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Found 6 results

  1. So ima just dig right in with my theory and yall can give your thoughts. I might be grasping a little or clinging onto vague ideas but I like the theory so I might as well post it. Base allomancy comes in a set of 16 with subsets; Push, Pull, Internal, External, physical, mental, temporal, and enhancement. pretty basic allomancy knowledge, right? but we also know that every god metal can make their OWN allomantic sets, with atium alloys as our proof. the 11th metal (gold and atium) and the atium mistborn burn (atium and electrum). now usually there wouldn't be much for me to build off after that. each god metal is another set of 16, how could we possibly figure out what each power will do without knowing something like the subject of the powers, like physical in the base set. except we DO know one of the subsets for ruin's set of allomancy. and its the same as the base set. in fact the powers are nearly identical, except for one key difference. they have switched from internal, to external. gold is an internal metal, so is electrum. but their atium alloy counterparts aren't. the 11th metal lets you see other peoples past(or potential future still not sure) selves. but gold lets you see your own past/potential futrue self. nearly identical powers, except for the fact that the subset has flipped. so here is the theory. are ALL the allomantic powers in ruin's allomancy, simply the same power with a subset flipped? how would that translate into powers like tin, or pewter? or duralumin? we already have a power that essentialy works the same as duralumin, except it is focused externally. its already a thing in base allomancy. is it simply a fluke? a coincidence? or, does this perhaps work like the power overlaps in the knight's Radiant orders? they share power types across certain orders. are we maybe just seeing something similar to that? do ruin and preservation simply share an allomantic subset, changed slightly to fit them? or is it even less than that, just sharing these two powers, used in separate ways, because i cannot fathom how you can use time bubbles internally. or is it something else yet again? does ruin have external powers, and then a different subset, that isnt internal at all? Sorry, I know thats a lot more question than theory, but Its been scratching in my head for a while.
  2. Greetings, my name is Breeze. If you have found your way over here, you have probably heard of me. You see, the problem is, any time someone recognizes me, they ask me one question or another, and that leads to me having to explain the same things to many different people. That is far too much effort for me, so I have created this space for all of your mistborn queries. Just ask me a question, and we will see If I get around to answering it.
  3. Good Afternoon! Or evening or morning or night whichever is most applicable to you! Im new to this community! Relatively new to Brandon Sanderson as well, picked up AWOK last January and have been slowly devouring the Cosmere since then! Been watching some of the 17th Shard youtube videos and thought id sign up here! So thanks for having me!
  4. A thought I had the other day of how FTL travel could work in the Cosmere: Brandon had dropped a number of hints over the years of works that have inspired him. What I can imagine is something that blends Dune and Star Wars for FTL travel. I think it will use a combinations of the magic systems that can be used by one Navigator, but probably needs a team just to be safe. First you will have traditional rockets to help with small adjustments, but they won't be used for FTL. A Misborn will be employed to steer the ship and give it its initial thrust. Momentum will become an issue in space, but I believe that "anchors" will be set up throughout space to keep the ship moving faster and faster (similar to the spikes Kelsier and Vin used in Era 1). However, they won't be traveling through space itself, they'll be traveling through Shadesmar. I believe the Cognitive Realm has shorter distances and would give a Hyperspace type feel as they travel between the Realms. An Elsecaller would be best since they seem to have the easiest time going back and forth (Am I correct on this?). I can see them surrounded by a giant dome of perfect spheres to use the stormlight. I can also envision Roshar becoming very important for fuel in the future. He who controls the Stormlight controls the Cosmere? Do we see conflict between the previously friendly House Stormblessed and House Kholin? Maybe Roshar will be known as Jasnian Prime? I know the use of Medallions could come into play, but I think having full blooded Misborns and Radiants would probably be more powerful. I also understand the work of Rabonnial and Navani demonstrated how magic has specific sounds and the insane amount of different Light-Magic there is on Roshar. I'm sure there is some combination of all the Cosmere magic that can make FTL work, so if you can point that out or poke a hole in my theory, please do!
  5. if allomancy comes from preservation and hemalurgy comes from ruin where does feruchemy come from ? ps: please ignore if answered in newer books
  6. This is my first topic, so don't judge. I was thinking about different powers within the Cosmere, and I noticed the similarity between Mistings and Surgebinders: they both have limited powers. What if there was a type of Surgebinder that had all of the powers, like a full Mistborn? Would you need to bond with each type of spren, or just speak all of the ideals? If this exists, perhaps Hoid is one. I have no proof of this, so far we only know of his worldhopping (and lightweaving?) powers. But if Hoid is trying to get all of the powers, note the Lerasium bead, this would add up. Thoughts?