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Found 10 results

  1. Bear with me since this is my first post (also hi) ive just been rereading Rhythm of war and its occurred to me that how the spren treat the deadeyes is similar to how the ardents treat the damaged soldiers. So maybe (although maya definitely has a bond with Adolin) all the deadeyes need to recover is to take a bit of time out with sane people. Sorry if this has been mentioned before or badly phrased, no one I know reads that much
  2. Did anyone else, in the haze of brutal emotion that was chapter 108, feel an extra emotion because of the fact that Tien, like Maya, chose his fate, and the obvious parallels between those scenes/the implications behind them? The belief, all those years, that the Radiants murdered their helpless spren as unwilling casualties of the Recreance. Kal's belief that Tien was sacrificed, without his knowledge or consent, along with the other messenger boys, to buy some time for the trained soldiers. The revelation that, in both cases, the innocent victims chose their fates for their own beliefs, and made the choice to do what they felt was right. Perhaps neither was fully aware of what the consequences might be, but they went to them willingly. Obviously the spren's choice, and the fact that Adolin, via the power of goodness, is slowly reviving Maya, have huge overarching implications for the entire series, and put everything into a different context. However, in terms of the parallels here between that scene, and Tien's death, and what the implications are for Kal, I think it revolves around the idea of "you cannot have my sacrifice". Kaladin is an incredible character, don't get me wrong. He's a hero. He's saved so many lives, and tried to save so many more. He's Kaladin storming Stormblessed, he can't be anything other than fabulous. But he also has a big flaw, and a big habit of removing agency from the people that he feels he's failed in the past. He wants to protect. He wants to protect so badly. And he fears failure so much, that sometimes he can erase the choices of those he tries to protect. Sometimes it feels that Kaladin is a storm, and all the people he's tried to protect, Tien, various groups of slaves, his squad in Amaram's army bridge four, Elhokar, etc, are just debris picked up and carried and then dropped by him, that they have no will or agency of their own. But they all chose. Elhokar chose to go to Kholinar to try and save his city, and his family. His squad chose to follow him into battle, and to support his assault of a shardbearer. Bridge Four chose to take up spears against the parshendi at the end of TWOK and help Dalinar. They chose to become bodyguards to Dalinar and the Kholins. They chose to become squires, and then Radiants. They chose to protect, and to put themselves in harm's way to do so. The slaves Kaladin led on an escape attempt chose to go. They chose to be brave and attempt to escape their chains, rather than living within them. And Tien. Tien chose to go with the other messenger boys. He chose to stand at the front of that group of soldiers. He chose to give them light, and hope, in their final moments. He made that sacrifice willingly, so that the others would be less afraid as they died. Like the spren of the Recreance, he chose, and history, and Kaladin, have erased that sacrifice and made it their own. Kaladin's fourth ideal was "I accept that there will be those I cannot protect", which was obviously a HUGE step for him, as he obviously viewed this, based on the end of Oathbringer, as letting go of the people he lost. But I think it's also about accepting that sometimes he cannot protect people because they are not his. They are their own people, with their own ideals, beliefs, and courage. Sometimes you cannot protect someone because they make the choice to not be protected. They make the choice to put themselves in harm's way, as Kaladin does time and again, to protect, or give hope, or chase their own dreams. Their choice is their own. Their sacrifice is their own. And Kaladin will have to learn that the people he saves may want to do something with the lives he protected. Even if that's to give them away for a greater good. That's their sacrifice. And their choice. And Kaladin cannot have it to fuel his guilt and fears.
  3. Adolin's Blade. Is she actually dead? She shows some cognizant abilities, but she's unresponsive. She knows her name. She's able to decide how fast she appears in Adolin's hand. she becoming less dead? Or was she never dead in the first place?
  4. So, this is my first attempt a writing a SA fic. Please excuse bad language, English is not my native tongue. Also, this (and following chapters, there will be at least one more) is mostly me having fun with the characters and not to be taken all too seriously. It involves Adolin doing for Maya what we all want him to do, Adolin meeting Kaladin's family, some fun and maybe some vague Kaladin/Adolin undertones even though I don't actually ship them. You can also read it on AO3: (There's currently a not-so-revised version online, will update it later) Well, uh, have fun. And, of course, this contains Oathbringer spoilers. (With spoiler tags to not use too much space.)
  5. From the album Doll Customizing

    This is made from just cheap Daiso (Japanese dollar store) UV resin, but the mold-making material is top-of-the-line. Not all of the fingers came out quite right, but that's because of bubbles and can be fixed with the proper technique. Now I just have to figure out how I'm making the wrist joint. Still, crystal hands! I'll probably make longer nails from clear bits of plastic straw and glue them to the tips to make them even more like claws.
  6. From the album Doll Customizing

    Because I like to make things hard for myself, I'm playing around with casting Maya's hands out of clear resin, to make them look like they're made of crystal like in the books. This early test run came out much better than I had any reason to expect!
  7. From the album Doll Customizing

    I made her a little dress so she wouldn't be all naked lol. It's just a placeholder for now, but the cloth's a really good texture and with some painting and detailing it should look pretty great. I'm so happy with the way the new crystals look. The sharp geometric lines contrast nicely with the organic forms of the body and when I add more vines it should look like they're growing out of her.
  8. From the album Doll Customizing

    I really like the way the paint job brought out the texture of the body; it goes a long way to making it easy for me to make her look organic.
  9. From the album Doll Customizing

    They look like rocks rather than crystals, even though they're real quartz! XD I think I'm going to just go with some tacky crystal beads and really play it up.
  10. From the album Doll Customizing

    Everyone's favorite deadeye cultivationspren, or the start of one, anyway. I'm so pleased with how the wood texture of her body looks, and I plan to paint it a little to bring out the effect even more. (Her head and hands come from a Howleen Monster High doll, while her body is from Ever After High's Cedar Woods.) To hide some of the "pegs" and make her a proper cultivationspren, I'm going to add some crystals, but I'm going back and forth on whether to use the small pink quartz (which are more book-accurate) or the big blue ones (which are more dramatic). What do you think?