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Found 14 results

  1. Greetings 17th Shard Community! Long story short: I want to create a Stormlight Archives video game and I need your help! Long story long: I've been a Sanderson fan since 2013. I've listened to all of the Mistborn audiobooks and love them, but the Stormlight Archive books are my favorite by far. I have listened to both twice and am on my third run though of The Way of Kings. I think these books have an incredible amount of potential in the worlds of film and media. Sanderson's writing has the ability to create massive emotional shifts in the reader; he can make you convinced that all hope is lost, and then turn the tables in one empowering instant. I was listening to Words of Radiance during my current day-job and had to physically restrain myself from jumping in the air and cheering when Kaladin regained his powers and Syl returned to him (being vague to avoid spoilers). In any case, I am also a video game enthusiast. I wouldn't categorize myself as a gamer, but I do enjoy video games as both a storytelling device and an art form. Sanderson is a brilliant world-creator and I think the Stormlight Archives could easily be translated into a action-adventure video game with an array of interesting gameplay mechanics, characters, and storylines. The progression of the Way of Kings is perfect for a compelling video game storyline: Starting with Szeth hunting King Gavalar to give the player a taste of the gameplay mechanics in a tutorial section, followed by taking everything away during the period of time Kaladin is in captivity to establish a character progression. The War of Vengeance perfectly alines with classic dungeon crawler gameplay, with the common trope of the hero (Kaladin, Dalinar, Adolin, or Szeth) slaying hoards of enemies (Parshendi) along a segmented map (plateaus in the Shattered Plains). However I would want the game to be a 3rd person melee similar to Shadow of Mordor by Monolith Productions. I think there are a lot of interesting ways surge binding could make the gameplay unique. Ideally the game will end up as an open world where the player can fly (fall) all the way across Roshar, but I'm getting ahead of myself. If any of this sounds interesting to you folks I would love to here from you. If enough people are interested, I would like to start a small production company to try to accomplish this goal (if we can get permission from Sanderson). I have a decent amount of experience in the video game creation pipeline due to several game studio courses I took in college. However my expertise lies primarily in the art and animation fields, so I need some people who know how to code in order to put everything together. I intend to move forward with this project on my own, but any help will gladly be accepted. If you are at all interested in: Coding for gaming Game creation Fan art creation 3D Modeling Character Rigging Please let me know. As you can tell if you've read this far, I have big dreams about this game. In reality we will have to start small and build up. I hope some of you lovely folks will join me to make this dream become reality. If you have any questions just ask. Sorry about the long introductory post, I hope you all have a lovely day. Chris
  2. "Honor is dead, but he lives on in the hearts of men" - I think this phrase is going to be very significant, and is related to what is wrong with humans/deadeyes post-Recreance (more specifically with how to fix it). Kalak's epigraphs reveal a lot about what is going with spren/Connection on Roshar - he talks about the mechanics of what happened to Jezrien (and the Heralds are functionally spren who remain Connected to Roshar through the Oathpact). The usual Nahel bond functions by humans giving spren conscious in exchange for power (the Connect): "The bond is what keeps us alive. You sever that, and we will slowly decompose into ordinary souls—with no valid Connection to the Physical or Spiritual Realms." - Kalak (Sanderson, Brandon. Rhythm of War). I think this applies to spren, except pre-Recreance the spren would still have a valid Connection through Honor and would probably return to Shadesmar. However now, Kalak tells us: "I felt it happen to Jezrien. You think you captured him, but our god is Splintered, our Oathpact severed." So when a human breaks their oath, spren do not have a valid Connection through Honor, but they ARE connected to Mishram (as Odium is now part of Roshar), and thus remain trapped in the physical. So when Radiants sever the bond post-Recreance, the spren who usually would have Connected to Honor (keeper of oaths) instead Connect to BAM, hence their minds being trapped. Reversing this requires a version of the Nahel bond that functios according to Odium, which is what we see between Adolin and Maya. With the usual Nahel bond, humans take power from spren in exchange for their minds. Re-reading the trial scene when Maya speaks, and the exchange between her and Adolin is so similar to how Odium takes pain (Passion) from people. "Adolin...felt her pain somehow.A deep agony. And...anger?" He gives her some of his "strength" and feels a warmth deep inside: I think this works the same way it does for the Sibling - they couldn't hear Honor's tone anymore so I don't think any deadeye spren on Rohsar can. However, if they Connect with a human they can because Honor lives on in the hearts of men - as Navani proved.
  3. I was thinking about Maya and Adolin when I realized that Adolin almost certainly doesn't have the suit that matches her. What I mean is that Maya's wielder on the day Recreance probably had Shardplate and Adolin almost certainly does not have that plate. My question is whether or not that having the plate would give Adolin any sort of advantage in fighting or restoring her. Like, could he restore her more/faster if he found it? Or, pre-restoration, could he swing Maya faster or throw harder or something? Does anyone know if there's a WOB on this or something similar?
  4. Brief disclaimer: It has been some time since I posted theories on here (probably since OB came out more or less), and my Cosmere knowledge is a bit rusty, and probably outdated. If I get anything wrong, please let me know. I also do not currently have a copy of RoW on me, so I won't be quoting directly (feel free to give quotes, and I may edit some in later). I have also not read Dawnshard, so no spoilers for that please. Anyway, on to the theory: Essentially my theory is that Adolin and Maya have formed/are forming a sort of reverse Nahel bond. If my understanding of Nahel Bonds is correct (and honestly most investiture in the cosmere), they are formed when spren attach themselves to a radiant's spiritweb, utilizing cracks in the web to attach more thoroughly. My theory is that when the Recreance occurred Spren and Radiant spirit webs were forcefully separated (it is confirmed that the Spren were damaged in the Spirit realm, but to my knowledge, not how). I believe that a piece of the Spren's spiritweb remained attached to the original Radiant's spiritweb. This sort of fits in with the description of their eyes, as in the eyes are just kinda absent. Essentially, I am saying that I think that piece of the spren remains trapped in the original Radiant's web (Which is why a radiant could revive their own dead spren after killing it). This is why I think Maya and Adolin are forming a sort of reverse Nahel bond. Instead of the spren filling in the cracks in the Radiant's web, Adolin is filling in the cracks in Maya's spirit web. I think this is also why it might be that in RoW, Maya begins swearing the first oath, not Adolin.
  5. RHYTHM OF WAR SPOILERS! TL;DR: Adolin and Shallan release Ba-Ado-Mishram and revive all the Deadeyes. Some Tinfoil And Some Facts After completing WoR, I had a big question I never asked 'cause I thought Stormfather was exaggerating what had happened... but I'll come back to this point in a min. What are Deadeyes? Spren whose bonded radiant broke their oaths. But isn't the cost too high? Humans who can't keep their oath lose their Surgebinding at the cost of a dead spren? After reading RoW, we know what happens to a spren whose Radiant broke their oaths after the Recreance. Testament died after Recreance when Shallan broke her oaths... err, truths? Now back to my first point. Stormfather told Kaladin that he killed Syl. Back then I assumed he was lying and Syl will just return to Shadesmar after their bond breaks completely, which never happened. Now that I think about it, Stormfather wasn't lying. Syl would have died if her bond with Kal broke completely. Read This Before Conclusion Syl said this about Honorblades: If a Spren reqiure checks, will it just die if the the requirements are not met. I don't think so. Maya agrees with me: Spren thought they will suffer from pain, not death. And Kalak says: I certainly think this is related to formation of Deadeyes after a Radiant break oaths after the Recreance The Conclusion Before Ba-Ado-Misharm was imprisoned, a spren would not die if their Radiant broke their oaths. They would just be sent back to Shadesmar. And ever since the Recreance, any broken bond results to death of the spren. But why Ba-Ado-Mishram is so important? How can an Unmade scar Roshar in such ways? I think Ba-Ado, and all the unmade for the fact, were once of Honor and Cultivation with important roles in Rosharan Spiritual ecology. Later currupted by Oduium. But that's another theory for another day. Adolin and Shallan's arc is now going towards reviving the Deadeyes. Maya and Adoin have been theorized for long. Now we have Shallan and Testament too. I think Adolin and Shallan's next quest will be to find Ba-Ado and free her. In freeing her, they will revive the Deadeyes. Another Tinfoil Titbit Ba-Ado-Mishram was once tasked to check Surgebinding in ways that it remains safe and whatever happened to Ashyn is not repeated. She kept doing it even after Odium Unmade her 'cause Odium don't want to destroy Roshar either. After her imprisonment, Radiants and their spren realized that Nahel bonds are no longer safe and decided to break them.
  6. Adolin's Blade. Is she actually dead? She shows some cognizant abilities, but she's unresponsive. She knows her name. She's able to decide how fast she appears in Adolin's hand. she becoming less dead? Or was she never dead in the first place?
  7. I have thought alot about Adolin and Maya. I will be incredibly upset if Maya remains dead. The question is how we want it to happen. I want to see another spren trying to bond Adolin ( maybe an honor spren), and as they do Maya to wake up for a moment and be seen blocking the other spren from making contact. After I would like her to return to sleep. I think this needs to happen early in Rhythms of War. I think that when she fully returns it should be at the end of Book 4 or book 5.
  8. When Dalinar created Honor’s perpendicularity at the battle for Thaylen city, he brought together all 3 realms. Cognitive, physical, and spiritual. Adolin walked through that perpendicularity with his Shardblade aka Maya. Maya is a spren who was killed by her Radiant when the Oath was broken. I’m guessing a spren death is just spiritual because she manifests physically and in the Cognitive realm too, but still considered dead. But later we see her reaching out to Adolin with small impressions and feelings. My guess is that when Maya passed through Honor’s perpendicularity with Adolin, a part (or all) of her was resurrected from the spiritual realm and reconnected to her and she can now think and interact again with the world. And the explanation for her limited engagement with Adolin during his fighting being that she, like other spren newcomers to the world, takes time to regain her self and mind Any thoughts?
  9. From the album Doll Customizing

    This is made from just cheap Daiso (Japanese dollar store) UV resin, but the mold-making material is top-of-the-line. Not all of the fingers came out quite right, but that's because of bubbles and can be fixed with the proper technique. Now I just have to figure out how I'm making the wrist joint. Still, crystal hands! I'll probably make longer nails from clear bits of plastic straw and glue them to the tips to make them even more like claws.
  10. From the album Doll Customizing

    Because I like to make things hard for myself, I'm playing around with casting Maya's hands out of clear resin, to make them look like they're made of crystal like in the books. This early test run came out much better than I had any reason to expect!
  11. From the album Doll Customizing

    I really like the way the paint job brought out the texture of the body; it goes a long way to making it easy for me to make her look organic.
  12. From the album Doll Customizing

    They look like rocks rather than crystals, even though they're real quartz! XD I think I'm going to just go with some tacky crystal beads and really play it up.
  13. From the album Doll Customizing

    Everyone's favorite deadeye cultivationspren, or the start of one, anyway. I'm so pleased with how the wood texture of her body looks, and I plan to paint it a little to bring out the effect even more. (Her head and hands come from a Howleen Monster High doll, while her body is from Ever After High's Cedar Woods.) To hide some of the "pegs" and make her a proper cultivationspren, I'm going to add some crystals, but I'm going back and forth on whether to use the small pink quartz (which are more book-accurate) or the big blue ones (which are more dramatic). What do you think?
  14. This is the argument that Adolin makes a much better Stoneward than Edgedancer, and that it's possible he might actually become one. There's a lot of stuff to get through here, so I'll try to be concise. And yes, this theory addresses the fact that Adolin is already sort of bonded to Maya. I've already posted this idea on tumblr and reddit (with mixed reactions) and am now posting it here with some new arguments and evidence I've thought of since. Why not Edgedancer? Why Stoneward? How could this even happen? Seeing as Adolin is already bonded to Maya, a cultivationspren? Why would this even happen? Why would Brandon or any of the characters in the book want this to happen? That's it. Please tell me what you think.