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Found 1 result

  1. Corruption in the Senate? The Elendel Daily. 8th of Doxil, 244 With the recent Arrest of Senator Binks on charges of Blackmail, Fraud, and Conspiracy, Citizens from all octants have been asking the question, who else is involved? Certainly Senator Binks could not have acted alone, as the sheer amount of funds already revealed to have been spent in bribes are worth more than Bink’s net worth. Rumors and accusations have been leveled against nearly every Senator and House Lord in the City. Governor Samiel Shreeves released a Statement this Morning announcing he was aware of the situation and would be organizing a private conference outside the city, overseen by Constable-General Yosef, to put an end to the Corruption. The Constable-General, with his aides Lieutenant Altea Meza and Detective K. Wilson, are noted to be good friends with the Governor, and have a history of overkill against threats to his life. “We’ll be separating the Senators from the majority of their staff, and my Constables will be able to thoroughly investigate and question each and every one of them.” ~ Constable-General Yosef Busshu We have sent reporters to the house of each Senator attending the Conference to ask for a statement from them, as well as to who they suspect to be Senator Bink’s allies. We at the Elendel Daily look forward to the next issue of this paper, where we will hopefully be able to deliver to you the statements of all the senators. ----- This is a Rerun of QF14: Corruption in the Senate. The game has been heavily rebalanced The game will begin on Sunday, August 4th, at 3AM EDT. Player List: There's nothing Hidden in this game, so why are you highlighting everything? Quick Links: