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Found 3 results

  1. QF27: Lord of the Lynches: Terror in Minas Tirith The year is 2756 in the Third Age. The land of Gondor lies dark and silent, menaced by an ever-growing shadow on its eastern frontier. Minas Ithil has fallen to the Enemy, and it will not be many years until Osgiliath suffers the same fate. But the plans of Sauron wait for no man. Even now, when the forces of Gondor are watching the expansion of Mordor, a few of Sauron's most cunning servants are ready to strike a blow at the heart of Gondor itself. Ground Rules: Known Roles: Clock will be posted later. Good luck, men of Gondor! (And Mordor, too, but it would be bad for my image to cheer on the homicidal maniacs. Player List: Quick Links:
  2. So, fun question to pose to everyone here- But for those of you either planning RPG's or fantasy novels of your own that're a little adventure oriented... what's the perfect film you like to watch for inspiration? If you're writing a real sword & sorcery adventure, do you go for Ahnuld's Conan the Barbarian? For a sweeping romantic fantasy, The Princess Bride? For epic fantasy, Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings? For something whimsical and unconventional, Coraline, Alice in Wonderland or Time Bandits? Ooh, or for dark flavoured fantasy Princess Mononoke? What's your major fantasy film influence?
  3. Vin and Elend are currently in the Final Four of a "March Madness" style cage match against Legolas and Gimli. If they win this match they will most likely go to the finals against Sevro and Darrow from the Red Rising trilogy. (Which should be an interesting match up, if you ask me.) However...they are currently losing by a minuscule amount, and today is the last day to vote! Everyone who is a fan of Brandon Sanderson, I believe that it is YOUR DUTY to defend Vin and Elend's honor! We all know that in a real fight Legolas and Gimli have nothing on our beloved duo. So please, get out and vote. It's your 17th Shard civic duty!!!! (PS - You can only vote once per device, so if you can: vote on your phone, your computer, and your tablet!)