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Found 4 results

  1. Ok so I was just checking out the Mistborn topic related to this one and noticed a lot of people mentioning Warbreaker (including myself) so I figured what the Storm, let's do it. Warbreaker seems to me like a much more manageable movie than Mistborn for the simple fact that there's no Allomancy. So lets get started (Semi-joke list) Director: Joss Whedon Lightsong: Nathan Fillion Scoot: Alan Tudyk (Hoid needs to played by the same guy in every movie or HBO sereies) Vivenna: Morena Baccarin Siri: Jewel Staite (because I love her) Bluefingers: Ron Glass Adam Baldwin: Vasher Andrew Bryniarsky (Crow): Tonk Fah Gina Torres : The Nurse I cant think of anyone else from the show to be anyone else, there are a lot of Characters missing but it's been a while since I've read Warbreaker. After I'm done with AoL I'm reading it again. But for now, Your thoughts to mine.
  2. I've noticed that we don't really have any good NPCs, so... I made some. Eve: Noah: Enora: The Historian (MacThorenston): Mira (Sorana): All these characters are free for anyone to interact with, and I would like this to be a place we can have a list of them.
  3. I think it would be amusing to track how 17th Sharders are scattered around the world. So, I introduce to you, the Master List of Origins! I shall roam the user profiles in search of any reference to your home country. I shall scour the "Introduce yourself!" forum, and If I happen to notice a reference to it in a post of yours, then I shall add it to the List as well. And you are free to stop by this Thread and just tell me (us) where you're from. That would make this whole thing a lot easier. The following compilation is sorted by Planet, Continent, Country. I decided arbitrarily to start with South America and then move clock-wise through the rest. Nations and User-names will be sorted alphabetically. Since some users sometimes change their names permanently, I shall try to include all currently known variants (though sorted by current name). And just to be as maniacally thorough as possible, I shall include links to the User-profiles, Introductory Posts1 and whatever post divulged the nationality of the user2. I might add in States for countries such as the United States. To qualify for the List, you must either: Have at least 30 active Posts and have been active within the last year (exceptions will be made for huge contributors) or just post in this Thread. EDIT: All posters on this Thread have been added. Done with previous Nationality Threads. Will use other information from this Thread to further fill up the List, then I'll move on to the Introduction sub-forum. EDIT 2: Look! A Google map with Pins! Red represents females, Blue males and Green "not telling". If you're not happy with your current position, feel free to make a request to my Listh Apprentice, Quitecontrary, on this Thread. A huge thanks to her for setting it up. Earth South America (current count: 1) North America (current count: 79) Europe (current count: 21) Asia (current count: 10) Oceania (current count: 15) Africa (current count: 2) Antarctica (current count: 1)
  4. Hello fellow 17th Shardianers and Theorists! It can be very difficult to find theories scattered around this site, as the forum search is selective at best and at times downright dodgy. I've been thinking about various ways to gather and formalize theories in the past, but the biggest issue may simply be finding them. Thus, I've set out to make an unofficial index of theories. You can find it on the Coppermind, here. What does it do? The Unofficial Theory Index gathers a list of theories into a sortable table on the wiki. You'll be able to look at theories by name, author, date written, location in the cosmere by planet, and category. Want to find every theory about Roshar? You can do that. Every theory written after Words of Radiance was published? You'll be able to do that. Every theory on magic on Scadrial? Yep, you can do that. I've gone ahead and started today by adding 56 theories from eight theorists including myself. There are of course a few hundred theories, and I've barely scratched the surface, but it's a good start! What can I do to help? The Theory Index is on a wiki page, so feel free to add your own theories, or the theories of others as you feel comfortable. I'd appreciate it if you'd note what theories you'd covered, like "All the theories of person X", or "All theories on the Mistborn board prior to June 2012" or whatnot. That way we have a good grasp on what still needs to be covered. I'd also like to ask some questions here about how the theories should be handled. For theories proven false, should they be removed from the list (making it shorter), marked on the list with a special marking (making them obvious), or left as is? Should exceptional theories or particularly interesting theories be marked to draw attention to them? Should there be a third tag column, in order to organize theories by common topics as well, such as FTL, Hemalurgy, Compounding, Surges, etc...? Should the date columns be colour coded by publication date of cosmere books, to allow for a more clear visualization of what information was available when they were written? Keep in mind 17th Shard was founded 2010. I will be adding to this list semi-regularly, but please feel free to contribute, and give me your thoughts on some of the above questions!