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Found 11 results

  1. Okay, so I was having a thinky think in the shower and realized that Hoid was storing memories in Breaths like how a Feruchemist would store memories in a Coppermind. Useing one investiture for the use of another, kind of like compounding, using allomancy to get feruchemical traits. The metallic arts have the most crossover of all the magic systems, but they are by no means the only ones, and I think this is a nice example. I'm not sure if Hoid is a feruchemist (The coppermind doesn't say so, and we do not know any other way of getting it after birth. Maybe harmonium would grant it if burned, or Sazed can make people Feruchemist like he can make Spook Mistborn.) but it's still the same principle, instead of using metal to store memories, he is using breaths as its container. Thoughts?
  2. So this WoB says that it is possible to soulcast metalminds. Questioner Can you Soulcast an Invested object? Brandon Sanderson Yes, but it's much harder. But humans are Invested, and you can soulcast humans. Questioner So, suppose you had a goldmind that was filled. And you tried to Soulcast into iron. What would happen to the Investiture inside it? Brandon Sanderson So, the Investiture would remain in there, but it's keyed to the wrong thing, so you wouldn't be able to get it. It'd be much harder to Soulcast that, by the way. The more Invested, the harder it is. But Soulcasters are used to it, because everything has Investiture, and most of what they're Soulcasting. They deal with this, so it's something they're kind of expert at. So, this is not outside reason, that it could happen. You could give it to your average Soulcaster on Roshar, and they could make it happen. You just wouldn't be able to get the Investiture out of it anymore. So, in a little debate in the RoW spoiler thread, this was brought up (Don't worry, no spoilers here. These are all hypotheticals) about the TLR and how to beat him and that they said they could just soulcast his metalminds, using this WoB as evidence. I say that this means it's possible, it's not easy and that TLR metalminds would be filled to the brim and then incredibly difficult to soulcast. The WoB even confirms this. " It'd be much harder to Soulcast that, by the way. The more Invested, the harder it is." SO it follows the same rules for pushing on mtelaminds, where it's possible, but it gets harder to the point of impossibility. he counters that a herald during the time of honor with the massive amounts of stormlight that can soulcast, like Battar, would be able to push through. I say that might be possible but still extremely difficult. What do you all think of that? Do you agree that the TLR bands -which are likely filled to the brim- would be nearly impossible for any normal soulcaster to cast? And what about a full-powered Battar?
  3. What? You thought I was done posting on here? Not in a million years! So, topic of the week! (It's been a week since my last Cosmere thread, right? I normally post a lot of these.) Nicrosal metalminds have created possibilities for businesses of all sorts and this thread is to suggest as many as possible. There are three types of suggestions to make here; one is unique metal mind businesses that don't exist in our world, second is metalmind business that help other businesses, and third are metalmind businesses that leave other businesses obsolete or redundant, or are the very least they are both similar. Example for 1 is Memory Removal, where you can pay a person to give you a coppermind to store an unpleasant memory and then get rid of it. Example for 2 is Pewtermind businesses that can help construction workers lift heavy things, or rescue workers during crisis and disasters. Example for 3 is Cadiumminds for divers, letting them carry less metal while carrying the same or more amount of breath, or Bronzeminds may replace coffee, making people more awake in the morning. if you have a name for the business you are creating, please underline it, and let the thinking begin! Edit: My stupid brain thought of this but didn't put it down, But no Allomancy metalminds, as it does not appear that the Southern Scadrials know how to make them. Another thing to think about is whether or not hemalurgy might become prominent, as being able to create a compounder for the sole sake of making more trait would be very appealing to many people.
  4. Could Nightblood be a nicrosil metalmind? Brandon has RAFO'd everything about what Nightblood is made out of, and has also stated that there is more to his astronomical amount of investiture than his breaths. Could this fit? Brandon has said that Nightblood was not black before being awakened. Anybody know what color nicrosil is? I'm not sure if this works, let me know what you guys think.
  5. Some thoughts on tapping speed for a full feruchemist. How does increased/decreased speed work? Do the electrons in your nerves move quicker/slower? Does your reference to time change? Do you perceive time at the same speed and react faster, or does it feel like relativity where you pass more time than those around you? I was rereading WOA and got to the part where Sazed is filling several metalminds, and I was thinking, isn't there a better way? He's feeble, numb, can't see well, etc for an extended period of time. Why not store up some speed, then rapidly fill your metalminds, so you only have to deal with this for a couple minutes? If your perception of time follows relativity, then this still feels like a long time filling your metalminds, but at least you aren't vulnerable to outside attacks (such as disease) for as long.
  6. Would there be any negative effects to a feruchemist having their metalminds inside their body for certain metals? This includes earings and piercings. Gold metalminds would have little issue as gold is largely inert (partly why it is popular in jewelry), however, having any other metal, especially copper, in your body would likely not be comfortable and become infected, whether it is in the form of an earing, or somehow an implant like The Lord Rulers bands of mourning or (temporarily) the rings in Sazed's abdomen. Does their nature as a metalmind remove the risk of infection or expulsion from the body? If not then why aren't feruchemists going around with infected piercings? An oversight by Brandon perhaps?
  7. So I've been thinking about whether it'd be possible to create a full feruchemist using lerasium? Since alloying lerasium with a metalmind makes a feruchemist of that metal, could you alloy lerasium with a metalmind that would form a full feruchemist? Perhaps nicrosil? Since nicrosil stores investiture, if a full feruchemist were to store their investiture inside a nicrosilmind and then alloy that with lerasium and a regular person were to burn it, would they become a full feruchemist? If I've made any terrible mistakes due to a lack of understanding of lerasium or nicrosil, feel free to correct me.
  8. Does the size of a metalmind matter when storing an attribute? Would a small gold stud hold less health than a large gold bracer? Would a pewter necklace hold more than a pewter ring?
  9. I have a doubt, we know the Metal's structure is really important in the Metallic Arts and their Efficiencies is linked to how much a metal is near the "perfect structure". We know what happen when you try to burn a bad metal (less power output and some bad effects on allomancer body). But what happen if you try to use a Metalmind made by a bad alloy ? There is a Wob about ?
  10. This is something that came up in another thread reply, but I thought it could also be discussed here. Mike Cockrum (23 January 2013)How many shards has Hoid received powers from, whether taken, stolen, given, etc.? Brandon Sanderson (23 January 2013)Well, he has a bead of Lerasium. We know that Hoid has a bead in... he HAS Lerasium... not had and burnt it, he HAS Lerasium. So he may already have Allomancy, or he may be keeping it for some other purpose, like the secret primary use of Lerasium we don't know about... OR, and here's where it gets interesting... if his Feruchemy DOES utilize metals (See my post in Shardlet's "Shardworld DNA blueprint based on Yolen DNA"), or at least CAN utilize metals, perhaps Hoid is using the bead as a metalmind. (This assumes my other theory which involves Lerasium or an alloy being a Metalmind for the ability to use Feruchemy itself is incorrect... a parallel speculation)
  11. I'd be surprised if someone hasn't thought of this before, but what do you guys think about the prospect of someone using tattoos as metalminds? This wikipedia article lists the following Allomantic metals as tattoo ink in our world: cadmium (red, orange, yellow) chromium (green) aluminium (green, violet) copper (blue, green) iron (brown, red, black) Though from the look of it, I'm sure others are possible...