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Found 25 results

  1. Memes about @AonEne post 'em here @I Used To Be A Fish @Doomstick
  2. On Tuesday, November 23, Cytonic is getting released. Yes, there will be spoilers here. I’m making this a few days early so that staff have a day or two to move this thread if they feel the need. I can’t wait for more M-Bot! Yayyyyyy!
  3. This is just a thread where you can post Alleyverse memes. Given the longtime inactivity of the Alleyverse, it’s now mostly an archive of inside jokes from 2018 that occasionally gets new stuff posted. Now that AV is starting to have a little bit more going on again, maybe it’ll get more popular. Fun times. What OP used to say:
  4. I figured that now that the Skyward is out it would need a meme thread. Don't worry, I'll start
  5. Like the title says, this is the place to post anything funny with the wheel of time. It can be funny moments in the books, quotes, or memes and puns. I have found a disturbing lack of such things elsewhere on the internet, so I think this would be a good place to rectify that. Also, spoilers for the whole series. I thought of a funny pun earlier this week, but forgot it, so instead I'll kick us off with some memes I made spoilered for size
  6. Put all your memes with spoilers for The Lost Metal and/or its prerelease content here! Here's one to start us off (yes i like the seagull meme template don't @ me)
  7. Memes! you know what to do. I'll start us off!
  8. So... anyone who knows anything about me knows that I don't really do memes. I don't go out of my way to make or view them. However, by request, I have no created a meme thread for all our favorite roleplays. Here you go. Post things. I have spoken.
  9. Valentine's day is almost here. For some of us this is a good thing. Getting to be with the person you love more then anyone else. Some of us this day is one of the single worst days in history. And for people like me it sucks to be lonely but you hate the fact that couples are being couples more then not having someone. Regardless of which "party," so to speak, you fall into I hope you all a happy Single Awareness Day. Spoilers for size. Have some Valentines day memes to cheer you up..... ish. Feel free to post more meme
  10. Taken from
  11. I noticed that there were a lot of musicians on here. So...... here all you musicians can post musician jokes, talk about your bad sight-reading skills, and bemoan your musician fates.
  12. A recent WoB mentioning that Adonalsium had a purpose in the design of Roshar has granted me inspiration to a greater understanding of the history of Roshar. Adonalsium, being a great and powerful being, managed to calculate the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, but needed more computing power to calculate the question for its answer. So the greater Rosharan system was created as a celestial scale super computer, designed to finally find the ultimate question. But then, due to an exodus of rather useless people from Ashyn (which was shortly afterwards sadly destroyed by a telephone-borne disease) to Roshar, killing off most of the peaceful indigenous peoples, the calculations were ruined. Now in the modern day, Odium is attempting to destroy Roshar, to make space for a super-highway between Nalthis and Scadrial. Hoid, being a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is, arrives just in time to save his friend Dalinar from the imminent destruction of Roshar, and thus we reach the end of Oathbringer.
  13. Hey everyone! How's your day been? This is for funny jokes/memes. Feel free to share your favorite Cosmere jokes with the community!
  14. Not really a topic but I wanted to bless y’all with some nice Stormlight memes
  15. So I have a bunch of Reckoners themed memes on my phone, and thought it would be fun to post some of them here! Feel free to post any Reckoners memes you have too! A few of mine are posted in the spoiler section above. Spoilers for Steelheart and Calamity. I'll upload some non-spoiler ones later!
  16. Inspired by @TwiLyghtSansSparkles's wildly popular thread Memefying Books, I present... Memefying What Happened in Portland! Same premise as Twi's thread, but for the Reckoners RPG. I know many Sharders (myself among them) are a little wary of diving into this subforum because of how MUCH there is to read in here, so I'm hoping this thread will get more people interested in the amazing storytelling going on in here. To get the ball rolling, I have made a few memes from the first page of posts in the Portland thread. Enforcement officers outside Fortuity's penthouse in the OP: CorpseMaker at the end of The Only Joe's 2nd post: Nathan after spending a few hours with Doctor Funtimes:
  17. I promised the Shard that if I got the Oathbringer cover giveaway I would memefy Oathbringer. I figured I would do the first chapter so you could see what that would entail! Also, I might make this meme thread anyway. But I still want the dust jacket! PROLOGUE: TO WEEP Eshonai remembers how surprised she was when she first saw humans. She remembers what she thought when she first saw humans with parshmen. She thinks about herself And about humans And about Alethi art She finds the king, but pretends to not speak Alethi She speaks to Gavilar, who is quite perceptive But then reveals his true plan Eshonai is afraid And tries to make him stop Gavilar doesn’t listen, but he does show Eshonai a map of Roshar, which is neat Klade, another Parshendi, finds Szeth to assasinste Gavilar, with the help of a voice in his head. Probably Odium, or maybe an unmade? And Gavilar is killed More to come one if I get the dust jacket! Ah, never mind, I’ll do it either way.
  18. hope on the trends right away to stay relevant to the Millennials
  19. has this been done yet or
  20. Okay this is not serious or academic at all but hey just relax for a moment Enjoyyyy and gimme a reputation if you like it~
  21. A while ago I saw someone mention the possibility to make some facepalm memes with that official Szeth art drawn by Mr. Inkthinker. Considering this, I almost laughed like an idiot because Szeth's pose is just so perfect! Then I began to draw other SA characters, using exactly this pose. Till now, we have Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar and Jasnah facepalms. The most interesting part must be the sentence below the title. I'll probably do more because people are asking... So, perhaps a set of Cosmere facepalm memes? Should be awesome. (And I can't wait to do a Sazed/Harmony facepalm.) Full size: https://1.bp.blogspo...palm+Meme+s.jpg
  22. I'm not sure whether this should go in the Creator's Corner or Role-Playing, as I haven't got firmly established rules yet, but I'll just roll with it anyway. Basically, this is like a regular RP, with one twist. The entire thing is being told in memes. They can be whatever memes you like, even *shudder* MLP memes, and I really have no idea what else to say. I'm not going to bog this down with rules, as I don't want to destroy the spirit of the project. So, I'll start with 3 base rules, and I can add more if necessary. The 3 Laws of The Young Bard (a.k.a. The Rules): Now to the fun part. The worldbuilding and actual in-world goodies. Here's everything I've planned out so far. Absolutely nothing. Is that all clear? Let's go! Other paraphernalia:
  23. Everyone post the funniest or most interesting things you can find on the Cosmere (memes, jokes, questions, lore, etc.
  24. So we have a very successful Sanderson Memes thread, so I thought we should have a regular memes thread. Please be polite and respectful. Without further ado.... Memes! .