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Found 6 results

  1. Mahz stepped into the shack, looking around nervously. There was an old woman with glasses sitting at the table in the center of the room across from him. He sat down and stared awkwardly at the woman for several minutes. Finally, he decided to break the silence. "Can you tell me where I am?" The old lady chuckled. "Of course. But first, allow me to ask you why you've come here?" This didn't make Mahz any less confused. But he knew what the answer had to be. "I'm here to gain the power to kill the person who murdered my brother." The woman smiled. "Well in that case, I think we can help. I'm here to offer you a job. We'll train you for about six months, and then let you go out on your own to complete it-although with all of our resources at your disposal, of course." "Will that give me enough power?" "Oh no, of course not. That man was trained personally by Nalan, whatever training or resources we could give you in six months wouldn't be nearly enough. But once you succeed on our mission, it will be just about the easiest thing you've ever done." Mahz smiled. "Alright. What am I doing?" "Many years ago, a powerful man trapped himself in with an equally powerful being. We believe we've found a way to control this being. Now all we need is for someone to let it out."
  2. Here is how it is going to work. Each day will be posted by an assigned someone, once the Countdown has ended for that said day or night. This will continue as a normal FFRP, with the addition of a timer for day and night. I am attempting to embed a timer if I can't seem to get that to work then here is the timer. The timer is here to keep pressure off people who are say across the world from other Alleyverse members, allowing them to participate in either day/night cycles. Forces involved and Allies AU Ghostbloods Canton of Combat Liebrary Sentinel Black Cusade Maps *** Dawn broke, the sun cresting the AlleyMountians. Interestingly enough the sun rose Northwest and set in the Southeast. Solace stood upon the AlleyOutlook watching the sun rise into the sky. He turned and stalked back to his command tent, his double shadow, on real and the other the Alleyspren, his spren. Nobody else was quite up, though his closest generals, and battalionlords awaited him in the command tent. Solace tossed the entrance flaps aside, striding in. He was greeted by grim faced generals and members of his council that had showed up. Only poor Rashan Caer had answered the call. Well sort of, he had been with them until he died and lost his memory. Solace was unsure whether or not Rashan had recovered from his amnesia. Other members allowed inside the tent were La TaiRu, Veil, Devaan. So liitle of his guild had responded. He was disappointed. But that was for a different time. He stepped up to the table. It held a map of the AlleyCity. The city that was occupied by the Black Crusade. "The troops we have right now are immediate reserves I have kept here in the forest. I am unsure whether forces from the Canton of Combat or the Liebrary has forces that will join and aid us. That can be discussed later. As for the plan of attack. The only thing that can reach the city from here is the ballista on the back of our only assault Lifeless Hemalurgic Chasmfiend, ALHC. I want it to attack the defending towers, here." Solace said pointing to the towers along the Southwest wall. "I will lead a our 20 Windrunners and Skybreakers on an attack on the wall. Veil you will come with me on this. Once a portion of the wall is secure and the towers are destroyed, will our coinshots launch from the Transport Lifeless Hemalurgic Chasmfiend, TLHC, to the walls. From there will we open the gates. We only have enough troops for a dedicated assault on Southwest and South gates. From there I want four hundred of our Heavy infantry to come assist. The three fifty that are left will be reserves as well as the Calvary, should the black crusade or any other foolish guild decide to attack our position. This will be the rear guard, La TaiRu, you are in charge of this group, also keep an eye on Rashan please, monitor his condition and report back to me tonight. Devaan, I trust that you will lead the Heavy infantry into the city once we open those gates, you will be in charge of the main attack force. Should we get both gates open, you may decide whether to split your forces and send them to both gates. Drakon, leader of the Black Crusade will regret he dared kill me. Gather your forces we attack in an hour's time." Everyone in the room nodded. People began to file out of the tent, however one remained, La TaiRu. Solace walked over to the man who poured over the map. he clapped a hand on TaiRu's shoulder. "I will need to contact the rest of our members and inform them what is happening. We need any much help and reinforcements as possible. We won't be able to secure the AlleyCity otherwise." He said. Solace left the man as he nodded, mistcloak swirling about him. He returned to the Outlook. _______ One hour later. Ten Windrunners and ten Skybreakers stood with him looking at the Alleycity with its Black Crusade Banners waving in the wind. Only Solace could see them. Each member of his group wore shardplate and bore shardlances. He nodded to both squad leaders operating their specific Order, signifying that it was time. With a yell he leaped off the overlook, falling hundreds of feet, slowing himself with a coin. He wore his hybrid mistcloak with a hood over a black and red armor, a belt with as many allomantic vials as he could carry allowing space for only his hand cannons, and IV awakened [Light]sabers. As always he wore his black and red mask. interestingly enough where the left eye hole should be was smooth metal instead. He hit the ground running. The Windrunners formed up around him flying a few inches above the ground, as the Skybreakers took to the air above him. The Skybreakers were commanded to lash the friendly fire and destroy enemy return fire. They would join when Solace reached the wall. A ballista bolt struck the ground near him, it was difficult for Skybrekers to identify the bolts but it wasn't impossible. Solace ran forward. dodging boulders tossed from catapults and bolts from ballista. He phased back and forth from the cognitive realm and back to the physical realm burning pewter as he ran. None of his radiants fell on the initial charge, but there would be many more casualties to follow. Upon arriving to the Southwest wall he stopped burning pewter and instead burned Steel and Duralumin, throwing himself into the air, burning pewter right after to prevent himself from being torn apart. He shot past the defenders on the wall, mistcloak fluttering furiously. He slowed an began to plummeted back to the ground. he had expertly projected himself at an angle where he would land on the wall, not shoot over it or back down to the ground where he had come from. During the fall he restored metals that he had lost. The Windrunners had begun their attack, battering at the Black crusade defenders, and were soon joined by the Skybreakers. He landed in the middle of them with enough force to crack to stone around him. He always had a flair for dramatic entrances and had passed that on to Rhazien. He smiled beneath his mask. He waited ten heartbeats and his blade, Kindness, fell into it. Kindess granted him the surges of Division and transportation. A weapon he had acquired long ago. With a snarl he attack the defenders. The war had begun. Day 1 Night 1 Day 2
  3. In the beginning there was nothing. Darkness. Emptiness. A void. From that void sprung Adonalsium, creator, the first and the last, God. With his power, Adonalsium created the known Universe. He formed the planets, sun, moon and stars. He created the land and sea, the plants and animals that lived in them. Most importantly he created humans in his own image. But in every tale, myth, legend and story, greed, fear, and lust entered the hearts of men. Sixteen men and women conspired together and killed God. They divided Adonalsium’s power between themselves. These manifestations of power were called Shards, holding a specific attribute of the God they murdered. Unbenounced to the Sixteen Shards, two additional people ascended to godhood, almost by accident, these individual were the Shards Voidus and Narration. Narration travelled to a far corner of the universe, who would soon be joined by Voidus. Voidus traveled abroad, using modified Hemalurgy to spike the first splinters of Shards. In total he succeeded in spiking splinters of Cultivation, Preservation, Dominion, Devotion, Autonomy, Ambition, and Ingenuity. Voidus stumbled upon the solar system, the Alleyverse, created by Narration. Voidus bargained with Narration-though in reality Voidus did not need to-and spiked the only habitable planet, AlleyOne, with the spikes collected. Narration in turn received the promise of retaining his Shard. Voidus placed them into the center of AlleyOne. Though what occured, not even Voidus himself expected. The Spike of Cultivation, melded with the rest of the spikes. Together the grew into one single massive spike that would later become what the inhabitants of AlleyOne call the WorldSpike. Its power, corrupted or enlightened the minds of every living thing. This is how Voidus created a world dependant on Hemalurgy for survival. Thus is the creation of the of the Alleyverse and its people.
  4. It had been a month since Rhazien and Yzabet were married. That said their honeymoon was cut short once people had pursued him, one his honeymoon. The nerve these people had! He had only left his place of sanctuary only a few time on the promise he would use Aon Shao. The Aon he had studied non stop in his time in hiding. He had found the Aviar he had originally attempted to bargain before everyone had tried to kill him. He sighed, and pulling up his sleeve to see the black poisoning spreading through his veins. His entire arm were nearly black. Thankfully it was spreading upward, so Yzabet couldn't see what was happening to him, though the upward spread brought him closer to death. He returned to this work of Bloodsealing. He had just picked it up from the books he borrowed. The man he took them from wouldn't mind as he was dead. He carved in the final touches and applied the blood to insignia and pressed it against the skeleton in front of him. The creature awoke with the symbol on its head glowing for a moment. He placed a fresh vial of blood beneath the skeletons nose. "Track this person and eliminate them." He commanded, giving it one of his aluminum swords. The target wasn't important but it was necessary to see if the creature was functional.
  5. Rhazien woke strapped to a table, unable to see. He knew he wasn't blind, but he could see due to the level of darkness in the room. The room he lay in was silent. Only the sound of his breathing reached his ears. He struggled against the cords that bound him but to no avail. "Atha! I need you," he hissed. There was no answer from his spren. Though a voice did speak. "You spren is gone, she has left to see the Taker of Secrets." The voice said. Rhazien couldn't make out where the person was but he could make out a general location. He voice had sounded near his feet. He struggled some more at the thought of losing his spren and his ability to surgebind. "It is time to begin." The voice said. A candle was lit and a hood pulled back. Rhazien stared in horror at the creature before him. The man seemed to be a fusion of Dakhor monk and inquisitor. Two large spikes replaced the eyes and Rhazien could see the spike in the mans chest where the robe didn't hide the metal. People were filed in all tied together by a string around their necks. The man began to chant and Rhazien screamed, emitting a very guttural painful noise. Before he blacked out he stored his first memory. *** The wind blew gently through the grass, making the individual blades of grass seem as if they were dancing. Rhazien stood overlooking the Alleyvillage, upon a grassy cliffside. He returned his gaze to his three companions; Akrasia, Mac, and Lopen. He approached them three honorblades stuck hilt up the ground before each. Looked at each of them before speaking. "As soon as you swear the Oath you are entitled to these baldes before you. Be warned, should you break the oath, I and whoever should be with me in the Ghostbloods upon the breaking of your Oath will seek to wipe every trace of your essence from the face of all three realms." He told them, stonefaced. "I now as you each to swear the Oath of Loyalty." "I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely support and defend the Ghostbloods and its decrees against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; to forsake all other guilds and clans within the Alleyverse. That I will bear arms on behalf of the Ghostbloods when required by the Council; that I will gather all information, intelligence, and recruitment (when necessary) when required by the Council; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the Council; and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me Adonalsium." Each said in unison. "Let the Alleyverse tremble at this day, for we shall rule them." Rhazien said, overlooking the alleyverse, with hand streched forth. "There will be a day where we have ultamate power over this place and it's people. It will be glorious." *** When Rhazien awoke he felt stronger, faster, more powerful. He noticed that he was no longer on a table but a comfortable mattress. He stood dressing in a Dakhor rode that was provided for him. Upon exiting his abode, he came face to face with the inquisitor monk. "walk with me." He commanded. "Who are you?" Rhazien asked. "My name is Vatheson." He replied. "what does Wyrn require of me?" Another question. "that you complete your collection." Came the answer. "What exactly did you do to me?" "we gave you the ability of enhanced strength and speed as well as negate and resist Aons. It required the death of fifty innocents." "I see." "this was the price you had to pay to acquire this power." "I know." Rhazien said. "I must return to the Alleyverse." "Of course you must but not now. The othe selish abilities you seek are here." Vatheson informed him. "I tell you two things. The first it that we Dakhor monks will fight with you when the time comes. You have earned our respect. The second is that you will face a old friend who you pass through these doors." Rhazien paused. He stood in front of a large double oaken door. He pushed it open to confront whoever waited inside. *** If you have questions or are just reading this for the first time wondering what is going on then click here to read Phase 1
  6. Much as been going on in the Alleyverse that is for sure. But I felt like I needed to post this because much of us don't know what Freeform Roleplay is. Well, I found something that should define it thoroughly I hope. It is in the spoiler below, for length. This should help everyone learn how to do FFRP correctly. Anyways another reason to post this it to start an FFRP that heats up to The Guild War, if it does result in that. All of that will occur here to give us some practice. As I am posting this. I will be explaining/ storyboarding my quest in the quote below. I expect this to take at least a month and a half, and hope that many of you Alleyversers participate in this! Another thing, all guild interactions should happen here, unless it is top secret. Just as a heads up, please put non-rp chat in a different color or quote. "Rules" of FFRP @MacThorstenson thoughts as by @Voidus Rhazien left the gathering room. The room was rather more a representative table, where the guilds met and discussed topics. Much of them dissolved over arguing over Hemalurgy. No Rhazien could not stand this. He immediately dissolved the Ghostbloods. He did not want to be puppets to anyone or any group. He rubbed his Ghostblood tattoo absentmindedly. Septimus and Nei'an immediately took control forming the New Ghostbloods. He sighed. His spren, Atha, sat on his shoulder. He turned once more looking at the Mediator building before descending the stairs. Rhazien wore a simple traveling cloak, black on the outside and red on the inside. The only armor he wore were upon his arms. Spikes jutted from his pauldrons. He checked his aluminum shortswords at his waist and his broadsword upon his back. He secured his aluminum Kunai on his person. Rhazien flipped his hood up sidestepping into an alley, a safe, neutral one. He unhooked a white mask stylized with red. Placing it over his face. This was the true face of Rhazien. The world would fear him regardless of his association. Yes, fear. His favorite emotion to force upon other people. He was no longer Sahin the Just rather Rhazien the Undefeated. He walked to the place where he had stashed his most important belongings, notes, money, and other interesting things. He pulled a few bricks from a house, uncovering the satchel. Rhazien snatched it. He quickly checked the inside making sure nothing was taken. He breathed a sigh of relief. He checked to see if anyone was following him. He saw no-one. Good. nobody could know what he worked on. Time to be going. He threw on the satchel and fled the alley.