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Found 4 results

  1. Night 4: The Power of Mercy Konion the orphan was surrounded. The vast sands of Taldain had proved a good meeting ground due to the capacity of Autonomy to keep the piece, but the majority still ruled. "Konion," Tenth of the Dusk stated. The native to First of the Sun had found him quickly, after realizing the amnesiac Solemnheart could be placed aside in search of stronger prey. He was with the group, but sitting off to the side, with his glass. The rest stood in a circle surrounding the orphan. "You stand accused of treason against the council of the Children of Adonalsium and his Shards. You can't hide here." "I never joined a council," Konion said shakily - and with no small degree of malice. "I was never part of this. I'm just a kid." The gathered worldhoppers did not seem amused. Tenth did raise an eyebrow. "If not treason, then conspiracy. We know you hold Odium, or serve him. And we must know the truth." Konion panicked. They couldn't... they wouldn't... But Tenth would. Konion reached for the power. "No," said a voice. Tenth turned, looking at who interrupted proceedings. Solemnheart was standing now. Taller, than before. Somehow brighter. Like he had just... changed. "Your quarrel was with me, for I am dead," Solemnheart said in a quieter voice. "That was before, Solemnheart. We say Konion has to die," Tenth replied. "I say otherwise." Solemnheart burst alight with power, forcing them to all look away or be blinded. When they all opened their eyes, Konion was still alive. Solemnheart had vanished, leaving behind... only wisps of what was once something much more than they had imagined. Surrounding Konion. Protecting. The power of Mercy. Journal of Solemnheart – Last Entry, Day Unknown Post-Illumination, Location Unknown If you are reading this, then I am dead. I do not ask you to mourn for me. In all likelihood, you probably killed me, and with good reason. Or perhaps you have found this in the aftermath, or some number of years have passed. Perhaps you found this abandoned after I took my own life - it is surprisingly easy for someone of my condition. In any case, I believe an explanation is in order. I still do not know who I was. I am still Solemnheart, and no one else. However, I know how I am. I was researching an anomaly in the Cognitive Realm, near a star system that had been inhabited but remained unInvested. Something had been happening. Something bad. I had not even heard of the disaster on Sel. All I knew is that two forces suddenly collided on all three realms. One black, one gold. And a white one watching. That was when I died. I should have wondered more about my vision. For all my research, one piece of information eluded explanation. Sequentially, Devotion and Dominion were Splintered before Odium tracked down his primary target. And yet, I saw Ambition Splintered first. This part I do not know, I was only told it by… one who was perhaps not the best empirical source. I had died, and yet I was persisting. My physical body was gone. And yet my Cognitive Shadow remained, far beyond when it should have faded to the Beyond. Invested, somehow. And then a kind, old man appeared to me. This I did remember, although it was fragmented. He looked surprised to see me, but not unduly so. He said it was unexpected and yet… Fortunate, in some way. He named himself Odium. I will not lie. I was not pressed to serve Him. I was not compelled. I followed Him willingly, because although my mind failed to hold the details in its restructuring, He told me exactly what I was. I am… a Returned. Or, not exactly. A Returned is a being resurrected by a tiny piece of Endowment, who could survive forever if a small amount of Investiture was given to them. Instead, I am sustained by many large pieces; inconsequential to the omnipotence of a Shard, but infinitely more than the average Returned. Endowment is now gone. And Ambition is unlikely to need their power back any time soon. I have the ability to siphon Investiture, which delays my death for further time. Only a Shard could satisfy it indefinitely. So, Odium fed me, ensured that I will live for hundreds of years to come. I accepted this willingly, and yet my Ambition kept demanding more. And so Odium gave me that which He could not hold; that which He could not afford to have; that which would forever put me in His debt and make me of eternal use to Him. A sense of Mercy. A Shard was mine. So I record this, inserted in the back cover of my journal, as a confession. I lied. I stole. I killed. I became the one of the most powerful servants of the most dangerous force in the cosmere. I served Odium in every possible way, and did so willingly. But I also record this to satisfy my scholarly tastes. As someone flooded with the power of a Shard and influenced by the washback, I am something new. A… Sliver, I will call it. A Sliver of Ambition, along with the Vessel of Mercy. Perhaps even the Shard itself is bending to that emotion... becoming something new. Still a Mercy, until I have more than a Sliver of Ambition's power, but a much colder one. The one that considers it a Mercy to kill you myself, lest you suffer a torturous death at the hands of my master. I do not know if after you have killed me I will find the release I fear and long, or survive for millennia to come off of the Investiture I have absorbed, so I leave this fruit of my research to you. I do know that Odium will have no further use for me. I truly wish I could say I was sorry, but I cannot. All I did was in the name of my own Ambition, for a game of Shards or for scholarly exploits. And for Mercy. May the Gods Beyond have Mercy on your souls. For with my death, I fear I have taken Mercy from this world. That is my tale. -Solemnheart, the Son of Threnody Fuchsia Ostrich (11): Amethyst Scorpion, Azure Mouse, Coral Swan, Ivory Dragonfly, Melon Dingo, Onyx Flamingo, Opal Lion, Quartz Zebra, Sage Kangaroo, Sapphire Elephant, Violet Axolotl Plum Rhinoceros (3): Fuchsia Ostrich, Magenta Albatross, Saffron Iguana Opal Lion (1): Turquoise Gorilla Plum Rhinoceros was removed. They were Mercy on Odium’s Champion’s! Mercy has been removed from the game! Pearl Chameleon has been replaced by a pinch hitter. If you are interested in pinch hitting, PM me or Elbereth asap to let us know. Night 4 has begun. It will end 13 January at 9 am MST. Get your orders in! Player List 1. Amber Vulture - (Creative Cook) 2. Amethyst Scorpion - Mort (Deathspren) 3. Azure Mouse - Tenth of the Dusk/Kaikoa (Bounty Hunter) 4. Charcoal Hyena - Soren (Hobbyist (Poet)) 5. Chartreuse Penguin - (Bumblebee) 17th Sharder 6. Coral Swan - Enoras (Prophetic) 7. Cream Tuatara - (Prophetic) 8. Fuchsia Ostrich - Konion (Unlucky orphan) 9. Indigo Weasel - Iadhain 'the Weasel' Ramer (Kleptomaniac ) 10. Ivory Dragonfly - Eris (Decisive) 11. Magenta Albatross - Relas (Distracted) 12. Mauve Crocodile - Siena Ashao (Unlucky)Forger 13. Melon Dingo - Niru Drash (Insane-Egomaniac-Scholar) 14. Mint Heron - Nihalin (Hobbyist)Original Prudence 15. Onyx Flamingo - (Excitable) 16. Opal Lion - Remy (Hobbyist) 17. Oxblood Beagle - Lady Orchid (Gossip)Endowment 18. Pearl Chameleon - (Compulsive Gambler) 19. Plum Rhinoceros - Solemnheart (Returned-Amnesiac-Scholar) Mercy 20. Quartz Zebra - Sophos (Bad Stormwarden) 21. Saffron Iguana - Vatorr Maj (Tinker) 22. Sage Kangaroo - Arleoxtai Ashvtet (Gossip) 23. Sapphire Elephant - Al (Drunk) 24. Scarlet Octopus - () 25. Taupe Gecko - Aurora (Bad Human)Elantrian 26. Turquoise Gorilla - () 27. Violet Axolotl - Sir Brockett (Elderly)
  2. Did Mercy kill Ambition instead of Odium? We know from past wobs that Odium primarily attacked Shards the broke the agreement between the Shards. As well as that he only would attack if he felt he could win and worried Ambition would try and rival him. In Arcanum Khriss also does not list Ambition in the list of shards that Odium "doubtlessly killed." It seems likely to me that Ambition initially attacked Mercy thinking them an easy target. With this opportunity Odium arrived to help attack Ambition as well and Mercy managed to also fight back. Ultimately Mercy was the one who killed Ambition which would explain why they aren't included in the list of those Odium killed beyond a doubt and why Harmony was worried about Mercy upon talking to them.
  3. Ok, so in RoW we learn about the shard Mercy. Well, what if Moash becomes Mercy. I have evidence that this is possible. Maybe. Go to chapter 8. Moash is talking to Kaladin, and he says "For mercy. Better a quick death than to leave them to die, forgotten." Now, go to interlude 4. Moash is talking to Odium. Odium says "I would claim this one, as I have claimed you" (he's talking about Kaladin), and then it says "Vyre would see him dead first. A mercy." I really don't want to see this happen. Ever. If anyone can see a problem with my theory, please post it.
  4. Okay, which is more important: Justice or mercy? Justice or life? Go.