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Found 11 results

  1. So Allomantic Iron allows a Metalborn to 'Pull' metals. So what if a Lurcher (or Mistborn) wore metal boots and pulled on them, would they be lifted up? Would this be a more effective, though more tricky, form of flight through Allomancy than using Allomantic Steel?
  2. From the album A lurcher with a secret

    It's a character for a fan story in Era 2 I'm thinking of writng. If you look at his right hand it's translusent allowing you see the bone implying the presence of a Kandra. The Idea here is that as a child the character (Working name Caduel) lost his arm in factory work, soon after he found a very young kandra (though Caduel didn't know what it was at the time) only just learning to imitate flesh. With the Kadra's help Caduel has a working, living prosthesis. I want to use the story to create a mystery of who could be creating Kandra after the Catacendre, in addition explore the possblities of the powers offered by burning iron. I don't have a working name for the kandra yet, but I am how ever toying with idea of Caduel slowly discovering the kandra is fully aware, and for the kandra becoming somewhat of a little brother figure for Caduel. I added a nice backgroud to complete the sketch.
  3. Ok so I'm not sure if this was addressed in the books and I'm just dumb, but I have a quick thing to ask about iron and steel allomancy: When Allomancers push or pull metals, do they push/pull toward the center of their body always, or are they able to decide which part of their body the metal is pushing/pulling towards(i.e. like a lurcher can pull a coin to either hand)
  4. I was reading through topics regarding lurcher abilities like slingshotting bullets and the like. What about a lurcher firing a gun and curving bullets or making them act as metal boomerangs to catch enemies from behind? I don't know how hard it would be to "catch" a bullet once it fires. Would you be pulled toward it because it's moving so fast? Would it move away too fast to catch? What would the distance limit be to affect a bullet's trajectory? Any thoughts?
  5. It is shown in mistborn that some people burn the trace metals obtained through their diet and the water. Now, if a lurcher were to burn all of the iron in their that they had ingested, would that not lead to a chronic lack of dietary iron, as every last trace would be burnt, as is safe practice with consumed metals?
  6. The other day, I was thinking about how cool it would be if Coinshots and Lurchers were Feruchemists. Then I started thinking about the final details... Rough draft done by my sister via pencil, final draft done by me with MediBang and a Wacom Intuous Tablet.
  7. This is my first time posting on here- please be gentle XD I tried asking Brandon on Twitter and got no response- so my query is this: If a lurcher had a coin (or other source of metal) beneath them and pulled on them with the right balance of force, could they hold the metal in place as a solid platform upon which they cold walk- thus using this as a makeshift set of stairs?
  8. From the Ars Arcanum: The blue lines of iron-sight and steel-sight seem to hold a lot of information. For example, Oudeis provided evidence before that Ranette's use of iron may have given her the ability to identify other metals, simply using her ironsight. Maybe this is because she's an iron savant? With this in mind, what if there is more information to be gleaned about metals and their relationship to iron and steel sight? The Ars Arcanum quote above leads me to believe that the size of the blue line is directly correlated to the "size" of the metal source and that the brightness of the line depends on the "proximity" of the metal source. A lot of quotes from the original Mistborn trilogy seem to back this up. However...I've found inconsistencies in the quotes from the original trilogy AND I want to propose that the word "size" is incorrect. I'd argue that "mass" makes more sense instead and would fit better with Ranette's metal identification skills. This quote shows that proximity does in fact have an effect on the brightness/illumination of the blue lines. It reminds me of the Doppler Effect. As you move away from the metal sources the color dims like the sound of the waning Doppler Effect. We also have a mention of width, but nothing to the effect of size or mass. The next quote helps us here better. Here we see that the size of the metal dictates the thickness of lines. Seems pretty straightforward, and confirms the Ars Arcanum, right? The bold sentence (emphasis mine) contradicts the Ars Arcanum. The word "faint" should be replaced with "thin", because a size, small, is referenced afterwards. Here Kelsier is confusing the correlation of the illumination of the blue lines with what should instead be a description of the blue lines thickness. Either Kelsier is misinformed or Brandon made a mistake here. Whichever it is, this led me to think more about what the full description of the blue lines really means. There is plenty of evidence (which I won't quote here) throughout the books that shows that the illumination of the blue lines is indeed correlated with proximity. I have no problem with this observation by the author of the Ars Arcanum or the other characters in the book. However, I believe that interpreting thickness as "size" is incorrect. All the evidence in the book shows that proximity and illumination vary while the thickness of the blue lines never varies when an person is burning iron or steel and looking at their blue lines. At least, there is never a description of the thickness changing. This, to me, is because the mass of an object is fixed. Yes, size matters too, but it's more than that. It's quite common for size to be misinterpreted when commonly talking about mass. Here's how Wikipedia defines mass with regards to physics: Does this sound familiar? I think so. It sounds a lot like how the iron and steelsight actually works. When Vin is first testing out her steel push with Kelsier on the top of the Luthadel wall, she notices that there is a limit to how how high she can push. Her steel-line fades in color, but she never comments upon the thickness. This is because the mass of the coin doesn't change. It's fixed because of the metal the coin is made out of. But what would happen if she uses a coin with a higher mass? The "size" is the same, but the mass increases...would the thickness of the steel-line increase and thus allow Vin to push herself even higher? I'd argue yes. Let's think about this slightly differently. As we move down the periodic table of elements, each element has a higher atomic mass. Thus, the same number of atoms for gold, for example, will have a higher mass than the same number of atoms for iron. Now let's compare the same size unit for these metals: a cubic foot of iron weights 491 pounds while a cubic foot of gold weighs 1206 pounds. All because the mass of the atoms of the two elements is different. Would we really expect equal steel push strength on both of this slabs of metal? I'd argue no, because I think steel pushing specifically relates to the mass of the object you're pushing against. Thus size is irrelevant. But mass is important. Let's pretend Vin uses a gold coin instead of an iron coin to push herself. I'd argue that since the mass is different but the size is the same, she'd observe a thicker blue line AND be able to push her self higher. What implications does this have on the whole for Scadrial? Well, a weaker coinshot could artificially inflate their powers by using coins with a higher mass relative to a stronger coinshot using simple iron coins. Thus they'd appear to be stronger than they actually are, because everyone thinks steel pushing is all about size of the metal source instead of mass. This reminds me of arbitrage in finance. If someone were to discover this, they could take advantage of this information. Which brings us back to Oudeis' insight on Ranette's ability to determine which metals are what simply by using her ironsight. Is she identifying metals because of each metals unique mass as seen through the blue lines of her ironsight? Yes, if you ask me.
  9. I tried to convey that Iron pulls on metals, as well as display its other notable power, detecting metal. Pretty straightforward. Just the right size for icon use, too.
  10. So I just have a quick question that I haven't found an answer to yet. Maybe I've just over looked it. But I'm listening to the Alloy fo Law audio book and I'm at the fight on the top of the train and at one point, Wax Pushes off the tracks a couple times. My question is this: To what part of the metal do the blue lines of Steel/Iron point if the metal is extremely long? My initial instinct was to say the middle but then I though about super long beams of metal like the tracks and it made me reconsider. Something I hadn't thought of till I was typing this was maybe it just reads each different section of the bars on the tracks as a separate piece of metal, but that's still pretty long. And then you look at cars or huge girders or very long poles. For instance the spires of Kredik Shaw. Vin pulled herself up to the tips of these a few times if I remember right. So do the lines move? What do you think?
  11. Hypothetical scenario time! Wax, Wayne and Marasi are standing in a room. Wax Pushes a coin outwards, and then, simultaneously, Marasi creates a cadmium-bubble the size of the room and Wayne creates a bendalloy-bubble around the three of them, leaving them standing in regular time while the rest of the room, including the coin, which is now moving quite slowly, is in slow-time. Wax then moves around a little and Pushes on the coin from a different angle. How does the Push affect the coin? Okay, I just realized I made this sound like a textbook question, but I genuinely want to know if we know, if that makes sense. Does the Push 'slow down', and act like it normally would, but in slow-mo. Or would it work differently?