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Found 8 results

  1. I am about to finish edgerunnerand read Oathbringer. Suoer confused about Wit.
  2. Hello again! My first post here was justified moved to other places because I introduced myself with Cosmere-stuff (Including my spoiler related Ideas and so on). So now I am introducing myself with all the other things. And because i am not sure if spoilers about other topics are allowed (maybe after 6 months/ what about non book spoilers (like the one below and real life spoilers, like the outcome of an election or some kind of important sports event?) I will just put this spoiler here to check. But I am also generally a fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy. I work in IT and I am currently training Jiu Jitsu but i like martial arts in general. I like to drink tea and whisky (mainly Scotch and Japanese). I am 1.9 meters tall (6'3 in non metric units) and I am pretty heavy. I like BBQ and love to make large dry-aged steaks on a grill. I read in English and German but I also listen to the audio-books. I finished RoW in December and I am currently rereading (audio-book) WoK but I will do a whole Cosmere reread until the next stormlight book comes out. I studied (but not finished) Philosophy and I am really interested in the Ethics and Morals in Brandon Sanderson's works. I also read a lot of non-fiction and I am looking forward to Dr. Jordan Peterson's new book especially. (A post connecting his works and Brandons will follow once I know in which forum to put it) I also like cheese. Blue cheese more than most other kinds to be precise. Sometimes I like to write poems, especially when I am in love or there is some kind of challenge. My English word pool is currently not large enough for me to feel good about writing a ketek, but it is one of my goals to do so. I also really like Haikus since I saw the on scene in Avatar the last Airbender but I can´t speak or write Japanese. When I am fitter and healthier again, I´ll do triathlons. I did a few of those before 2020. I have Asthma, ADD and had a Depression (which is not completely gone, but I am much better now) and I can relate especially well to the combination of Kaladin and Syl. ( I hope that Info does not count as a spoiler, but it is older than 9 months so it should not) and I am colorblind ( not completly but more than just red and green blind). I really love how Brandon writes characters that are not "perfect" but believable and especially female protagonists, because I usually do not like those in most other works of modern fiction because they feel unrealistic ( they feel often more like political propaganda nowadays compared to older works). The theme of reponsibility in the cosmere is something I really like. Oh and Chiri-Chiri is my favorit Character especially if you think about non main characters. I like Jasnah too, but I dislike one part of her character so it is Chiri-Chir. I hope that this one will not be moved and I am happy to be a part of this community. Looking forward to read your comments about my whole life and thank you for having me here.
  3. Hey everyone! I don't think that there is many of you out there, but if there are, come here and talk about cool kid stuff. And middle school stuff. I know that there is at least two of you put there. . . @Vapor, @Emi.
  4. Now that I am so incredibly famous, I've decided to start one of these. so ask away.
  5. Me: creating a thread about people who say me: and describe what they are doing.
  6. Hello everybody! Big fan of Brandon here. I’ve read all of his Mistborn stuff (including short stories and novellas), a little bit of Elantris, the first 50 pages of Warbreaker, and I’m halfway through Words of Radiance, already having read The Way of Kings. I’m really interested in the Cosmere as a whole and the Worldhoppers. Oh, and in case you hadn’t realized, the bubbles are a lie.
  7. I am wondering if anyone has a threshold list of reputation awarded on this site, can you have negative reputation, I'm very new, but have heard of a Zuchini who sounds like he maybe made a lot of people very angry. I am also wondering if you get Reputation by posting things sometimes as well? Or if it's based solely off of other Users Posts. Anyone? Edit: I only just made a connection on how similar Reputation here seems to be similar to Breaths, in that you only get one, and other people have to will it to you. Humorous in my mind, Also. Is Reputation based on what forums you frequent? I.E. Dark Eyes and Skaa are two different realms.
  8. Greetings, everyone! I've been reading here for a little while (about since Words of Radiance came out, actually), and I finally managed to sign up! Basic 17th Shard Guidelines: 1. Yodel while signing up (with a shoe on your head). 2. DO NOT EAT THE COOKIES! 3.Baseless speculation and semiapplicable randomness are appreciated. Did I miss anything? If you were really hoping this meeting might allow you to learn more about me, (The Alloy of Law, TOR paperback p. 52) P.S. If anyone knows how one can get the copy of White Sands and Aether of Night, it would be greatly appreciated. I read in another thread that you just have to email Brandon Sanderson, but I am unsure of how one would go about that (I assume it involves an email address...) Thank you!