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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys! Is Mistborn era 2, Wax is able to push fairly easy on Wayne's metalminds. While I know that Wayne's metalminds are not spiked to his body, isn't pushing/pulling on invested objects supposed to be difficult? Is this an inconsistency from era 1 to 2? Or this because Sazed changed the magic system? Thanks!
  2. I am rereading the Wax and Wayne series and find myself wondering what happens to a traditional metal mind that has already been Invested. What happens if another Feruchemist adds more Investitire? Does the metal bifurcate the stores to allow both Feruchemists access to their individual stores? Is it impossible to add to the exiting metalmind without first unsealing it? In the same vein, what happens to a metalmind, like the Bands of Mourning, if the Nicrosil is removed? Is it possible to do so? Or does the Investiture in the companion metalmind split or become inaccessible to all who try to use it?
  3. Are metalminds or Invested objects harder to destroy physically than unInvested ones?
  4. So how much would a small metalmind, say a ring or an earring, actually be able to store? Sazed's rings in WoA which he prepares for the Battle of Luthadel had about ten minutes of charge in each, but it is implied that the reason for this is because he only had a short time to fill them. So presumably, they could have stored more. Since they are small I wouldn't imagine that they could store very much, but maybe an hour or so of charge could fit in something like a ring. An earring maybe less, more like half an hour perhaps? If anyone actually knows I would appreciate your input, either way I welcome discussion.
  5. Would there be any negative effects to a feruchemist having their metalminds inside their body for certain metals? This includes earings and piercings. Gold metalminds would have little issue as gold is largely inert (partly why it is popular in jewelry), however, having any other metal, especially copper, in your body would likely not be comfortable and become infected, whether it is in the form of an earing, or somehow an implant like The Lord Rulers bands of mourning or (temporarily) the rings in Sazed's abdomen. Does their nature as a metalmind remove the risk of infection or expulsion from the body? If not then why aren't feruchemists going around with infected piercings? An oversight by Brandon perhaps?
  6. The theory is straight forward. An allomancer can burn an unsealed/indentitiless metalmind that corresponds to a metal that they can burn regardless of any feruchemical ability. In support of this, I point out that Vin could sense Sazed's metalminds as if they were another allomatic reserve, but she was unable to burn them. I think that this was because the metalminds were locked to Sazed's identity. However the unsealed metalminds by the south scandrialians can be used by any one with the ability to use them. This, I believe, includes allomancers. This means that Wax would be able to burn steel metalminds filled with physical speed,Wayne would be able to burn bendalloy metalminds filled with nutrition. and Marasi would be able to burn cadmium metalminds filled with breath. This opens up some intriguing possibilities as the medallions and their manufacture spread to the north.
  7. Hi! Kell here. So, I have a strange question. Let's say John is a Fullborn Feruchemist. One day he finds a tiny Hemalurgic spike. It's made of steel, so he decides to turn it into a Metalmind. When he stored his speed into it, he was also actively filling an aluminum Metalmind, so anyone could use the spike as a storage. Then, one day, a Mistborn or Coinshot/Crasher/whatever finds the spike, and burns it. It's a Feruchemical storage that he/she can use, so it obviously compounds, but what about the Hemalurgic part? What will it do? Ising the me of wanting the you to post opinion of you below.
  8. Hello! This is my first post (other than my introductory one), so i hope it's alright. I did find the answers to quite a few of my questions already, so i only have a few of them left. I still haven't fully searched the wiki and the forums, so some of these questions may already have threads/answers, so feel free to link me the page as well as answer it again, and i apologise in advance. So, without further ado: MISTBORN 1) I looked up about compounding. It said you store a feruchemical attribute, then burn the metalmind allomantically to release a multiplied amount of the same attribute. After some searching, I found you can also apparently restore some of that same attribute after receiving it from the burn, answering my questions about Miles 100Lives. My question therefore, is this: If you have to burn the metal Allomantically to receive the attribute, why is that when Vin removes the Lord Ruler's EX-ternal Metalminds in TFE, he then turns old? Shouldn't he be burning a metalmind to achieve youthfulness, e.g. it should be in his stomach? 2)I found out that the Lord Ruler knew about all the Allomantic metals, and therefore could make Metalminds out of them all. Given this, he should be able to store his Identity in one of them (i forget which metal). I'm not sure, but wouldn't this allow him to utilise other people's metalminds? And therefore, he could have had teams of Feruchemists storing up age for him and then using them to stay young via compounding. ( I also found out that The Lord Ruler would have died eventually anyhow even if Vin didn't kill him) 3) I noticed there are a few koloss blooded humans in the Wax/Wayne books. Does this mean someone did the deed with a koloss? I'm all for each to their own, but dang. Or is it due to the third part of pillaging and plundering? 4) I'm currently halfway through Shadows of Self (but i have read it before and i have read BoM as well), but after the collapse of House Tekiel in AoL, what happens to Tekiel Tower, or doesn't it tell you? Warbreaker Just the one question here: I know it's either all or nothing with giving away breaths, but I'm sure I remember Vasher giving a few breaths to the Priests daughter that he and Vivienna rescue. I thought that this may be due to Vasher's experience, or due to storing most breaths in an object, giving away the few left, then restoring the rest after, but any official reason/better reason than mine? Stormlight Archive 1) When Syl turns into Kaladin's Shardblade/spear/weapons, and she gets hit by another weapon, does she feel pain? I think that is it for now, if i remember an urgent one I'll add it in an edit. From now on I will be summing up some of the notes I have lying around and try to get them post-ready for the theories forum. Also, just spotted Hoid again - coachdriver this time (SoS, for Wax). Thanks!
  9. It recently struck me: More detailed analysis: Is there any WoB on such things? What are your thoughts?
  10. So when Wax & crew come upon the statue of the "Lord Ruler" -- which we know from Secret History, of course, to be NOT the Lord Ruler, but either Kelsier or Spook or some kind of Kelsier/Spook hybrid (???) -- there are two pieces of metal on the statue. One is the spearhead, chock full of all the powers. The other is the belt, and Wax double-checks it later to confirm that it's just aluminum. But is it really JUST aluminum? The appendix to BoM tells us "Trueself Ferrings can store their spiritual sense of identity in an aluminum metalmind". The book is unclear about whether Wax checked the belt before or after giving the Bands of Mourning to MeLaan. So my wild theory is that he checked AFTER -- and not being a Trueself Ferring, he couldn't tell that the aluminum belt actually was a metalmind full of identity. Kelsier's identity, in particular. My bet is somehow Kelsier could store himself -- his Kelsier-ness -- into an aluminum metalmind, cross it from the cognitive into the physical world -- and then Spook could tap it to "become" Kelsier. Which Wax might have been able to see if he'd had the bands of mourning still on him when he checked that metalmind. Probably a good thing. Still, it tickles me to imagine Kelsier in cold storage up there on that statue, so to speak. Somebody's bound to pull him out eventually, right?