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Found 2 results

  1. We had a thread about this, but it got derailed into the exact physics of allomancy and feruchemy again. So maybe we can try to agree on something. What are we sure could be replaced with metallic arts if you have them at an industrial scale? aerodynamic aircraft - that is extremely easy, Southern Scadrial has already done it. Aerodynamics will remain a minor part of science and engineering for machinery and ballistics, but that's it power plants - obviously allomantic pushes and pulls can power a generator. Yet feruchemy also allows that as it allows you to manipulate your weight and centripetal/centrifugal forces antibiotics, X-rays, medical ventilators, prostethics - why bother if feruchemical gold is plentiful? agriculture - that one would be a deep cut into society. But it is possible, once you have enough bendalloy. Would people want that, though? Is it possible that actual food will be for the rich and middle class in future Scadrial? scuba diving - just too obvious, albeit extremely specialised an application education - this is getting very speculative, but can copper feruchemy actually teach you something?
  2. We are frequently assuming that medaillons are based on the feruchemy of nicrosil. That requires a leap of faith on how somebody who is not a feruchemist should be able to tap a nicrosil metalmind. But there is a way to grant such powers. Is it possible that ettmetal or its alloys give you the ability to make a hemalurgic spike that works by mere touch of the recipient? The name 'exciser' sounds pretty hemalurgical. If Kelsier really was the Survivor he had knowledge about hemalurgy and even advanced techniques used to staple back a shadow.