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Found 99 results

  1. No one quite knows why it happened- perhaps a passing ASB, perhaps a snap in spacetime, or perhaps sheer quantum chance. Whatever it was, it happened. On January 1st, 2015 at 12:00am, magic in the world returned. All magic. Any, every piece of folklore, from Ancient China to the Native Americans, the Aboriginals to the Mongols, all of it came back- monsters, artifacts, magic, everything and anything. Unicorns roam the plains of Europe, and in the basement of an office buildings a satanic cult summons up demons and devils to serve their will. A great dragon advises an wise old man in China, and a Rakshasa tricks a businessman into following him a dark alley with promises of great wealth. Uh, not many gods, though. The world didn't turn into a reckoners, but with gods- that's a whole other setting. There are powerful beings, yes, but nothing like the pantheons of Greece and Rome. One-off monsters, killed long ago (Such as the Gorgons, the Minotaur, and so on) are still dead and will remain dead, unless someone revives them somehow. This will be far more FotT-eqsue- we will all make the story, however, unlike FotT, please keep to the theme for your characters (Folklore of all kinds- Christian, native, anything). Be good, be evil, I don't care- just create STORY. I'll start. ==================================================================== January 1st, 11:00am, Liverpool, UK Grace woke up in her apartment on a perfectly normal day. She sat up, yawned, got dressed, and went downstairs and started brewing a cup of coffee. Her mother had the news on and was switching between channels rapidly. "Finnish man has been found with nearly 3 million worth of gold in his Helsinki..." "15 people missing in Sussex this morning, reports of sharks..." "Cornwall man wins millions, credits his victory to..." Grace yawns again, takes a sip of her coffee. She pauses- something seems... off in the city. It had a strange tension to it, an energy. She shakes her head and turns away from the window- she needed to get to her winter break job soon.
  2. I haven't read Warbreaker, but I'm interested in some functions of awakening. I know that you can't awaken living things, do plants count as "alive" or does "alive" mean sentient in this case?
  3. Hey all! First time I'm showing this off on the forums, since I feel like I've polished this up enough to make an in-depth post about it. Attached to this post should be the Chart I've made to show off my own take on a system of Elements, and the unique interactions that arise from 6 Prime Elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Order, and Chaos. I chose these 6 as the building blocks for the system for a couple of reasons, mainly personal taste. I wanted to have a fresh take on the classic Elements, and I'm also a fan of the idea of Order and Entropy being included in the mix for greater variety. Let's start with the basics, then. The 6 Prime elements are named as such because magically, they cannot be divided any further. They are the elementary (heh) "particles" of the system, like Quarks, Gluons, and Electrons, for example. Under proper circumstances in-world, the Primes can pair up with any of the other elements to create a Compound Element. Compounds are only ever pairs of Primes. There are no Compounds made of Compounds. My personal favorite example for Compounds is the Mortal Trinity of Compounds (named as such due to their positioning on the Chart, which places them in a triangle). These Elements include Life, Death, and Undeath. Life is made of Earth and Water (the things most would agree are essential for life). Death replaces the Earth of Life with Chaos (Entropy). Undeath replaces the Water of Life with Chaos. In this case, if you can manipulate the elemental content of something with Life, replacing one of the elements with Chaos, you can change its nature. Alternatively, you could take something Dead (Water/Entropy) and change it to Undead (Earth/Entropy). This, as expected, would raise it as an undead of some form. Ghost, Zombie, the end result depends on what part you change, and what ratio its elements are changed to. Powerful Undead like Liches require a large amount of Undead element to replace their natural soul (made of Life element) to sustain themselves. A properly-made Lich can even consume Life essence and Chaos essence and metabolize them into fresh Undead element to sustain itself for as long as it can maintain a high enough level of Undead element. All elements also have Compatibilities, which are Elements that share the Element(s) constituent Elements (how many times can I use Element in one sentence, huh?). For example, with the Mortal Trinity, all 3 of them are Compatible with the other 2. The dotted lines on the chart show all the Compatibilities between Elements. Crystalline structures interact uniquely with all elements, not just ones related to the Crystal element (though they are more receptive to that). Gemstones can act as elemental batteries, and metals can conduct elemental energy. Technomancy is a big part of the system with this, though it's not always "tech" in the sense of things like computers, or robots. Sometimes the tech is as simple as an obelisk with crystals on top, charged with Elemental energy. Automating things like Golems are indeed possible by charging a stone with Life element and giving it a body to work with, as well as certain mechanisms inside to replace the functions of internal organs and the like. Or... You could use real organs. Like a brain. Just be careful that your golem army doesn't try to rebel against you. Typical interaction with the Elements occurs via spiritual alignment to one or two Elements (either Prime or Compound, but Prime is much more common) when one is born. The elemental alignment of the parents does seem to influence the elemental alignment of the offspring, especially for highly magical creatures like Demons, Angels, Gods, and Dragons. Well, I say "Gods," but really I mean powerfully-aligned Holy element creatures. Most of them live in the Pantheon at the peak of one of the tallest mountains in the world, known as Heaven's Peak, for obvious reasons. Cities around the mountain pray to and offer sacrifices of food or other material things to the Gods in exchange for boons related to the domain of the God they appeal to. For example, Ronira, the Goddess of Plenty, who accepts food offerings and will bless farmlands to grow better crops. She has a lot of Holy element, but also a significant amount of Life element, which she actively channels to provide her boon. This channeling is achieved through Intent, and requires a sufficient spiritual focus and enough element present in the magic-user's body to expend on magical effects. Stronger spells will predictably require bigger volumes of element to be present when trying to cast. Elemental alignment determines what elements will naturally flow into the creature, meaning that their elemental reserves regenerate over time. Overusing one element constantly for a long time can cause side effects, typically related to the element. Overuse of Water might cause your body to grow gills, or fins. Crystal element might make your skin turn metallic, or cause you to grow crystalline claws on your fingertips. (And yes, those crystals could be used to contain Elemental energy, but that might not be practical. Or maybe it is!) Suffice to say, there's plenty of room here for complexity and depth, stemming from 6 Prime elements. You might be wondering why I've skipped over Aether (if you scrolled down and opened the chart picture), and that's because it's... complicated. I will say this though, people can be born with an Aether alignment, and they are either feared or revered, with powers that most people can only dream of. If enough people are interested in what I've said so far, I'll elaborate in a later post in this thread.
  4. Right off the bat, could one of the Fused Spears from RoW that has the power to drain investiture work on Breaths? I know that Breaths can only be given to someone willingly as far as we know, but seeing as it is investiture, could it be affected by this weapon? I can see arguments for both why and why not, as Stormlight seems to be constantly escaping the user anyways, while breaths remain with the holder until given up. However, breaths are described to "stick" to objects, and the more lifelike these objects are, the easier it is to stick breaths to them. I'm not entirely sure if the metal lining the spear is able to take investiture from inanimate objects, so correct me as you see fit, but it stands to reason that it would be theoretically possible to drain the breaths from an item that someone previously invested. So if this is theoretically possible, then what would it take for someone to use this weapon effectively against someone who's invested with breaths.
  5. I'm curious what we think about how strong different magic users are and whether we think certain magics effect strength, and how much. I'll give a list with descriptions in the order I'd rank them. I'm wondering if you think I'm missing any critical groups for consideration Drab: Everything is just a hair worse for drabs. I suspect this effects strength, even if it's just a tiny effect Normal human Human at a high heightening: Everything is just a little better at a high heightening. I suspect this effects strength as well, even though it's not noted and the effect compared to the other more profound effects of heightening are probably comparatively negligible. Listener in warform: Warform is for fighting and being strong is definitely an asset. I suspect listeners in war form aren't that much stronger than a strong human, but at least a little bit Elantrian: Everything is significantly enhanced for Elantrians, and I suspect this includes strength, though I don't think regular Elantrians are necessarily outside the high end of the normal human range. Returned: Their bodies, including their strength, are at least potentially seriously enhanced and idealized. You would expect them to be stronger than almost any normal human. Radiant with stormlight: Kaladin doesn't think stormlight enhances his strength, but I think he's wrong. I suspect the effect isn't enormous, and he couldn't like, lift a truck, but I think radiants holding stormlight are still stronger than normal humans can ever become. Allomancer burning pewter: Their main thing is their supernatural strength. I think even a weak pewter arm using his powers is about twice as strong as a very strong man. Koloss: Definitely super-human in their strength Dakhor monk: I think it's an exaggeration, but Dilaf suggests Dakhor monks are worth hundreds of soldiers, and they are clearly monstrously strong. Active ChayShan user: Shuden clearly overmatches Dakhor monks when using this magic. Person wearing shardplate: People can only wield shardhammers wearing plate, and show pretty incredible feats otherwise. Allomancer Flaring pewter: This is the main cosmere strength-focused magic maxed out. I think WOBs under-estimate the power of this magic as demonstrated via character feats in the text. Feruchemist tapping strength: This magic doesn't have a clear upper-limit. It's potentially the strongest, but it has serious limitations, like being almost too bulky to move, needing to have stored a ton of strength to use it for any significant period of time, etc. I think generally they are around where a pewter arm is in terms of strength if they don't max out. Allomancer burning Pewter with Duralumin: Like strength feruchemy, this doesn't really seem to have an upper limit, but for a one-off feat, this is probably easier to achieve unless the feruchemist is a pewter compounder. A Pewter compounder tapping strength while burning or flaring pewter: a theoretical pewter compounder would be absurdly strong, and have very little limit to their absurd strength. *Edited to include shard plate, Duralumin Pewter, and Pewter compounding.
  6. In one of my magic systems, everyone's magic has a different color. So, what is your color, and why?
  7. In a magical world, you are young mages 10-15 who have been selected by the Tests to learn magic, the ancient art of Torai. You will learn these arts in the famed Toraiik Academy. You may come from anywhere on the main continent, your character needs to be approved if it comes from the island. All Toraiik powers will be given randomly but if you want a specific element or elements just ask: Fire, air, water and/or earth. @Aspiring Writer you need to get into roleplaying and Connie said not to @ her because she is following this section. If you can't read any parts of the maps just ask and I'll try to tell you.
  8. After a re read of RoW I kept noticing more mention of color and it’s effect on the spen or magic system on roshar. There was the talk about Spren and the colors of gemstones which was interesting but the stranger one was about the pursuer and his husk. I noticed how it was mentioned that the color was drained from the husk leaving it dull and grey. is there a connection or similarity to nalthis magic? To me it read like the color was drained from his body and was needed for his next. just a thought. Thanks for any input!
  9. Spoilers from RoW, obviously. So Windrunners plate is made out of windspren. But what about other orders? What are lesser sprens of Cryptics and Inkspren that can form into plate? We have seen confirmation that Jasnah swore 4th ideal, but we didn't get a description of what kind of spren made her plate. Any speculation?
  10. Ok so this is a magic system that I'm just going to make up on the spot, hope you like it!
  11. Ok so I've been keeping these in my pocket for a while now. I've created four color-based magic systems and three worlds one is known as Fictiki the other is called Callain and the finale one is called Shapara I've included a spoiler for each world with three sections: magic, world history/culture and curses/sayings (because curses are fun) Callain (name pending) Fictiki Shapara (name slightly less pending) Also 900th topic in CC woowoo
  12. I have a couple thoughts/ questions about the magic system on scadrial. As Harmony has come into existence by combining preservation and ruin is he a new larger shard that has all of the original two shards intent and will or is he a vessel containing the two shards together but still separate and in opposition. Ok so that is sort of a strange question but my thought process is that if harmony is a “new” shard would he be able to create his own new magic system? Along those same lines would the original three magic systems in this system change or disappear as the original shards have changed into something else?
  13. Ok so I'm going to make a magic system based slightly on the elements that's going to have telekinesis laser and energy beams spontaneous creation and destruction of objects and the ability to control various things about yourself like weight senses strength etc. All magic is drawn from the elements so telekinesis from air laser and energy beams from fire spontaneous creation and destruction of objects from earth and control of bodily attributes from water the magic is called Toraiik and a user of the magic is called a Torai hence the title any ideas?
  14. Helou, everybody. Greetings from México. In my previous post I told you that I'm writing 14 magic systems for the world of Anima Beyond Fantasy, because I want to write some stories set in this world, but the magic of Anima it's made to play and not for storytelling. So I want to ask you for some brainstorming that help me to do some Brandon Sanderson inspired magic systems. Why 14? Because in this world there are 14 entities we can call "gods": The Beryls, Daughters of the Light; and Shajads, Lords of Darkness. I will give you some lore. We have another two entities, the Yin-Yang of this world: C'iel, Lady of the Light; and Gaira, the Dark Lord (one isn't good, and the other isn't evil). C'iel is associated with light, the element that represents man's most positive emotions, such as love, happiness and hope. It's philosophical principle is the pursuit of equality for al Gaïa's peoples, in the hopes that one day, order and prosperity will be achieved. Nevertheless, C'iel has a negative face too, and at times it does approve of measures that almost betray the very ideals she stands for. Gaira is associated with darkness and many of man's most torturous behaviors and feelings. It's ideology stands for Gaïa's evolution, developement and stability, even if he path to achieving is a terrible one. Pain, sorrow, even hatred and strife are only nuances that need to be overcome to reach progress and finally, happiness. From its standpoint, the most powerful individuals must become leaders for the rest. The strong rule over the weak and protect them. We could call C'iel and Gaira the "mother" and "father" of Beryls and Shajads respectively; but these two aren't that important to me, and in my story they divide from something like Adonalsium, and later they divide in Beryls and Shajads. In the next section I left you a description of each Beryl and Shajad, the concepts I'm interested in developing and my own ideas for each one at this point, feel free to make recommendations, brainstorming, critique, ideas of how the systems could relate among them, and whatever you want contribute to. Some guidelines I'd like to implement, feel free to ignore them: -Each Beryl and Shajad has a number, the magic system needs to reflect that number in some way. (The number will be next to the name of each Beryl and Shajad) -Each magic system needs to have a fuel, a focus and some way of Initiation - I'm already working on a story for the magic of Gabriel: Emotional Spectrum, starring by twins.
  15. Hey y'all, Wildcard again. I'm practicing my game vfx skills for my portfolio and I thought Spren would be a perfect subject to make if anyone had suggestions if their favorites. It doesn't have to be a spren, but a magic effect like a seon, or the goop in elantris/soul stamp.
  16. Greetings to all of you from México, this is my first post in the web. Maybe some of you have heard of Anima Beyond Fantasy. I'm in the task to write a magic system for each Beryl and Shajad due to their similarities with the Shards, just for fun. I want some advice, brainstorming, critique and whatever you can contribute to this. First, I want some critique about this magic system based in emotions, lets call it "Emotional Spectrum" due to a lack of a better name. It's origin is the Beryl Gabriel. Those who can use this magic are able to use the colors to fuel their magic. Each color is associated to a emotion and a power, you only can absorb a color if you are feeling the right emotion. The stronger is a feeling, less color need the magic. Red - Love - Make bonds Orange - Curiosity - See emotions and bonds Yellow - Hapiness - Increase and decrease emotions (Yes, I take this from Mistborn. I'm open to other suggestions) Green - Hatred - Cut bonds Blue - Fear - Make illusions Purple - Sadness - "cloud" of mental immunity Red: Love allows a Bondmaker (I'm open to new suggestions for names) to create connections between individuals. There are many ways to use this. A Bondmaker could link two persons to make them able to communicate no matter if they talk two different languages, or feel what the other is feeling physically and mentally. or know where is each other; could make a bond whit a group to communicate no matter the distance, or connect two individual to make one able to learn the skills of other. A Bondmaker can only "close" those trails but never cut them. Orange: Curiosity allows a Truthseer to see the emotions and bonds that connects people. When a Truthseer use this power the world around them turns greyscale and they can see the emotions like an aura and bonds like a threat, each one of the color corresponding to that emotion. A trained Truthseer can see more shadows of the basic six and with that more specific emotions. Truthseers are the only ones able to see through the illusions of a Lieweaver. Yellow: Hapiness allows a Emotionshaper to increase or decrease the emotions of one or various individuals. A Emotionshaper cannot increase and decrease emotions at the same time, and can't increase a emotions a person is not feeling. Green: Hatred allows a Linkbreaker to cut the bonds between people. It's easier to cut a feeling connecting two individuals than to cut the whole bond. Cut the whole bond needs a lot of color and an intense Hatred. Cut the whole bond means that the feelings and memories related to that bond disappear. Cut all bonds of a person is like to erase it from the world. Blue: Fear allows a Lieweaver to make illusions. The bigger need to be a illusion, more color needs. Purple Sadness allows a _________ to create a "emotional cloud" that prevent others from modify the emotions and cut the bonds of those who are inside the cloud. The bigger is the cloud, more color needs.
  17. What? What? There... isn't a Harry Potter guild thread already? WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO??? I may be a few days late, but just last Friday was the official Harry Potter day. Once upon a time, it celebrated the Boy Who Lived and his remarkable book series, but now it represents readers, fans, and media all over the world. So... nerd out, everybody.
  18. I had a thought the other day and after looking around online I didn't find anything so I figured I'd ask here. Would it be possible to use hemalurgy in combat? I don't mean stealing someones powers and fighting with those, I mean carrying around a belt of disposable spikes that you stab people with to tear off pieces of their soul mid-fight. It would essentially be a more messy version of a shardblade but with the upside that if you hit the right point, either through luck or training, your just created a viable hemalurgic spike. The other bit upside being that you can use literally any piece of metal you get your hands on since the main ingredients to make a spike are just the metal and the intent to make the spike. I guess the real question up in the air on this is whether or not making a spike without hitting the right bind point will still tear a person's soul or if it will not work at all and simply stab them. If the former is the case then you essentially have disposable one use shard blades. If the latter is true then you could still potentially have a train hemalurgist martial artist who knows the bind points making spikes mid-battle and using them on themselves to power new stuff on the fly. It seems like theres some untapped potential here. As a P.S. can you guys think of any other unorthodox uses for Cosmere magic?
  19. so from what we can see every time a shard fully settles on a planet they add there magics to that planet but when 2 settle on the same planet or neighboring they can allow their magics to mix creating a third magic meaning the total magics possible if all 16 where to settle on a single planet would be drum roll please.........65535 different magic systems this was calculated assuming that every shard allowed their magics to mix with every other shards effectively doubling the total magic systems for every shard added
  20. Personaly like RWU or RWB aggro. And Izzet guild. And Davriel. Have yet to start EDH.
  21. I am currently developing a magic system for my novel, and am running into some creative roadblocks. So far, I have determined the primary source of magic in my world, how it is accessed by various races, and have started to come up with a few ideas on how it can be used. The thing that I am struggling with the most is adding a visual to a particular magic that I have created. Brandson Sanderson often talks about giving the reader an image to go along with a magic (lines in Allomancy, glowing with Stormlight in Stormbinding, etc.), but my magic is mostly an internal one: the magic user can pull someone's mind into their own, and access as if it were an extension of their own (think of it like plugging a USB into your computer). This is basically mind-reading/telepathy, but functionally operates in the reverse of what you usually see (ex. Prof. X, from the X-Men, who pushes his own mind into someone else's). It may seem like semantics, but the way this magic operates will have serious repercussions for the plot later on. What I am struggling with is how to make this more visual and engaging. One idea I considered was to have my protagonist "transported" to a visual space that represents the inside of his mind (ex. the black realm that Eleven, from Stranger Things, goes to when she's using telepathy, or even Shadesmar when Jasnah/Shallan are using Soulcasting). I don't want something boring, however, and I could use suggestions for an interesting visual space for these scenes to take place in. I could also use some help figuring out the visual mechanic for how my protagonist locates minds to reach out to. The way magic works in this world is through vibrations and frequencies, which represent different objects, souls, etc. I don't know if echolocation makes any sense here, and though I considered using a visual mechanic that mimics how Toph "sees" in Avatar (ie. hearing vibrations in the earth), this does not allow for sensing objects in the air or behind walls, etc. The protagonist's power only allows him to connect to the vibrations of sentient, self-aware beings (no inanimate objects, plants, or animals), so I have to be able to have him distinguish the vibrations of people from everything else (otherwise sensory-overload would be a serious issue). Perhaps I could use something similar to the lines in Allomancy, but then again, I don't know how well that translates to the concept of vibrations, etc. Any ideas, input, etc. would be helpful. Objective viewpoints always seem to bring up something I haven't yet considered or explored.
  22. I'm developing a magic system that relates to the manipulation of the four fundamental forces of the universe/nature: gravity, electromagnetism, weak force and strong force. I'm trying to come up with a name for this magic. Any suggestions?
  23. Introduction Since my trip to Wisconsin, and talk with Brandon, I have been constructing a theory in my head about the exact function of how Magic is used throughout the Cosmere. Using various WoBs and different example from the text I planned out a post that went through each magic system and explained how it works at a realmatic level, and how it uses Investiture to affect the Physical, Cognitive, or Spiritual Realm. Today i finally sat down and wrote the whole thing this morning and formatted it this evening. If you see any discrepancies or false claims, feel free to comment after reading. If you have anything to add, please do so as well. See the the WoB and refrences down below that are numbered according to where they show up. The corresponding number will be posted within (parenthesis). Enjoy! Magic Allomancy The genetically inherited sDNA of an Allomancer gives them connection in the spirit web that a person does normally have. When a person is snapped this allows for a shard's investiture to flow through them using these inherited spirit web pathways, I believe these pathways are what endows each power, with each new pathway (or pathways group) giving them 1 Allomantic ability.(1) When the investiture flows through them they channel it into said pathways, giving them the ability to change internal (zinc, brass, etc.) and external (copper, bronze, etc.) phenomena within the three realms. Zinc and Brass both use the investiture to influence a being's spiritual aspect through the cognitive realm. Copper uses its investiture to disrupt the pulses that investiture gives off. This is similar to how Shardplate makes it harder to affect the wearer with emotional Allomancy (2). Bronze uses investiture to recognize these pulses and translate it into something the allomancer can understand. Tin eyes and thugs use the investiture to bolster the physical connections in the spirit web. Brandon has described the realms as the spiritual realm being a light, the cognitive being the beam, and the physical being the surface that is hit. Tin eyes and Thugs circulate more investiture than normal through parts of the light as to make the image on the surface brighter in some areas.(3) Iron and steel use investiture to generate kinetic energy in the physical realm by using connection in the spiritual realm (Kelsier or Brandon, can't remeber which likened looking into the spiritual realm to the steel sight of an inquisitor or the blue lines on an allomancer) to relate the general mass of the allomancer to what ever the investiture is pushing on. I believe that with enough investiture, a steel pusher could push on normal objects and people, but that it more easily affects metal because the investiture is keyed in by metal, so it is a path with MUCH less resistance. This is just a theory, however, and is only backed up by the fact that Inquisitors can see all things with Steel Sight. Duralumin forces all investiture out through the connections instantly, amplifying their affect in that instant by flaring it more than could normally be achieved. Aluminum immediately forces all investiture out through that connection, wasting it all and throwing it back into a shard. Nicrosil and chromium do these things, but to other Allomancers.(4) Gold and Electrum both use investiture to strengthen other connections that could have or will be. This gives images in the physical realm that the allomancer can see. In other words, it shows connections that aren't actually there yet, which gives off a limelight in the physical realm, which only leaves a ghost image in the physical realm. These ghost images grow in power until you are given a near vision, if flared hard enough as a powerful allomancer or when used with Duralumin. Atium does this, but with the external world. When burned hard enough or with duralumin it breaks the Atium Magic connection itself and allows you to glimpse into the spiritual realm. Cadmium and Bendalloy do a similar thing, which is why they are in the same category as Gold and Electrum. They enhance connection to the overall timeline, which brings your physical self closer to said spirit connection, kind of like a timey whimey steel push or iron pull. If it is a future connection, you, and those around you (again, external) rush towards the future. If it is towards the past you put on the time brakes and skid, leaving you and those around you closer to the past than normal. Lerasium gives you all the above connections, but as to its other effects I cannot guess. Feruchemy This magic works in a similar fashion, but instead of snapping in new connections, it utilizes the connection all humans are born with. This is why a snapping isn't required (same with Awakening). It raises the "Investiture pressure" of these different connections or lowers them, and stores the extra inside of the metal mind keyed to that connection via metals. This is why a person cannot use another's metal mind. The investiture that it has been affected by has the marks (or identity) of that person's own spark of life (or innate investiture). I think that new investiture is still added to the soul when the sDNA is inherited, but it just enhances or connections rather than adding completely new ones, so extra space from a snapping is not required. Iron, Steel, Tin, Pewter, Electrum, Gold, Bendalloy, Cadmium, Bronze, Brass, Atium, and Zinc all work this way, very simply. Gold is a little more interesting than those others because it is similar to how Stormlight heals, and will probabaly be similar to how many other magic systems regenerate the magic user. Copper is a bit different. It completely erases the memory that exists and stores it. Adding more new memories back then stored still does not require extra snapped out space because gaining new memories is a function that happens unmagically. Chromium works pretty basically, but has interesting implications. In Secret History [spolier]One of the Ire alludes to people being able to find locations they wish to find by using Fortune (4). Brandon has also said that Hoid uses Feruchemy to be where he needs and wants to be. Nicrosil allows one to completely store away their extra magic imbuing connections in a similar way that Copper can completely store memories. I'm not sure if you regain your connections when you stop storing, but I doubt it. The ability to gain extra connections does not require extra snapped out connections because everyone has the ability to have extra connections added. Aluminum stores your sense of self, or Identity. We have not seen much of this power directly in action but we know that . Duralumin works by reducing and enhancing one's Connection to an area. This allows for someone to have connections similar to someone who has grown up in an area, giving you an understanding of the local languages, etc. When Compounding is used to fuel Feruchemy I believe that the Investiture used in the Feruchemical charge is able to ride the new pathways to the old ones they affect, essentially taking a path of least resistance, and thus increasing the investiture efficiency when used. It's like like getting energy from a poor conductor, then shooting it back through a super conductor rather than using a bad conductor once again. You get more energy back in then usual. This is again, just a theory, as I have no way to prove that allomantic connections are any better than regular ones at carrying investiture, but this makes sense to me. Hemallurgy: Before I explain how I think this works I want to look at the Three Realm Light analogy once more. When the light is turned on, specific portions of the light correspond with the image upon the surface. When a Hemallurgic spike strikes the portion of the image that corresponds to where a magic inducing connection is on the light, it uses ruin's investiture to pierce the three realms (Like a perpendicularly, Brandon alludes to what I am speaking of now in my Madisson report) and absorb the connections and investiture that is there. This spike can then do the reverse, and spit out those connections and investiture back into a new soul. This is why everyone can use Hemallurgy, it doesn't utilize connections inside the host to key into investiture, but rather it uses the type of metal to do so. I can't explain the connection to blood, but I just want to point out that blood is related to the spiritual realm, so there is probably something going on there. Maybe it acts as a insulator for the investiture and connections within the spiritual realm?(5) Surgebinding When a person who is snapped bonds with a Spren it fills the snapped out space with new connections, similar to Allomancy. When a person speaks their oaths it adds more investiture pressure to these new connections similar to Feruchemy and also increases investiture efficiency within these connections as well as in the enhanced healing, speed, and strength connections. This process allows for the magic we see utilized in the surges, which I will explain below. Before I get to how exactly the surges worked I also want to talk about the spren side of things. I think that as more oaths are spoken, not only are the spren dragged farther into the physical realms, but they are also imbued with more connections and also allows them to key into Honor's investiture to transform into powerful invested objects. Shardblades work by being invested enough to puncture through the realms in a similar way to spikes, and then rip off and destroy parts of the soul. Nightblood is so much so invested that he can completely evaporate a being's entire presence in all three realms. Sharplate works by being invested enough to disrupt other investiture. It basically stops Shardblades from being able to puncture the wearers spirit web. Since it is so heavily invested it also deflects allomantic pulses and other investitures. We don't know much about many of the surges, so I will explain the ones we have seen. I will update this theory as we learn more about the surges. Gravitation This magical connection works by internally affecting the Shardworlds connections and hold onto a person. It does similar things externally to objects that are lashed. Adhesion This works by manipulation the part of the spirit web that deals with air pressure, making the portion of the physical image that deals with air pressure more so bright, which sticks other physical objects to it. Illumination This works by creating ghost images in the physical realm in a similar fashion to Gold and Electrum. I think this allows Truthwatchers glimpse images of the future and allows Lightweavers to... well... weave light. Soulcasting This one is pretty unique compared to the ones we have seen so far. This works by allowing the magic user to create new connections in another soul, and then forces investiture through those new connections to make them the path of least resistance, transforming the spirit web and changing the physical realm image. Adhesion: Works in a similar way to Abrasion, but with friction instead of air pressure. AonDor Now this magic system I don't really understand, because we still don't understand how it is initiated. I will probably update my theory on this subject when it how initiation works on Sel is told to us in Arcanum Unbound. Awakening This works by sending pulses of investiture into an object in a similar fashion to emotional Allomancy, with the command being an analogue to the emotion that a rioter wants you to feel. This investiture then creates new connections in the Awakened Object's spirit web, giving it a kind of sentience. When enough Investiture is used to create this mind it can create near complete Robot like minds, such as Noghtblood. So basicly, Awakening is like coding a soul, and then using investiture to power that soul. Lifeless already have code there, and stone lifeless are a similar enough image to leave an impression of a code, so they are able to follow the new code given to them as if they were a human. The breath cannot be taken away, and I'm pretty sure this is because of the complexity of the person or type IV's spirit web, kind of in the way that the beyond cannot take away Cognitive shadows as easily if they have more spiritual connections. The different Heightenings work in a similar fashion to Feruchemy, in that it enhances various preexisting Connections within the spirit web. Effects of Magic Use of any magic within the Cosmere, or any handling of Investiture, effects ones spirit web. One way it can be effected is by the investitures Intent. Any investiture, no matter how small, affects ones personality with its mandate. In large amounts this can lead to a person subcoming completely to the Intent, becoming a shell with which the power acts. They are basically just riding the power at that point, as opposed to directing it. This happened to Ati, most likely.(12) Another way Investiture is Savantism. This happens when wasted investiture accumulates in l, basicly investing these different connections. When I talked with Brandon at Oddesey Con it was confirmed that things have been invested and are used to the investiture in their souls begin to wither away when there is no longer investiture running through it, such as the stones and wood in Elantris. When this happens to an Allomancer it gives them extended abilities with these connections in the soul, but leaves them in a burned out a damaged state when not burning. Looking at Spook and the Three Realm Light analogy, I belive that he left those areas on the light too bright for too long and ended up burning the image surface. While the light is dimmer, the image remains burned, leaving him with the effects that he had. These damages can be looked as as boons, but are especially dangerous in the physical Allomancy connections.(13)(14)(15) Relevant WoB (1) Brandon: Over time using the magic will invest you, on Scadrial. Most of the power is not coming from, on Roshar the power isn't coming from the person either (He cut himself off, so I assume this is how it works on Scadrial even though he didn't finish his thought) so I'm going to have to back up on that one and say, yes, the mistborn are as invested as a Knight Radiant, because in both cases the majority of the power is coming from somewhere else, but there is the spirit web. Investing the wrong term, but you have all these connections in the spiritual realm, so yanking you away from them, or rewriting them (like soulcasting or forgery) is harder. (2) Brandon: Yes, investiture disrupts investiture. It's harder for her to even soulcast a regular person than, say, a rock. (3) I could find this refrence, although i just read it hours ago. If anyone finds it splease PM me and i will update this post. (4) BRANDON SANDERSON (REDDIT) 1. It's consistent in the Spiritual Realm. Location isn't particularly important there. 2. Very interchangeable, but not always simple to apply. 3. Investiture can not be created or destroyed. It follows it's own version of the laws of Thermodynamics. JOE_____ (REDDIT)So what happens to the investiture that is lost when a person is spiked and the spike isn't set in the new person immediately? Does it return to the big pool of investiture in the sky like the power from wheel of time where if its not actively being used it returns to the source? BRANDON SANDERSON (REDDIT)What happens to someone's body when it's not being used by a particular person? The system is built to work like that.(5) Brandon: Right, Hoid talks about Perpendicularities on Scadrial, if you go look at that there are certain places he talks about that. ,eyes just say that large concentrations of investiture can cause a puncture through the spiritual realm straight to the physical realm. If you know how to use it, you may transition. That's not the only way but is the primary way. Guy: And of of Course you can soulcast (Elsecall?) to get there. Brandon: Yes. Guy who asked about the four armed spren: Now that's a very interesting analogy you just made, you said "punctured" almost as if it were a spike. Brandon: Yes, yes, that was intentional. (6) QUESTION Can Odium pick up pieces of a Shard without changing the nature of his Shard? BRANDON SANDERSON Any investiture, over time, will slowly change one’s personality, no matter how small that investiture. (7) INTERVIEW: Mar 20th, 2014 WOR Signing Report - IronCaf (Paraphrased)IRONCAFIn what ways is the process of becoming an allomantic savant like body building or other exercise?BRANDON SANDERSON [Paraphrasing] That is not an inapt metaphor for it. It's like a wedge gets in the soul and cracks it, and investiture can fill it up. IRONCAFAnd using allomancy breaks it further? BRANDON SANDERSONYes. (15) Random lady: In Elantris it talks about how to wood and stone in the city is rotten and crumbling. Why does this happen? Brandon: This is because when objects become Invested for long periods of time their spirit web changes to accomodate the investiture. When the investiture was pulled up of the stuff in Elantris it's spirit web was severely damaged so it showed that in the physical realm. This happened with the Lord Ruler when the Bands of Mourning were ripped out of him. Conclusion If there is anything you guys think I should add or fix, please let me know and I will update the thread. Feel free to share your thoughts.
  24. So, just recently I realized that most cosmere systems of magic have to do with shardic intent. I know that people have probably already thought of this, but it came to me while I was reading Warbreaker. On Endowment's shardworld, magic allows people to endow items with gifts, namely, the gift of life and breath. Awakeners give items life, of course, but even common people can give their breath to the Returned. And the Returned give their breath to heal. On Scadrial, Ruin's system of magic requires the destruction of metal for power. Preservation's preserves power to be saved for later. Hemalurgy sort of preserves power by transferring it, but requires the ruin of a living being. So it's kind of a combination of the two. On Sel, stuff is different, due to both shards being shattered. I won't bother. I'm still trying to work out White Sand. I haven't read them yet. On Roshar, a Knight Radiant's power is directly linked to being honorable by following the ideals of their order. Cultivation cultivates people with her magic. She nurtures with a gift, but prunes with a curse, in an attempt to foster healthy growth. Odium is... Odium. It seems like the Fused are fuled by passion, which is Odium's thing. We really don't have much concrete information on them though, except that they're basically uncool and Unhinged versions of the Knights Radiant. That's... All I've read of the cosmere so far. Feel free to add, or correct.