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Found 31 results

  1. From the album The Stormlight Archive

    A piece I did for this year's Cosmere Inktober! Depicting Wit as he tells the Tale of Mishim - my favorite story by him! Drawing Hoid / Wit is always a bit of a challenge but I think (I hope?) that with each new drawing of him I'm getting a bit closer to how I perceive him in the books. This was lots of fun and I'd like to try a proper depiction of this scene sometime in 2021 as this sequence is especially dear to me.
  2. So I was using the Knight Radiant quiz to double check my guesses on various AC characters Knightly Orders. Most were fairly typical, but then I got this: So now I’m wondering if the Lightweaver/Windrunner combination would actually be possible. (This was Shay Cormac’s quiz, btw.)
  3. Truthwatchers and Lightweavers share the Surge of Illumination. In Oathbringer, Renarin had been having trouble using the Surge of Illumination to craft illusions like Shallan does. While Shallan is a standard Lightweaver, Renarin is not a standard Truthwatcher as his spren is Corrupted, that makes comparisons difficult. We do, however, have another example of potential usage of Illumination by Renarin. In the Battle of Thaylen City, Renarin uses light to banish a Thunderclast. I don't think this is specific to Renarin's unique condition as, like Glys, Ym's spren too told their Radiant that they could make things go away with light when Nale attacked him in WoR. We do know that the Surges have a Spiritual component to them. Shallan using Connection to those she draws for her Lightweaving. Renarin glimpsing into a person's Spiritual and applying it on the Physical body. Both Illumination and Progression have a Spiritual element within them. Perhaps Truthwatchers are more proficient in Spiritual manifestation of their Surges, like the Bondsmiths. We do know that the Surges don't always manifest in the same manner among the Orders that share them. Perhaps this is how the Surge of Illumination manifests in Truthwatchers. Maybe they don't craft illusions. Truthwatchers are more about truth than lies, which are under the purview of the Lightweavers. Alternatively, the banishing light could also be a combination of the Surges of Illumination and Progression, their Resonance perhaps, a cleansing light (might as well go full throttle on that paladin theme)
  4. From the album Scandalous

  5. I guess it's safe to say I tried to make her look as Radiant as possible! (it's been a while since I uploaded anything here... and you might have seen this already on other social media.)
  6. So I’ve been bouncing this idea around for a while, and finally decided to type it up. So we know that Pattern bonded Shallan when she was younger, to the point that she could summon her shardblade (to kill her mum). After this she regresses somehow, possibly due to her self-forgetting stuff. Another example we know much less about is Tien, Kaladin’s younger brother. We don’t know a lot about what he did in Amaram’s army, but it is implied that he had reached a point in his Ideals that caught the attention of the Skybreakers enough that Nale felt he needed to be eliminated. I personally think he was at the first Ideal, but have little proof to back that up. So: what are the common threads in these two young lives? My theory: not their own lies, but the lies of those around them. We know that (Pattern at least) Cryptics are very curious about humans. Lyrin was hiding the gem theft, and we know that this caused a lot of strife in Hearthstone. Shallan’s mother was involved somehow with the Skybreakers before her death, and Lin was dealing with political issues (or was that just after Shallan’s mum died?) as well as dealing with debts. Also maybe the Ghostbloods. We know that Pattern is interested in the lies of people besides Shallan. Shallan and Tien are both “the light” of their respective households. The Lightweavers have been described as the “spiritual sustainers” of the Radiants. They are both artistic, and very curious about the world around them. If Cryptics are the spren of natural forces and the laws of nature, the interests of the spren and the knight would align in this. A few other parallels I don’t think are relevant: Shallan and Tien each have depressed older brothers. They are both interested in the creatures around them. They like gentle rains. Please point out anything that I’ve missed!
  7. So I know that lightweavers and elsecallers share soul casting as a surge, and if I understand this correctly they are basically using astral projection to enter shadesmar or the cognitive realm to do this. With that being said couldn't lightweaver still travel in shadesmar while being "projected" there. So could they not also have a form of the elsecallers transportation surge, or am I way off base here.
  8. Spoilers ahead! The topics covered should all be in TWoK and WoR Hey all I've been trying to sleep but this is eating at me now so I guess I gotta post it. First things first let's cover some basic things: Theory: You could speak with a dead person in Shadesmar if you're a lightweaver. Some things we know (correct me if I'm wrong here): -Everything has a spren on roshar, even body parts. -These spren gain identity in Shadesmar based on how they're perceived by living beings. -Pattern can talk to these spren's beads and translate/interpret. -People have souls, but when they die the soul leaves behind the body. So! A person might lose its soul when it dies, but the body remains there. Everything has a spren so the body probably has a spren, especially since it sees itself as a whole. Therefore you could probably find a corpse's bead in Shadesmar. This corpse would have very strong ties to the person it used to be, having been there to experience everything the person had. Presumably this means that the body's spren would behave very similarly to the deceased person. I think that because of this, Shallan (or any radiant in Shadesmar, even) could go into Shadesmar and speak with carbon copies of dead people; this would likely be especially easy with soulcast lighteyes statues, because they're still the same person and are perceived that way. What do you think? What use could you see in this?
  9. Do we know if Shallan's eyes will ever turn garnet colored? Or reddish? Since Kaladin's eyes changed it seems the eye color is some sort of DNA change based on the nahel bond. Thus Shallan's eyes should change even though they are originally a "light" color because Kaladin's eye color change is dependent upon a current bond. But we don't see Shallan's changing.
  10. My theory on why the Lightweavers and Truthwatchers are so close together on the Knight Radiant chart has to do with the fine line between the Truth and a Lie. We’ve seen that Cryptics are attrcted to anything that is NOT literally true, and we’ve seen how Shallan uses lies to inspire people. What little we know about the Truthwatchers was that they had a great deal of tact. I don’t know how Renarin differs from a standard Truthwatcher but as someone on the Autistic spectrum, although at a different point on it then he is (I was diagnosed with Asperger’s before it was rolled up under the umbrella in the latested DSM, so think more like Steris from Wax and Wayne) I can tell you about my relationship with the Truth. Not only does telling a lie have a strong effect on my concious, but so does not telling the whole truth. Leaving out details. Even the type of details that would make people uncomfortable. To use the sterotype here, don’t ask me if you look fat, unless you really want to know if you think you look fat. I won’t judge you for it or anything as I am overweight myself. But if you ask the question expect the answer. This is because, first off from my perspective, how am I supposed to tell if you are one if the people who fits the stereotype, or someone who genuinely wants to know if they look fat? If you are the latter then I am answering the question you asked, if you are the former, well “why did you ask a question if you didn’t want an answer in the first place?” At least that how it feels to me. It frustrates me. But I have come to realize that for much as people CLAIM they want the truth they often only want it when it clings to their point of view. That being said I can leave out details or give selective answers if I HAVE to but even something that is TECHNICALLY true rather than a flat out lie, will still bug because feels manipulative not telling the whole truth. Here’s where theory time comes into play. What if the difference between Lightweavers and Truthwatchers is such. Lightweavers are both broken by lies AND able to out and lie. But they also are able to inspire and hold things together by telling lies. They believe that everything about themselves is a lie. (Ironically they progress by telling truths.) (uber speculation) Truthwatchers on the other hand might still TECHNICALLY TELL the truth but by not TELLING the whole truth. They FEEL like they are lieing. The fact that they have to bend the truth in order to save others is what breaks them. That’s my theory. P.S. I am doing a reread and rereading sections with Renarin more closely. Anything I see that could help or hinder I will let you know.
  11. I swear this was intended to be just a random portrait but several friends told me it reminds them of Shallan so I roll with itP.S I know she is supposed to have blue eyes
  12. A small theory. In allomancy, gold, electrum, atrium, and malatium all work in a similar way and reveals possible futures or alternative presents. Renarin's form of illumination seems to be a type of future sight, perhaps a type of spiritual illumination, and may work through similar realmatic process as atrium and electrum. What if regular illumination can reveal alternate presents like gold or malatium can? Shallan creates alternate personalities which are incomplete because she doesn't actually have the experiences these alternative personalities would have. What if it isn't so simple? She may not be able to recognize it, but what if she is using illumination to pull in little bits of alternate Shallan? Is it possible that as she becomes more accomplished at using Illumination that she will be able to pull on experience that is not her own?
  13. From the album The Knight Radiant

    My previous image was an unmade. But it's summer now and I was in the mood for something, a bit more sexy ^^ This my interpretation of Shalash or Ash, Herald of beauty. I've tryed to reveal just the right amount of skin and kept the white hair from the promotional image.
  14. So....I didn't see any other posts mentioning this, but I found myself thinking about Shallans story/play in Oahbringer, the one with the girl and the wall. We also found out that the humans were actually the Voidbringers and that the original inhabitants, the Dawnsingers, allowed the humans to live in Shinovar, which is completely surrounded by mountains and gets very little Stormlight. I'm thinking the story is actually a true history of when humans first came to Roshar and of the first human to cross over the mountains. Can anyone think of anything to support or deny this theory?
  15. So, nowhere in the books have we seen lightweavers using the surge of illumination combatively. Shallan's army during the final battle in OB did apparently have some substance to it but it is supposed that she did this through a combination of soulcasting and illumination; or simply the 'weight' of concentrated stormlight. However, I see reasonable evidence that illumination could actually be used combatively, and to devastating effect. As we all know, Ars Arcanum has this to say on the surge of illumination: Is this to say that lightweavers/truthwatchers can create ANY kind of wave-form? If so this means that in addition to visible light, (not even going to dig into the sound spectrum for the moment) someone with the surge of illumination would be able to create wave-forms ranging all from radio waves and microwaves, all the way up to gamma radiation. Are we someday going to see Shallan take the field and start microwaving voidbringers to a crisp? How about drop her into the middle of an enemy encampment and give everyone cancer from massive exposure to gamma rays? Even if one couldn't go so far, why not concentrate the lightweaving into a super powerful laser death ray and blast holes through baddies? I see major B-A potential here
  16. Is Wit a Surgebinder? When he tells Kaladin stories, like in the plateau with his flute, or when Kal's in jail, Kaladin describes being able to physically see the stories that Wit tells. We know that Truthwatchers and Lightweavers have access to the illumination surge, so could he be a Surgebinder? I don't have any detailed theories, but I'd like to hear yours!
  17. I know this has been discussed before, but I'm having trouble finding the exact thread/s. So if you happen to know them, feel free to send me there! I just wanted to say that it sure seems like Tien was a future Lightweaver in process. There's lots of things to point us to that, I know, but this is my favorite one that I haven't seen brought up (but it may have been): "'See,' Tien said from behind, "from this side it's green. I don't think it's a spren, Mother. It's the light. It makes the rock change....." Doesn't that sound like a future Lightweaver point of view, y'all? Or of course this could have just been an overarching Stormlight Archive theme getting brought up. Honor was He Who Transforms after all. I know I'm reaching on this one. Either way, I really love this line.
  18. After a brief conversation with Brandon on the matter, I think I might be onto something. This theory revolves our current understanding of Physics so it would be some time in the timeline before we could confirm these theories. However I cannot stop thinking about these ideas and Brandon confirmed a couple of my speculations. But if the skills that Shallan has displayed, along with the words of Pattern, we can extrapolate incredible future abilities. Now I could be wrong simply because we don't have an understanding of all the radiant groups as of yet, but here me out about this. So what do we know are Shallans abilities? Well the first and probably the most powerful (that we KNOW of) is the soulcasting. Shallan can separate her cognitive mind from her physical body and interact with shadesmar directly. Once she masters this skill she will be able to use storm light as a bargaining chip to convert matter and form. I'm excited to see what this entails and if there are any real limitations to this power. Like can they only soul cast into one essence at a time? Why do the soulcasters in the Alethkar army look like they have stone for skin? So many questions, but despite this ability, I want to focus on lightweaving itself. i just feel that transformation is "more powerful" than progression. No the ability to manipulate light is the real power here. Although "Lightweaver" is a deceptive name. Remember how Pattern said that Shallan could manipulate sound as well as light? When I read that the second time through I did a double take. I mean, on the surface these two are vastly different. Light is a collection of photons, where as sound is a vibration in moving particles. The only thing that these two truly share is that the nature of light and sound is determined by the waves and wavelengths that they maintain. So how could this be? If Shallan is creating false light barriers, then that should be the extent of her abilities. it would still be amazing and incredibly versatile, but that's it. Including the ability to affect sound waves tells me that there is something far greater going on. If Lightweavers actually shape the wavelength of physical particles and energy waves, then her powers become nearly unlimited. First I'll start with sound. If Shallan as a Lightweaver can control waves of vibration to create sounds, then what else could she do (Assuming stormlight were no object for the sake of speculation) Well she could most likely stun people with powerful sound waves. Especially in the water, large enough shock waves can actually stun of kill. Remember a noise is simply a managed vibration in particles including liquids and solids. If you can manipulate shock waves and add enough power, stunning people would not be too far fetched. Even Earthquakes are effectively massive shock waves that travel through the soil. They seem vastly different from a verbal shout, but on the large scale they really operate on the same physical premise. And we now know Shallan uses her powers to effect shock waves, so far just on the small scale. So we can presume that with enough stormlight, Shallan could cause an earthquake. Now to the real power. Light manipulation. Often times we get comfortable in our spectrum of light. We have the colors of the rainbow and every shade in between. Shallan had displayed the countless applications of light manipulation in stealth and espionage. However we are not so limited in Physics. Visible Light is a tiny part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. The levels of light along the spectrum are only different in their wavelength and frequency. This is where things get exciting. First lets go to the large end of the spectrum. So if we have two lightweavers, perhaps standing on the peaks of two different mountains. If the lightweaver can manipulate radio waves, using stormlight to create a variable radio broadcaster and receiver, we would have the perfect way to communicate without anyone being able to listen in. This could be very useful, although span-reads honestly are better at this, so this is less exciting. More likely Lightweavers would become radio hosts in the future as they transmit music and voices into the homes of radio owning families in the future. I can imagine Lightweavers as traveling radio performers sharing their skills as actors of comedians across the radio waves. But it's the other end of the electromagnetic spectrum that gets really crazy. Imagine how soon x-rays for medical diagnoses could be used when your doctor can literally create x-rays out of thin air? Crime scene investigators will have a local Lightweaver create UV lights to help reconstruct the crime scene and look for trace evidence. But the ultimate form (That Brandon said would be too much to be practical both in needed stormlight and application) would be the control of Gamma Radiation. If this could be harnessed, Lightweavers could literally become mini nukes, or death guns. The biggest downside to making Gamma radiation would be the damage the lightweaver would most likely suffer. So gamma radiation is impractical but its a fun thought experiment. So that's the end of my thoughts, I just see people talking about how Lightweavers are cool, but not as powerful as Windrunners. Now you know the possible future of lightweavers! The best part of this whole speculation was how excited Brandon was about my train of thought. I don't know if anyone had brought up this train of thought before. But he was happy to remind me that things will get pretty interesting when Lightweavers discover lasers and start using them in combat. Seriously, he said that, I couldn't ever make this up. Hope you enjoyed!