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Found 3 results

  1. Alright folks! I have taken up an undertaking. I'm making a full Magic set (around 250 cards) based solely on Mistborn: The Final Empire. I have been going at this for a few weeks now, and have made enough progress and am dedicated enough to post. Thus far, I have close to 100 card ideas, and am shifting things into playtest mode. I don't want to make an idea for a full set and then realize there's a major design flaw, so I'm sticking to a bit over a third of the planned cards, playtesting a bit with those, and then carrying on. I don't have a lot of cards that are presentable just yet, but I do have the base 9 Allomancers in playtest-ready forms. Here's what I got so far! Lurcher/Coinshot Tineye/Pewterarm Rioter/Soother Smoker/Seeker And Augur I will soon be showing archetypes, but for now, feel free to stay updated and suggest here! Additionally, feel free to make card or set suggestions on this post! let me know what you think!
  2. Alright folks. It’s time to merge Brandon Sanderson and magic. We’ll be answering 3 questions for each character in the Cosmere. 1. What color/color combination would represent them (color pie alignments) 2. what type of deck they would play 3. How invested (pun 1000% intended) would they be in Magic: The Gathering? I’ll start with a few of the main Mistborn cast members. Breeze: He definitely plays mono blue. You could argue that he would run group hug decks, which I think would also be valid. Color-wise, I’d say he’s mostly white leaning, with a bit of blue in there. I know that pins him as azorius, which is a bit too basic of his personality, but I’m sure you can find some nuanced bit of Azorius that fits him best. Maybe Ojutai? playing-wise, I think he’d be semi interested in the game, but mostly infatuated in the politics of a multiplayer game. That’s why I totally think he would be an avid commander player that really just does it for the kicks. I could see him being super competitive though. Vin: she’s probably the mono-red aggro player of the table. I think she’d be overwhelmed by the game’s rules and just stick with the basics. Maybe run some mono-green now and again? Color-pie wise, I think I’m the first book, she was quite black-aligned. Over time though, especially in books 2 and 3, I think she’s more Boros aligned, with a ruthless side, but mostly interested in acting as a shield and maintaining order among the chaos. So I’d say she’s overall Mardu in nature. Sazed: now Sazed is interesting. I think he would be dragged into playing by Kell or someone, and manage to take 20 minute turns. He’d totally lean towards the more complicated deck archetypes and give himself the most possibilities at all times and not want to lose any creatures in combat, and likely rarely attack. That’s why i’d say any type of Jeskai (red/white/blue) deck would be right up his alley. I could also totally see him building a collection. He’s get a kick out of the lore and all the different religions in Magic as well. Color-wise, I think he’s the most straightforward of the bunch. His whole arch is about representing both preservation and ruin. I’d say the color combo that best represents that is white/black Orzhov. let me know what you think of my calls and feel free to add your own! I know this is a less serious post, so if this better belongs in another forum, feel free to move it. Just thought this could get some thoughts going on our beloved characters.
  3. This thread is for discussion Brandon's Magic: The Gathering post on June 9th, 2014.