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Found 17 results

  1. Let's talk about Loki on Dsney+. I have high hopes for the show. Tom Hiddleston is a gem. His humor is wonderful and dry. Was the 1st episode great? Admittedly not. It had good moments, but did not blow me away. For the most part it was setting up the premise of the series and was a bit slow. However, if Marvel takes advantage of what they have here it could be excellent.
  2. Okay I am way too hyped for June 11th and for this series to come out that I literally cannot contain my excitement and shall thereby preemptively start The First Loki Series Thread on the 17th Shard, two months early. Oh, well. To start, WHO HERE HAS SEEN THE NEW TRAILER and WHAT DID YOU THINK OF IT???
  3. Any Marvel fans out there? Endgame was pretty dang good.
  4. There was one of these for WandaVision, so I guess now there's one for Falcon and the Winter Soldier.
  5. Thoughts? Theories? Personally I love how off it all feels. It’s very unnerving, and I can’t wait to see what sinister secrets are gonna play out!
  6. Marvel Cinematic Universe Roleplay? Who's in? I'll need some help to think of a plot, but this should be fun...
  7. I know there's already a semi-official Infinity War thread, but I just really want to do a poll to see how everyone would rate this movie.
  8. It's time to ask the ultimate question.
  9. While I'm don't follow the MCU as much as some, and I've only seen Doctor Strange, I do tend to watch the new trailers, because Marvel trailers are so storming epic! So, I would just like to take a second to reflect on how STORMING AMAZING this new Infinity War trailer is.
  10. Potential Spiderman Homecoming Spoilers So I went to see Spiderman Homecoming and I really loved it, but I know a lot of people were disappointed by it for this-or-that, and also for the reason that Zendaya didn't have a big part in it and she was expected to have a big role. How do you feel about Tom Holland as Peter Parker, what did you like/dislike about the movie, (and did anyone see the after-credit scene?)
  11. From the album crab land

    here's something I can't stop thinking about
  12. A twin thread to the DCCU thread; here is a fresh Doctor Strange trailer:
  13. Hey Sharders! Just something fun to do, and I wanted to see what you could come up with. Basically, you take any superhero, like Hulk for instance, and then translate their powers into the Mistborn magic system. For Hulk, I think it fits that he is a Pewter Compounder. For some heroes, it's okay to break the rules-ish. Take Iron Man--He would need both Allowmantic steel and iron to "fly", and he's Iron Man, so naturally he would use some spikes. Obviously, some powers can't really translate. Feruchemy in Green, Allowmancy in Blue, and Hemalurgy in Red. Examples: Hulk--Pewter, Pewter. Iron Man--Steel, Iron, Tin. You don't have to use this system if you know all the terms and such, like Coinshot. Or you can just say F-Atium ect. Whatever works best for you! Have fun, maybe! Edit: If you don't know Marvel/DC, I guess you can do other things, like anime, but as a last resort.
  14. Hey guys, I don't know if this has been asked or discussed before in this site, I ran a quick search and came up with nothing so far. I'm just wondering, in a battle between a mistborn and a man literally encased in iron, how would the battle come out? Now I know there's already a debate in Marvel about Magneto and Iron Man, but a Mistborn has so many other abilities in his or her arsenal, and I'd like to see how you guys think they could be used in a battle. Also, would Stark be able to out think a Mistborn and come out on top? I think this could be a really interesting topic to just theorize over. Knock yourselves out!
  15. My AMA. As anything, I'll answer. Marvel, religion, and Star Wars are greatly appreciated. Any questions?
  16. Sorry to all those in countries where it's not released yet. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS HERE. Impressions: Ok so - that movie was *fantastic*. - language. "Do you speak to your mother with that mouth?" And the scene when they're all hanging around at the party - loved loved the dialogue going on. Black widow and hulk - I kind of don't ship it and I kind of want to see where that relationship would go. Another OMG moment was when the helicarrier appeared out of nowhere. And Vision lifting Thor's hammer - that was hilarious. And Bartons family was great. His wife is super cliche and underdeveloped but I'm ok with that since she only had like 2 minutes of screen time. I loved the moment when one of the kids showes Natasha a drawing in the middle of serious conversation. She's great with kids. (And can't have any!! :'( ) I do question a) what Banner thought he would achieve at the end there, because he knows he can't die. are we going to see Jarvis again? Also how does Stark run his suit without it?
  17. There are a plethora of Supers out there, both good and bad. They range from weird to awesome to even wierder. From Superman to Asbestos Girl (yeah, she's real, look her up). My favorites would be Deadpool(breaks the 4th wall constantly, has shiny swords, hilarious, eats chimichangas), Nightcrawler(teleportation is awesome),Venom( he's always so happy, just look at that smile), Black Panther(one badchull hombre), Magneto(Epic. could take down Steelheart in a moment), and Frozone(Where is my Supa-Suit!?). Which are your favorites?