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Found 12 results

  1. These alomancy grenades are suuuper cool. They add a whole different dimension to abilities but there's a few edge cases where I'm kind of unsure as to what the result would be, like tin and pewter? they'd just make everyone inside be tineye's and pewterarms for duration? this is probably a headache which Brandon is trying to figure out atm (unless he already had to sit down and really think about it). But what's interesting about these grenades is how they erase Intent (or maybe it would be more accurate to say Command) because anyone can use them and they work on general not specific things. I also wanted to add if these things could be done for things outside the metallic arts but I find it difficult again because of lack of Intent or Command. Unless you can also store certain Intents or Commands like a Lightweaver illusion or a gravitational pull in all directions.
  2. Thank you guys for helping me sort out my feelings on this era!
  3. A random thing I did :)
  4. Ok, so me and a friend are doing a re-read through all Cosmere works, and he had a question that I think is a bit valid. He feels like the fact that Marasi is able to instinctively use allomancy and feruchemy when holding the bands of mourning is unrealistic. He speaks of normal character development, specifically with pushing/pulling and how there is a lot of practice involved in order to perfect the subtleties of pushing and pulling, and yet when Marasi has the bands of Mourning, she is able to easily go ham on everyone. Anyone have any good explanations on that? It makes sense that Wax would be good at using them as he is a Twinborn, and a practiced coin shot, but Marasi...? Is there a good answer to why anyone holding the bands of mourning is just crazy legit, regardless of whether they've practiced or is the answer's a mystical object so it gives mystical matter what...? Thanks in advance.
  5. Just a sketch of Marasi as I imagine her. Decided to share it here -KR
  6. Are we SURE it's Odium attacking Harmony at Scadrial? If Harmony had to divest himself of power to keep them away from Odium. He has admitted to being trapped and at odds with his dual natures in the final Letter in Oathbringer. I wonder what character he might choose as successor? Have you? Any thoughts?
  7. Is it possible that Marasi could make a Cadmium bubble last long enough that she ends up in the third era mistborn novels? I'm not sure why this would happen, maybe she gets stuck in one on accident, or maybe she becomes aware of something important happening a few centuries in the future, but can anybody confirm or deny if this is possible?
  8. Don't have any proof for this theory but just thought I would throw this out there. My theory for Marasi's character is that she will be the last surviving member of Era 2 Mistborn. What envision happening is Wax dying at the end of LM and Marasi being in some way responsible for his demise. She goes off into the roughs and becomes a lawman (law-woman?). But as technology spreads and urbanization reaches the roughs, her positions as a lawperson becomes irrelevant. She ends up going exploring and is never heard from again... Until Era 3 where she shows up and is surprisingly young considering the time lapse. This is because she gets fed up with the backward ways of society and spends a significant amount of time burning or even flaring Nicrosil Cadmium to propel herself into the future. She will act as a guide to at least one of the protagonists in Era 3, maybe even her great-niece/nephew. Again, no proof for this just daydreaming here.
  9. "Thanks, Wayne," Marasi said as the short man opened the hotel room door to let himself out. "Oh, think nothin' of it, Marasi. If I had a problem like that, an' this was the only way I could get any sleep, I'd sure want a mate who could help out, so why not do the same for you?" He smiled and closed the door, then turned to head back to his own room. And barely avoided crashing into MeLaan, who had been standing outside waiting there for a while, by the looks of her. Wayne jumped, startled. "MeLaan! Errm... this isn't what it looks like," he proclaimed immediately. "Looks like you coming out of Marasi's room late in the evening," the statuesque kandra remarked idly, looking generally downwards at him. "Well yes, but--" "After helping her 'prepare' for bed?" Wayne stiffened. "Now it ain't like that!" "I don't mind. It's not like I'd get jealous over such things. I'm mostly just surprised. Never saw any signs that you two were that close." He scowled. "We ain't! This was a... a professional meeting, me helping her with a personal need--" he stopped. "That just makes it sound even worse, doesn't it?" The kandra just grinned cheekily. "It's kinda embarrassing, truth be told. She wouldn't want me tellin' anyone about her little problem, especially if it were to get back to Wax." MeLaan simply nodded, her curiosity thoroughly piqued by now. "It's... well... her allomancy." "Her allomancy?" Wayne nodded. "You know her and I have complimentary powers?" "You burn bendallloy to speed up time in a bubble, and she burns cadmium to slow it down." "Aye. Well, she didn't use any of her power on today's Mission." MeLaan nodded. "She tends to find fewer opportunities than you do." "And just to make it all worse, cadmium burns real slow. Well, wisdom of the Survivor himself says to always burn all the metal you got left before bed." "I've heard of that. Allomantic metals can be toxic." "Exactly. And cadmium, it's one of the worst of all. Really nasty, what it can do to a person." "So she needs to make extra sure to burn it at night," MeLaan said. "Where do you come in?" "Well, the problem with burning off cadmium at night is what it does to you. Most metals, you can just let 'em burn until they're gone, and not much happens if you don't do nothing with them, but cadmium..." That's when it dawned on MeLaan. "She wouldn't be able to sleep well because she'd run out of time." "Exactly." "Unless... if you burn your own power at the same time, close enough that you're both inside each other's bubbles, do the effects just cancel out?" "Now you got it, " Wayne said. She smiled. "You're a good friend, Wayne, more decent and loyal than you give yourself credit for. It's one of the things I like about you. " Wayne actually flushed a little at that. "Thought'cha liked me fer me natural wit an' charm, an' me skill at disguises an' such," he mumbled. She grinned and slipped a hand into his, smiling playfully and giving his hand a fond little squeeze. "One of the reasons." Then she leaned down and whispered in his ear, "do you have any slow time left?"
  10. I noticed there wasn't a thread on Mistborn Era 2 Meyers Briggs types so I figured I start one. These are my guesses Waxillium Ladrian- INFP Wayne- ENFP or ESFP Steris Harms- ISTJ Marasi Colms- I'm not really sure for her. She is rather intellectual but fascinated by morals of others. Marasi has been known to make rash decisions in times of danger. So INxP Alikk Neverfar- I don't think we've seen enough of him to type him thoroughly but I feel like he's an xNFJ. Any Ideas?
  11. Time for some good ol' fashioned character arc discussion. I. Marasi the Visionary Of all of Era 2's main good guys (Wax, Wayne, Marasi, Steris, MeLaan), Marasi is the most forward-looking, most likely to see the big picture and think long-term, most accepting (or even desirous) of change. This is especially apparent when comparing her with her one-time idol, Wax, which she conveniently does for us herself: Wax himself reflects on multiple occasions that he feels old-fashioned, a relic. In fact, in one of these reflections, he also compares himself and Marasi: Even though Wax doesn't fully buy Marasi's idea, I think on some level he knows that his favorite way of improving the world, hunting down criminals one by one and administering justice with his own hand, is increasingly ineffective in modern Scadrial. I consider it his central character conflict, more important even than his grief over Lessie (both times). Tillaume, despite his eventual betrayal, had a good point when he tried to impress upon Wax the true importance of his duties as House Lord. Wax admits as much to himself later when praying, and even recognizes his own tendency to underestimate how important these things are: As of Bands, not much has changed. Wax still has a need to be personally involved. It even leads to a short argument in New Seran when Marasi recognizes that Wax's obsession with Suit is at least partly due to pride, and calls him on his pettiness. I wouldn't go so far as to say Wax enjoys violence itself, but on some level he exults in the challenge, the hunt, the face-to-face confrontation. In this, Marasi is Wax's opposite. She has no problem improving the world through impersonal, abstract means; in fact, she prefers it, because it is more effective, even if it is not as flashy and obviously heroic as Wax's approach. This is evident from when she explained "broken windows theory" to Wax in Alloy, and even moreso from her thoughts when she does get personally involved: Wax's tendency to focus on dramatic outliers is also demonstrated by his attitude toward the Village. When he realizes that even a seemingly idyllic community cannot completely prevent violent crime, it causes him to question everything about that community: Had Marasi been in his place, she probably would have focused on how to apply the principles of the Village to the rest of Elendel, using the big picture to effect change for the better. This is also apparent when she comes up with the idea to interview Kandra so as to learn from history. She is also frequently the questioner of conventional wisdom, such as in Alloy when she points out that Elendel is actually more dangerous, statistically, than the Roughs, or when she informs characters (Wax included) that rough interrogation is actually very ineffective. In Shadows, she's the one who gets Aradel to see that acting against Governer Innate is justified. Interestingly, Marasi's visonary mindset is something she has in common with the Set—not that she'd ever condone their means of advancing society, or even agree with their definition of societal progress. Still, of the main five, she's the most likely to agree that sometimes greater societal good requires unpleasant things. The first quote in this post, where she thinks about creating a world where law enforcement wouldn't be needed, comes right on the heels of her considering that without the death of innocents, there would be no kandra, and that the Lord Ruler, despite his tyranny, was also (she thinks) responsible for saving all the southern Scadrians. Last but not least, she is the one to connect the dots between Paalm's mystery spike and Trell, and take it upon herself to find out as much as possible about Trell. Honestly, part of me considers Marasi's big-picture style of thinking so self-evident that I needn't have made such a case for it. But I don't think I've seen in brought up before, and it's not under the "Personality" section of her coppermind article, so there you go. II. To Be Underestimated I have adored Steris since her first appearance, and Bands has brought the fandom's appreciation of her to an all-time high. Thus it is ironic that for the first time in the series, I find Marasi's position in the story more compelling that Steris's. Though I suspect many will disagree, I would say that right now, Marasi is the most underestimated of the main five (both by readers and the other characters). This is not to say the other character's don't value her; of course they do. Steris even rates her usefulness above Wayne's. Wayne himself readily admits that Marasi's straightforward method of acquiring the bank records in New Seran was a good idea. And Wax, of course, not only values her detective skills and marksmanship, he personally helps her find ways to use her Pulser ability (notably, he is the one who first realizes the potential of combining it with the "allomantic grenade"). But none of these things, not even her allomancy, are really Marasi's biggest asset. They are her skills; they are not her. They are not what makes her tick. What really defines Marasi is everything I mentioned in section one. She wants to change the world at the roots, and not with flashy, glamorous heroics, but with ideas—ideas that seem pretty dry to most people despite being practical—or maybe even because they are so practical. This is her true passion, and it is the aspect of her that her closest companions value the least. III. Dreams So what does Marasi want, and where does she go from here? Of all the main characters, Marasi got the most ambiguous ending in Bands. Wax came to understand Harmony's role in Lessie's death, and is now happily married to Steris. Steris herself really came into her own in finding ways to user her skillset on these crazy adventures. Wayne moved on from Ranette, got over his gun complex at least a little bit, and has a budding relationship with MeLaan. And Marasi? Well, she spent the entire book seemingly annoyed by or unable to relate to her companions, and the final scene showed her back where Shadows left off, doing solo research on Trell, determined, but still feeling very in the dark. This quote comes from a passage where Marasi is reflecting on how thrilling it is to be a constable. These are the childhood dreams that I believe the opening quote of this section are referring to. I'm not sure if Marasi will leave the constabulary for something else; it's possible, but since she's not actually a field constable and her current position gives her plenty of access to data she can analyze for trends, it's at least equally possible that she simply means she will avoid running around with Wax and focus on office work. It's pretty much a guarantee that Wax, Wayne, and Steris will be gallivanting off on some adventure in The Lost Metal, but I think this time Marasi might not go with them, or might do so only reluctantly, after being persuaded or given an exceptional reason. I fully expect her research on Trell to be crucial, but I think she will probably serve a bigger role than that. Unfortunately, the above quote, the most definitive thought she has about her future plans, leaves open the possibility of just about anything. The most likely thing I can come up with right now is that she might be dealing heavily with the southern Scadrians, an ambassador of sorts. This is mainly based on her rapport with Allik, her fascination with other societies, and her tendency to see the big picture. But ultimately, this is just a tentative hunch. In any case, Marasi was important enough to come up in Harmony's conversation with Wax: I highly doubt that refers to her job as a constable, or even briefly weilding the Bands. I think something enormous is in store for Marasi in The Lost Metal, and right now that's the part of the book I am most looking forward to.
  12. First off, let's assume that Steelrunners automatically speed their minds up as well as their body, otherwise they would be constantly crashing into things. Now let's take a Steelrunner/Pulser Twinborn. (Feruchemical!Steel, Allomantic!Cadmium.) The Twinborn pops up a Cadmium bubble, slowing down everyone around her, but then taps speed, returning herself to normal speed when compared to people outside the bubble. You can now communicate with people outside the bubble, while everyone around you is frozen. Good for lots of things, such as defusing bombs, searching a person, getting outside help, and so on. Why do I bring this up? Because Marasi is a Pulser, and there is a Feruchemical!Steel Spike floating about. I'd bet that somehow, she ends up with it.