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Found 2 results

  1. So I've been doing some worldbuilding for my Soulsmiths and one person I've bounced my ideas off asked why no mage ever has gone and straight up took power? They're pretty powerful since the discovery of Soulsmithing and that have been around at least since Middle Ages. Once there were two brilliant Soulsmiths at war who reverse-engineered vampires and werewolves, respectively. So there has been some war but I imagine it to be rather secret war. Maybe a few cities has been killed off and written off as "plague". How to make it fit with the premise that mages did not took over countries? Those two could do that if they were not fighting each other. So far I've only patched it up with assigning the task of enforcing the Masquerade to the secret organization of assassins but that feels... well, patched up. Why no mage ever just went and showed off his magic and took the power and ruled ever after? If the answer is "other mages stopped him" then the question changes to "why no group of mages ever took the power". I'm not sure about some Magic Council enforcing that; either they're already ruling the world or the question "why no one has gone rogue" arises. And so on, and so on. Alternatively: how about "nobody knows how things went back then" and just drop the whole issue altogether?
  2. WoB: Q: “You have a tendency to create books with theocracies that are legitimately ruled by the gods, and this seems to be missing. Is that a direction that the Knights Radiant might be heading, or is something else going to happen?” A: “I'm gonna RAFO that one. There was a theocracy on Roshar at one point. There was also a mage-ocracy. A lot of things have existed on Roshar.” Who would rule the mage-ocracy? Many candidates, but I’m going to suggest the Aimians. Rosharians don’t seem to view surgebinders as mages. And any being that can rearrange its body at will has to be considered magical. Other suggestions?