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Found 15 results

  1. I posted in the "problems with Lost Metal" thread, but I don't want my only posts on the forums to be criticisms of it! So I thought this thread would be a good complement, to talk about things we especially liked about the book that might not need a whole thread. I thought the character work was really good. I thought that everyone's motivations were consistent with previous books, Lost Metal gave great contexts for them to do and show what they needed, and their narrative arcs were very satisfying to me. Steris is a particular favorite of mine, and I really appreciated her rising to her challenges and finding acceptance through embracing her compulsions and responses to them. Her superlative abilities just needed to be in the right place to obviously show their worth, just like Wax needed to be in the Roughs for a while. I loved what we saw of Autonomy. Any time a Shard is on screen is significant, but seeing Autonomy in action sharpened a lot of previous thinking and suggested tons of new details. Especially exciting to me is that, just like Odium's nature means that it can't help but promote conflict even against itself, Autonomy can't help promoting self-determination even from Autonomy itself. And as her campaign of domination continues she's going to increasingly become the main force to oppose. Her greatest champion is also going to be her most dedicated opponent. Awesome. I cannot wait to read those stories as they develop. And her preference for avatars seems like more than just the Shard's nature (more self-determining instances of the power) but also a way to deal with conflict like that, which I find fascinating. The new details about the Cosmere were incredibly intriguing. The implications of a general Stamp are stunning, given how Forgery was previously shown as so limited to specific objects in specific places at specific times. Shai being able to Forge an Elantrian identity is similarly huge. It closes the loop on a lot of previous theorycrafting, and along with the reveal of raw Investiture to drive it we have a lot of new details to use when thinking about crossing magic systems. As there is more travel around the Cosmere and more power-mixing, Forgery is going to become easier to do, much more expansive in what it can do, and much more powerful. I'm also fascinated by the Aethers and their home system. I thought that the dual-conflict narrative was well done. Autonomy was going to invade and conquer, unless the Set conquered it in her name first. They had to save Scadrial, which required them to conquer Scadrial now, which meant blowing up a big part of it. It was a great motivation for a group with a doomsday device not just to have developed one in the first place, but also a compelling reason to actually try to use it. It was also a great way to separate out two antagonists at once, where they were on the same side but not quite the same side, and not really working together. The arc for Sazed, as Harmony, as increasingly unable to act (even indirectly) is moving to me, even if I haven't totally loved the pacing. He has virtually infinite divine power, strong moral beliefs, and worthy goals. But he can't bring all of those together. He must be tortured to be so helpless, even as a god, like reliving his struggle in Hero of Ages again but worse and on a larger scale. I don't know how becoming Discord will interact with that but I really want to see more. There was a lot more to like about the book but I'd rather hear what positive things especially stood out for other people.
  2. Ok according to the northerners Kelsier was able to make the bands because of his full born powers yet in his POV he doesn't have any powers?
  3. In Kelsier's epilogue, he and Sazed discuss whether or not Sazed should lead the people of Scadrial to a technological revolution. Sazed states that it's better for the people to discover things on their own. Kelsier counters the conflict wouldn't have happened if the people of Scadrial had been more advanced. Sazed has admitted previously that he thinks he's made things to easy for the people of the Basin, and that's why they haven't advanced as much as he'd expected. But if he'd given them the technology, they wouldn't need to discover it. Who's beliefs are more valid? Personally, I think Sazed's opinion is more valid. This resonates with several other fictional sources I'm fond of, and I think it's true. In Stormlight Archives, Dalinar discusses with one of his ardents the value of growing stronger through adversity, both as an individual and as a people. And the two discussions resonate, I think. Beyond that, the concept of people valuing things they've earned over what they've been given is something that's often explored in literature and other media. And that appreciation affects how they treat whatever it is. Be it technology, peace, or even financial wealth. Right now, Sazed says he puts people where they need to be, but allows them to make their own decisions. That's not a bad approach, all things considered. Perhaps Sazed could help nudge people in the right direction a little, but just giving the secrets away seems unwise. Hand outs are dangerous, because people can start to rely on them very easily, and because once it happens a first time, it's much harder to argue against doing it a second time. Teach a man to fish, and all that.
  4. Science time! Like the alchemists of old it is time for us to delve into the secrets of metals and the divine. With lost metal out its time to put on my aluminum hat and scratch my understanding of investiture into the metal sheets of the wall. Examining Wax's experiment seems to reconfirm how a metal's properties are related to the shard it originates from. Harmonium: Also called ettmetal is a highly volatile substance. It exists in a delicate balance and mere interaction with water is sufficient to cause the largest man made explosions in scadrial's history. It is quite pliable as well and has a high boiling point. This is emblematic of a shard striving for balance on a knife's edge. Although destructive it is also quite resilient and flexible. Additionally it can fuel matalic arts when combined with the correct technology. Trellium(bavadinium): Is an extremely durable substance. Its melting point is very high, beyond even ettmetal, and its hardness barely below diamond. It is emblematic of a shard promoting individuality and when used in hemalurgy it can prevent intrusion from Harmony. It also reacts much more violently to resist foreign investiture then other metals. Stormlight: It might be surprising to place this on the list but its worth noting that this is a relatively common form of physical investiture found on roshar. It seems particularly good at bridging the different realms as per its intent in joining things together. Because of this it tends to be somewhat unstable and difficult to keep in one place. It desires to connect anything to anything else per the intent Honor. Lifelight: Cultivation's light is noted for its use in creating food. This may also explain its rarity as any that exists would be rapidly absorbed by surrounding lifeforms fulfilling Cultivation's intent to grow. Voidlight: By contrast to stormlgiht remains solid for long periods. In solid form raysium conducts investiture quite well. This may be a demonstration of its emptiness per Odium's intent. The two most important for this theory our old friends lerasium and atium are not widely available in present day scadrial. Both seemed to be pliable metals but what is truly intriguing about them might not be their properties but rather their distribution. The majority of lerasium was always distributed as widely as possible across the planet in the form of mists with comparitively little in the well as liquid or solid. This can potentially be seen as a type of behavior caused by Preservation's intent, the desire to save everyone and stop all change everywhere. Meanwhile atium is found almost exclusively in solid form. This can be seen as Ruin's intent to destroy things. When breaking things down its generally smarter to gather a critical mass of oxygenated material then just spray oxygen into the atmosphere. Now for the interesting part. Sazed claims to Kelseir that the lerasium is annihilated in the explosion. I'm thinking its actually not a lie but it is a bluff. Investiture cannot be destroyed. One can convert it of course and indeed that is part of what happens during the explosion but there is no reason for more lerasium to be destroyed then atium. It seems much more likely that an equal amount of both are consumed. Is it not possible the Lerasium attempts to follow its invested nature and fix things up in the aftermath of the explosion? The result seems fairly clean all thing considered with no known toxins generated. Additionally Wax absorbed a small amount of it at the time. The reason that no lerasium sticks around is because it is consumed by the environment itself. If intervention took place at the time of the explosion it may be possible to harvest it in small amounts. Its been a long time but I hope to hear from anyone who thinks this type of theory is interesting. I'd also like to hear about everyone else's ideas concerning godmetals.
  5. Hello, assorted sanderfans! I have just finished reading the first few chapters of The Lost Metal, and it looks like things are getting spicy. I'm pretty convinced that the Set is following Odium at this point. Odium is preparing for conquest of the Cosmere, and Scadrial looks like his first target. Here are some reasons why I think so. As Taravangian ascended and became Odium near the end of RoW, he decided that the rest of the Cosmere was ruled by ¨impostors.¨ In classic villain logic, he decides to take over the other worlds to ¨save¨ them. As Lost Metal is the first major Cosmere book to be released after RoW, narrative flow would make it a good target for invasion. At the end of Bands of Mourning, we saw someone with red eyes, working for the Set and disguised as a human. That sounds a lot like a Fused. Lord Ladrian's internal monologue indicates that it is disguised, and there's an order of the Fused who have that as their sole ability, so... yeah. From the blurb, we know that Harmoy's prescience doesn't work in a particular town, which is being influenced by the Set. That has served as an indicator that another person/shard who can see the future is in the area, and Odium is the best shard for seeing the future. Please respond if you think differently!
  6. Hi all! The Lost Metal Chapters 5 through 8 are here: Lots of things I am excited about! - Hoid's first appearance in the book (he does seem to have a soft spot for drivers and beggars) - Harmony's attempt to make contact with Wax (you know that things get serious when Sazed needs help) - Trellium and red eyes! (did anyone else kind of expect an Everstorm arrive after the eyes started glowing? ) - Malwish war ship (I hope it is indeed just a statement, not a threat for now) Thoughts?
  7. Chapters 12 and 13 are here! First off, poor Wayne! I knew that MeLaan was going to leave Scadrial but I did't expect her to ask for it! I felt as heartbroken as Wayne must have. Second, MeLaan would be the first kandra on a long-term mission in Shadesmar, which means there might have been shorter trips before. I am curious to know where and why. Also, why aluminum body? Lastly, I truly enjoyed the science experiments and hope to see Lerasium and Atium reemerge again. If that happens, the book would have to be renamed "Lost metalS"
  8. Chapters 10 and 11 here! First off... MeLaan going to another planet?! Awesome! I think Sel is the most likely candidate because of the Ire, but I can't wait to know for sure. And the way it is set up, Marasi is almost certainly going too Speaking of Marasi - I loved that there are stories written about her in broadsheets now. It is a beautiful thing to do for her as a character, considering her youthful inspiration with the Dawnshot stories. Next, any ideas who Wayne owes money? Is it potentially related to his bendalloy (over)consumption? And, we finally got to see Allik... hot choc never spoils a book
  9. What are your predictions for lost metal? My predictions 1. Hemalurgy would be explored it much more detail. 2. A new autonomy based magic system will be introduced. 3. We will see more of autonomies God metal. 4. Kelsier will be take about nut not see on screen but Marsh will be. What are yours?
  10. Oh boy everyone, we have some spice for you today! At JordanCon we had both a reading from the Lost Metal (Wax and Wayne 4), which was its prologue, as well as one of the craziest Words of Brandon: Taln didn't break! Holy crap. Oh, and Marvin's meme game is on point this episode. This week we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Evgeni (Argent), Jessie (Lady Lameness), Marvin (Paleo), and Rosemary (Kaymyth). Apologies for the late episode! The next one, which will be more WoBs, should be out Saturday, and we'll resume our once every two weeks schedule. You can find the transcribed Lost Metal reading here: Here's an Arcanum collection of all the Words of Brandon: Amazing Navani and Raboniel cosplay by Galadriel and Callynah Coffeen (LittleGreyDragon and singmuse): As always, you can skip to wherever you want using the chapters: 00:00 Introductions 10:40 JordanCon Experiences 21:04 Lost Metal Reading 31:32 Do spren feel sexual or romantic attraction? 32:37 Here be aethers 36:25 Taln didn't break! 46:52 Were all spren wounded by Ba-Ado-Mishram's binding? 51:30 God metal names changing 59:14 Is the kandra Felt's wife? 1:00:07 Why is Scadrial Investiture hereditary? 1:06:38 Intent and Command for Scadrial 1:15:23 Knowing about new Odium 1:17:56 Yolen perpendicularity, no Shards there! 1:20:45 Kelsier and the Ghostbloods 1:27:36 Cognitive Shadows having children 1:27:56 Vasher vs. Odium in memory manipulation 1:29:25 Hemalurgic lerasium vs. atium vs. nicrosil 1:38:37 Storing Hemalurgic spikes in blood 1:42:11 Was Kelsier involved with Bloody Tan? 1:45:00 Ishar doing more than just Connecting spren to the Physical Realm 1:49:38 Shallan's last name 1:54:46 Who's That Cosmere Character If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  11. A few quick reminders! The Way of Kings leatherbound Kickstarter comes out tomorrow at 9am Mountain time, which is 8am Pacific and 11am Eastern. Brandon posted a big blog post on all the tiers if you're curious about it or its tiers. Additionally, Brandon tweeted today that there will be one of his newsletters coming out tomorrow, which will contain a preview of Rhythm of War. You can sign up for it here on his website. You can discuss the sample chapter (but not distribute it) in our Rhythm of War spoiler forum, or the #row_spoilers channel on Discord. Way of Kings Prime, the version of the book Brandon wrote in 2002, is coming out tomorrow as well with the Kickstarter. To discuss it, we've made a forum in our Unpublished Works area. Please discuss it there, and not in the usual Stormlight areas. On Discord, please use the #unpublished channel. Tidbit on The Lost Metal Brandon commented on Reddit another tidbit on The Lost Metal, the final Wax and Wayne book. We discussed that he plans to begin Lost Metal January 1st, but here Brandon says that the goal would be to have the book finished by next July with a release date to be the spring or summer of 2022. It also will probably lead with a flashback of Wayne, rather than Wax. Neat!
  12. At first I was disappointed to hear that The Lost Metal may be slipping back in Brandon's writing schedule (he'd hoped to squeeze it in end of 2018 but that doesn't look likely at this point). But I was just reminded that Era 2 takes place after Stormlight - so with that perspective it makes perfect sense for SA to take precedence. But then it begs the question, why write Era 2 at all now? Did he simply not want to wait a decade plus before writing a follow-up to the hugely successful Era 1 books?
  13. Just finished up The Hero of Ages for an unknown number of re-reads. It's no coincidence that Mistborn's second era takes place 300 years after Kelsier destroyed the Pits of Hathsin, right. Not 200 years, or 500 years. We were told it would be 300 years before Atium could be harvested again. Ruin couldn't annihilate Scadrial because he was missing his body/power/Atium. He was incomplete. Powered but not powerful. Vin's body absorbed all the mist from the skies, so Sazed absorbed a full and complete shard. When Sazed absorbed the dark smoke from Ati's body, he only absorbed an impotent shard, a half-shard perhaps, incomplete. Powered, not even close as powerful as Vin's shard. Harmony still needs the power that Ati/Ruin never got. Harmony is currently under attack from Odium? Or some other shard wanting to remove all life from the sphere. (The Set) Perhaps it's Hoid doing his Adonalsium Round-up Tour, kidding. So, I presume that Harmony moved the Hathsin shardpool/perpendicularity to some crazy hidden underground/underwater inaccessible place waiting for the well/pool/hot tub to fill up again. Marsh is likely guarding it. Harmony likely changed the form of the power from happy lil' god candies to another form, perhaps a cozy hot tub that Harmony could dip his toes in. Thus making him complete, at last. Once he is two completely powerful shards he will toss Odium away from his system for good. Until era three and a cast of all new characters. Thoughts?
  14. I'm not entirely sure this goes here, but do we know what the titular lost metal is? My first thought, and I think the more accepted theory, was atium. Clue is this quote: "The plaque read: ATIUM, THE LOST METAL" (Pg 161 of Shadows of Self) But recently I started thinking, what if it's lerasium? It would certainly fit the Set's goal of making Allomancy more accessible to the public, and they'd probably make a mean profit in the process. The only argument I can think of that could explain an sudden atium hunt is if the Set have heard of its future predicting ability, which might've been exaggerated to the point where they'll gain far sight into the future. Now while I would love to read the look on Sequence's face when she realises it grants a couple seconds best, surely Harmony would've explained atium in the Words of Founding, and if not, they have Trell working with em. Surely it would know. Anyways, these are just my thoughts. There's a fair chance I'm wrong, and this might've been discussed to death before I got here, but I can't remember seeing anything.
  15. The State of the Sanderson is coming... For those who haven't seen Brandon's latest blog post, he has stated that he intends to do a State of the Sanderson post for his birthday. So far as we know, he is roughly 1/3 of the way through Stormlight 3. He has said after that that it will be either Mistborn 7 (a.k.a. The Lost Metal) or the second Rithmatist (a.k.a. the Aztlanian). We might be able to get a pin-down on that. Although, he has warned that Stormlight 3 might turn into a 2017 release. Anyway, on to shameless advertising. After his last State of the Sanderson, he made a great list of things about what he'd like to get done. I made a flow chart of the whole lot - in addition to a loose timeline - here. I will update this after the next State of the Sanderson. (I'll probably also post here, to be double sure.) So, thoughts? Anything you'd particularly like Brandon to turn around and start writing after Stormlight 3?