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Found 7 results

  1. Hey fellow Sanderson fans, I want to collect magic the gathering cards for a Cosmere themed cube. Does anyone know of any cards that remind them of the Cosmere or that are connected to Brandon in some way? For example, Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage would be an include for this list because Brandon created his character, and Shadowmage Infiltrator is included because the mage looks like he is wearing a mistcloak. If you all could let me know of anything remotely related to the cosmere it would be great! I'd even like to see a few custom cards, though mainly I'm looking for real ones.
  2. Personaly like RWU or RWB aggro. And Izzet guild. And Davriel. Have yet to start EDH.
  3. All right, fellow Sanderfans! I know there are other Magic, the Gathering enthusiasts in your number besides me. In fact, they seem like they should go together, Brandon being such a big MTG nerd himself. One of the things I like about MTG is that the game is based on such an in-depth fantasy universe with highly developed lore. I also love fanmade MTG cards based on other fictional worlds. And who else has made an in-depth fantasy universe? Brandon. It's a match made in the spiritual realm. Unfortunately, despite my searching, I have yet to find a well-made set of cards based on the world and story of the Stormlight Archive (there is some pretty good Mistborn stuff, though). So if anyone else is interested, I propose that we design the set here on the 17th Shard. Here's my thoughts so far: There should be a few different sets. The first I'd like to call Storms of Roshar. It will cover the world and story on Roshar from the beginning of Way of Kings up to the advent of the everstorm at the end of WoR. This will have very little in the way of surgebinding of course, but those cards can come later. We'll want to base cards and game mechanics off of some of Roshar's more interesting features: The Thrill, Death Rattles, Fabrials, Stormlight and Highstorms are some that I think could look cool in gameplay. Set two would be Everstorm, based (so far) on Oathbringer. Now we could get into making cool cards based on surgebinding, radiants, and oaths, as well as the fused and voidlight, and a host of other cool things that we see after the desolation begins (including a card for Nightblood ) Assuming Brandon continues to expand the Knights Radiant as the story develops, it might be worth making set three Rise of the Radiants (after a couple more books come out). Any takers? Let me know your ideas! P.S.: If you want to design any actual cards, is a great place to go.
  4. Last year on Koloss Head-Munching Day, a few of us threw around the idea of making Brandon a set of Cosmere Magic cards. I have no idea if that's a feasible project, but I thought I'd put some feelers out to see how many home-made cards we can aggregate. I've made a few myself on and I'll try to add them to this post.
  5. Here's a thread to post custom Magic the Gathering cards that are Sanderson book themed. Here's my first one, Vin, Skaa Mistborn. (Her planeswalker/legendary enchantment creature sequel will be Vin, Ascendant Warrior) (Click the image to make it full size) Please post your own card ideas. You can make cards at
  6. Recently, Wizards of the Coast has been releasing little bits of roleplaying fluff for D&D 5th edition for each of the worlds that we have recently visited during the main story of MTG (Zendikar, Innistrad, Kaladesh). Now, these are just bits of marketing for D&D/MTG rather than tried and tested rulesets, and some of them contain a few omissions (such as not noting that Aetherborn do not need to breath) or questionable design choices. Having said that, I am unsure how balanced they are ruleswise, as I have not played 5th ed and do not know the rules. However, regardless of what they are and how they have been implemented, these rules have put me in the mood, yet again, for an MTG roleplaying game. As someone who has only really played Pathfinder as a fantasy pen-and-paper system, my idea would simply be to use those rules and, if the players are all Planeswalkers, give them all a Planeshift spell with either a longer casting time or a per-day restriction. However, ultimately I would prefer to run it as a freeform game. There are of course problems with this too, in that it can tend to be a bit directionless and conflict between players is harder to sort out, but it also means that it is easier to run and requires no knowledge of anything other than the setting (and not even that, arguably, if you are a new Planeswalker). As for the setting and characters, I would prefer to do something fairly current in terms of the timeline for MTG, though that would be more of a background than an excuse to interfere with the official plotline. Think Dack Fayden, in that he is around whenever the plot is going on but does not interact with the main heroes of the block. I would prefer Planeswalkers, as I feel that the main draw of RPing in the MTG universe rather than a specific setting is the ability to have the characters experience the multitude of worlds and to show cultures and ideologies clashing. I have a few characters that would be in mind for this - A BW human cleric/necromancer (in the original sense of speaking to spirits rather than zombie-summoning) from Innistrad who was designed because I hate Lilianna's presence as Token Evil Teammate on the Gatewatch, and a RW kor stoneforger, because I love the idea of stoneforging and there is a wonderful sense of adventuring on Zendikar. But, as I play MTG based on casual theme decks rather than competitively, I could pick practically any of the decks I have on Cockatrice (numbering over 150 by now, easily...) and create a semi-coherent and hopefully interesting character from them. If you were to take part in an MTG Roleplaying game, how would you prefer it to be run? Is there a system you would have in mind to formalise the rules, or would you prefer to do it entirely in roleplaying form with no dice and few hard rules ('few' as some, like the Colour of your characters, should of course be adhered to)? What would you want to do as a plot, at least to begin with? Would you prefer Planeswalker characters exploring the Multiverse, or non-Planeswalkers on a single world? What would your perfect character (or characters) be? Please be aware though, this is not necessarily indicative that I would like to start and GM an MTG RP/RPG. This is at the moment a few questions, just to see what people think.
  7. Because I'm struggling so much with this topic report, let's distract Kadrok by assigning Ferring and Misting powers to Magic colours! I'll start, and you guys can tell me I'm wrong! Allomancy Iron and Steel: Telekinesis to me seems to fit into Blue/White territory thematically, but given what Iron and Steel are used for, I can see Steel fitting into [blue or White]/Red (flying, tapping opponents and direct projectile damage) and Iron fitting square into White. Tin: Strikes me as Blue. Tin is all about information gathering and to me that fits squarely in Blue Pewter: Green. Buffs toughness and power. Green. Copper and Bronze: Shrouding also seems Blue, especially when combined with the metamagic approach to it... you're essentially countering Bronze. Bronze likewise strikes me as Blue: ye olde looking at your opponent's hand. Zinc and Brass: Ah, now these are interesting. Thematically there are a lot of enraging spells in Red, and the controlling aspect of it fits with Red's slew of "gain control for a turn" spells,so I'm putting Zinc as Red. For Brass? Blue again. Drowsing someone's emotions (to reduce the power of their attack) has been in Blue, and the whole manipulative angle of Blue fits with this. Alluminum: Lol. Duralumin: Seems like a ritual to me! Red or Black, which has the best history with ritual effects? Chromium: Is it countering (which would make it Blue) or land destruction (which would make it Red) or Silence (which would make it white)? Nicrosil: White? The Temporal Metals (Gold, Electrum, Cadmium, Bendalloy): Seem Blue to me. Blue does kind of have that Time Manipulation thing going on, and Gold-Electrum fit with the card drawing-gaining knowledge business, though I could see Bendalloy fitting into Red because of the whole 'Haste' thing. Some heavy Blue going on there. This isn't the first time I've noticed this with Allomancy, so imagine my surprise when I heard Sanderson's favourite magic colour is White! I'll do Feruchemy and Hemalurgy (lol. Black) later when I've done this blasted report!