with Jerick becoming a bridge leader. Speaking of bridge leaders, we have a new annotation for Way of Kings, talking about chapter 1. It's interesting, as it makes sense that chapter would be controversial (the book has a prelude, prologue, and chapter one before we get a viewpoint from a protagonist), but ultimately seeing Kaladin flash back to those events is much more powerful. Next, we got the back cover blurb for Oathbringer in a tweet last week. This is different from the publisher's synopsis. Each of the back covers of Stormlight books are in-world and are written by things we've seen, in fact. So here's the blurb: Yup. Whoa. I love these things, so it's awesome to see this. Discuss this and more in the Oathbringer spoiler board. Next, and onto older news, on September 17th, according to the progress bars Apocalypse Guard Draft 2 is done. Nice! Lastly, we have some very old news from earlier this summer that I'm aghast we have not talked about on the main page. Admittedly, you guys all probably knew this already, and we've suspected for years this was the case. Mistborn: Birthright, the Mistborn video game, long delayed, was canceled July 24th, 2017. A statement from the CEO is: I'd link you to the original post, but they also deleted their Facebook page some time after that. RIP Birthright. I'll say that, though the lack of communication was extremely infuriating and their optimistic time schedules were maddening, I appreciate the candor here. I too would eventually love to play and stream such a game. All right, I think that's everything that we've missed so far. Stay tuned for tomorrow for another batch of Oathbringer chapters.
  2. Hello! Do you remember this game? Will it be made? Date of realese everywhere is fall of 2016, but if I remember right it was moved. Were there any concept arts or gameplay? It is made by Little Orbit, I looked on the games that they have made and I am confident that it will be very bad or even worse, but I will buy it anyway cause it is Mistborn! If you know something, please tell me.
  3. On the Mistborn Birthright Facebook page there has at last been some information about the long delayed Mistborn game. Originally the game was supposed to come out in 2013. That... didn't happen. But now we have more information. It will come in Fall 2016, guys. Here's the key information from the release: There's the strange plot inconsistency though, or at least an inconsistency with what was announced UPDATE:They have corrected this so that it is the originally announced plot. Of course the early Final Empire is a much more interesting time. If you don't remember, the plantation system that we see in the trilogy were actually a much later development; the early Empire would be technologically similar but it would operate in a lot of different ways. So certainly, let us all hope that this is an error. And now for the controversial opinion on my part. Inexplicably, there will be an Xbox 360 and PS3 release (and no Wii U). I find it rather odd that they would still release for last generation consoles nearly three years after this current generation exists. From a specs standpoint, that is kind of insane, as the 360 and PS3 would be just over a decade old for the 360. I feel like that's just like trying to game on a decade old PC still running Windows XP. Sure, it might work, barely, but it won't be good. Realize that nowadays we have freaking phones that have the graphical capability of the 360, and in two years they will have well surpassed it. I assume the reason they are doing this is that the previous generation has a big installed user base. That might make sense last year, or even this year, but two years from now, I think that's utterly insane. People on that Facebook post are excited that it will be on PS3, and I understand that having it on your console of choice is generally a positive thing. Then I remember how incredibly old these systems are and that in 2016 we will be three years into the current generation's lifespan. Three years! That would be unprecedented for AAA releases. I wonder if that's an indictment on these current generation systems, if they are doing so bad that companies need to release the game on decade old hardware to make a profit. I'm sure my opinion will be unpopular, but I just don't want them wasting their time optimizing the game for ancient hardware. I want the game to the best it can possibly be, and we'll see when it comes out, but I can't possibly see those versions being good. And on another note, if you do downscale the graphics for a lower end system, why isn't there a Wii U version? You're already doing most of the work already. I don't know, it boggles the mind. It is good to hear that it is still coming and to hear news. We will bring more news and analysis as we get more information, and you can bet we will have a review when the game comes out. I am hopeful it will be excellent, and it's very good that they want to do the source material justice.