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Found 28 results

  1. When Harmonium reacts with Trellium, there is a massive explosion like that of an atomic bomb. It makes perfect sense to me that this would be the result. Why? Because Harmonium atoms should share in Harmony’s nature as a partnership between two, and Autonomy, being, well, autonomous, probably abhors partnership. So of course Trellium splits Harmonium into separate, autonomous parts. And since Harmonium is an atom, when it splits, it splits like atoms do: with a boom. I doubt other godmetals explode when combined. These two metals split because of the nature of their Shards’ Intents.
  2. There is the lerasium (Preservation), the atium (Ruin), the "sazedium" (Harmony): Does the metal of Adonalsium exist?
  3. Just noticed, in Oathbringer, the Reachers appeared to be using veins of copper (or bronze) running across the ship to communicate with each other without speaking.
  4. Apologies if I'm very late to the party with this, it's been some time since I frequented this forum, so I'm a bit behind on the current WoB's and theories. With Rhythm of War's chapter headings, we now know that I am eager to see your responses. Remember that Sanderson has a tendency for obfuscation when describing things, as evidenced by Roshar's wines, and Aluminum's many descriptors.
  5. I was wondering if there are any theories as to what silver might do if burned by an Allomancer or used to store something by a Feruchemist.
  6. Summing up this one Q&A at the starsight release thing. It's not on the Arcanum WoB thing yet but someone should put it on there. Link to the question is at the bottom. Basically, he says it is indeed possible for a Mistborn to burn a piece of a Shardblade, though it would be hard to make happen. If a Mistborn were to do this, it would act as an alloy of the godmetal of Honor and would do something (of course, what it does is a RAFO). Now, I appreciate y'all's thoughts on this or what it might do, though I don't think we can go very far there. However, I would also like to point to the fact that, including all the godmetals and their alloys and all that, there should be a lot of different metals, each (likely) with Allomantic, Feruchemical, and Hemalurgic abilities. My main problem is I am, really, out of ideas when it comes to what any of these new and unknown metals would be able to do. Like, what we already have covers a lot. What else is there? And that is where I invite ideas on new powers and abilities for metals. Check out all the ideas (not necessarily theories) inside the spoiler thing. I will edit it when new ideas come along. Thoughts? The ideas don't even have to be viable, just interesting. at point 55:49
  7. What would happen if you flared gold? Or atium? I am asking for a friend. He also asked what would happen if you flared copper, so I told him that it would just extend the coppercloud. Any thoughts, insoght, anything?
  8. Does anyone have anything to add to any of these? Perhaps Hemalurgical differences? They can be used to pass both Feruchemy and Allomancy correct? I distinctly remember them Only able to take one power at a time, which is why they prefer to take Mistings instead of Mistborn to create Steel Inquisitors. So does that mean that in theory someone out there? Possibly Marsh? Has All possible combinations? Is this answered in Era 2? I'm halfway through the second book. Which means there is still quite a lot of explanation to go I'm sure. Does anyone have any insight to offer that doesn't spoil Era 2? Haha! Please just give me a Rafo if there is a further in depth explanation further on. Again please leave all spoilers out for Mistborn Era 2. As I'm just not quite there yet. Is there anyone who can perhaps link to some kind of Infographic "If there is one" or a Table of some kind that explains more and perhaps possible Twin Born Combinations? I'm sure there are quite a few, Even a few that can no longer be identified "Currently", because to my knowledge Atium is all gone. lol. LIST OF METALS ALUMINUM: A Mistborn who burns aluminum instantly metabolizes all of his or her metals without giving any other effect, wiping all Allomantic reserves. Mistings who can burn aluminum are called Aluminum Gnats due to the ineffectiveness of this ability by itself. Trueself Ferrings can store their spiritual sense of identity in an aluminum metalmind. This is an art rarely spoken of outside of Terris communities, and even among them, it is not yet well understood. Aluminum itself and a few of its alloys are Allomantically inert; they cannot be Pushed or Pulled and can be used to shield an individual from emotional Allomancy. BENDALLOY: Slider Mistings burn bendalloy to compress time in a bubble around themselves, making it pass more quickly within the bubble. This causes events outside the bubble to move at a glacial pace from the point of view of the Slider. Subsumer Ferrings can store nutrition and calories in a bendalloy metalmind; they can eat large amounts of food during active storage without feeling full or gaining weight, and then can go without the need to eat while tapping the metalmind. A separate bendalloy metalmind can be used to similarly regulate fluids intake. BRASS: Soother Mistings burn brass the soothe (dampen) the emotions of nearby individuals. This can be directed at a single individual or directed across a general area, and the Soother can focus on specific emotions. Firesoul Ferrings can store warmth in a brass metalmind, cooling themselves off while actively storing. They can tap the metalmind at a later time to warm themselves. BRONZE: Seeker Mistings burn brass to "hear" pulses given off by other Allomancers who are burning metals. Different metals produce different pulses. Sentry Ferrings can store wakefulness in a bronze metalmind, making themselves drowsy while actively storing. They can tap the metalmind at a later time to reduce drowsiness or to heighten their awareness. CADMIUM: Pulser Mistings burn cadmium to stretch time in a bubble around themselves, making it pass more slowly inside the bubble. This causes events outside the bubble to move at blurring speed from the point of view of the Pulser. Gasper Ferrings can store breath inside a cadmium metalmind; during active storage they must hyperventilate in order for their bodies to get enough air. The breath can be retrieved at a later time, eliminating or reducing the need to breathe using the lungs while tapping the metalmind. They can also highly oxygenate their blood. CHROMIUM: Leecher Mistings who burn chromium while touching another Allomancer will wipe that Allomancer's metal reserves. Spinner Ferrings can store fortune in a chromium metalmind, making themselves unlucky during active storage, and can tap it at a later time to increase their luck. COPPER: Coppercloud Mistings (also known as Smokers) burn copper to create an invisible cloud around themselves, which hides nearby Allomancers from being detected by a Seeker and which shields nearby individuals from the effects of emotional Allomancy. Archivist Ferrings can store memories in a copper metalmind (coppermind); the memory is gone from their head while in storage, and can be retrieved with perfect recall at a later time. DURALUMIN: A Mistborn who burns duralumin instantly burns away any other metals being burned at the same time, releasing an enormous bursts of those metals' power. Mistings who can burn Duralumin are called Duralumin Gnats due to the ineffectiveness of this ability by itself. Connector Ferrings can store spiritual connection in a duralumin metalmind, reducing other people's awareness and friendship with them during active storage, and can tap it at a later time in order to speedily form trust relationships with others. ELECTRUM: Oracle Mistings burn electrum to see a vision of possible paths their future could take. This is usually limited to a few seconds. Pinnacle Ferrings can store determination in an electrum metalmind, entering a depressed state during active storage, and can tap it at a later time to enter a manic phase. GOLD: Auger Mistings burn gold to see a vision of a past self or how they would have turned out having made different choices in the past. Bloodmaker Ferrings can store health in a gold metalmind, reducing their health while actively storing, and can tap it at a later time in order to heal quickly or to heal beyond the body's usual abilities. IRON: Lurcher Mistings who burn iron can Pull on nearby sources of metal. Pulls must be directly toward the Lurcher's center of gravity. Skimmer Ferrings can store physical weight in an iron metalmind., reducing their effective weight while actively storing, and can tap it at a later time to increase their effective weight. NICROSIL: Nicroburst Misitings who burn nicrosil while touching another Allomancer will instantly burn away any metals being burned by that Allomancer, releasing an enormous (and perhaps unexpected) burst of those metals' power within that Allomancer. Soulbearer Ferrings can store Investiture in a nicrosil metalmind. This is a power that very few know anything about; indeed, I'm certain the people of Terris don't truly know what they are doing when they use these powers. PEWTER: Pewterarm Mistings (also known as Thugs) burn pewter to increase their physical strength, speed, and durability, also enhancing their bodies' ability to heal. Brute Ferrings can store physical strength in a pewter metalmind, reducing their strength while actively storing, and can tap it at a later time to increase their strength. STEEL: Coinshot Mistings who burn steel can Push on nearby sources of metal. Pushes must be directly away from the Coinshot's center of gravity. Steelrunner Ferrings can store physical speed in a steel metalmind, slowing them while actively storing, and can tap it at later time to increase their speed. TIN: Tineye Mistings who burn tin increase the sensitivity of their five senses. All are increased at the same time. Windwhisperer Ferrings can store the sensitivity of one of the five sense in a tin metalmind; a different tin metalmind must be used for each sense. While storing, their sensitivity in that sense is reduced, and when the metalmind is tapped that sense is enhanced. ZINC: Rioter Mistings burn zinc to riot (enflame) the emotions of nearby individuals. This can be directed at a single individual or directed across a general area, and the Rioter can focus on specific emotions. Sparker Ferrings can store mental speed in a zinc metalmind, dulling their ability to think and reason while actively storing, and can tap it at a later time to think and reason more quickly.
  9. duel

    Hi, I was just wondering how the power of Fullborns would scale with regards to Heralds. In particular, how would Kelsier or Spook (who are similarly powerful) match up against a Herald? Assume that both Fullborns have access to all 16 Metals (in unlimited quantities), but no God Metals, and that Herald has access to unlimited Stormlight and is one with offensive capabilities. Furthermore, how would The Lord Ruler have matched up against a Herald? All 10 Heralds? Thanks
  10. Using a combination of the Hemalurgy chart in the Hero of Ages Ars Arcanum and the Ars Arcanum from Bands of Mourning, I've complied a chart of what the remaining seven metals do as spikes. NOTE: These are educated guesses, based off of patterns and similarities that I've seen NOTE 2: Where it says "Steals Human ___", that means I don't know what it is, but it steals a human attribute like Senses, Strength, Mental Fortitude, etc. HEMALURGIC POWER Iron: Steals Human Strength Steel: Steals Allomantic Physical Powers Tin: Steals Human Senses Pewter: Steals Feruchemical Physical Powers Zinc: Steals Human Emotional Fortitude Brass: Steals Feruchemical Mental Powers Copper: Steals Human Mental Fortitude Bronze: Steals Allomantic Mental Powers Cadmium: Steals Allomantic Temporal Powers Bendalloy: Steals Human ___ Gold: Steals Feruchemical Temporal Powers Electrum: Steals Human ___ Chromium: Steals Feruchemical Enhancement Powers Nicrosil: Steals Human ___ Aluminum: Steals Allomantic Enhancement Powers Duralumin: Steals Human ___ The way I came up with these is that I figured out that the Physical Pushing metals steal Allomantic and Feruchemical powers, in the order of Allomatic, then Feruchemical. The Mental Pushing metals do the same, in the order of Feruchemical, then Allomatic. Going off of what Aluminum did, I guessed that the Temporal Pulling metals work in the order of Allomantic, and then Feruchemical, and finally, the Enhancement Pulling metals work in order of Feruchemical, and then Allomantic. Or, Physical: Pushing A-F Mental: Pushing F-A Temporal: Pulling A-F Enhancement: Pulling F-A The final thing: I have no idea what Human ___s would be, especially related to Temporal and Enhancement effects. Does anyone have any ideas?
  11. Hi guys, I'm pretty new to this forum. while i started reading the books already some years back i just now started to go into the internet with my questions. I'm not sure wheather my questions are stupid or already asked, so i'll just fire them away. 1. Does burning Copper protect the user from the feruchemical effect of duralumin ? I think not, but i wanted to be sure. 2. In an earlier Q&A Brandon said, that the storingspeed is limited. Can an Duralumin Feruchemist lower the awareness of other people so much, that he can sneak easily past them (is this even a part of duralumin)? 3. Someone who stores connection in an duralumin metalmind and burns it afterwards will release an extreme outburst of it. So does it multiply the power to an even more extreme extend compared to the other metal's or doesn't the allomantic effect of duralumin apply to burning metalmind's (sound's unlogical but somehow it stuck in my mind) And does duralumin increase the stored energy in metalminds while burning or does it only multiply allomantie? 4. Is there something like a compounder savant ? Like someone who burns often full bronze metalminds will become extremly wakefull, so that he's an more tired/wakefull person overall. Additionally, is burning an bronze metalmind for a long time as unhealthy for the body as being an pewter savant or not? 5. Another Question to Duralumin: the ars arcanum say's it stores connection. The complete description only talks of connection between humans, but does it also store the connection to the country ? Because there are some magic system's, which depend on connection to a certain landscape. (I think this was already answered as yes). 6. allomatically burning copper protects the smoker from emotional influence, and bronze makes the bronzeeye able to see the usage of magic. Does this only include other allomantic use or does it also include magic from other planets like roshar? Example: a lightweaver forms an illusion. I'm not sure weather he influences the brain of the victim or the reality, but would a bronzeeye see through it or a smoker be left uninfluenced? 7. Question to the process of storing into an metalmind: Do you need to do the thing you are storing at the time you are storing it ? For example Speed-Metalminds: do you need to be in motion to store speed or are you also able to store it while sleeping ? Ok maybe i can answer this question for myself, because it simply increase the bodyability for oxidation. But for the example of storing wakefullness: is this able to be stored while sleeping ? If yes, could it lead to a koma-like stase ? 8. in a previous q&a brandon said, that splintered shards can be "united" again. Does this also count for adonalsium ? Because he's splintered too and basicly he's just a huge shard. 9. Does burning Aluminum also erase metals the mistling can't use ? 10. nicrosil creates an extreme outburst of all metal's inside the user/person he touches. Does this also include feruchemical metalstorages. Also: do allomantic metals have to be in the stomach of the user? Miles was a gold compounder, but in the alloy of law it was never mentioned that he swallowed one of his metalminds, but it's unlogical that he doesn't use his best advantage. 11. every shard has a different personality. Does this personality comes from the first sliver of these shards or does the different shard represent the different charactristics of adonalsium? 12. can shards steal power from other shards or how comes that odium has more power than the others, when all shards startet equal. 13. does an tin compounder who burns an sight-metalmind gain an extreme sight-bonus and all other 4 senses "normally" enhanced or all extreme or all normal ? 14. aluminum does decrese the effect of all magic systems respectivly of investiture. Odium is the "evil/anti" shard so is there possibly an connection ? 15. (Not really a question) what do you think of an nicrosilbendalloy-metalmind industry in the nowadays timeline of mistborn ? I mean it would drasticly increase the effecticness of food (if you burn a full one) and would solve the "beauty"standard-problem of our time. I could also imagine an Age-Industry, with the use of AtiumNicrosil-Metalminds. Even without the burning of them, the rich ones could, on cost of the poor ones, become immortal. Both timelines had a very kapitalistic society, so it would fit. Sorry for this extremly long post ^^".
  12. I work at a school and while at work I frequently find myself thinking "if only I could get these kids more interested in the subjects they are studying". Science for example is an exceptionally interesting subject that it seems some students just don't share my appreciation for. That's when I came up with an amazing idea. What if I burned brass and rioted their curiosity. Suddenly I'd have a classroom full of students who actually wanted to learn everything I needed to teach them. And if my classroom aid was a Soother they could be burning zinc in the back of the classroom, dampening their rambunctiousness...osity? So here's the game, If you could apply a single allomantic ability (i.e. you're a misting) to a job what do you think the best combos of allomantic abilities and jobs would be.
  13. My first theory, yeah! Less more of consistent theory, more of pointing out things we don't know which are important for better understanding of TMA. What's in blue is what I'd like to get WoBed about. Or see WoBed. First (Question/Theory): Double godmetal alloys We have: 16 base metals lerasium + 16 alloys with base metals atium + 16 alloys with base metals If we assume that harmonium is not atium-lerasium alloy, then another question arises: Are there lerasium alloys which make atium (and atium alloys) Mistings? Seers are a thing, but we don't know if they can be created by lerasium alloy. Assuming it's possible, now everything goes weird, since there should be also lerasium alloys of atium alloys, to make atium alloys Mistings (like malatium Mistings and so on). But the number of lerasium alloys now goes up to 33 (16 base + atium + 16 atium alloys). So now also atium should have alloys with lerasium alloys, and also lerasium itself (lets wave it away with lerasium alloy of atium being 70% lerasium and 30% atium (allomantically making a Seer) and atium alloy of lerasium being 70% atium and 30% lerasium). So now atium also has 33 alloys. We don't want to explode our heads, so no lerasium alloys of atium alloys of lerasium-something alloys and vice versa. We need WoB on existence of atium-alloys Mistings and if lerasium alloy of atium creates a Seer and also if there are lerasium alloys of atium alloys. Second (Statement): Atium not universally burnable I want to deal a blow to the theory that atium can be burned by anybody/any Allomancer. TLR has been experimenting for 1000 years and Yomen confirmed existence of system of finding Seers (which implies that if there was an overlap of Mistings and atium Mistings, somebody would notice this), so there would be no need to spike Mistborns for allomantic atium. Hell, Ruin would also know that. I am not sure about atium alloys, maybe Mistings can burn god-alloys of their metal? So Coinshots can burn atium-steel maybe? Very unlikely, but can't rule that out. Third (Theory): On Atium and its alloys It fits too well with malatium and gold and electrum. But this could be linked to the 'switching' Preservation did with cadmium and bendalloy. I am not sure I agree with this whole "atium being of Ruin makes perfect killing machines of Allomancers". Because it does nothing like this to Feruchemists and it's almost useless to them. I'd rather say it's connected with temporal effects - allomantically lets you look into the future, feruchemically store age, Hemalurgically... well, I go with it being supermetal in its own system, so there is an exception. What atium alloys do Hemalurgically? I have two theories: It lets you steal what the not-alloyed metal steals, but better. Remember, lerasium alloys take its application (lets you burn everything) and split it to match the metal its alloyed with. So atium-steel steals what steel steals, but better. Second theory is connected with something I have seen around here. It states that allomantically atium switches one of the traits of given metal (external -> internal, Pushing->Pulling etc). Like it does with gold. So Hemalurgically it would steal what not-alloyed metal can steal, but the charge gets changed. So atium-steel could steal allomantic tin from a Thug. Or allomantic iron from a Coinshot. I like the first one more. Fourth (Question/Theory): On Feruchemy and harmonium What god metals and their alloys do in Feruchemy? (apart from atium, obviously. Or maybe there is some misconception about feruchemical atium and storing age is just part of its traits. Extremely unlikely) I assume that harmonium is it's own metal and not lerasium-atium alloy. More like a nuclear fusion of atium and lerasium. With god metals being jokers in their respective systems, I propose harmonium being a perfect, universal metalmind. Also creates a Feruchemist. It's alloys could be a perfect container, working like not-alloyed container. So harmonium-steel is perfect container for speed. No idea about allomantic and hemalurgical harmonium. But things get weird again with alloys - there are probably alloys with base metals, but we encounter the same problem as in First:double godmetal alloys - harmonium alloys of god metals and god metals' alloys. I'm leaning more and more towards no double godmetal alloys. I guess I will go with 'no-triple-godmetal-alloys' rule. Also, it's really hard to figure out what any given metal does in Feruchemy, since Feruchemy doesn't obey the classification of external/internal Pushing/Pulling. Fifth (Theory) : Number of metals 16 base lerasium: pure + 16 alloys + atium alloy + 16 base atium alloys + harmonium alloy + 16 base harmonium alloys atium: pure + 16 alloys + lerasium alloy + 16 base lerasium alloys + harmonium alloy + 16 base harmonium alloys harmonium: pure + 16 alloys + atium alloy + 16 base atium alloys + lerasium alloy + 16 base lerasium alloys = 67 metals. = 169 metals. Godmetals have way more alloys than sixteen. Also, is it confirmed that Mistborn can burn all the metals? Sixth (Question/Theory) : Godmetals I'd really like to know what is the bronze pulse of lerasium and atium and their alloys. Would help a lot. Maybe lerasium and atium belong in a bigger system? Like, what if all Shards were on Scadrial? Then we would get a Shardmetal system. With 16 godmetals, then maybe they would be properly categorized? Also, we would get something like tanavastium and its alloys... 17*16 godmetals and their alloys + base 16. 288 metals. (Pure wildguessing) If I'm right and we can have alloys with more than one god metal in it, then the number of all combinations skyrockets. Too lazy to count them, but with only 16 base, one god metal alloys and two god metal alloys we're reaching 4128 possible metals and the more god metals, the worse it gets (exponentionally, or even faster). It's all assuming that there is a difference between (one_god_metal)-(second_god_metal) alloy and (second_god_metal)-(one_god_metal). If they are the same, the number drops a little but the order of magnitude remains unchanged. Also, I suspect lerasium lets you store Allomancy and its alloys respective metal Allomancy. Summary: There it goes. Questions are what are really questions we need to ask oursleves, Theory is what I invented and Statement is what I very strongly believe with some backing from the books. Your thoughts? Anybody wants a cookie?
  14. I assume Every shard can combine with the regular 16 metals to form 16 new alomantic alloys (as can every shard combination because harmony and harmonium) then there are a total 1,048,576 possible alomantic metals and powers if all sixteen shards and their combinations are used. This includes the known god metals. this is based on the facts that: It has been confirmed by Brandon that what ruin is to atium, Honor is to shardblades Based on the formula File:Https:// Where N is the number of shards and are can equal any whole number between 1 and 16 (sixteen shards) plus the additional non god metals as one more combination, the following determines the maximum number of allomantic alloys (65535 + 1) * 16 = 1,048,576
  15. For a while now, I have had the theory that each of the Shards of Adonalsium correspond to one of the 16 Allom metals. I have tried to prove as much in various threads, and have come up with the same holes in the theory. Loosely paraphrased, they are: 1: Why are the metals categorized into the four groups? (physical, mental, temporal, and enhancement) 2: How do Feruchemical powers play into this? 3: What can be used to determine what metal goes with what Shard? 4: Any other questions I don't remember. I plan to address problems 1 and loosely 3. In another thread, I attempted to define Connection as being able to be separated into four categories: Person to person, person to location, person to Shard, person to Time. There has been a bit of conflict as to why Time is a form of Connection or if it is at all, but for now, I will just say that time is the most wibbly-wobbly of the types of Connection. I believe these four types of connection directly correspond to the different categories of metal. Person to person is physical, person to location is mental, person to Shard is enhancement, and person to Time is, well, temporal. But what can be used to identify the category a Shard fits into? Well, I'm more sure in some areas than others, so let's give it a stab. The general rule I have with matching Shards to metals is that the basic effect of the magic—with no actual use—is a heightened version of its mettalic counterpart, for example, the Nalthian's life sense is very much like bronze. Physical: This one is extremely subject to potential change, due to low sample size. Pewter provides the user with enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and healing. The only difference between burning pewter and using Stormlight is that Stormlight makes you a human lightbulb. So, Honor's counterpart is pewter. But what does Surgebinding have to do with connection to people? The only thing I can say is that Honor has to do with how you interact with people. This seems flimsy even to me, and please don't make this the point that breaks the theory. I'm not happy with this part. Mental: This is my favorite category. My evidence here is far better. For two Shards I have placed in this category, I have placed because their Intents naturally incline them towards them. Devotion and Dominion I have linked with zinc and brass, the emotional metals. Devotion is about what you want, and glorifying that which you feel strongly about. Dominion is more about suppression. The third Shard I have already talked about, Endowment, which is bronze. These Shards have very clear references to location Connection. The Selish magic systems are based almost exclusively on location, especially the connection to a homeland. Endowment is a bit harder, and required a bit of digging. The Commands for Awakening must be spoken in the individuals native language. This link, although less confident than Selish magic, still remains in support of my theory. Temporal: This one was tricky. I have suspicions of two Shards being temporal: Preservation and Ruin. I came to this conclusion by the fact that Feruchemy, the magic system caused by the Shardic interaction, is defined as "shuttling attributes in time", as well as Preservation manifesting incredible abilities for foresight, even for a Shard. Preservation's magic being the basis of my theory makes it difficult to find a link to a metal, although I am giving them the metals of cadmium and bendalloy. The Connection to time seems to be manifested in some sort of timey-wimey foolery. Enhancement: This is likely manifested in interfering with the magic of either other magic users or different types of magic. Basically the larkins from Stormlight Archive are all I have to go on. I have basically nothing on how this relates to Connection. My next post on this topic is likely going to be on the Realmatic inclination of Shards.
  16. So this is my first long theory and I'd like to see what you think of it. Also, there are slight Second Era Mistborn spoilers, so be careful. That being said, let's jump right into it! Postulations 1. Godmetal-Godmetal alloys exist, and they will be abbreviated as GG. 2. GG-normal metals exist. 3. Harmonium is not a GG, it is it's own metal. Therefore we have the first sixteen non-godmetals plus 17 pure godmetals plus 17! GGs plus 17!*16 GG-normal alloys. That happens to be 6046686277632033 possible metals. That is a big number, so let's start by just focusing on the unimplemented alloys native to Scadrial. Scadrian Alloys 1. Aluminum-Atium. I believe that when atium is applied to a metal it superexternalizes the metal, giving it an - if you will - AOE effect. Imagine an Alatium (which is totally the name now) misting walking into a room full of allomancers and destroying all of their metals. This has to happen in The Lost Metal. By the way, almost all of these are atium alloys as we know very little about lerasium. 2. Pewter/Tin-Atium. I clumped these together because they do pretty much the same thing- they buff your team. One gives everyone around you strength and the other improved senses. 3. Atium- Lerasium. Gives everyone around you full Allomancy. This needs to be used. 4. Atium- Nicrosil. Huge power boost to any Allomancers near you. This could be really weird with Feruchemy, storing the identity of investiture. 5. Atium- Cadmium. Slows everyone around you. 6. Electrum- Atium. See everyone's future. Like Atium but better. Maybe more watered down. Non-Scadrian Metals 1. Bavadinium/Trellium. This metal has only been used as a hemalurgic spike, and my theory is that the spike steals Autonomy. In other words, it frees you from a shard's influence. Conclusion Atium is a very powerful metal when alloyed with others, and GG alloys can produce some very interesting effects. Feruchemical and Hemalurgic properties of godmetal- normal alloys are only to be speculated upon with some slight hints from the Atium bracers TLR had.
  17. Assuming that the Scadrian Allomantic/Feruchemical metals correspond with the sixteen Shards, which one goes with which? If you don't believe that the metals correspond like that, I have already discussed the topic, and have decided to press forward despite the controversy. Anyway, to the metals. It would make sense, if they did match, to have the background effects of the magic system match their corresponding metal. There are other possibilities, and I would be very happy to see these alternate possibilities thought out. But anyway, I ramble. As we see in SA, Stormlight has an effect similar to a Pewterarm: enhanced physical abilities, and rapid healing. Obviously, Stormlight is better than pewter, but it fits. In Warbreaker, there is a 'life sense' that allows the people to know where people are. I submit that they are sensing the Breath, as Drabs don't register.
  18. It stands to reason that the Bands of Mourning were not truly made of 16 metals. For example, copper. While I'm sure copper Feruchemy was inside the Nicrosil portion of the Bands, it doesn't seem logical for copper as part of the Bands. Unless it has all of Kelsier's memories on it, in which case it would be amazing. Can anyone else think of other metals that could be left out of the Bands?
  19. Vin as a pony, yes it is now a thing. Hope you like it. Who should I draw next?
  20. In a WoB, someone asked Sanderson if the Ten Essences on Roshar are linked to the Ten Shardworlds, and he replied with a vague answer. It's not important for this thread. However, is there something similar with the 16 Allomantic metals? I realize I am opening a can of worms, or giving an open can of worms somewhere to dump its worms, but it's something I have been thinking about since I learned there were 16 Allomantic metals and 16 Shards. Basically, I recognized that various magic systems often have secondary effects. Stormlight, for example, grants the Surgebinder increased strength, speed, and general physical abilities, similar to Pewter, as well as the ability to manipulate Surges. It would be logical, if this were to be true, that Honor's opposite Shard would grant enhanced senses of some such. So, here is a tentative list of known Shards and their possible Allomantic metal equivalents. Honor: Basically mentioned earlier. Pewter heals (though not terribly quickly, relative to gold Feruchemy or actual Stormlight), grants increased physical abilities, and allows greater physical endurance. Cultivation: I don't know enough about Cultivation's magic system to make any guesses. Odium: Again with not enough info. Endowment: At first glance, it would seem that Endowment would be Tin, as it grants perfect pitch, greater perception of colors, etc. However, with even one Breath, you are able to detect other people with Breaths, with more Breaths granting greater ability to detect Breath. More importantly, Drabs are undetectable with the life sense. All this indicates the metal equivalent is Bronze. Autonomy: Disclamer: these are my views. They may be wrong. Also, I haven't read White Sand, so try not to spoil anything. I am assuming the metal that (SoS spoilers) is the metal of Autonomy. If it's from a different Shard, I amend my statement to whichever Shard it is. The only thing I can get is that using the Metal prevents This indicates that it is probably Copper, the hiding metal. For those of you who won't open the spoiler tags and those who disagree with any part of this, I'm sorry for this part. It could also be the mysterious Survival Shard, in fact I'm almost certain it is, but most people think it is Autonomy. Preservation: This is the part where my theory takes on a bit of stretching of imagination. As far as I can tell, all or almost all of the Allomantic metals have the potential to be used to help preserve you. Maybe Cadmium, which slows down time, more or less preserving anything inside the bubble. Ruin: Bendalloy, because anything inside the bubble has time go faster, ruining it to some extent. It's weak, I know, but it's all I got. Devotion: I have almost nothing, but maybe it's Zinc, since Devotion is arguably about focusing on what you love, and emphasizing it. Dominion: Since it's about dominance, maybe the metal TLR used to keep the skaa of Luthadel submissive, Brass, the Soothing metal. Those are all of the Shards I know of. If anybody disagrees with my theory, any of my classifications, or anything else about this, or has anything to add, I am glad to discuss it.
  21. Hey all, Vice, nice to meet you all. I have a couple of character ideas based on the infrastructure Mr. Sanderson created with the twinborn addition to Scadrial. A group of talented mistings and ferrings split from the familiar lands under the influence of the Lord Mistborn. They journeyed to the lands furthest from civilization to start a new way of life based on the philosophy of perfecting the art of allomancy and ferruchemy. Over time the masters developed their ideas and created a synthesis between burning allomantic fuel and perfection of movement. This combination of mastery generated the primary component of this new art, "pulsing (vs. "burning")" Pulsing is a consistent consumption of allomantic fuel cycled and maintained by a misting. Average consumption is likened more to an automobile engine, revving the output with a pedal-push modality. Pulsing regulates the output to a wave or a frequency. The high and low cycles maximizes fuel consumption and promotes precision control of output. Enter our first character, Locke Smythe, iron compounder: lifelong practice with tai chi chuan has given him absolute control of his core movement. Combining iron pulling with perfect spatial positioning allows him to influence the trajectory of a yanked object, hulahooping an object around himself to launch at opponents, very much like chained weapons. As a child, Locke was made to practice orbiting a dripping paintbrush around himself while standing on parchment. His masters used his "paintings" as a measure of his control. Locke had to maintain the initial speed and momentum by modulating his pull. Rhythmic timing, giving just enough pull to alter its trajectory and momentum, can create extremely controlled figure eight patterns which intuitive proficiency can weaponize. Once Locke proved his mastery over his "pulse" weapon he began training his control over accessing and storing his weight to and from his ironmind. His masters would position needles above and below him while having him maintain his perfect weight to hold position between them (while tethered so the wind wouldn't blow him away). Once he developed intuitive control over his weight modulation he had to practice jumping "light"(with reduced weight) and falling"heavy" to light soft landing, in sequence with spinning studded boards offset to give him safety only as he continues to jump and land unerringly. Locke soon found that by launching his weapon skyward and then lightening himself enough to be yanked by his pull on his airborne weapon he could weapon toss himself as far up and as far away as he wanted. To land he adds weight enough to descend at a comfortable speed and around twenty to ten feet above landing he sends the weapon skyward again pulse-pulling himself to a controlled touchdown. Further training experimentation has turned Locke into a competent airborne opponent capable of chasing down escaping coinshots. Currently he is developing an bow-launched gauntlet that can fire serrated pins, shuriken and bolts that dig deep in opponent flesh and create metal anchors he can use to control the victim's position. Once captured, Locke can then parabola-whip his enemies around himself and launch them at their allies or merely distort their positioning in melee combat destroying their balance and dropping them negative space or placing them inside his range. Opponents can be kicked away and yanked back for more destruction all while the anchor is moving inside their flesh. Some success has been had in launched clawed chains that dig into armor and become sturdy anchors for Locke's manipulation. In a pinch, bullets or leadshot become reliable tools for manipulation. I invite thoughts, criticisms, witticisms and the like -Vice
  22. cool

    Poor mans atium. Makes you depressed. Baa. Stupid. Electrum is a misunderstood metal. I am about to prove it right. Before that though, I was looking through the back of Well of Ascension, and noticed that electrum was in the Ars Arcanum. 1 book before it was even used. Back on track. Allomancy: Yes, electrum does counter atium, but there may be some other uses. When you burn electrum, you see what your future self is about to do. Say someone is about stab you in about 3 seconds. You in the present, see your future guy fall dead, and dodge. Very helpful. Feruchemy: Electrum, when tapped, makes you determined and full of adrenaline. Adrenaline. If you don't realize what adrenaline can do, read Centrifugal. It is on Brandon's website. Adrenaline can make you stronger, faster and just plain awesome. It would be like burning pewter. In conclusion, Electrum is AWESOME!
  23. I've been wondering about this lately. We know it's not possible to Soulcast gemstones, but magic systems from different worlds can often exploit loopholes (like Zahel using Stormlight instead of Breath). Is it possible to make metals for use in the Metallic Arts using Soulcasting? One thing to consider would be if metals on the other Shardworlds have the same link to Preservation that they do on Scadrial. We see Hoid using Allomancy in WoR, but he could have got the metal from Scadrial.
  24. This is so silly, I'm not sure if its worth posting, but thinking of it made me laugh so hard. This won't be as funny if your not familiar with Starcrafts on Youtube, and won't make much sense at all if you haven't played the Protoss in Starcraft II, but here it goes... Vin is being held captive by Yolen in HoA. She keeps instinctively trying to burn metals, only to realize that she doesn't have any. Every time she does this, Ruin instantly cries out in her mind "Not enough minerals!". Dang it, I'm cracking up again.
  25. So this is my first theory topic here. I'm not good at explaining stuff and my theorycrafting skills are newbie level but I'll try. These are facts everyone knows: Allomancy in SDNA lets Scadrian snap Snapping lets Allomancer burn metal/s Metal grants Allomancer access to Preservation's investiture Preservation's investiture allows Allomancer to use different abilities depending on burned metal. Accessed investiture is same for every metal/ability/allomancer right? It all comes from Preservation/Adonalsium's shard. Then why can't Mistborn(who can use every single allomantic ability) burn metal A to use ability B? Investiture Allomancer gets by burning metal A is different from investiture he gets by burning metal B. There's only one reason why investiture accessed by metal A could be different from investiture accessed by metal B: Metal acts as a filter. After Allomancer burns metal A he's not getting pure/full investiture, he gets only part of it that can be used only in that particular way. At this point it's possible to say that Mistings can use only one allomantical ability because they can't fuel other ones. If Misting A could get Investiture B he could use Ability B. Now that we know this(thanks to Demandred): We can say that Allomancer could get investiture without burning metals. Investiture that didn't filter through metals, investiture that can fuel any Allomantic ability. I believe using Stormlight or Breath(if allomancer could somehow use them to fuel his abilities) would let Misting use all of 16+ abilities.