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Found 1 result

  1. I have seen many threads on this and I thought I should ad mine to theirs. However , my theory is indirect sources is really coming at it from. Different angle. Who is the 3rd Bondsmith spren? i have just finished words of radiance for the third time. As Brandon changed the ending I wanted to see if there were any other changes . So I either missed all this before, or it wasn’t there. Szeth says Aboshi is the name of the spren of the mountains. He calls Nale by this title as he sees the Herald is akin to a god. The three Mega spren were on Roshar before the shards came. The Stormfather, The nightwatcher , and the sibling. Most of my basis revolves around Szeth, with a few lines of shallan and one of Eshonai. Eshonai during her transformation. And said once you were a friend . This details the time before the shards cane Szeth has been Urithiru twice since being name truthless. He blatantly says the city of Urithiru is the only place where stone is not cursed . This is where I believe the Stone spren set aside an area for humans to walk on . But why would Szeth come to Urithiru? Simple he cane to see if he was really truthless. He wanted to see for hisself if the Knights Radiant had returned. After he fought with Kaladin the first time he went there again. Nope no Radiants Kaladin must be lying . When shallan activated the Oathgate. Szeth was fighting Kaladin . Szeth saw the beam of light and said i have seen this before! They went to city didn’t they! Where could Szeth have seen an Osthgate operate? The only blades that could open an Osthgate are the Radiant blades which no one had, and the honorblades. So someone in Shinovsr used an honorblade to go to Urithiru . My guess a stone shaman went there to converse with Aboshi only to find he is still slumbering . So what cause him ( the sibling ) to withdraw? Shallan says that shattered plains were not always shattered! This much damage to stone cause the Stone spren to slumber. So in my opinion the Stone Spren is the Spren of the planet of Roshar. All the stone of the planet is Holy to the Shin. They will not walk on it as they believe it is a god in the same manner as the Stormfather is a god to humans . As there are many mountains of stone . It is another explanation of why Stormfather said leave them alone, you have hurt them enough. Mining stone , building castles of stone, and shattering the shattered plains. In order to wake the sibling I think the shattered plains needs to be restored . Seems like an impossible job ? The Surges of Adhesion and Tension are made to heal stone . The Stormfather told Dalinar “ what u did in Thaylan is a pittance of what u can really do . No Radiants powers are greater than your own! We all looked for the 3rd Bondsmith spren . We assumed in error that it just hasn’t been introduced yet but that is not Sanderson Style. He foreshadow major plot lines all the time. Since the first chapter of WoK she has spoken about how holy stone was. None of us thought to ask how or why is stone holy. I don’t know who will bond Aboshi , but I really hope it’s Navani . With her the possibilities are endless . Thoughts?