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Found 31 results

  1. For those of us who are fans of the Mistborn Adventure Game, the long-awaited supplement Nobles: The Golden Mandate, is out now! This supplement adds new background and features for fans who want to play nobles that fight against the Lord Ruler or join a skaa thieving crew. The background to create the supplement comes from both the books and the Mistborn: House War supplement to create a rich tapestry of background for both Great Houses and lesser ones. A new, pre-written adventure titled “Thieves in the Ninth House” is also included in the sourcebook. Fans of the game should buy quickly, however, as the digital sourcebook will no longer be available after December 31, 2023. In fact, all digital Mistborn Adventure Game sourcebooks will be unavailable after that date, while the physical sourcebooks are currently out of stock with no restocking plans currently announced. The official description of Nobles: The Golden Mandate lists it as the final supplement that will be released. While no official announcement has been made on if this is it for the Mistborn Adventure Game, the evidence points to that being the case. If this is the last chance to get the Mistborn Adventure Game, now is the time to do it. A Bundle of Holding contains five rulebooks for only $18 USD. This bundle contains Mistborn Adventure Game Alloy of Law Alloy of Law: Masks of the Past Terris: Wrought of Copper Skaa: Tin & Ash The Mistborn Adventure Game core rules alone is usually $15 USD, so this is a great deal for fans interested in getting the game while it's still available. This deal is available until Monday, October 9, so get it while you can. For those of you unfamiliar with the Mistborn Adventure Game, 17th Shard produces an actual play show called Diceborn that can be found on YouTube and anywhere you get podcasts. We have both the main series set in Era 2 and a miniseries set in Era 1 called Secrets in Stained Glass, which uses some of the new Nobles: The Golden Mandate content.
  2. Hello, I recently started up a limited-time campaign of MAG set in Era 2. I found it difficult to find resources for GMs and players outside of the books themselves, so I wanted to compile a thread to share resources and tips. The first thing I'd like to share is our Era 2 google sheets character sheet. I've found Google Sheets especially valuable for running play-by-post games as they work very well asynchronously. One of my players did the initial layout based on the sheet made by redditor u/Chocolatetreetoad. I added some validations to help people generate new characters to check their math and auto-calculate some fields. Set the strength of attributes and standings in cells A10 and D10 and it will display some validations on the attributes. These rows can be hidden after character generation. You might need to adjust the min/max validations on the individual fields if a character is koloss-blooded. Some other great resources I've found: System cheat sheet (currently missing alloy of law rules but we're going to try to update this as we go) (copied from this sheet by [email protected]) Crafty Games Discord - has active users and a mistborn games channel. forums - now that the crafty games forums have given up the ghost this was the only dedicated forum I could find for discussing MAG, although it seems to be pretty much dead there is some archived content. Brief video tutorial by D20 Live Actual plays: Diceborn (also Podcast RSS feed here) - I probably don't have to mention this one around here but this is the 17th shard's campaign in era 2. A session zero recording is available to patrons. APGamingReal's Final Empire Campaign, "Ashfallen" including session zero (This was my introduction to MAG) APGamingReal's Alloy of Law Campaign including session zero Name Generators MAG-specific name generator General Mistborn Name Generators Crafty Games' Name Tables are on AoL p. 94 & MAG p. 105 Alternative Google sheets character sheet for Alloy of Law made by Mak in the Crafty Games Discord. Homebrew Stunts List by the members of the Craft Games Disrcord Once my game starts playing I think I will need to create more google sheets such as for NPCs and scheme worksheet. I will post those and any other useful resources I come across here. Feel free to share your own tips and resources for players or "Narrators" here!
  3. I want to gm mini campaign for my friends, none of them read mistborn or have any knowledge about the plot/characters/etc, i've already wrote a short story to introduce them with how allomancy works and the world of mistborn in general. So far so good - they said that they like it and rlly wants to play. To give them full "mistborn experience" i wanted to give them "maybe challenging, but nothing-special-at-first" kind of quest, but which would lead them to reveal of some kind of secret, changing how they see their task, maybe during 2 or 3 session aaaand now the problems start - im so stressed that i "have to come up with a good plot"... that i dont have any ideas, literally every time when i come up with sth i automatically think that nooo its stupid i have to do sth better!... I though about starting form giving them task to rob noble house but it seems boring I would appreciate any kind of help - loose ideas, materials, maybe someone who already gm game in mistborn rpg wants to share a little bit about their game and what they did?
  4. I may not start the game knowing how to do hemalurgy. Playing an albino skaa mistborn from the remote dominance is okay. Having him be raised by koloss is not. Even after we've thrown the Final Empire into chaos and learned how to control koloss via allomancy, koloss blades still cannot be props for player characters. I am no longer allowed to have more than ten nudges. Terrisman Drizzt Do'Urden is NOT a valid character concept. This issue is closed. Canon defilement is fun. Using Straff Venture's skull as a bowl for anachronistic tortilla chips is not. If Kelsier stabs his eye out with a spike, he is god. If my character stabs his eye out with a spike, the next scene will involve a steel inquisitor chopping his head off. I cannot play a koloss. Character concepts that look like they were taken directly from a metal album cover are okay. Character concepts that look like they were taken directly from a "Weird Al" Yankovic album cover are not. Even though the above rule is in operation, playing blood-crazed servants of Ruin is generally frowned upon by my fellow players. Kandra canot be made using spikes taken from koloss. "Homicidal Maniac" is NOT a Drive, Profession, Specialty, Feature, or Personality trait. If I say my latest character concept is "extremely awesome", I am not allowed to play it. My character's drive can NOT be "Destroy Everything". This issue is also closed. Again. No more homicidal maniacs unless we're playing an evil campaign. Genocidal maniacs, omnicidal maniacs, fratricidal maniacs, and suicidal maniacs are also forever closed to me as character options. Tyrranicidal maniacs are okay, though. Lockpicks are not a valid torture implement. Arson is NOT the solution to all problems. When it's my turn to GM (or narrate or whatever), I will not treat everything the players say as their characters' actions in game. We are NOT playing Normality. Kandra women are not "the hottest women on Scadrial". Period. Any campaign where I become the holder of the shard of Ruin will end as soon as I become holder of the shard of Ruin. Even if the rest of the story isn't even close to complete. The same is true of the shard of Preservation. No matter how high my physique score is, I am not allowed to carry around a catapult. I am the reason we can't have nice things. Or massive stockpiles of Lerasium. (End of part 1 of the list.) A 73-year old skaa beggar cannot have a physique score of 6. I will not attack every character with piercings that we meet. The battle cry of servants of Ruin is not "Blood for the blood god"! There are no such things as koloss allomancers. I will not mock the steel inquisitors. "I just got this feeling." is an acceptable in-universe excuse for the metagamer to use his knowledge from the books to discover new allomantic metals, but "I hated him." is not an acceptable in-universe excuse to kill the metagamer. I will stop trying to convert random Extras to Cthulhu Mythos cults. Noblemen do not taste like chicken. I do not worship plants. I cannot kill an army all by myself. Even if I say please. I cannot base my skaa tineye off of Negan from the Walking Dead. Twinborn do not exist until the second age. If I light Rashek on fire, it will just piss him off. If my character has the "sniveling coward" burden, he cannot charge an army of several thousand koloss with no armor or weapons except for a table leg. No more starting death cults. My kandra cannot be the source of more than three werewolf legends per campaign. I cannot play a terrisman for the sole purpose of mocking my teammates in ancient languages they do not understand. When talking about skaa while pretending to be a nobleman, I cannot say that "They're like people, but there are more of them". I am not allowed to have five obsidian daggers as my only props at the start of the campaign. When given a list of mental illnesses for my insane character and told to choose one, I cannot pick "all of the above". I cannot violate the first contract over a game of shelldry. My character's name can't be Human. I am no longer allowed to play mentally ill characters unless the GM (or Narrator, as the game calls him) says otherwise. When we run out of supplies on the road, I will not suggest we resort to attacking and eating a nearby band of koloss. Especially if they outnumber us 50:1. My scholarly noble mistborn will not speak in eastern street slang. (End of part 2 of the list.) Any campaign where my kandra becomes the god of the afterlife not only never happened, but will never ever happen ever again. Period. Quellion the Citizen's flag does not include any swastikas. Kandra are not edible. I will not base characters off of Pink Floyd songs. Or Led Zeppelin songs. Or Judas Priest songs (this goes double if they're off the Jugulator album). Koloss swords are generally not considered acceptable dueling weapons. I will not solve every social conflict by turning it into a physical conflict. I cannot bribe the Lord Ruler, no matter how many duraluminmind charges I'm tapping. I will not burn duralumin and aluminum at the same time. The same goes for nicrosil and chromium. "Nobody expects the canton of inquisition!" is a really bad pun. Skaa are not good eating. Despite what word of god says on the matter, kanda can't burn lerasium. This issue is closed. I will not play "One Second" by Paradise Lost when I tap a huge amount of (feruchemical) zinc charges. I may not threaten to eat the steel inquisitor, even if I mean it. Especially if I mean it. Even if the rules allow it, I cannot start the game as Lord Prelan. After the thermite-napalm incident, I may no longer play mad scientists, inventors, or pyromaniacs. Especially if my character is all three. I will not be surprised or offended that "terrisman stew" does not contain actual terrismen, nor will I attempt to remedy the situation. We may not make "ash angels" in the fallen ash. Even if we say please. My leather armor cannot be made of koloss skin. We cannot quote Shakespeare when the Lord Ruler dies. Mistwraiths do not taste like jellyfish. Nor does my character know what jellyfish taste like. Or even what jellyfish are. No matter how insane my character is, he is not allowed to respond to interrogation by just saying "I am a stick"! I cannot kill every single female character in the crew that has a male player just because I find that sort of thing kind of creepy. I am no longer allowed to be the crew's primary fighter if I have "Chef" as my profession trait. If I ever deal more than 20 damage, my character will become the favored servant of Ruin. I am no longer allowed to have a steel, iron, or pewter rating of 10. This issue is closed. (End of part 3 of the list.) I may not have "god" as my profession trait. Even if the game says I have to have two negative circumstances to lose even one die on any roll, I automatically lose 3 if I try to start a physical conflict in a tornado. Southern Scadrians are not "Pre-cooked meat". My character's name is not Randy and he does not speak fluent German. We may no longer combine the "Create Guns" and "Malwish Technologist" stunts. The same is true for attempting to combine the "Create Custom Ammo", "Create Hazekiller Ammo", or "Customize Guns" stunts with the "Malwish Technologist" stunt. Even though there is no maximum encumbrance, I can't carry around 20 compressed kandra in my backpack. I may not play a worldhopper. I may not eat the koloss-blooded bandit we just killed unless I'm a kandra. I am not allowed to convince everyone in the crew base their characters off of characters from The Order of the Stick. "Elder Thing" is not an acceptable race selection. No more cannibalism unless I'm a kandra. I may not execute 50,000 random people every week just because it's Monday. I may not cuss NPCs out in foreign languages. Especially Finnish. I may no longer take the "Scrounger" stunt if I'm a chromium compounder. Or capable of using feruchemical chromium at all, for that matter. "Misthammer 40k" is a horrible idea. My character may not invent tabletop roleplaying games during his downtime. My character's name cannot be "Nyarlhotep", "Outer God" is not an acceptable race selection, "Messenger of the Outer Gods" is not an acceptable profession, and "Crawling Chaos" is not an acceptable specialty. I cannot play a Malwish character just so I can claim that, in my culture, it is polite to punch people in the face for no reason. Even if nothing in the rules forbids me from doing so, I may not dual wield koloss swords. Especially with a physique score of two. The definition of "cannibalism" in the context in which it was forbidden includes all sentient creatures, regardless of race. My character cannot start the game with an all-consuming hatred of masks and the people who wear them. Neither "Alcoholic" nor "Hobo" are acceptable profession traits. This is, of course, doubly true of "Alcoholic Hobo". I may not create a Rube Goldberg Device at all, but especially to do any of the following: Pour me more beer, put my clean clothes away, punch people in the face, disturb the peace, destroy Malwish masks, kill things I don't like, or be an abomination against nature. "Chaotic Stupid" is not an acceptable personality trait for a lawman. Or anyone, for that matter, but especially a lawman. My character's destiny cannot be "Find Ironeyes and cuss him out". (End of part 4 of the list.) If, at any point, my brass compounder takes on the mannerisms of Obliteration, he dies. If the responsibility of executing an outlaw falls upon our group, the people expect us to choose hanging or firing squad as our method, not blood eagle. "Hypnosis" is not an acceptable specialty for my roughs lawman. I do not put the "riot" in "rioter". I may not use my duralumin compounding to get laid. The Words of Founding say nothing about the Cthulhu Mythos. My character was born in Elendel, not New Orleans. If I have an influence score of 2, I may not start the game with the "Legendary Gun" stunt. I cannot choose more targets using the salvo option of my Terringul Ripper than there are bullets in it, even if, technically, the rules allow it. I may not use my contract with a kandra to make her take the form of an attractive woman for any reason. This issue is closed. I may not play an A-Copper/F-Duralumin twinborn with the "Face in the Crowd" stunt just to troll my crewmates by disappearing when they need me. "Bulletproof sunglasses" are not a real item and may not be taken as a prop during any era. "Drink beer and watch sports" cannot be my drive and it sure as hell can't be my destiny. If I take willpower damage, I can't roll for a bout of madness using the Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rulebook. I cannot usher in the apocalypse. I may not call random extras "Dirty, dirty communists". I may not select "Arousal" as my focused emotion for rioting. Nicrosil is not a toy. I may not start with a resources score of 8 and the "Filthy Rich" stunt just so I can take 11 soonie pups as my props. The "Point Blank" stunt does not apply to rotary guns. After Kelsier says "I am hope!" I can't say "And I'm despair"! There are no albino girls in the brothel, no matter how high my spirit roll is. I cannot play a steelrunner just so I can "get the hell outta here" whenever something dangerous happens. Kandra do not have feeding frenzies. Rotary guns are not acceptable dueling weapons. (End of part 5 of the list.) My character may not invent fascism. Especially if the reason for doing so in-universe it "because I'm bored". My character may not kickstart a chain of events that lead to the world looking like an alternate history novel written by a Scadrian Harry Turtledove. I may not attempt to cause a Mistborn/Holy Grail crossover. Even if it would be hilariously awesome AND awesomely hilarious at the same time. I may not attempt to kickstart a chain of events that lead to a shootout between the main characters of the Alloy of Law books and the iconic characters of my homebrew Weird West Dark Fantasy RPG in post-apocalyptic Hallandren. I may not throw my potato chips at the guy that accidentally got my character killed. My new character my not throw knives at the character of the guy who got my character killed. If my character is a blatant expy of Roland Deschain from Stephen King's Dark Tower books with tacked-on twinborn powers, I may not play said character. My character may not attempt an exorcism for any reason. My character cannot start the game convinced that he's a werewolf. I cannot play a sentient, gun-slinging potato chip. Much like arson, knives are not the solution to all of life's problems. Although I am not only allowed but encouraged to play a perfectly sane and well-adjusted character, I must have a better reason for doing so than just to incite irrationality and paranoia in my fellow players. Our plot for dethroning the Lord Ruler cannot hinge on inventing driveable lawnmowers. I cannot spend all my free time gaslighting Edwarn Ladrian. I cannot use my status as a constable to start an investigation into who is gaslighting Edwarn Ladrian when I know damnation well who it is. Plan B cannot be "Like plan A, but with more pewter". Even if the premise of the campaign is that something happened different than it did it canon, my character's last words can't be "This is Cody of AlternateHistoryHub". It would be kind of redundant to have my character start the game with 16 minutes to live, since that's usually about how long my characters last anyways. Everything bad that happens is always my character's fault until proven otherwise. No matter how bad an idea is, comparing said idea to German nationalism is harsh. Scratch that last one. Comparing an idea to German nationalism is okay so long as I absolutely positively DO NOT compare said idea to Highlander II: The Quickening. My character cannot invent heavy metal. If my character turns the campaign into a Mind Screw, his brain will come alive and kill his arm, which will come back for its revenge and redeem all of the damned souls of beers that sinned. Oh, and my character will die. I cannot create an adorable but deadly kandra minion, and I most certainly cannot name him "Lil' Snapper" My character cannot have Donald Trump hair. (End of part 6 of the list.) If you want more, just ask in the post replies/comment section thingy. Thank you.
  5. From the album ScadrianScripts

    SteelAlphabet Inquisition.otf SteelAlphabet Inquisition.ttf SteelAlphabet Inquisition README.txt This image is the quote "Though You Strike Out Their Eyes, They Shall See the Hearts of Men" created using the above font, which is a version of the Steel Alphabet of Scadrial (The quote is from artwork by Ben McSweeney). The script is in a style used by the Canton of Inquisition during the Final Empire (though this particular writing style may not be strictly cosmere-canon, as it comes from the Mistborn Adventure Game). A wealth of information on the Steel Alphabet can be found at the Coppermind here. I was inspired to make this font after first encountering this fabulous font created by 17thShard user Claincy. If you prefer their font, then by all means use it! It is very similar to mine. So why did I make this font? Well, BenMcSweeney (Inkthinker) created this fantastic piece of artwork for the Mistborn Adventure Game, and as you can see, the script runs together much more closely than in Claincy's font (you can see the translation decoded by user Valkynphyre in this post). The overall feel is that of an illustrated manuscript that's probably been around for quite some time, which is the main reason I suspect the style to be archaic as of the events of Mistborn. Anyway, consider my font just a stylistic variant - "Inquisition" style as opposed to the "Final Empire" style of Claincy's. Note: internally, my font is named "SteelAlphabet" with the "Inquisition" font style sublabel. Claincy's font shares the same name but has the "Aligned" font style sublabel. When both fonts are installed, they will be categorized as different styles of the same font (the same way bold or italics work). In a document editor like MS Word or LibreOffice Writer, only one entry for "SteelAlphabet" shows up in the list of fonts, and "Inquisition" or "Aligned" can then be selected for the font style. The font style selection is normally accessed in a popout window. In Word, this is the advanced font options menu available at the bottom right of the "Font" section of the top toolbar (or with the hotkey Ctrl+D). In Writer, this is accessed by opening the "Format" drop-down menu from the top toolbar, then selecting "Character." Technical Details: The basic letter assignments are those shown on the Coppermind page linked above, with the following modifications. In the process of transliterating the text of McSweeney's Inquisitor artwork, I noticed the following spelling rules, which are automatically applied by the font: -O and U are undifferentiated; both are Pewter -E and I are undifferentiated; both are Tin -Doubled letters are reduced to a single glyph (both consonants and vowels) -EI and IE are replaced by one Tin glyph (counts as double letter) -OU and OUGH (silent GH) are replaced by one Pewter glyph (counts as double letter) -The name of a metal is replaced by its glyph (preferably an illustrated drop-capital, but I don't have the artistic skill to create these, sadly) -Hard C is replaced by K -Soft C is replaced by S (the one instance of C/CH for soft C is probably a typo) -Hard CH is replaced by K, but soft CH is a distinct glyph -SH is a usually a distinct glyph (the one instance of SH as two glyphs is probably a typo) -PH is replaced by F This font contains four lookup tables: calt (1) - substitutes S for soft C liga - four subtables to: (1) - substitute THO for THOUGH (2) - substitute the name of a metal or a direction for its corresponding symbol (must be spelled in allcaps: IRON, STEEL, TIN, PEWTER, ZINC, BRASS, COPPER, BRONZE, CADMIUM, BENDALLOY, GOLD, ELECTRUM, CHROMIUM, NICROSIL, ALUMINUM, ALUMINIUM, DURALUMIN, DURALUMINIUM, ATIUM, MALATIUM, LERASIUM, ETTMETAL, HARMONIUM, WEST, NORTHWEST, NORTH, NORTHEAST, EAST, SOUTHEAST, SOUTH, SOUTHWEST) (3) - display any double letters as a single letter (I and E are the same, O and U, are the same, CK becomes K, PH becomes F, CH becomes Tesh, SH becomes Esh) (4) - display the numbers 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 256, and 4096 as the corresponding symbol. calt (2) - substitutes K for hard CH kern - pairwise class-based kerning values The mapping of the Steel Alphabet symbols to Latin was decoded by 17thShard user Valkynphyre. The 24 basic symbols were downloaded from the Coppermind wiki in SVG format - these SVGs were created by user Paleo. In Ben McSweeney's Inquisitor artwork, a period and a comma appear. These were recreated by me, and used as inspiration for the rest of the punctuation included in this font. Additionally, the Kredik Shaw symbol was recreated by me from its appearance in McSweeney's Inquisitor piece. The kerning values in the font are designed to mimic those in that same artwork. The standard Allomantic symbols are assigned to the standard Latin alphabet (abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz). Harmony's symbol is assigned to & (no reason besides its use here), while the Kredik Shaw symbol is assigned to # (completely arbitrarily). Two additional letters are present in the Steel Alphabet that do not exist in the Latin alphabet: SH and CH. SH has been assigned to the Unicode "Esh" U+0283, and CH to "Tesh" U+02A7, which are both part of the International Phonetic Alphabet Unicode range. Note than in McSweeney's artwork, the line spacing is deliberately extra narrow, such that the descenders of one line overlap with the ascenders of the line below it. This font is set up so that the glyphs extend slightly above and below the defined max and min height, in order to replicate this behavior. However, in MS Word, line spacing of "single" will automatically adjust to avoid this overlap. Setting line spacing to "exact" instead will replicate the overlap behavior - BUT Word will NOT display it! The overlap will show up when saved as a PDF or printed, but the onscreen display cuts off the overlapping portion of the letters. Other programs, such as LibreOffice Writer, should display the overlap correctly onscreen using the default single line spacing. Another small note about the artwork - the quote used for this gallery image is actually the one place in the artwork that "SH" (in "shall') is spelled with "S" and "H" instead of the special "SH" symbol. I think it's a typo? Anyway, the image I have created uses the "SH" symbol instead, so it does not exactly match McSweeney's text. If you want to play around with the font in FontForge, here is the SFD file: SteelAlphabet Inquisition.sfd
  6. I am 100% sure this has been asked before, but I can not find any relevant topics for it at the moment. My Google Fu is failing me, so here goes. Feruchemy is a net neutral, as we know, granting no gain or loss, yet in the MAG Gold does bonkers things and I am trying to find a nice middle ground. Currently, in combat or very short beats, gold is functionally worthless as it doesnt heal, it provides "temp HP" (which logically makes no sense) Out of combat or in long beats, gold can be used to heal 10x the amount that you put into the storage, which totally breaks the conventions. Are there any suggestions to fix this? I came up with just a 1-1 ratio, for each charge you store, you lose 1 health. For each charge you tap, you restore 1 health. Thats it, nothing more, nothing less. It does the rapid healing we know it can do, but is very difficult to store large amounts to do the crazy things we have seen it do.
  7. Hey everyone, over at I am starting up a new campaign. It's actually a re-run of a great Mistborn campaign I came up a few years ago which I have titled "Legends of Orulae." It takes place during the Final Empire era, and begins with the crew going along, doing their thing, when they catch wind that someone may have discovered the long lost city of Orulae, a legendary city which is said to be home to one of the greatest treasures of all time... The campaign is filled with adventure and explorations and is meant to have a very Indiana Jones type feel to it. Right now I have 3 players signed up and they're putting the finishing touches up on their characters. That is enough to get started, but I'm willing to let 1 or 2 more people join. If you're interested, reply and let me know and/or head on over to and create an account. The sign-up thread for the game can be found here.
  8. This is a short story that I wrote as an introduction to Allomancy and the Final Empire for the Mistborn Adventure Game. It's targeted towards people who have never read the books, so I tried to explain the setting and magic system in a way that would make some sense to a newcomer. Of course, those explanations are limited to in-world knowledge of how everything works, so there are a few... MacGuffins, or red herrings, or whatever you want to call it. I'd appreciate any feedback you have for me, and I hope you enjoy it! (It's about 17 pages long and 8,500 words, give or take). Fair warning: if this were a film, it would be rated PG-13 for violence (about the same level of violence as the novels, in my opinion). There's no sexual content or vulgarity or anything like that.
  9. Hey 17th Shard, I started myself on a bit of a lengthy project, converting the rules for Mistborn Adventure Game to the Dungeons and Dragons format, specifically, Fifth Edition, as it is the edition I am most familiar with. I've completed some rough drafts for most of the Allomantic powers, with the exception of Atium, Lerasium, Cerrobend, Cadmium, and the God-Metal alloys. I know for sure that they'll have to be revised a lot more, but to refresh my brain I decided to start thinking about some Feruchemical powers, specifically Feruchemical Gold, and I've run into a bit of a problem. In typical D&D play, as players advance from level 1 to level 20 they gain HP, and quite a lot of it. Generally at level 20 a character will have well over 15 times their level 1 HP. In typical MAG play, health doesn't change that much, with someone maybe doubling their health over the course of a long campaign. This is causing a bit of a problem with figuring out rules for Feruchemical Gold healing, especially Compounding. In MAG, restoring 6 HP via Compounding is always going to be a massive chunk of HP no matter what, because HP stays fairly consistent in MAG. I've already lined up some equivalents for damage in D&D versus MAG by comparing the weapon damages of items like daggers, clubs, and swords. +1 damage in MAG seems to be about 1d4 in terms of D&D. The easy solution, therefore, is to make the 6 HP restore of Feruchemical Gold equal to 6d4, which averages to around 15 HP restored. For a lower level character, up to level 5 or 6 (depending on class and physical scores), that's a comparable chunk of HP regeneration to how it's intended to be in MAG. As levels progress, however, it rapidly becomes a smaller and more negligible amount. Any ideas, folks? I have a couple, but since I'm diving more into homebrew and winging it here, rather than just converting distances and action economy to 5e terms, I'd like some external input. Also, I'm assuming posting my conversions here would be frowned upon because in this early rough draft stage a lot of text is directly copied from the MAG rulebooks rather than reworded or abridged. If I am mistaken, please let me know, and I'd be willing to PM users my conversions if that's allowed.
  10. Hey, I'm GM of MAG and I'm looking for 3 or 4 players to play on roll20 and Skype. We can teach how to play. Campaign will be in Luthadel or Fadrex City depending of players choice, and we will play like fifty years before Lord Ruler's fall.
  11. If anyone is interested, I’m looking at putting together a small group to try out one (or more) of the Sensational Yarns in Masks of the Past over Skype. Any takers?
  12. Hey there Sanderfans. This weekend is the fiftieth anniversary of the Best Four Days in Gaming. That’s right, GenCon 50 started this past Thursday, and there is a bunch of Sanderson related awesomeness happening there. First and foremost is the fact that the man himself is in attendance. You can check out his schedule of events in the post about GenCon on his site. Brandon and Steve Argyle (who did two paintings of Vin for the Mistborn: The Final Empire leatherbound) are giving away special tokens that can be used in games like Magic: The Gathering (aka Brandon’s favorite game). The Warrior will be given to anyone who asks either Brandon or Steve for one, whereas the Assassin is the prize for a special scavenger hunt that Brandon explains in his GenCon post. If you aren’t there at GenCon don’t worry about missing out, Brandon has said that he will try to have them when he goes on tour. As usual Crafty Games has a booth but this year sees a couple new products that they are showing off. Last week Crafty released the newest supplement for their Mistborn Adventure Game, Alloy of Law: Masks of the Past. This supplement focuses on the information revealed in Shadows of Self and The Bands of Mourning. It also includes eight mini-adventures that Narrators can run. Check out the product description over on Crafty’s site, though do be careful certain things are referenced that could be considered spoilers for Shadows and Bands. Crafty will also be showing off Mistborn: House War, the board game they Kickstarted last year. The finished game has finally arrived at their warehouse, and will be sent out to backers shortly. They only have a limited number of copies with them at GenCon, but if you are there swing by and check it out. Finally Nauvoo Games has a booth where they are showing off the Reckoners board game they have been developing. Speaking of which, a lot has come out since the last time we gave an update on its progress. The Kickstarter officially has a start date of October 24 of this year, which is only about two months from now! They have also posted the box art by Miguel Coimbra and Ian O’Toole. Seth Van Orden of Nauvoo Games also posted a thread over on giving people the opportunity to suggest the name and powers of an Epic which could potentially make it into the game! So if you have an idea head on over and suggest it. Bower’s Game Corner, on Youtube, has also posted a short interview from GenCon with Brett Sobol talking a little about the game.
  13. As the title says. Available from Crafty's website. I don't have a copy yet so I can't really comment on the contents yet *shrugs*. I bought a copy through the house war kickstarter so I should have the digitial copy soon.
  14. Couldn't find a thread for this and just picked this up from the Humble Bundle deal Page 110 in the PDF version- Example: Beck has Resources 4, so he would normally get 4 Props. Peter wants him to have enough permanent equipment to “walk the walk” in noble society, however, and he starts with a horse & carriage. This reduces his Props to 3, so he rounds out his starting items with a dueling cane and a pocket watch. It should say that it reduces his Props to 2, since the horse and carriage counts as two Props.
  15. Hey everyone, just a reminder Arcanum Unbounded comes out in 15 days! Before we get on that particular hype train though I do want to let everyone know that three of the rulebooks for the Mistborn Adventure Game from Crafty Games are in a HumbleBudle. Specifically it's the core rulebook, the Alloy of Law supplement, and the Terris: Wrought of Copper supplement. This particular HumbleBundle has the theme of pen and paper rpg's based on popular science fiction and fantasy fiction, such as A Song of Ice and Fire and The Dresden Files. Last week posted the table of contents for the collection, which showed how the books was set up, and also revealed the name of the system First of the Sun (the setting of Sixth of the Dusk) is in. Today they posted a sneak preview of the system map and essay, written by Khriss, about the system. Go check out the Drominad system essay over on and then join in on the conversation about it on the forums. The two art pieces, a symbol that seems to represent First of the Sun and the system map are both really well done. The Tor/Forge Blog has also posted a preview from Arcanum Unbounded today in the form of the new illustration for The Emperor's Soul. Ben McSweeney really did a fantastic job with all of his illustrations for the book but this one is definitely my favorite. The Tor/Forge Blog post also contains a short interview with Ben so go and check that out! In other news, a picture of an early prototype of the Reckoners board game was posted back in September on Twitter by CardboardEdison. For those who don’t remember we reported back in August that the rights for a Reckoners-themed board game had been sold to Nauvoo Games. While I’m sure we are still very far any sort of release, it is nice to know that they are working on it and progress is being made. Now I’m sure a more experienced board game player would be better able to understand what sorts of mechanics we can see in this picture, but I think there are a few things that even a novice such as myself can deduce. The game board appears to be representing Newcago, and is broken up into a number of city blocks. Each block is further broken up into different areas, the “Overstreets”, “Understreets”, and “Steel Catacombs” all have a place where cards representing Epics can be set, as well a place for tokens (which appear to be tied to generating Epics to be placed in that area). There are also areas noted as “Reckoners”, “Environment”, and “Mechanized Environment” where more tokens can be placed. As mentioned above there are cards that represent different Epics, currently they are just given generic designations (such as “Epic 16a”) though. The cards have what appears to be the requirements to defeat the epic and/or the rewards for defeating them, it’s not clear from the pictographs alone. There are also Objective cards that give a certain number of victory points by completing missions such as killing a number of Epics in a certain area or using a certain ability a given number of times. Near the top of the picture there are cards that appear to be labeled “Reckoner Condition”, but unfortunately I cannot make out the text below that. Dice are also involved in some way, but that’s about as much as I can figure out.
  16. My wife and I want to host a local game instead of playing over skype. We'll be playing in the Farmost Dominance about 252 years after the ascension. We're building on two previous campaigns we've run so there's already events that have happened and that will happen which the interested player can investigate and build upon. We also have a well developed cast of interesting NPCs, established politics and culture, and many opportunities for almost any crew. Mistborn and Mistings are stronger during this Era, as we are so much closer to the first Mistborn. Many noble families take great pride in being able to trace their ancestry back to one of the original nine Mistborn. We'll probably play Sundays at 6-10pm, but those hours are negotiable as long as they're consistent. We plan to start mid January. We're planning a steady growth of 1 long breather every 3 sessions and 1 advancement handed out per session. There are many opportunities to earn additional advancements, but most of them are secret achievements. We also award one role-playing advancement per session, and it works a little like hot potato. You do something terrifically in character, you get the advancement, but if someone else does another impressive gem of role-playing, it passes to them. Who keeps it is whoever held it when the session ends. Please post if you're interested, ask questions, submit comments. I'm really excited to run this campaign. Setting: The government of Farmost is fuedal, with Barons vying for control of territory, and the Steel Ministry does little to interfere unless rebellions pop up or taxes are unpaid. Nevertheless, obligators are a major part of the legal system, with traveling mendicant judges who enforce the Lord Ruler's will throughout the baronies, and all legal documents needing an obligator's seal. The Cantons of Resource, Finance, and Orthodoxy are well established, as well as a Canton of Arbitration. The newly formed Canton of Inquisition does make token forays into Farmost, but most infractions of the law are handled by the Canton of Arbitration. The Farmost Dominance is presided over by a Steel Inquisitor, dubbed the Iron Kaiser, and all the Barons are subject unto him. 61 years ago, the Lord Ruler called for all Terrisman to return to the Terris Dominance under pain of death. 3 decades later, he began the genocidal slaughter of all but 10000 Terrismen, the institution of the breeding program, the dissolution of the Canton of Hegemony, and the establishment of the Canton of Inquisition. We will begin play in the Barony of Neuschvaise, under the control of Baron Fierwinter. Coincedentally, the new Iron Kaiser also dwells in the city and has just begun construction on his palace. Neuschvaise is possibly the most wealthy barony in Farmost, having several long-term lucrative contracts, fertile lands, and recently implemented sea trade. Neuschvaise has also recently won a decade-long war against the neighboring Apsvitch Barony. Baron Fierwinter has a good, but severe reputation, and his Knights are known across all fiefs in Neuschvaise and across the next few Baronies due to their skill at Allomancy and martial games. The Iron Kaiser has a reputation for strict Justice, but is also a well-respected, reasonable man. Also of interest, the neighboring Fellniche Barony has recently undergone a coup. For flavor: Farmost accents are German, Russian, Polish, etc, and I tend to do british accents for more countryfolk from farmost. People from Farmost tend to have Germanic names. Terris accents sound Irish, generally. Central Dominance folk have a french accent, and Eastern Dominance folk have a Spanish accent. Southern Isles folk have asian-influenced or Caribbean-influenced accents. At least that's what I try to do, I'm very not perfect at these accents.
  17. Hey Everyone, I am currently recruiting players for a PBP (Play by post) MAG (Mistborn Adventure Game) campaign over at I will be narrating the adventure from the Terris Supplement titled "Justice, Like Ash." I'm accepting around 4-5 players for the game, and already have a couple spots filled. If you're interested in participating, come check it out! The details are here:
  18. Hey everyone, this has been a busy week for news but before we get into I do want to remind you all that the first volume of the White Sand graphic novel is releasing this week! Crafty Games' Kickstarter for Mistborn: House War is still going strong. It's currently sitting at over 125 thousand dollars and is currently working towards adding House Haught as a playable faction (bringing the game up to 10 playable Houses. The Tor/Forge Blog has also revealed the cover art for Arcanum Unbounded, done by Dave Palumbo. Look it's Khriss! This collection will include the following stories: The Hope of Elantris (set during the climax of Elantris) The Emperor's Soul The Eleventh Metal (originally published in the core rulebook of the Mistborn Adventure Game) Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania (originally published in the Alloy of Law supplement for the Mistborn Adventure Game) Mistborn: Secret History Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell (originally published in the Dangerous Women anthology) Sixth of the Dusk (originally published in the Shadows Beneath anthology) an excerpt from White Sand Edgedancer (a new novella featuring Lift) Brandon has said that the collection will also include an essay, written by Khriss, and a planetary system map for each of the worlds, and a new illustration for each of the stories. Brandon has also released a deleted scene from his novella Perfect State (currently nominated for this year's Hugo Award for Best Novella) as well as two annotations discussing why he cut it and the consequences of doing so. The first video of this year's recording of Brandon's BYU How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy class has been posted. For those who are interested patrons of the Writing Excuses Patreon do get early access to these. In UK news Amazon UK has a listing for a 10th Anniversary edition of Elantris for those of you who have held off getting a copy with the UK cover art to match your collections and Gollancz has revealed new cover art for a 10th Anniversary UK edition of The Final Empire over on their blog: Finally is running a contest (set to end on June 28th) to win a copy of the Mistborn Adventure Game, a set of Mistborn Allomancy Dice, AND hardcover copies of the Era 1 Mistborn Trilogy.
  19. I posted this over on Crafty Games' forum, but I thought I'd go ahead and repost it here, too. After all, the more who know about this, the better! In a nutshell: I'm going to be running a Mistborn RPG campaign starting Wednesday, Feb 24th, 2016 at 6:00pm in Salt Lake City, UT, open to all comers. All participants will receive a free set of Crafty-Games' Mistborn dice, or if they already have dice, some other prize (see below). The Details: Who: I will be Narrating. Hopefully YOU will be playing. This campaign is open to anyone who is interested and can make it to the Salt Lake City area on a reasonably regular basis. No previous experience with the Mistborn Novels or the Mistborn Adventure Game (MAG) or Role Playing Games in general is required- the campaign will be accommodating of new and experienced players alike, and it shouldn't spoil anything from the novels. What: We will be playing the Mistborn Adventure Game- a roleplaying game based on Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Novels. Specifically, during the first session we will be introducing players to the game and the rules via a very short, 1-session adventure. In following sessions we will be playing the Beasts of Burden adventure found in the Skaa: Tin & Ash game supplement (so if you are interested in playing, please do NOT read the Beasts of Burden portion of the Skaa supplement). I will be providing everything needed to play the game, so if you don't have the rulebooks or dice or whatever, no worries. If you would like to bring some of your own supplies, I recommend a pencil and 10 six-sided dice. There is no charge to play in this campaign, it's completely free! When: The first session will be on Wednesday, February 24th, beginning at roughly 6:00pm. Subsequent sessions will likely be on Wednesday evenings, on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis. I anticipate that this campaign should run for a duration of roughly 4-6 sessions over the course of 2-3 months, depending on players' schedules. *Note: If you are interested, but this schedule does not work for you, PLEASE email me (address below) PM me and let me know what schedule would work for you. Where: The folks at Game Night Games, a family friendly table-top gaming store in Sugarhouse, Utah have graciously allowed us to use a portion of their gaming area to play. I know these guys pretty well and they are seriously a great group, and the store is more friendly and comfortable than most gaming stores out there. Here is the address: Game Night Games 2148 S. 900 E. Suite 2 Salt Lake City, UT 84106 Phone: (801) 467-2400 link to their calendar event for this game Why: Do I really need to answer this one? Oh alright then. To get together with some new friends and play some Mistborn Adventure Game, of course! If that isn't enough to pique your interest, maybe this will: Free Mistborn Dice! Courtesy of the awesome guys at Crafty Games, I have a number of extra sets of Mistborn Dice from their recent kickstarter. They would like me to demo the game for them (hence this event) and give the dice away for free to players as an incentive to come try out the game. So here is how I'm planning on working this: Every player who participates in this campaign (to a reasonable degree- such as attending at least half of the game sessions) will receive a set of 10 Mistborn Allomancy Dice, featuring the Allomantic symbols for all of the Mental and Physical Metals as well as Gold and Atium. If a player already has a set of Allomancy Dice (and doesn't want a second set), then he or she will instead receive the 3 Allomancy dice given to backers of the Kickstarter Campaign, including the symbols for Lerasium, Duralumin, and Electrum. If you missed out on the Kickstarter, this is an excellent way to get ahold of these exclusive dice. If a player already has all of the above dice, then I will have an additional gift available to them. I'm not quite sure what yet, but I do have access to a 3D printer as well as an embroidery machine, so I'll make sure it's something good. Currently I'm thinking I'll make some custom, embroidered Mistborn coin pouches dice bags, though I am open to suggestions. How: If you're interested, all you need to do is show up at the date, time, and place listed above! However, I would greatly appreciated it if you emailed me sent me a PM first and told me of your interest in the campaign as well as your familiarity with Mistborn and the MAG. That way I have an idea of how many people to plan for and how much time I need to spend explaining the rules and setting. My email address is <script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script>. And again, if you are interested but this particular event/campaign doesn't work for you for whatever reason, please email PM me anyway. Maybe we can work something out. What else? Okay, enough with the info-dumping, let me just talk about this for a little bit. This all started when Crafty Games sent me more Mistborn Allomancy dice than I had ordered. Rather than having me return them, they suggested I do something like this, and I'm glad they did. I have been playing Role Playing games off and on for more than half my life, and I have been playing the Mistborn Adventure Game actively for the past three years. It is easily my favorite game system so far; it's flexible and fluid, easy to remember the necessary rules, and it's very narrative driven rather than rules-driven, which I love. My favorite aspect of Role Playing games is getting together as a group and creating a story together, and that is exactly what the MAG focuses on. As for the Mistborn books, they are hands down my favorite novels out there. The world is just so unique and fascinating, the characters are fun, the magic system is so dynamic and different, and the story is just so epic! And Brandon Sanderson is an incredible Author and a really great guy in person. Seriously, if you haven't read them yet, go pick up Mistborn: The Final Empire (book 1) from the library and get ready to have an incredible experience. If you are a little nervous to meet up with a group of strangers and play a Role Playing Game with them, don't worry- I am too! I've never done anything quite like this before, with complete strangers, but I'm excited to give it a whirl! I look forward to meeting a few new players, making some new friends, and crafting our own story in the world of Mistborn! Thanks to Brandon Sanderson and Crafty Games for making this possible! EDIT: Apparently 17thshard doesn't like people posting their email addresses. Makes sense I guess. So instead of emailing me you can just send me a PM.
  20. Earlier today Brandon posted about the release party for The Bands of Mourning. As with Shadows, they will be using a digital line. This time however, numbers will NOT be distributed randomly, the earlier you sign up, the lower your number will be. The form for the digital line will be going up here, tomorrow at 10:00 AM Mountain Time. Brandon is planning on getting to the bookstore early and pre-signing/numbering all of the books before they let in people at 10:00 PM (in case somebody who doesn't want to get it personalized doesn't have to wait through the signing line). From 10 until 10:45 there will be a meet & greet where you can socialize, ask Brandon questions, or get a picture taken as well as other fun activities. Then there will be the customary talk, q&a, and reading. For those of you who can't make it do remember that you can still can order a Signed and Numbered copy from Wellers Book Works (though Brandon has changed his policies regarding that, which we reported on yesterday). Do keep in mind that Brandon will not be touring for this book, as he did a lengthy one for Shadows of Self and will be doing one for Calamity next month. He will try however to make sure that there are copies of Bands (along with the re-releases of the first two Alcatraz books) available during the Calamity tour. In other news, fans in the Salt Lake City area have an exciting opportunity to play the Mistborn Adventure Game. Herowannabe, starting February 24th, will be, after an introductory session, running the "Beasts of Burden" campaign from the recent Skaa: Tin & Ash supplement. No prior knowledge is required and it's completely free. Participants will also receive a free set of the Mistborn Allomancy dice Crafty Games kickstarted last year. For more information check out his thread here!
  21. posted another new preview from The Bands of Mourning this morning. Check it out here! It picks up soon after the end of the first chapter and has a couple really great conversations between Wax and Steris and Marasi and Wayne respectively. Not to mention I think the hardcore cosmere-enthusiasts among us will be very excited by the last sentence... In other news Crafty Games has released the newest supplement for the Mistborn Adventure Game, Skaa: Tin & Ash. It has been up for pre-order and digital delivery for a couple weeks but the physical copies just arrived in their warehouse the end of last week. They should be starting to send out orders today, just in time for Christmas! I've only been able to read parts of it so far, but it looks like there is a lot of really interesting information in it. It also has another beautiful cover by Tommy Arnold (who did the cover art for Terris: Wrought of Copper). Another exciting thing they are doing is that they made a batch of dice with the Steel alphabet symbol for aluminum (a metal that is /not/ included in the dice set they sell or the kickstarter exclusives) and since Nov 18th and while supplies last they will be including one, for free, in every physical order made through their website. For those of you wondering about what is going on the with the Mistborn board game, the kickstarter, which was originally supposed to take place in October/November, was pushed back out of deference to Team Sanderson and an effort to give the project some breathing room. It is currently planned to launch during Quarter 1 of 2016, possibly late January/early February. The game has also undergone a name change, instead of "Final Empire: A Mistborn board game" it will be titled "Mistborn: House War". Check out our forum topics here to discuss the preview chapter and here to discuss the supplement! Photo credits: Skaa: Tin & Ash cover from Crafty Games product page. Aluminum die photo from Crafty Games' Announcement Post.
  22. I'm working on an adventure scenario for the Mistborn Adventure Game I'm running. It's a duet game (one Narrator, one player) and the player is a Pinkteron-style detective. Since the player is a fan of gritty noir style stories I've come up with an interesting case for the first session. I won't go into details since its not relevant to my question, but if anyone is interested I'll spill. The scenario appears to be your standard Find The Missing Child case, but has a few twists and tilts as is expected in the noir genre, not to mention There's Always Another Secret. I want the child in this case to be a half-breed koloss-blooded/human where the human parentage is from a well respected House. Rather than keeping the child a secret or disowning him/her, the family proved to be remarkably progressive and treats the child as if it was fully one of its own. However the rest of the world doesn't always react as progressively, and consequently the child suffers quite a bit of racism and bigotry. The mystery begins when the child runs away from his elite prep-school in Elendel due to such racism on part of his/her peers and teachers. The kid disappears and his/her wealthy human sister hires my player's agency to track him/her down. This all assumes Koloss-blooded and humans can in fact interbreed. Is that the case? Is there any evidence of this in AoL or failing that, any good reason why they couldn't interbreed?
  23. I was wondering if you could play Alloy of Law and Terris: Wrought of Copper without buying the Final Empire version.
  24. A few weeks ago we posted about the Mistborn board game prototype that Crafty Games planned to reveal at GenCon. I found it quite exciting and was desperate for information, and there were quite a few users who felt the same, so I started work on this secret project. I reached out initially to Tellingdwar, and later to Crafty Games, about collecting and posting information about the game for those of us who could not attend. I hope you all find it as interesting as I do! Final Empire: A Mistborn Board Game The Game Final Empire is a semi-cooperative, resource-manager game set during the events of the first Mistborn novel. Three to five players assume the roles of various factions and must work together to solve the "Problems" facing the Final Empire. In order to solve these problems players must expend a certain combination of resources, but in return they receive Favor from the Lord Ruler. The six factions available to play at GenCon were the Noble Houses of Elariel, Hasting, Lekal, Tekiel, and Venture as well as the Steel Ministry itself. The final release plans to include a total of ten factions. Each round players produce resources (food, money, prestige, skaa, warriors, and atium) in different proportions and combinations based on their faction. House Venture, for example, keeping in line with the books, produces atium, while the other factions cannot on their own. Atium works as a sort of wildcard, you can use it in place of any other resource, and you can convert between different resources to get something that is missing, but in the long run the players must work together, pooling their resources, to succeed. There are 4 tiers of "Problems", at the start of each turn a problem is added to the board in the corresponding column and each pre-existing problem moves up one tier. If a problem passes tier 4 than it is said to "Erupt" (a nice nod to the Ashmounts) and it causes various problems for the players, such as increasing the level of "Unrest" or giving players "Disfavor". The main part of gameplay is the negotiation between players to solve these problems. Getting the right number of resources is only part of the issue, as players also have to decide how the reward of Favor tokens is divided. Anything except Favor gained in previous turns can be negotiated: resources, Personality cards, out-of-game favors, etc. Short-term deals concern the current round (such as Players A, B, and C agree to solve a problem and contribute resources equally and will divide the Favor equally) and are binding, however long-term deals which concern future rounds (such as Player B telling Player A that if they let B help them with this problem they will let A help them a problem on their turn) are not. Which has the potential for a lot of scheming and backstabbing. Another gameplay mechanic is the "Personality" cards. These cards can have a variety of effects, such as altering the number of resources needed to complete a mission or change a problem’s tier. They can also be used to add advisers to one’s faction, or kill the advisers of another faction. These advisers can do things like generate additional resources, or even make long-term agreements binding. The game can end in two ways, either the Unrest reaches 8 or a special problem card (Vin) is resolved. If she is not defeated and is allowed to erupt she increases the Unrest by 4. If the players are able to defeat Vin then the player who has the highest amount of Favor is the winner. If the Unrest reaches 8 then the rebellion occurs and the player with the least Favor (the faction furthest from the Lord Ruler) wins. The Reception The board game seems to have been received extremely well, by fans of the series and people unfamiliar with it alike, I’ve yet to find a negative review or post about it, they’ve all been very positive. Tellingdwar was actually a volunteer for Crafty while he was there and demo’d the game for five hours each day. He enjoyed it so much that one day when his shift ended he commandeered one of the boards and continued playing it with some of his friends. I’d say that is definitely a testament not only to its "fun-ness" but also to its replayability. Plans for Release and Expansion (plus naming rationale) Crafty Games plans on doing a Kickstarter later this year (around Oct/Nov, which would correspond fairly well with the release of Shadows of Self) with an actual release of Quarter 4 2016. There are also plans to release expansions based on the later books as well. These would use the same board and tokens but the cards and factions will be swapped out to match the narrative of each book. These expansions also tie into why the game is not called "House War". I will admit that I was one of the people who greatly preferred "House War" to "Final Empire" but Crafty's reasoning does make total sense. While "House War" does fit well with the base game with its rival Noble factions, the expansions will not have those same factions and will deal with different themes, as such "House War" would not be an accurate descriptor. Mistborn Adventure Game Crafty also talked briefly about what’s coming up for the Mistborn Adventure Game in the relatively near future. Up first is a supplement focusing on the skaa, much like Terris: Wrought of Copper did for the Terris people. The title, Skaa: Tin & Ash, was revealed earlier this year and it’s currently looking at a release during the first quarter of 2016. In addition to that there is a follow-up to their Alloy of Law supplement in the works. With the release of Shadows of Self and Bands of Mourning on the horizon they have plenty of new material to work with. Crafty is currently looking at it releasing sometime during 2016. So what do people think of the game? Does it sound like a game you’d like to play? Will you be backing the Kickstarter? Is anyone excited for the MAG supplements? Check out our forum topic here to discuss everything! Photo credits: Mistborn: Final Empire banner from Crafty Games GenCon announcement. Board Game Demo photo from Crafty Games' Twitter. Board Game Playthrough photo from Crafty Game's Facebook page.
  25. I am getting the Mistborn Adventure Game, but right now I only have two other friends to play it with(I would probably narrate). Anyone in the Midwest/Tristate/Ohio/Cincinnati area who is interested in playing? If so, reply to this and I'll shoot you. (a PM)