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Found 33 results

  1. Clearly, there is a plan for Marsh down the road. I don't think Sanderson would make him immortal and keep him around for no good reason. So what's going to be his story going forward? Marsh is currently probably one of the most (if not the most) heavily ruin-invested individuals in the cosmere, save Harmony himself, and as lost metal tells us that's not likely to change. Hemalurgy was different in the era of the final empire, and you just can't have as many spikes now as Marsh does. Sazed, meanwhile, has a problem. He has more ruin in his system than he does preservation, and it's making things difficult for him. Perhaps one way to solve this issue is to shunt that extra ruin into an avatar, a minishard. And who better to make an avatar of Ruin than the person already most heavily aligned with him? Ruin is the end of all things. The fall of the great civilization, the mountain ground into dust, the star that goes out. Preservation gave a part of himself up to create life. So what then, is the avatar of that opposite part of Ruin? Death.
  2. A bit of a Marsh character study set after Kelsier and Mare are imprisoned in the pits. Rated general, angst because it's Marsh. All pairings are canon. Constructive criticism welcome. This is also posted on Ao3 and under the names MentallyIllTelepath and the7horcrux respectively. (I hope I'm doing the format right, I'm kind of new to this site) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kelsier was grinning again. Marsh could barely glance at that smile without his blood turning to ice—that insufferable smile. And, almost worse, it was directed at Mare. The woman that Kelsier had won because he always won. "Marsh is worrying again." Mare said, her dark eyes sparkling. Lord Ruler. "Marsh is always worrying." Kelsier said dismissively. Marsh bit back a scathing reply—Kelsier didn't deserve that—but maybe that's the reason I'm the one doing good in the world while you're stealing from the Lord Ruler's stronghold, you have more money than any man could ever need, why—? "Perhaps if you weren't so cavalier about this I wouldn't need to." He said. Mare's lips curled up in Marsh's direction. His pulse thudded. Stop it. So, maybe there was another reason why Marsh found Kelsier's smile insufferable. "Marsh would worry if the plants were green and the sky was yellow." Mare said cheerfully. "It's just who he is. I have to worry, Marsh thought. Because you never do. He forcibly brought his eyes back down the table. "This job is going to be perfect." Kelsier said, unbearably confident as always. "We're breaking into Kredik Shaw itself! Mare, after this job, we'll have enough money to go somewhere where we won't have to run anymore." Wouldn't that be nice. Marsh knew that Kelsier and Mare could leave this afternoon if they wanted to, but for some reason they always had another excuse. Mare laughed, the sound like bells. Kelsier scooped her up and they spun together, their hair flying. Her joy was contagious. Marsh almost smiled, himself. Almost. "Anyway, Marsh, you're sure you can trust who you're sending?" Kelsier asked, blowing a strand of his blond hair off his face. "As much as you can trust anyone in the underground." Marsh replied. "I've worked with him before. But you won't be telling him enough of the plan to do any damage anyway, correct?" Mare nodded. "Only Kelsier and I know the full plan." Marsh only knew the details that would help his part of the job. Kelsier didn't fully trust him—that was fine. The fact that Mare didn't trust him was the thing that hurt him the most, though he didn't admit it. "I'll instruct him to meet him outside Venture Manor. He'll be wearing a blue cloak—his name's Redd." "Thanks, Marsh. I'll give you some of the cut." "That would be appreciated." "You can use it for that… rebellion you're running." Marsh stiffened. He just had to bring that up. "Yes, how is that going?" Mare asked, genuinely curious. Marsh carefully unclenched his hands. "The skaa refuse to rise up, and the few who have joined us are criminals of the worst kind running from the Lord Ruler, but we can't turn them away. We have few numbers as it is." "Marsh, we're criminals." Kelsier noted, smiling. "At least I do good with what I steal." The words were out before he could stop them, and Mare looked at him. Marsh drew in a slow, steady breath. "I apologize. That was uncalled for." "We'll be doing good." His brother wasn't smiling anymore. "The Lord Ruler will have a sizeable dent in his fortune." Marsh didn't trust himself to respond and instead inclined his head. Mare was studying his face with a gaze that seemed to pierce his soul. He looked away. "Send me word once you've finished the job, if you would." "We will." Mare said—Kelsier didn't say anything. His eyes were cold, flinty. In these moments, Kelsier's resemblance to their father was striking. He stood and nodded to them. The two brothers didn't hug. They hadn't done so since they were children. Marsh watched their retreating backs and couldn't repress a chill up his spine. Dockson's eyes were red. Marsh's fingers felt cold. "Marsh," Dockson greeted him. His voice was smooth as always, but Marsh thought he detected a slight tremor. "Dockson." He waited, his heart thudding. "News?" The only tie he had to the man was Dockson's status as Kelsier's right hand man. As the leader of the rebellion, he had kept good ties with many in the underground in case he ever needed a job—but he didn't know Dockson well. He told himself that he had other contacts, but the part of him that was brutally honest told him that he tended to stay away from anyone associated with Kelsier. The other man avoided eye contact. "Marsh, I'm afraid I've just received word that Kelsier and Mare…" He looked away and cleared his throat several times. "They've—they've been sent to the Pits of Hathsin." Marsh felt a sudden surge of coldness. Of course, he hadn't heard from them in a few months but he'd… he'd just assumed… "Who told you?" He asked, ignoring his trembling hands. Dockson took a step back. "A contact I trust." "Who?" Dockson rubbed the back of his neck. "Cladent, the skaa woodworker. He used to be in the army and knows someone who guards the Pits." Marsh spun on a heel and found himself facing the only window in his house. A red sun in the sky. Had it always been red? Mare said once that it had… it had used to be yellow… "I'm sorry. I know that you and Kelsier grew up together." Dockson said. Marsh realized with a start that he hadn't thought once of Kelsier. He didn't turn around. "Thank you for bringing me this news." He was proud to say that his voice was perfectly even. A few moments later he heard the door shut. That night, Marsh laid in bed, his eyes perfectly dry. His chest ached. He hadn't cried yet. Mare at least deserved tears. Of course he felt grief about Kelsier (of course he did) for anyone who was sent to the Pits of Hathsin never returned. It was as good as a death sentence. He wasn't sure it had sunk in yet. Kelsier was always just there, an immovable certainty in Marsh's life. Someone who would always be doing ridiculous, reckless jobs that he always pulled off, somehow. The brother who everyone had always liked more—the brother who Mare had picked instead of him. The one who survived, despite everything. Marsh left the rebellion the next day. No explanations, though his subordinates badgered him for one. No excuses, not even to himself. Because if Kelsier and Mare were dead, what chance did Marsh have? In the end, one thing about Kelsier had always irritated him the most. Kelsier had bravery—a trait that Marsh had always wished he had had. And Mare—she had kindness. What did Marsh have? Responsibility that he had never shirked, and that had gotten him nowhere. A mind for figures and memorization that had stuck him in his father's ledger accounting while Kelsier went to balls and represented the house. A cold heart that no one had been able to soften, and the woman that had finally melted it hadn't been his to lose. She was Kelsier's, because he had bravery, and that insufferable smile.
  3. Death and the Survivor 1: (Mild RoW spoilers) If people like this I’ll make more strips. Probably unconsciously inspired by Calvin and Hobbes.
  4. During the time of the Final Empire, not all of the metals, or even all of the powers of the known metals, had been discovered yet. But now in Scadrial’s modern era such things have been discovered. So, would Marsh want to get his hands on these powers? For instance, if there was a Slider Misting who’s continued existence he. . . disagreed with, would he also be willing to use Hemalurgy to get their power as well? What about gaining access to other magic systems? Would he be bound to Scadrial like his brother, or like with Mistings and probably Ferrings, would he be free to leave? This WoB seems to say that Allomancy can be taken off world without too much difficulty, but what about Hemalurgy? In fact, there is a WoB that says that someone is going around the Cosmere and collecting magics via Hemalurgy. Could that be Marsh? So, I guess I've got a few questions here, really.
  5. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    This challenge again! Characters are: Lift (Stormlight Archive) Vasher (Warbreaker) Szeth (Stormlight Archive) Kelsier (Mistborn) Marsh (Mistborn) Raboniel (Stormlight Archive) (I was so pumped when drawing Kelsier & Marsh together xD Also Raboniel's lab goggles, they're just my personal quirk, not canon though.) Lift (in Azish robes) wanting more pancakes!
  6. No, that’s not a typo. 3 yr. old Kelsier doesn’t spell very well, though he’s rather skilled for his age. This is the uncolored version of the cover of the children’s book I’m making for my children.
  7. I’m still hoping one of the mods can reopen my old tarot thread in Mistborn. Until then... Please be aware that most of these cards were made four years ago. These cards are hypothetical tarot deck from Era 3 Mistborn: The Fool: Retaining it’s name from pre-Catascande Scadrial, it represents beginnings. Hence the Lord Mistborn heading from the World of Ash to the Anteverdant one. The Sovereign/The Fullborn (The Magician): This card was called the Mistborn in pre-Catascande Scadrial. Post-Catascande gave it the name Fullborn, and it has slowly transitioned toward being called the Sovereign. It represents Power and Manipulation. The Sovereign points to the four suits (Bands, Medallions, Spears and Metals or Spikes) representing his mastery of them. As the card becomes more strongly identified with The Sovereign, some interpreters have begun pairing it with the Survivor and creating unique meanings based upon the drawing of both cards. This has yet to become widely accepted, however. (If you know the RL history of this card you should know why Kelsier is so perfect for it.) The Misting (the Priestess): This card retains its name from pre-Catascande Scadrial. It represents Intuition and Secrecy. It is unclear when the cards began displaying Beldre, wife of the Lord Mistborn, but she is the most common portrait in modern tarot decks. (Do you have any idea how hard it is to substitute Lunar imagery because Scadrial doesn’t have a moon? Literally all I remember from making this card.) The Lady (The Empress): Also known as the High Lady. There is no mystery to Lady Alriane’s place on this card; her many discourses on a woman’s role in society have made her the perfect depiction of Feminity, represented by this card. The Lord Ruler (The Emperor): Pre-Catascande this card’s upright and reversed meanings were switched. Skaa readers traditionally swapped the meanings and today that is the accepted interpretation. It represents Domination and Authority. (Considering Scadrial’s history it made more sense for the meaning to be reversed.) The Obligator (The Hierophant): The Last Obligator adorns this card, as quickly became customary after the Catascande. This card represents Tradition and Government. The Lovers: Another card that retains its name, the Imperial pair represent Love. The Hound/The Guardian (The Chariot): Featuring the Guardian, the Hound card represents Determination and Self-restraint. Indications are that this card may have always featured a large dog of some sort. Strength: The Strength card is often misunderstood, as it does not refer to physical strength. Rather, it represents Integrity. The Kandra (The Hermit): Custom has it that this card features OreSeur, the Kandra who served the Survivor. It represents Introspection and Isolation. Fortune (Wheel of Fortune): Unsurprisingly, this card represents luck. Death/Ironeyes (Justice): Once known as the Inquisitor, this card was often referred to as ‘Death’ by both nobles and Skaa. So it’s not all that surprising that it became associated with Ironeyes. This card can be paired with The Survivor to create a unique trump pair known as The Brothers. In readings the two cards are said to symbolize familial relationships. Note that the Sovereign cannot pair with Ironeyes. As with the Lord Ruler, Skaa traditionally reversed the meanings of this card. However, this tradition has faded due to the card’s association with Ironeyes, who is viewed as a more just figure (albeit a terrifying one.) This card represents Law. Sacrifice (The Hanged Man): The Sacrifice card is an old one and it represents Insight. The Survivor (Death): This card has a fascinating history. The earliest versions call it Death, and it portrayed the Deepness. Pre-Catascande Nobles called this card the Deepness and portrayed it traditionally with dark swirls. Skaa were not taught religion in the Final Empire, so when the game made its way to them they - rather ironically - began referring to the card as The Mist. When the cards began being used for divination, this one came to represent Change. The Survivor quickly became associated with the Mists and no one can deny that he was - and is - a tremendous force of change. So it’s rather understandable that he became associated with this card. (In case anyone is confused: RL Tarot Decks have a Justice and Death card. Scadrians call the former Death and the latter the Survivor.)
  8. From the album Painted Mistborn Minis

    I recently finished painting the mini’s for the Mistborn House War board game and it’s expansion, The Siege of Luthadel. These were a lot of fun to paint and I’m very happy with how they turned out. Enjoy!
  9. This is how I think Marsh and Kell’s reunion went. Note: this is intended to be part of DatS. Centuries ago: Kelsier: Marsh! Marsh: Kelsier?! (Brothers hugging) Marsh: You’re alive?! Kelsier: I think so. Kelsier: There are differing philosophies. Marsh: I’m really glad to see you, Kell. Kelsier: Me too, big brother. Still Hugging Marsh: ... Marsh: You can stop hugging me now. Kelsier: No, I can’t. Kelsier: This isn’t a hug. I’m holding on for dear life. Marsh: (steps back) Kelsier (falling): HEY! Marsh: I thought you were joking? Kelsier (on ground): I have a spike through one eye. Kelsier: My vision is a mess and I have no depth perception. Kelsier: ... Can you please help me up now? This comic seems to mostly involve making fun of Kelsier and his shenanigans. It’s fun.
  10. Does anyone know what specific powers Marsh (Ironeyes) has gotten from hemalurgy? We know he is a seeker, and we know he can compound atium, but what other Allomatic and Feruchemic powers does he have?
  11. In TFE we have this statement: His mother had been a resourceful mistress of a high nobleman, a clever woman who had managed to hide the fact that she was skaa from her lord. Kell and Marsh’s father was a member of the High Nobility. We know of only ten High Noble houses, and the indication is that most of them had held their positions for awhile. So, which one of the ten do you think Marsh and Kell were born to?
  12. This isn't a theory, just something I think everyone needs to know. I was looking through WoBs (W's oB?) about 'sixteen' and I ran across this: So he has a whole bunch of atium that, I assume, he's using to compound his age. The reason Brandon didn't explicitly say that Marsh was compounding is because this Q&A was before Alloy of Law, and the readers at that point didn't know a whole lot about compounding. He just said there was something you could do with atium to make yourself younger. So, there you go. I just think we all need to be on the same page about that.
  13. So it’s been about a year I think since I’ve last posted on here but I’m back with some more custom action figures. Today I have three based on Mistborn and one new stormlight custom. Starting off with Mistborn we have Sazed. He is almost completely repainted from the base figure, the bands and earrings are sculpted on. I would like to find him some glasses but haven’t found any that work yet. I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. My one gripe is that I wish I had chosen brighter colors for his robe. Next we have Marsh (or just a steal inquisitor, I haven’t decided if I want it to actually be Marsh yet). Marsh Steel Inquisitor probably has the most creative process for a custom figure that I’ve ever done. I decided to try to actually drive nails through the figure and it surprisingly worked. I wasn’t sure if it would ruin the base body or mess up the articulation and I’m very happy that it didn’t. The only place where it varies is with the shoulders where I cut the nail and drilled a small divot on the front and back of the shoulder and glued the nails in. If I had tried stabbing the nails through the shoulders, it would’ve ruined the articulation. I do wish I had been a little more careful with the markings around the eyes because they look a little messy but overall I’m very proud of this one. To wrap up the Mistborn customs is Spook. He is probably my favorite of these three Mistborn customs. This is his look from the third book. The body is completely repainted and the cape is some fabric I cut and then burned a bit. His clothing is also supposed to have a singed look. Very happy with this one. Now to the sole Stormlight custom, Navani Kholin! Navani is probably one of the hardest ones I’ve made so far. Her Havah was hand sewn by me and honestly for my first time sewing I think it turned out nicely. Her head was completely repainted by me and I’m really happy with how well the face tone matches the rest of the body as the head was taken from a different figure. This was originally going to be Jasnah but I figured since I couldn’t find a head that fit Jasnah and that she would probably have a dress that allowed for more movement (being a Radiant) Id just make this one Navani. Super happy with this one and since this technique with the dress worked, I’ll probably redo shallan in the same way as I’ve never been very happy with how the first one turned out. thanks for checking out my work! Currently working on a Dalinar and Kaladin (finally) as I found the perfect bodies for them. They should be posted hopefully in December January. I also have ideas for a Breeze, Elend and like I mentioned before Jasnah
  14. There are sixteeen (16) metals for the Metallic Arts, usuable for Allomancy and Feruchemy, for a total of 32 possible Metalborn powers. Marsh was made an Inquisitor at the end of the Final Empire, and then enhanced by Ruin according to the same set of metals - before Harmony switched back cadmium/bendalloy for atium/malatium on the Metallic Chart. Even though chromium/nicrosil would have been unknown or unavailable metals to the Scadrians of the Final Empire, their abilities would still be on the Chart, and Ruin would have known about them and their uses. With that in mind, what is Marsh's known or suspected power set? (A) What was the Standard Set of (11) Steel Inquisitor spikes? Marsh says he had 11 spikes in him as a recently minted Inquisitor, in the Lord Ruler's throne room at the end of The Final Empire: 8 for the basic Allomantic metals 1 for F-gold 1 for A-atium (?) The linchpin spike (which may have had a property of its own as well) It would seem all Steel Inquisitors should be able to burn atium, but can we be 100% sure? Certainly Bendel and Kar were seen to do it, so either they were base Mistborn, or a spike for A-atium was standard issue. I would think that it was: it would be odd for a significant subset of Inquisitors to be subject to an ordinary Mistborn's use of atium against them. But that would raise the further question: where would they harvest hemalurgic spikes for A-atium from, without skaa Seer Mistings to harvest? Yomen said that Seers like himself were flushed out by the Ministry spiking the punch at noble balls with atium dust and then Seeking out any instinctive, unconscious use of Allomancy to burn it (since all nobles would have been Snapped by a certain age), which certainly isn't a viable strategy to discover any skaa Seers; yet he didn't seem to be nervous about potentially being a walking Inquisitor spike in waiting. The same problem seems to be there for creating new Inquisitors if they all have a spike for F-gold healing. It just doensn't seem like there'd be enough Feruchemists on hand to create the 20 or so Inquisitors alive at the time of TLR's overthrowing. Did the Ministry reuse weakened but usable spikes for A-atium and F-gold from previous Inquisitors? That seems the only logical conclusion, which then would set an upper limit for how many Inquisitors there could be at a time. As for where the putative set of spikes for A-atium came from originally, that could come from either dying Mistborn Inquisitors, condemned criminal Mistborn or discovered Seers, or straight up "kidnapped and disappeared" Allomancers whose fate would be assumed to be a loss in a House war - this is the Steel Ministry we're talking about, after all. (B) What did Ruin add to Marsh's set later? Marsh is later described has having "upwards of twenty" spikes in him at the end of The Hero of Ages, which means Ruin gave him at least 9 more spikes. Assuming A-atium is in fact part of the default set, he's seen or inferred to have used these five (5) powers: F-steel F-pewter A-duralumin (per the Mistborn Annotations, gained by spiking a Mistborn*) F-atium**, as inferred by his surviving via Compounding atium, and given by Ruin, per WoB F-bronze**, as inferred by the same (otherwise he'd die while sleeping once past his natural age) *That Annotation about how Marsh got a spike for A-duralumin carries implications with it as well. Ruin considered using up a Mistborn to gain a single Allomantic power a waste, and only did so for a power like A-duralumin where no Misting for it could be found, due to a case of "bad gnattitude". And we know Ruin created new Inquisitors from scratch (I think?) as well as enhancing existing Inquisitors from outside Luthadel that escaped Marsh's murder spree outside TLR's throne room. So why wouldn't Ruin have created or used a Mistborn Inquisitor as his chief pawn, instead of adding A-duralumin to Marsh? I think the logical answer is that any "base Mistborn" Inquisitors (the most powerful ones) were kept close to TLR in Luthadel, and thus one of the 8 killed by Marsh in his little murder spree outside the throne room. And by the time Ruin got his hands on a Mistborn to make a spike from after his release, Marsh had already gained a number of other enhancements as his "work in progress" as a chief pawn, and it was more economical to add one spike to Marsh than to add 11+ spikes (requiring 11+ Mistings or Feruchemists) to the Mistborn, even if it was kind of a waste. The illogical answer, but also possible, is that Ruin wanted to twist the knife into Kelsier in the Cognitive Realm and into his surviving crew on Scadrial by using their former friend and associate to be his most visible hand against them. And in further thinking it through, there probably weren't many base Mistborn Inquisitors, anyway, since they all start out as obligators in the Ministry. Any noble House would value their Mistborn as assassins in the service of their House above letting them become an obligator, unless the person in question was particularly religiously fanatical and enrolled him/herself, or if the Ministry paid a handsome bonus for such an obligator (groomed to become an Inquisitor) and the Mistborn came from a destitute or more minor House. **As for the inferred spike for F-bronze: if we take Ruin's giving Marsh a spike for F-atium as an indication of his intending to prolong the use of Marsh as a super-pawn in his plans for the Cosmere once he was done destroying Scadrial, via Compounding atium in what I call "The Rashek Maneuver", then the other part of The Rashek Maneuver would require compounding bronze for wakefulness. As has been pointed out in several threads before, because tapping a metalmind requires Intent, TLR could not sleep once he aged past his mortal lifespan, as he needs to constantly and increasingly draw on his atiummind to reverse his aging, and cannot do so in his sleep. Ruin would have known and observed this, and after a while, the same would apply to Marsh. So that tally brings us to 16, leaving at least 4 still to account for. There are up to four (4) obvious enhancements with immediate utility in the Scadrial End Game: A-gold - so as to be able to Compound health for healing A-electrum - at a minimum, to function as "the poor man's atium", to conserve the Real Thing. One drawback which could be a deal breaker, though: Electrum Mistings were unknown to the Final Empire, unless their existence, like Seer Mistings, were a Ministry secret. So giving Marsh a spike for this would likely have required using a Mistborn, who would be far more valuable to harvest for duralumin for a different Inquisitor. F-zinc (speed of thought) F-iron (weight) - pairs great with Steelpushing or Ironpulling That's 19 or 20. What might be the "upwards" count of spikes, then? Three (3) long-term Metalborn powers, excellent for a post-Scadrial future: F-duralumin - Compound Connection? Yes, please. Ruin would realize how useful this would be in going off-world. A-chromium (would require a Mistborn, like A-duralumin). If Ruin had been planning to take Marsh off-world, being able to Leech Investiture across all magic systems would be extremely useful. F-chromium (Fortune) - very possible Ruin would love to Compound this. Whatever it is. That's 22 or 23. Seems about right. The other nine (9) potential spikes seem less useful as add-ons for Ruin, with one possible exception, especially at the cost of a Feruchemist or full Mistborn which could be harvested for other Inquisitors (and we did see others with Feruchemical spikes, especially for F-steel): F-tin (sensory storage) F-brass (body heat) A-nicrosil - unclear why this would be useful unless there were a second Inquisitor around, except... F-nicrosil - ...maybe to compound Investiture? Hmmm! (But not if it just means creating unsealed metalminds) A-malatium, F-malatium: implausible to the extreme A-aluminum - would require spiking from a Mistborn, and to what end? F-aluminum (Identity) - ditto, but for a Feruchemist F-electrum (Determination) - No need, as Ruin planned to have direct control of Marsh.
  15. On-screen, we've seen Inquisitor Marsh exhibit three Feruchemical abilities: using pewter (he grows beefy while choking Vin in Fadrex City), steel (he blurs in speed while fighting Elend), and gold (multiple instances of healing). He is implied to have gained the spike for F-gold as part of his original set of Inquisitor spikes, before Ruin went about massively upgrading him to use him as his primary pawn. As the Coppermind entry notes, we can infer he has a spike for F-atium, as he's documented by WoB to have survived into Era 2 (and will last for a good while further) by Compounding atium the way TLR had done. Why Ruin saw fit to use up one of a small number of Feruchemists available to spike out attributes from to give Marsh a spike for F-atium is unknown; the most obvious one being, he wanted to continue to use Marsh around the Cosmere after destroying Scadrial, and thus wanted to ensure his longevity. If that's the case, we can also infer Marsh has a spike for F-bronze, with which he can Compound wakefulness. Why? For the same reason that TLR must have constantly tapped an infinite bronzemind: once past his mortal lifespan he cannot fall asleep, as one cannot tap a metalmind unconsciously, and he needs to maintain a constant draw on an atiummind to stay alive with The Rashek Maneuver. So concurrent with that constant drawing of youth must be a constant drawing of wakefulness.
  16. We know that Of course Ruin is Sazed now who isn't hellbent on killing everything or making anybody who he can influence kill stuff as well but again nobody has more spikes than Marsh has in the entire Cosmere. This sounds like a huge implication that he did use hemalurgy or at least utilized already existing spikes for himself. He doesn't seem homicidal and Sazed doesn't count Marsh when he said "the last time he had good conversation was with Kel-(this was around SoS)" when Marsh and Sazed basically has the most direct line communication ever considering the amount of spikes Marsh has. Why not mention Marsh as well ? Even after the fall of TLR and before Ruin was released. Sazed did mention to making an effort to communicate with Marsh since he was alienating the crew. So how sane do you think Marsh actually is ? Cause the spikes has to have an effect on him.
  17. Author's Note: Did this one up quick after realizing Sazed is definitely an advice recycler. Some quotes come directly from Chapter 45 of Well of Ascension. Enjoy! “I need to talk to you, Sazed,” Mare said. “I can spare a few moments, I think,” Sazed said. “But, I must warn you that my studies are very pressing, and my next assignment is coming up soon.” Mare grinned, her gleaming smile lighting up her dark features. “When are they not? What is it this time, the lost religion of people who worshipped anthills?” “Close. These people diefied nature itself--everything, from the fiery ashmount to, yes, even the smallest of ants, was seen as part of the divine. I…” Sazed trailed, off, catching a curious look in Mare’s eye. She seemed tense, distracted. Usually she paid rapt attention to anything to do with pre-ascension times, but today something was off. “Mare… what’s wrong? Mare hesitated, biting her lip slightly. Then, she moved over to the table, sitting down across from Sazed and pulling her legs up before her on the wooden seat. “Sazed,” she asked, “how do you know if you’re in love?” Normally so confident and brave, it was strange to see Mare shrink back into herself, looking almost like the girl who had saved Sazed’s life years ago. Sazed blinked. “I…I do not think I am one to speak on this topic, Mare. I know very little about it.” “You always say things like that,” Mare said. “But really, you’re an expert on just about everything.” Sazed chuckled. “In this case, I assure you that my insecurity is heartfelt. You certainly seem to have a better understanding than I.” “Humour me. You’ve got to know something.” “A bit, perhaps,” Sazed said, moistening his lips nervously. “You know, when we first met I think part of me thought I had a… an infatuation with you, to be honest, not that that would have ever worked out.” “Oh Sazed,” the sound of Mare’s laughter was somehow enchanting and heartbreaking at the same time. “You didn’t really, did you?” Of course I didn’t. It’s not a Eunuch’s place to love, after all. “Only a little, when I thought we might be kindred scholastic spirits. That was before I realized you have far too volatile a temperament for true scholarship.” Mare swatted Sazed playfully. “I’m serious Sazed. Please, I need to talk this out.” “Very well then. I’ll bite. You seem to be getting quite close to that conman who won’t stop bothering you. What, you thought I missed all those notes and gifts he’s been leaving at your window? You know, back before the Final Empire, a gentleman would leave a lady a whole bundle of flowers as a show of affection. They called it a bouquet.” “A whole bundle, really Sazed? I can’t even imagine. Kelsier will need to up his game then. He hasn’t even managed to find me a single flower, let alone an entire bouquet.” “You might be holding him to slightly too high a standard, Mare. So how do you feel when you are with him?” “I want him to consume me,” Mare said, softly. Her hushed tone almost sent a chill down Sazed's spine. “He’s like fire Sazed, and sometimes I think just being near him will be enough to destroy me entirely. He’s like the sun, blotting out all the stars in the sky with his radiance. When I’m with him I feel exhilarated, and alive. It’s like all my emotions are being rioted while I’m flaring tin. He makes me feel like being a part of something greater.” Sazed blushed, unused to hearing Mare talk in this way. “That… uh… seems to be a good sign, Mare.” “But… he scares me too, Sazed.” “Scares you?” “Sometimes, when I look in his eyes I see something. A darkness.” Mare held up her hand before her, as if she were reaching for something intangible. “His light makes me feel like he might turn me into something far greater than I imagined, but there is darkness in him too, beneath all that charm, and it is equally seductive. Dangerously so. What if I give in to him, and he changes me Sazed? Makes me forget about everything I care about. Destroys my hopes and dreams, leaving those flowers to wither in my imagination, subsumed to his wishes.” “That's… very poetic, but perhaps a little melodramatic as well? I understand the concern. Master Kelsier is… well, he’s certainly not someone I’d have chosen for you. But I also trust you to know yourself, and I doubt even the blackest darkness could blot out your dreams. Like the stars, hidden by mist, I think you could find a way to bring light to even the darkest night.” Mare smirked. “Now who’s being a poet?” “I learned from the best. But since we are playing Deepness’s advocate, I’ll try a different line. If Kelsier is so frightening, let’s turn to our more obvious choice, hmmm? What about Master Marsh? He’s been fond of you for far longer than you’ve even known his dangerous thieving brother.” “Ah yes, Marsh.” Mare’s lips quirked slightly, forming a hint of a smile before flattening into a thoughtful line as she glanced back out the window. “I don’t want him to love me. Marsh needs… he needs a woman who can stand by his side as he leads the rebellion to victory. A woman who can live up to the ideals and standards of perfection he holds so dear. Someone who can sink back into his arms and be glad of their protective embrace.” Mare turned back, meeting Sazed’s gaze. “That’s not me, Sazed. Marsh wants to protect me, but sometimes I think I’m already lost. I’m not the person he thinks I am, and it would be cruel of me to pretend otherwise.” “Master Marsh, though, is in love with you, yes? You trust him. Those iron eyes, as people call them, see a great deal, I think. How do you know he doesn’t love all of who you are, because you are exciting and different? That man could use a lot of things, but a little laughter and spontaneity certainly could not hurt.” Mare cocked her head to the side. “Careful Sazed, flatter me too much more and I might believe you do still fancy me.” She means no harm, she’s your friend. “My point stands. You are who you are. Despite Master Kelsier’s interference, despite your different approaches to life, Marsh fell in love with you, and I have to say your dreams, though ambitious, are rather compatible.” “I shouldn’t have let him fall in love with me. He deserves to be with someone who… deserves him, not someone like me.” Sazed frowned, feeling like he was missing something. “And why do you, of all people, not deserve to be loved?” Mare shook her head. “It’s not that simple, Saze.” “Few things are. Yet, I tell you this. Love must be allowed to flow both ways—if it is not, then it is not truly love, I think. It is something else. Infatuation, perhaps? Either way, there are some of us who are far too quick to make martyrs of ourselves. We stand at the side, watching, thinking that we do the right thing by inaction. We fear pain—our own, or that of another.” He reached forward, taking Mare’s hand in his own. “But…is that love? Is it love to assume for Marsh that he has no place with you? Or, is it love to let him make his own decision in the matter?” “And if I’m wrong for him?” Mare asked. “You must love him enough to trust his wishes, even if you disagree with them. You must respect him—no matter how wrong you think he may be, no matter how poor you think his decisions, you must respect his desire to make them. Even if one of them includes loving you.” Mare smiled slightly, but she still seemed troubled. “And…” she said very slowly, “if it doesn’t flow both ways? If I’ve already betrayed his feelings?" Ah…. Mare tensed immediately. “This must stay between us.” “Of course, as always.” Sazed hesitated. “It is Master Kelsier then? Mare shrugged. “Let’s say it is. You heard me before Sazed. He makes me feel so many things. Marsh makes me feel loved, but nothing else.” “Do you love him?” “Who?” Sazed shrugged. “You’re infuriating. Fine. I don’t know. I respect Marsh, and I think I’m infatuated with Kelsier, or maybe, the idea of him. There might be something more there, but I honestly can’t be sure.” Sazed hesitated. In this matter, he knew he should remain unbiased. He didn’t know enough about Kelsier, or his intentions, to compare him to Marsh—and Keepers were supposed to give information, but avoid specific advice. “And does he love you?” “Marsh certainly does. I mean, it’s obvious isn’t it? Kelsier… I… I think he does. I know he wants me. It’s just hard to tell with him. For all I know he’s just doing this to spite his brother. With Marsh, it’s an open book. I know exactly where I stand with him. With Kelsier, there’s... always another secret. Shouldn’t I pay more attention to the man who is more exciting for me? Or should I play it safe and choose the more dependable one?” “I don’t know, Mare. I honestly don’t know. I warned you of my ignorance in this area. I think you’ve already made up your mind though, and maybe just needed to talk yourself into it?” She sighed. “It’s all so frustrating. I should be worrying about the city and about overthrowing that Lord Tyrant, and making flowers bloom again, not which man to spend my evenings with!” “It is hard to defend others when our own lives are in turmoil,” Sazed said. Mare stood. “Thank-you Sazed. You’re a good friend. Thank-you for listening. I don’t know what I’ll do without you. Please say you’ll stay?” “I’m afraid the Synod has another assignment for me elsewhere. I’m sorry Mare but, we can’t all be as brave and daring as your Kelsier. Give Master Marsh my regards.” Mare nodded in understanding. “Yes. I will. Good luck Sazed. Stay safe.” Sazed smiled, and wished her the same, though in his heart he knew she wouldn’t be.
  18. So I just finished re-listening to The Alloy of Law on audiobook and I have a question regarding Marsh. Obviously, he has found some way to stay alive. I feel like the most obvious way he did this is with a combination of Allomancy and Feruchemy, just like the Lord Ruler used. However, I see a potential problem. In Feruchemy, atium is used to store physical age. However, in Era 2, atium is merely a thing of legend. I thought I remembered via WOB that the power of Harmony that would have coalesced into atium is instead being used elsewhere for some other, as of yet, unknown purpose. If this is the case, how is Marsh staying alive? Did Harmony merely allow enough atium to form that would let Marsh survive 300 years, or is there another reason?
  19. We know that being an Inquisitor doesn't automatically shave that person's head. I think any sane person who sees a big man with railroad spikes in place of their eyes is gonna freeze with terror or probably die of terror. Before Sazed's final ascension Inquisitors were kinda like the enemy of the state and unstoppable killers even after Sazed's ascension Marsh was a figure of death. Sooo. Who shaves his head ? Is he that good at shaving that despite having only ironlines as sight he still can shave his head to perfection? Kandra ? Uhm him intimidating people into shaving his head ? Does he like soothe/riot the person all the time who he decided to shave his head ?(wouldn't that create some weirder mythology about him) Does he have a really really weird personal barber like adolin every century ?(like does he post an ad "Hiring: Personal barbers willing to shave anywhere. High pay is given") Does he ask Harmony and go "yo, Sazed it's shaving time" (yes Sazed is the Hero of Ages, yes he is the god of Scandrians, yes he is the most powerful person in Cosmere atm but knowing Sazed is he really the type to decline if you ask him to pick a shirt, "can you please make tea tnx" or shave a beard. Ok Sazed might actually be the only Shard where you are the servant and you can order him around) ? Yes. This is currently the most intriguing mystery of Cosmere for me.
  20. So, we have the Noble Houses of many of the main characters in the series. Vin was a Tekiel, Breeze was a Ladrian, Elend, well... But what of Kell and Marsh? We know they were born to a high nobleman and his resourceful mistress, and that after being discovered, they'd probably ditch their father's name... But still, do we know what their names would be? Or is that being kept as a juicy secret for the end of Era 2?
  21. From my understanding to stay ageless you need to compound Atium, but as far as I know there isn't anymore Atium in Era 2? Where is marsh getting his Atium?
  22. Hi All! I'm new to the forum, but a long time Brandon Sanderson fan. I love the Mistborn trilogy, and thought it would be fun to create a Lego Ideas project based on it! For those that don't know, Lego Ideas is a platform where users can submit their creations, and if they get enough supporters it could become a real Lego set! Check out the details and such on the official site.
  23. As far as I have understood, Marsh is keeping himself alive by using atium. Do we have an idea for how long this will work, and so, how long Marsh will stay alive?
  24. From the album Mistborn Era I Trading Cards

    Another challenge!! Gah! How am I supposed to draw a collapsed eye socket with a spike through it?! I tried.
  25. From the album Mistborn Era II Trading Cards

    How do you draw a collapsed eye socket with a spike in it?! Heck if I know. I tried.