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Found 4 results

  1. Cassandra Adama's Metallurgic Emporium For all your Allomantic, Feruchemical, and Metallurgic needs Open Hours 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday through Saturday *New location of Poller's Sweets and Treats* :-:-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-:-: Cassie wheeled her cart of supplies back to her shop, a small, two-story spot within one of Alleycity's larger shopping complexes. Cassie had had a long day, out selling various metals, shopping, and Soulcasting. She deserved a bit of a break. She dragged her cart up the two steps and into the building. Inside was the wonder that she had built. A sizeable lobby, with various metal implements and empty metalminds on rotating displays accross the room. Steel bracers. Aluminum swords. Even a small display of the finest electrum jewelry. On the right-hand side stood a workbench with her metallurgists' equipment: a small anvil, several tools, a large set of heavy casts, large ingots of steel, even a smelting oven. On the left-hand side sat her and Poller's little experiment: a candy corner. It had evidently already got some visitors tonight. In the back, there was the main desk, and the main attraction: ten massive mixing tanks embedded in the wall, each containing a well-suspended solution of Allomantic metal flakes. Iron, Steel, Tin, Pewter, Copper, Bronze, Zinc, Brass, Aluminum, Duralumin. The remaining six were in smaller containers within the desk itself: Gold, Electrum, Cadmium, Bendalloy, Chromium, and Nicrosil were too valuable to keep in large quantities. At the desk, slouching in a chair, sat Poller, her new assistant. He snapped to attention as the bell in the door way rung. "Welcome to Cassandra Adama's Metallurgic Emporium! We can supply any metals, be it decorative or industrial, Allomantic or Feruchemical, Soulcast or natural! What can I do for you?" he recited. Then he looked up. "Oh. Hello, Ms. Adama. I thought you were another customer," Poller said abashedly, sinking back into his chair. "It's quite all right, Poller. And call me Cassie; everyone does," she replied, giggling slightly. Poller may not be a master businessman yet, but he certainly had the heart for it. Something about him just broke down any cold exterior she tried to show - he was just so kind and sweet, like the candy he sold. "Now, let's get this shop a little cleaner. I have a feeling we're going to have a lot more customers tonight." Store Catalogue:
  2. This is kind of just a weird thought that went through my head, but what would such an alloy have as its properties? We know Aluminum is the "anti-Investiture" metal, and Silver seems to have some special power against Shades (and is apparently significant to the cosmere in general), so... What would happen? Silver isn't allomantically functional, so i'm not asking about that (RIP Silvereyes) but i mean in terms of, say, having a knife made of this alloy and using it on Shades, or sprinkling it on Withered injuries. Would the Aluminum content prevent the silver from corroding in that case? For that matter, would Aluminum be better at shade-related stuff than Silver itself?
  3. So one thing I've been thinking about recently is whether it would be possible to refine cadmium and bendalloy using Final Empire levels of technology. Chromium wouldn't be possible-- apparently it requires an electric arc furnace to extract pure chromium from the ore-- which means nicrosil would also be impossible. But cadmium is usually found as a byproduct of zinc refining, which the FE obviously must have had. And bendalloy (Wood's metal in our world) is an alloy of cadmium and several very common metals: lead, tin and bismuth. Bismuth was known as early as the late-1600s, leading me to believe that the slightly-more-advanced-than-expected metallurgy of the FE could have known about and refined it. Knowledge of these metals would almost certainly be suppressed by TLR and the Steel Ministry, and the fear of heavy metal poisoning through recklessly experimenting with different percentages would have discouraged anyone but an extremely eccentric (and wealthy) Mistborn with an absolute ton of aluminum from messing with it. But I think it might have at least been possible to produce back then. Am I missing something?
  4. Hey, i was just brainstorming about different connections and stuff when i thought of how in stormlight archive, the voidspren/odium were/was able to control the parshendi. I thought that this in a way might be related to ruin and how he could control (or influence greatly) anyone with a metal spike piercing them. I am just looking for thoughts and explanations on this topic, i like to know what people think. Another thing would be, if the 'evil' shardholders could control people/parshendi whom use the power that correlates to them, ex; voidspren and metallurgy. Why can't the opposite, or good shardholders do the same? I know that things like, "oh they are the good guys and wouldn't do that" would be a common response, but in the books, wouldn't it just be so much easier if Vin could at least hear preservation like she could ruin? These are just things that i wanted to say and see what people thought about them. Go ahead and post new questions if they kind of relate to this topic, i just want to learn more stuff and see what peoples opinions are.