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Found 5 results

  1. Hey y'all. So, for those of you who don't know, May is mental health awareness month. This is the third year now that I have made a post near the beginning of the month discussing this subject and trying to bring a close community even closer through raising awareness and bringing support to those who need it. This subject is especially important during "these dark times." (Which is what my little brother has been calling all of this). Anxiety, stress, frustration, fear, all are running high. During my time on the Shard, I've found that a lot of people on here have had problems with mental illness. I myself have dealt with some depression in the past, and I've always had pretty bad social anxiety. Mental illness is also very strong on both sides of my family, so I have grown up surrounded by it, whether I was aware of it at the time of not. So what I'm saying is, we're all in this together. More so now than ever. And so, like in years before, I encourage you to share your story. (Don't feel like you have to, though). Also, change your profile picture green for this month. (I think there's a green version of the 17th Shard symbol floating around somewhere from last year). Take care of yourselves, physically and mentally. We'll all do this together.
  2. Well, just to start this off, to get it out of the way... I think he is my least favorite protagonist, made up for the fact that I absolutely adore his always present friend, Syl, and wish we had a lot more of her. Anyway, on to Kaladin. My thoughts on him and depression, sacrifice, and oaths of protection: As someone who originally started reading all of Brandon Sanderson's works as an extension of my love for his wonderful work in the end of the Wheel of Time series, I have to say, in a lot of ways, I find Kaladin to be amazingly similar to Rand. From a 'darkness within', suffering from several bouts of what I would simply consider chronic mental health issues, to the need to protect everyone, to even having in the end, having to resolve that through visions from someone in their past that they loved, telling them something along the words of 'let go, we can make this choice ourselves to sacrifice'. Not going to spoil the specifics on where it happened when BS wrote it in for the Memory of Light, but in this spoiler area, one should recognize the vision before Kaladin here before saving his father and getting oath #4. I just think it was done better with Rand, I didn't really get much out of it here seeing it again. It seems to be a theme with him that makes less sense than in the former. Perhaps we simply don't know much about him, in 'the child of tanavast', and he might be more close to Rand than I think, but still... The best we get is darkness he had as 'melancholy' that his brother drove away, and he had to fight with ever since, as maybe something with chronic depression of a specific disorder? I was trying to narrow down the list of possibilities for mental disorders that it fit, but in the end I just gave up on that as too much effort than I was willing to put into it. It followed him all the way through the chasms and beyond (Syl, you were awesome there, my favorite scene from you, then that sort disappeared from you for a good while after that). There doesn't seem to be much progress on that, short of a few points along with sworn oaths, and ever back and forth with no real change from him and Syl, to mask the actual need for progress on that phase of his story, until like book 4. It would have served me better I think, if this went faster, and took less time away from interesting other story developments. My thoughts on him, his home village, parents, Roshone, and Moash connections. I truly get that he didn't want to go talk to his parents about his brother's death. And his guilt from it, it is something I have seen before, understand, and know that some sorts of people might just want to avoid the hurt altogether, and run from it in such ways. But he was interested enough to still go back and try to help him when he realized there might be trouble. So why didn't he send them money when he got rich enough, on what might be two occassions so easily possible? They were in a different sort of need. Ok, I get he might not have thought about it, which is regrettable, but it is still something I take small issue with. You know what in this whole scenario I take big issue with? He spends years blaming Roshone for the death of his brother. He hates him. He learns to hate Amoran even more. I can even understand why someone would. Though eventually I think he even hates Sadeus even more than Roshone. This makes no sense to me. It gets so bad, that when he finally gets there, he punches Rashon, and leaves it at that. I don't mind the old hero trope of 'learn to forgive, do not take vengeance', but here, that message was executed incredibly sloppily, and unbelievably to me. He was willing to even argue with Syl that punishing Amoran via the legal means would even avoid some of those vengeance of the heart tropes, even if that kind of did blow up spectacularly. And he still wanted a degree of justice after even that. So then, we are led to believe, that simply because he gets back home, and realizes that Roshone is 'a small town bully', he can be forgiven, simply because he isn't a world ending threat? There is blood on his hands, even if it was out of petty and spite, and there is no serious consequences of 'if we try and remove Roshone from position and do justice in the right legal way, the village and people of the area would fall apart', because they wouldn't. And that is me taking out the the possibility of direct vengeance because of Syl and honor factor. It is dishonorable to not do otherwise, much less practically forget it. And when Laral comes in and lays down the law and tells off on his treatment of Roshone, I about laughed my... Well, off but for all of the wrong reasons in the reading. She doesn't seem to get it either, but somehow she was 'the honorable' woman in that affair, having finally brought repentance to Roshone? If you want to let Roshone get off lightly, then you can do it in a much more believable way, this here, this doesn't make character sense, nor honor sense, nor spren sense. And it makes me look at like 3 different characters in scenes with a complete air of incredulity. Next part, why did Dalinar just talk Kaladin and his Spren via Kaladin's feelings into thinking letting Elokhar off for his negligent murder of two darkeyes go simply because it was politically expedient for the kingdom at that time to let it go, as 'we have bigger problems', yes, they do, but that isn't the 'honorable' thing to do. Even if you think death shouldn't be on the table, since Elokhar didn't directly do it (which is how I view it, since he was manipulated), he still was the cause, due to negligence, so like manslaughter. Him not pursuing is bad enough, but perhaps forgivable, but why in the long years since, did he never even bring up his PERSONAL involvement, involving the indirect killing of his brother based on actions of Elokhar, to what Dalinar did? This specific issue should be used to shame Dalinar for some sort of recompense, which he NEVER pays for, it is simply forgotten about, similar to the rift (aka, Dalinar's, ah, they killed a darkeyes in envy? Ah, let us put him in charge of more darkeyes and forget about him is a wonderful solution, Dalinar mistake). But Kaladin never does anything to get justice, or honor, in any three of these deaths. And simply ends up ignoring and forgiving, thinking it is all 'small time now'. That might be so, but that 'small time bully' still largely killed his brother, and, well, totally forgiven. Obviously not, but for the stories sake, it might as well be the case. I at least would love to one day see Dalinar's response to knowing what he did here, and it's results. Which he seems to have no concept of by book 4, so we might at least get some self awarded justice, however small, even if Kaladin was too honorless to quest it himself. In summary I just think Kaladin is the sum total of a lot of different generic way of the hero tropes, thrown in, and done worse than where they usually work best. With a lot of those similarities to Rand, executed way worse, makes nonsensical moral decisions along the way, with his friends, family, is often irritating with some of those unresolved obstacles for so long, and is less forgivable to me for that. I feel I could probably have written more on this topic, but I felt this was already growing too long, and doesn't need a list of 10 less direct points towards my general issues with Kaladin.
  3. I keep on seeing people mention how Adolin has anger management problems, but apart from that one time he snapped and killed Sadeas (and come on, it was Sadeas), I can't think of anything that really demonstrates that. Is he impulsive? Yeah. Easily provoked? For sure, but every example I can think of the other person was actively trying to get a rise out of him. Does anyone have any scenes they can point to that demonstrate Adolin's anger management problems?
  4. Do we think the other Heralds had moments of lucidity when Navani bonded the Sibling, too? Or was Ishar special for one reason or another? If they did, I hope we hear about it.
  5. I've lived with moderate anxiety most of my life, in recent years it has scaled up somewhat and led into bouts of depression. It hasn't been too serious, but although I can live with it, it definitely interferes in my day-to-day ability to do the stuff I need to do. I only recently sought professional help and began seeing a therapist. She asked me to talk about how I cope with these feelings when they get bad, and I was honest with her and told her that I essentially just distract myself from them, usually by reading. I've found that reading fiction, particularly fantasy, transports me from whatever is giving me anxiety and lets the feeling pass. It lets me feel intense emotions when depression is keeping me from feeling them in my own life. I fully expected to be advised against this, to be told that distracting myself from my feelings wasn't a legitimate strategy, that I needed to face reality. But my therapist actually said she thought that was a good, and common strategy that she hears all the time. And that if its working, keep doing it! I'm not saying reading fantasy is a cure-all for these problems, but I really like the idea that it can be an effective coping strategy (among other efforts I'm making toward being mentally well). Stories have been such a huge component of my inner life ever since I was a kid, and the fact that they are so healing for me now makes me smile. Anyways, just felt like tossing this into the internet void in case anyone else has had the same experience and wants to share about it. And love and well wishes to anyone who is dealing with these issues