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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, everyone, today we have some news about the Dragonsteel Mini-Con and our presence at it! First we finally have an update from Dragonsteel on their COVID precautions - they will now require masks to be worn at all times inside the convention center. We mentioned previously that the 17th Shard had been added to the guest list for the con, and we are happy to announce that you will be able to find our booth there in less than a week! The staff you might meet at this booth are the amazing Mi’chelle (@firstRainbowRose), Kendra (@little wilson), and Kadie (@AonEne). You’ll be able to recognize us by this beautiful banner, made by the wonderful @Paleo: The background is based on the star charts from Arcanum Unbounded, and you can spot the red tint of the Scar on the right. Pretty cool, huh? While you’ve stopped by to say hello and admire the banner art, you might also notice something else our booth boasts - something which we’ve never had before now. That’s right, everyone, the Shard has merch! We will be selling patches, pins, and stickers of 17S’s new logo, and face masks with the logo on them. Prices: Patches - $5 each Pins - $5 each Masks - $10 each Stickers - $2 each This swag is high quality and looks great, and we really hope you’ll enjoy it! We hope to see you at the Mini-Con if you’re attending, and hope you have an excellent time reading Cytonic, wherever you are!
  2. Hey, so I have really gotten into making shrinky dinks charms for my Origami Owl necklace. I would really like to make charms out of the glyphs for the Knights Radiant, maybe even copying the gemstones that were posted on here a long time ago. Would I be able to make them and possibly sell them on Etsy, or would that be violating a ton of copyright laws and things with Badali Jewelry? Who would I even talk to to get some answers? Attachment is of my old Stormblessed necklace. I need a Lightweaver charm now.
  3. This is a thing that I want to exist so badly that I made fanart of it. Someday. Someday.