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Found 10 results

  1. So, I was eating lunch, thinking about Realmatic stuff. Then I had an epiphany about F-Nicrosil. It, "Stores Investiture". This is very vague, obviously. Technically everything in the cosmere is "made of" investiture, or could be converted to it with mass-energy-investiture equivalence. Then it hit me like an Awakened Sword. The spiritweb is also Investiture. So you could store a part of your soul inside F-Nicrosil. Or... A part of someone else's soul? What if you tried to store the fragment of Spiritweb contained inside a hemalurgic spike that you had "equipped" (for want of a better term) at the time? If you stored your Identity in aluminum completely, could you make an unkeyed Nicrosilmind with a hemalurgic charge stored within? This, i propose, is how a Medallion works: Step 1: Obtain Aluminum and Nicrosil feruchemy, however you see fit. (probably hemalurgically.) Step 2: Spike someone's feruchemical power out of them, spike yourself with it. Step 3: blank your Identity with Aluminum, store the bit of Spiritweb inside the Nicrosil. Step 4: Profit? Now of course this has a few bumps in it, such as "how does anyone even tap the Nicrosil to begin with?" But with the way this is set up, there is an Identityless piece of spiritweb inside of Nicrosil. I believe it was said in BoM that the medallions work because everyone has the slightest bit of Feruchemy inside them... I'd love to have the exact quote, of course. With that in mind, it might be that the piece of spiritweb is reaching out towards the natural smidgen of feruchemy inside the user's spiritweb, trying to bind to it like it used to be with the actual Hemalurgic spike. A bit of a rough hypothesis, I know. Assuming Nicrosil works most like Copper in that there is a discreet, well defined "thing" being stored/withdrawn, rather than a "flow" of "attribute" like strength, this would be more possible. Edit: found the WoB that confirms Nicrosil is Copper-like in Feruchemy. Ask about any other flaws with this setup, I'm happy to continue theorycrafting with you all!
  2. I was reading something in another thread about how unsealed gold metalminds would be very popular on Threnody, and I started thinking about how they would work on Ashyn. From what we know you have to get sick in order to have magic. It seems to me that an unsealed gold metalmind would come in very handy for those who want to get sick quickly. And it would be handy to have around when you are ready to be healthy again as well, since you've already stored your health.
  3. Alright I'm going to try this again. Here is how I think a medallion is made. Single Power Medallion To start, you need a medallion or spike to grant aluminum Feruchemy to the person who has the power you wish to put in a medallion. This person is a willing participant. They store their Identity, and the power needed is spiked out. You now have an unkeyed hemalurgic spike. Next, you need a person who has, through whatever combination of Spikes, medallions, and natural ability, all of the following. Aluminum, Duralumin, and Nicrosil Feruchemy, and the allomantic ability corresponding to the type of spike that stores the power stolen. This person Stores all of their Identity, and heavily taps Connection (whether this is a general thing, or a specific type of Connection I don't know. I don't think we know enough about it) imprinting their stores with Connection enabling the touch bond of the Medallions. Identity free, and heavily Connected, this person burns the unkeyed Spike, and immediately stores what is produced in a nicrosilmind. You now have a Hemalurgic charge, free of Identity and stored with connection to whoever holds it, tricking their spiritweb into believing that a spike has been properly placed to grant them the power (without the damage that normally occurs, avoiding the issue of hemalurgy's weakness). Multiple Power Medallions and the Reason for the Three Power Limit As you create these medallions, you'll eventually end up with a three power medallion that will give you all three types of Feruchemy needed to make them. No spikes needed in the maker. At this point, you just need to burn and store multiple spikes. No problem. Except for the limit of spikes that a human can have. Three spikes burned, three powers stored...and an attempt at a Fourth puts the maker above the threshold of control. Interference The Connection trick is why multiple medallions interfere with each other. By using Connection to convince the Spiritual Aspect that a spike has been placed, you create this limitation. Multiple medallions attempt to trick the Spiritweb in the same manner and it causes a mixed signal which interferes with both medallions. It's like trying to listen to two radio stations broadcast over the same frequency. Instead of one clear signal, you get a garbled mess of unintelligible noise. Assumptions There are two main assumptions made here, that I know some people disagree with. The nature of Nicrosil Feruchemy. Some people believe that Nicrosil is only capable of storing powers. I believe that Nicrosil can store any part of the Spiritweb, which is coincidentally what hemalurgy steals. If I'm incorrect, this method does not work. Duralumin Feruchemy. Connection is not, in itself, Investiture. It is a property of, or force applied to, Investiture per this WoB. So I believe that while tapping and storing Connection can have immediate effects, as seen with the translation medallions, I think it functions like Aluminum Feruchemy. It changes the level of Connection of the Investiture of the Spiritweb as a whole. As such that Connection, or lack thereof, would be preserved when the Investiture is stored, just as Identity is. Again, if this assumption is incorrect this method fails. Edit: adding in two wobs to this. First, one I asked of Brandon recently Doesn't tell us much, but it does show that the nicrosil in the medallions is not just standard Nicrosil Feruchemy. Next this, which I found while looking for something else, and I think reiterates the point above, and supports the need for Connection manipulation.
  4. OK. Medallions have been discussed to death, and we know there's one pesky little thing about the nicrosil in them that just doesn't make sense. So I had an idea, based on a couple of things that I'm not even sure are possible, that I wanted to share. Both to hopefully Kickstart some new avenues of conversation concerning the medallions... and in the freak chance that I'm right I can say I called it... That said, the chances of this being correct are... Low. The question of how medallions work always comes down to the nicrosil. It's obviously storing the power itself, but how does it grant it to someone without the ability to tap nicrosil? Well, what if it isn't granting the ability to tap nicrosil? What if instead, it's temporarily imparting a Hemalurgic trait? Here's the breakdown. 1. A voluntary subject with whatever power needs to be stolen stores identity in an aluminum mind. 2. A unkeyed hemalurgic spike is created. 3. A person with the ability to burn the metal of this spike, store in aluminum, and store in nicrosil, burns the hemalurgic spike. 4. The now compounded hemalurgic power must be immediately stored in nicrosil, or the resulting spiritual changes will be... Nasty. 5. storages of the appropriate power are made in conjuction with the now "unsealed" nicrosil. Here's why I think this might work. Feruchemy has to be tapped. The nicrosil in every medallion we've seen is never tapped, save in the case of tapping the ability to use allomantic powers with the bands. We've never seen the need to tap the ability to use nicrosil. They also, while being tapped, deplete themselves. Spikes are placed, and work continually. You place them, and the power is permanent as long as the spike is in the bindpoint. So what if the hemalurgic/feruchemical equivalent of compounding is placing a Hemalurgic charge in a feruchemical metalmind? It still wants to be used. It still presses out word, but the Feruchemy aspect negates the bindpoint. It integrates automatically... At the drawback of interference with another medallion attempting to do the same thing. It's not depleted because it doesn't actually leave the metalmind. Its a longshot, based on the idea of be able to store a Hemalurgic charge feruchemically, and the ability to burn hemalurgic spikes to mass produce them... But it's the only thing I can think of for how the stupid nicrosil ring does what it does without the need to tap it.
  5. Hello everyone. In this topic, I'd like to talk about the engineering principles behind Soulcasters, and to a lesser extent Regrowth fabrials and Honorblades. With Oathbringer, we finally have a PoV of someone using an actual Soulcaster, plus some interesting information in the Ars Arcanum and some further knowledge on the Honorblades. So with all that in mind, let's get to it. First, I'd like to talk about the actual composition of the Soulcasters. From Way of Kings, here is our first actual description of a Soulcaster. Soulcasting fabrials have some limitations that actual Knights Radiants Soulcasting don't seem to have. Not all Soulcasters are able to Soulcast every essence, as stated by Shallan here. In addition, Soulcasters are only able to Soulcast things into an essence that has a corresponding gemstone on the fabrial. Emeralds for food, smokestones for smoke, garnets for blood, etc. This is directly different from how Radiant Soulcasting seems to function, as Jasnah uses multiple essences in the battle for Thaylen city without any particular types of gemstones being noted as being drained. So what are Soulcasting fabrials doing? It appears they are giving limited access to the Transformation surge. It appears that, unlike Shardblades, they have no inherent primary user. It also appears that the process to Soulcast is something people get better with as time passes, but it has devastating side effects on those who use them. We have seen Soulcasters with granite casts to their skin, with vines growing from their eyes, and even those who are turning into smoke. All of these incidences have led me to the follow conclusion Conclusion: Soulcasting Fabrials create a weak approximation of a Nahel bond The only ways we have seen on Roshar to access the Surges are various bonds with the sentient Investiture that Rosharans call spren, by being directly Invested by a Shard (Fused), or by holding an Honorblade. We can cross being directly Invested off the list of potential ways Soulcasting fabrials allow access, as the people using them still require contact with the Soulcaster to use it. Likewise I believe we can cross off a bond with a spren, as while the Soulcasting savant feels a presence when she Soulcasts, she does not see anything, and she is far enough into Shadesmar that in my opinion spren should not be able to hide from her. That leaves the Honorblades. The Honorblades grant a link to two Surges to whomever touches them. We see this with Bridge 4 using Jezrien's Honorblade. In addition we see another similarity between the Honorblades and the Soulcasters: the color of the metal. I will concede that this is a tenuous connection, however: Honorblades appear to be physical manifestations of Honor's power, much like lerasium, atium, or ettmetal. The color of the metal could be an indication of a shared origin. Both seem to require large amounts of Stormlight to function. Both create a weak bond on touch, and require some time to learn how to use. Honorblades can be dismissed, while Soulcasters cannot, but that could be a property of Soulcasters not being intended as weapons. The link between the two is reinforced in the Ars Arcanum, where Khriss seems to think that Soulcasting fabrials, medallions on Scadrial, and Honorblades all work by similar principles. What I believe occurs in each case is that the possession of a medallion, Soulcaster, or Honorblade temporarily overwrites the person who is using it's Spiritweb to make them a temporary Metalborn or Surgebinder. In the case of medallions, we are shown that knowledge of what the medallion can do is necessary to unlock it's power. We see this with the weight medallions used in the airships and by the coin Wax acquired from Hoid. Soulcasters do not have this problem as most of Roshar knows what they are on sight, and Honorblades have been sequestered in Shinovar and seem to have been used for training Surgebinders for unknown purpose. Clearly the Shin know what the Honorblades do, and so the Intent is not a problem there either. This temporary overwrite causes problems for the recipients down the road, however, I think. In the case of Soulcasters and Honorblades, they are required to draw dangerous amounts of Investiture into their Spiritwebs, probably exacerbating any cracks already there and probably giving them an increased likelihood of savantism. Medallions likely don't have this problem as much because of the relatively limited amounts of Investiture in their use. Anyway, that's my current theory. What do you guys think?
  6. So we all know that Mistborn Era 4 Scadrial has become a space faring civilisation, and that in Sixth of the Dusk, there is at least one civilisation that has reached this status. Given the sheer versatility of the investiture systems, it is pretty likely that the aliens are in fact Scadrians. That opens up so many questions, but I would like to focus on one specifically: how did they do it? As mentioned before, it is Scadrials magic systems which probably made them the first space civilisation. I believe that it is a combination of Cadmium, Bendalloy, Ettmetal, and Medallions which have allowed them to enter the space frontier. Bendalloy makes speed bubbles, so if you attach one to a spaceship, the math on the wiki page says you would compress 2 minutes of the ship moving at full speed into 15 seconds of actual travel time. The problem with this is that people inside the spaceship will still age, as it is time which is being manipulated. That means that while the spaceship would travel FTL relative to the cosmere, inside the bubble, people would age normally. Essentially, it unpractical space travel and very limited. BUT, if you also create a smaller cadmium bubble around the structure of the ship ( a C.bubble within a B.bubble), we know from this WoB that the effects will cancel out: This means that the crew wouldn't be trapped inside the speed speed bubble, and so will experience time normally. However, to make this technology even more efficient, the Scadrians would put up ANOTHER cadmium bubble within the first cadmium bubble (C.bubble within C.bubble within B.bubble). This would allow them to travel FTL and not feel the time effects at all! Essentially, they would be able to get anywhere in no time. I do believe that Ettmetal will be used in the propulsion of the spacecraft, probably through some nuclear propulsion technology. This is what would take the spacecraft to such high speeds. I don't really know how to explain all the other uses, so here's @hwiles comment pulled from here: As for the medallions their benefits are endless: from breath, to healing, to warmth, to weight (which will probably be useful combined with pushing and pulling in space) and the various other technological impacts. NOTE: I just found out from the coppermind that time bubbles in fact compound if used together. This is crazy, and makes FTL travel much, much easier. A normal speed bubble speeds up time by a factor of 8. Compound this with 10 bubbles and you would be travelling insanely fast. WoB is unclear to me, not sure if will double (8x2) or multiply (8x8). We have no information on Cadmiums factor of change, but we can assume that it will be the same as they cancel, and that it'll also compound. Basically, you can use primer cubes each powered by Bendalloy and Cadmium, structured in specific layers. All the Bendalloy bubbles would need to be outside, and you would need about double the amount of Cadmium bubbles to counteract the Bendalloy bubbles and still create their own time-slowing bubbles. What do you guys think? Any other technology which would make FTL travel feasible or easier for Scadrians? (This is my first theory, so there might be gaps in knowledge. Feel free to point them out).
  7. So, I'm confused as to how the medallions work. How can a Nicrosil ferring reduce their Identity enough to make an unlocked Feruchemical nicrosil medallion? And other ferrings reduce their identity enough to add to it? Is it a matter of using Feruchemical aluminum? But then how does an Feruchemical nicrosil ferring use Feruchemical aluminum? Also, how can a non-Feruchemical nicrosil person tap the Feruchemical nicrosil, even if it's unlocked? Don't you still need to be able to tap Nicrosil in order to use it? Unlocked just means that someone else can use a metal mind that you created, it doesn't give you the ability to actually use that metal if it's not in your sDNA, right? Is Nicrosil special in that it allows anyone to use its Investiture?
  8. I've seen many people assume that with the Survivor's/Sovereign's Spearhead avalaible it's possible to reproduce it or any medallion. I think it's wrong. Why? While we do not know how medallions work (with them being usable by anyone and not just Soulbearers), it's fairly certain that they are unkeyed nicrosilminds. So medallion-maker stores one of his abilities by using Feruchemical nicrosil. But he has to make it unkeyed! So he has to have no Identity at the moment. As far as we know, it's possible by storing aluminum 100%. Conclusion: It's impossible to create an unkeyed nicrosilmind containing Feruchemical aluminum as Feruchemical aluminum has to be avalaible to make the metalmind unkeyed in the first place. It means that there cannot be a medallion granting Feruchemical aluminum. By extension, the SSpearhead does not contain that ability. So to make more medallions, we need Trueselfs and give them the SSpearhead.
  9. So, we know if you fill a Connection metalmind, you get some default Connection to the present location, and can temporarily speak the local language(s). But that leaves lots of filled metalminds, right? Could someone tap those minds to temporarily get the same connections as whoever filled them? Would translation work the other way? Or would they just get increased Connection to whatever they are already connected to? We know there are metalminds that kind of work both ways: gold just stores generic health, but copper stores specific memories. Does duralumin store specific Connection?
  10. theory

    In that thread we started wondering whether Survivor's Spearhead (known - mistakenly - as Bands of Mourning) did contain in its nicrosilminds ability of aluminium Feruchemy and then I had a revelation: How do you simultaneously store away aluminium (to make unkealed nicrosilmind) and store aluminium Feruchemy in nicrosil to make a medallion giftng aluminium Feruchemy? That's, obviously, impossible. Since to produce medallions you need to be able to store away Identity on top of other powers (nicrosil Feruchemy + power you want to store) and you can't have a medallion gifting aluminium Feruchemy... There are two options: Trueselfs - Feruchemists are (probably) non-existant in Southern Scadrial, so that's ruled out; Hemalurgy; I say Excissors reuse the spikes which gift aluminium Feruchemy and that's how they can make medallions. Maybe they have medallions which gift three powers: Nicrosil Compounding + variable power. That way each Excisor can store one power in medallion.