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Found 7 results

  1. So, in honor of Lark going on her first date, I have started the thread about dating, love, and all things relationships. And Eowyn gifs. And memes. And jokes. And toddler photos. And memes. I mean, what do you expect, it is the 17th Shard! I like someone at my school, but I do not know what do say. Please help?
  2. love

    This thread is for show proper appreciation and upvote to our moderators Current appreciation topic: @Sorana cleaning up the announcement thread and the different guides (And if someone has a better idea for an OP, I take suggestions)
  3. Near the end of Oathbringer, Lopen is watching Dru care for the wounded and thinks “Loving a soldier was not easy, and now that Kaladin has returned from Alethkar...” I remember someone on bridge 4 was gay -maybe Dru- but is Lopen in a relationship with Dru and is Lopen pining secretly for Kaladin? As the above line implies?
  4. Im sorry if this offends human love only people but im going to just toss this out into the cosmere. My dream couple is Syl the "timepiece spren" and that emo surgeon with them puppy dog glowing light eyes Kaladin. I mean by ruin, if a kandra can shag wayne then an piece of honor can get with a human
  5. You asked me to write you a poem. I’m sure that you hoped for a love poem So sweet that it makes your teeth hurt. I’m sorry but I can’t do that. I can’t write you a love poem. But if you let me I will write you a new sky, Describe to you in detail the way the clouds war In the moments before they’re about to cry. I can’t write you a love poem. Instead, I can write you butterflies. Butterflies that tickle your stomach In those precious seconds before Planes leave the ground, Before lights flicker in the dark, Before a snake strikes, Before you talk to the girl you love for the first time Or the second time Or the hundredth time. I can’t write you a love poem. But maybe, in its place, I could write you a spring breeze. The very same breeze that gently brushed Her hair in her face. A breeze that orders flowers To dance a slow waltz Your hand against the small of her back Holding her close enough to smell her But gently as not to break her. Flowers are best left unpicked. I can’t write you a love poem. But, to make up for it I will write you constellations Describe how loudly they sparkle And how it sounds like laughter From nights spent in trees and Next to fireplaces. Constellations you have memorized in the Freckles on her face Mapped out by the gentle touch Of fingers to skin. I can’t write you a love poem, But I will write you a creaky swing set, A slow moving stream, A cloudy sky, A warm afternoon. I will write you the color of her eyes, The smell of girly shampoo, The sound of burning wood And the heat from it on your skin. You asked me to write you a poem And I can’t write you a love poem. Instead I can write you my love.
  6. I know, I know. I'm late. I will most likely post a Shadolin pic after this one(For those of you who prefer that)
  7. I've been seeing a lot of spammers posting at the times when no moderators are on (usually 6PM to 9PM New South Wales time). Is there anything we could do to automatically ban these people without a mod? Maybe ban all accounts posting with phone numbers in the title? I feel as helpless as Kaladin .