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Found 8 results

  1. From the album Warbreaker Trading Cards

    I weep for my husband :'(
  2. Hey so I noticed in the postscript of Secret History that Brandon mentions that each of his series' has a major viewpoint character death, but I can only think of: has there been a TSA/Era 2 major character death that I've somehow missed? Any other thoughts as to whether he was speaking preemptively? Thanks in advance
  3. Originally a piece for tumblr palette challenge. Finally did some art for Warbreaker! + + + Alternative version: Sketch: + + + Another Lightsong (Disney style? I don't know ;P) Another challenge for Vasher: Old art: Vasher/Vivenna, Susebron/Siri
  4. Llarimar refuses to tell Lightsong how he died several times throughout the novel. This seems to be common practice among the priests. When Llarimar finally does tell Lightsong, there aren't any repercussions. So why do the priests withhold this valuable information as it might help the returned remember their purpose? The only answer I can see is to provide suspense. For obvious reasons I'm not satisfied with that answer especially considering that it's Sanderson we're talking about.
  5. A little story I made up off of one of Lightsong's jokes.
  6. You know how at the end of Lightsong's life he got his memories back? What if Hoid was a Returned who has his memories? He could survive off of extra Breath the way Vasher did. His purpose could be to put Adolnasium back together again. That could explain why he seems to be oddly prophetic in his ramblings.
  7. A conversation I definitely want to see happen... Jasnah, Lightsong, Shallan and Wit. I know now it will never happen, poor Lightsong, but still, Jasnah Shallan and Wit, maybe throw in a Navani and we'd have the single funniest dialogue in all of Sandersonian History. Cultivation would laugh so hard, she'd pass a kidney stone and the Everstorm would come.