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Found 15 results

  1. It is mentioned very early on that marriages between high ranking darkeyes and low ranking lighteyes are not unheard of, has the heritability of eye-color ever been addressed in any of the many AMAs Sanderson has done? In the event of a hypothetical marriage between a lighteyes of the 10th dahn and a darkeyes of the 1st nahn what would the probability be that a child would be lighteyed verses dark, and would the child's social rank depend on phenotypical eye-color?
  2. Moash and Kaladin were both raised to 4th nahn and granted land for becoming Shardbearers. Are all Radiants who reach the Shardblade oath being granted 4th nahn status? The land part doesn’t mean much while Alethkar is occupied, but if the humans retake the country, will loads of former darkeyes take over parcels of land across Alethkar? Will natural-born lighteyes accept that? It’s one thing in exile during a time of emergency, but I bet many of them want to return to the previous status quo. I think darkeyes, both Radiants and regular, will have to struggle during peacetime to keep the gains they made during the war with the fused/singers.
  3. When someone summons a shardblade, their eyes lighten in color. Is this because they receive a small boost of investiture after summoning it? In addition, this can be passed on to the shard-holder's children, which indicates that there is some kind of change to their spiritual DNA. Would this be similar to how a lerasium mistborn's children will have a stronger Connection to Preservation?
  4. So, I found a WoB that answers a little of this question (below), but still leaves questions for me. If a lighteyes becomes a Radiant and gains the ability to summon a living Shardblade, how much (if any) does their eye color change depending on the order? Like, if someone with blue eyes becomes a Willshaper, will their eyes turn purple? Because Brandon has implied that there could be a change, but that it might be subtle because the lighteyes are descended from people who were gradually but permanently altered by the bond/stormlight. Presumably blue eyes would mean someone was descended from a Windrunner. This leads to another question: If a change in eye-color has already occurred due to investiture exposure and been passed down through genetics, and a descendant joined an order that would normally have produced a similar, but different, change [like red or orange or purple], would the descendant's children have blue eyes or the eye color of their parent's order? The WoB, quoted: "Questioner My question has to do with the color of Shallan's eyes currently, because we've noticed over the books that Kaladin's eyes, as he's continued to use his Surge, changed to lighter and lighter blue. Whereas one could argue that Shallan is farther in her Ideals than Kaladin is, yet her eyes have not changed at all. Brandon Sanderson Right, 'cause they were already light. Questioner 'Cause they were already light? So it only affects lightness or darkness in the eyes, not necessarily any other color? Brandon Sanderson It's not like it is-- It's not like it's saying "Light minus 50%". Questioner It's not like Honor is blue and-- Brandon Sanderson No. It is not. It is just kind of the way that the changes the Stormlight is making the body and certain people are already descended from people who had repeated, over time, changes by the body which stopped physically... That's not to say that all lighteyes that's where they came from. There are some that are natural mutations."
  5. For context, here are some Reddit threads calling Kaladin racist: Commentary on Lighteye/Darkeye and White/Black/Brown connection: This thread which in which the OP expresses their frustration: Other Stormlight characters have been discussed in this context see this thread which rips into Shallan and justifiably so: Kaladin is not racist. I can't believe I even need to say this. Also is it just me or is Reddit seriously messed up? He had no problem with Renarin. He decided to trust Dalinar even through re-encountering Amaram. He has distrust, which is understandable given everything he had been through from Roshone to Amaram. I understand that this comes from the chapters where Colot was recruited into Bridge 4 and Tenners, that is Lighteyes from the Tenth Dahn from Kholinar. Kaladin accepts this and moves on. He has no visceral reactions against people based on eye color alone, only distrust. Adolin is going to get better, I think, his attitude towards Kaladin changes in Oathbringer, hopefully the change was permanent. While previously he used to make some problematic statements, calling Kaladin "Bridgeboy", commenting on Darkeyes having authority or Shards after everything Kaladin's done for him. But after the escape from Kholinar he might actually choose to try to listen and understand, like Kaladin did with his Bridge 4. I'm still miffed at Dalinar for calling equality a problem for another day No comments on Shallan. Regarding the system of Dahn & Nahn, according to the Coppermind: 1st The King 2nd Highprinces, their direct heirs, and the King's direct heir. 3rd Generals, Highlords, and the non-inheriting children of 1st and 2nd dahn lighteyes. 4th Battalionlords, Citylords, Shardbearers, and other mid-ranked nobles. 5th Companylords, along with lower-ranked nobles. 6th Captainlords, along with the lowest-ranked nobles and landholders. 7th Lower-ranking landless officers, higher-ranking (or very wealthy) landless lighteyes. 8th Soldiers, high-ranking (or moderately wealthy) landless lighteyes. 9th Landless lighteyes with some wealth, like merchants and master craftsmen. 10th "Tenners", essentially any lighteyes who has to work for a living. Are all ranked above the ten Darkeyes Nahns, high-ranked Nahn cannot be conscripted if they perform a viral function and high-mid Nahn have the right to travel. Only Darkeyes can be slaves. Also what Kaladin calls destitution and what Shallan calls destitution That's messed up: classism, casteism, and racism all rolled into one. It's better than Mistborn's system of Nobles and Skaa but still... yikes
  6. awakening

    Can an Awakener use colour from a person's eyes to fuel an Awakening? How powerful or skilled would an Awakener need to be in order to achieve this? Would people with grey eyes be immune? We know that an Awakener can use colour from gemstones What about smokestone (smoky quartz)? Awakening bleaches colours to grey, can it draw colour from a grey gemstone?
  7. Theory: Could it be that the eye colors that appear among the rosharan people stem from the knights radiant? Being as- at least on earth- violet, grey, and yellow eyes don't occur naturally, it seems likely that they would have some sort of supernatural origin. Additionally, from the fact that when Kaladin summons Syl his eyes change color into an extra light blue, it would seem that each order of radiants would have a similar effect but each order would have its own eye color (perhaps corresponding to their polestone)?
  8. I have been wanting to have this discussion for sometime. It’s a sensitive subject , but I think it’s a worthy discussion. What do u think Brandon is trying to convey ? I see two possibilities ? A legacy option and a philosophical option . legacy option : light eyes are the descendants of the KR . Since the KR were the leaders during the desolation this makes sense . U must keep in mind there are eye colors we don’t have IRL : light yellow, light orange , light green. Horn eaters have no lighteyes so we can infer they had no KR . I have heard rumors that Horneaters have listener blood . If this is true then that’s probably why they have no KR. And maybe explains why they can eat shells with their teeth and see Spren. Anyways this doesn’t stop them for trying to get a shardblade . Which I will go into my next point . Philosophical option: Roshar is a fantasy world . The races in Roshar don’t match up. With the Races we have IRL. So every culture seems to have ignorant predjudices . IRL we have racial predjudice , and religious predjudice . Even caste systems like in Japan. So I think Brandon wanted to create a unique predjudice , one that he could use in his narrative to oppress people, and not offend anyone . I think racism is pure ignorance. I think Brandon wanted us to look at it and go well that’s a stupid reason to think u are better than somebody . The Horneaters come down and fight trying to get. A shardblade . I think it’s because they want to have a path to becoming a light eyes , even if they won’t admit their true motives. so what do u guys think about light eyes and Darkeyes ? What viewpoint do you have ? What was Brandon trying to convey. To us ?
  9. Thinking about which of our lighteyed characters might become squires, I had a few fun possibilities. 1. Adolin to Renarin. I had thought about Adolin to Dalinar, but I don't really see Bondsmiths taking squires at all, and Adolin already loves and in many ways looks up to his brother. It would also be an interesting take, where the capable, handsome, warrior heir becomes subordinate to his physically weaker brother. 2. Navani to... Just kidding, I can't see Navani's pride allowing her to become a squire. But if it were ever to happen, totally to Jasnah. 3. From completely out of left field: Sebarial to Shallan. I see Sebarial as an indulgent, purposefully lazy master deceiver. He secretly runs the smoothest economy in the war camps, and makes everyone see him as a wasteful buffoon. He already has the connection to Shallan, and I believe his respect for her will only grow. There is the small problem that Shallan may already have other proto-squires with Gaz and co. 4. Amaram to Taln. Problem: Can heralds take squires? I don't know, but I don't see why not. Amaran has very strong feelings of devotion and almost worship for Taln, which don't always mean squireship, but could make a decent start. 5. Elhokar won't become a squire I don't think. In his mind, he can't afford to be seen as subordinate to anyone (even though everyone thinks of him that way already). However, if he were to be a squire, it would be to Dalinar, which again, I dont think Dalinar can take squires. 6. Random street urchins to Lift. This isn't necessarily on topic (lighteyes), but it would be awesome to see a bunch of glowing urchins slipping through the streets stealing food. We already have one! I want more! Haha
  10. Eyes are one of my favorite things to draw, and since eye color is such a big part of Roshar, I decided to try my hand at it. Because Kaladin is a lighteyed darkeyes, he was the natural choice. I originally wanted to do two sets of eyes, but this seemed like more fun.
  11. So we learn that the Heirocracy was an out of control, corrupt preisthood opressing the people and the Sun Maker cast down the arrogant Heirocracy and freed the people of Vorin Roshar from the twisted Dogma of the Vorin Church. Here is the entire entry in the Coppermind for the War of Loss; Who was the Vorin Church before the War of Loss? Who won the war? Who told this version of the story? Cui bono? I think the post Recreance Vorin church emerged from the servants, priests, and remnants of the Radiants. I think they stepped into the leadership gap left by the Recreance of the Radiants. Who steps in when the most powerful class in a society, a class that functions as the priests, leaders, generals, scholars, artists, champoins, judges, and heroes of the society, a class that is bound by supernatural oaths to act honorably stops functioning. Someone needs to step in. And the most logical choice initially would be the people closest to the Radiants. I also think that once those people gained power they would try to keep it and therefore try to associate themselves with the Radiants of old while distance themselves from the Recreant Radiants, they would try to hide information. When the Roman empire collapsed in the west the highest power left was the Roman Catholic Church and the church became the power in western Europe. Just like the Nobility of Europe chaffed under the Roman church, I think the nobility of Eastern Roshar didn't like being underneath the Vorin Church. Side note: I don't think being Lighteyed means anything except that the Radiants had Light Eyes and were maybe called Light Eyes and I think the Nobility became those who had lighter eyes through a misunderstanding and because they associated themselves with the Radiants and shardbearers all having lighter eyes, but not Light eyes like the Radiants. I think that the War of Loss was a Civil war between the first estate, the clergy of the Vorin Church who were in charge, and the second estate, the Nobility. I think the Sunmaker was an Alethi Prince who subjugated, allied with, and persauded the other Alethi Nobility to help him overthrow the Priests to elevate the Nobility over the priests. I don't think it was a high minded war for freedom of thought, I think it was a petty war to see who got to be in charge. And in a move that imitated the enslavement of the Listeners after the last Desolation, the Nobility enslaved the priests and used them to tell their version of history where the church was lying and hiding things from the people (although this may be partially true). It was just a power struggle between the Nobility and the Priesthood. Not that the Priesthood would have been any better than the lighteyes. Kaladin, Sigzil, and Moash's discussions on what would happen if the darkeyes overthrew the lighteyes, the Babatharnum and their eldest rule society illustrate this. I just want to point out that the war probably wasn't what the lighteyes say it was and that we should look at who is telling history and why they would tell it how they tell it.
  12. So, I know there has been a lot of debate about how "light" someone's eyes need to be in order to actually be considered a lighteyes, but I haven't seen anyone bring up heterochromia? Eyes with more than one color? I know there's the Veden king's bastard son, but to my understanding, that was a genetic thing, whereas heterochromia, to my knowledge, involves a mild injury during birth that results in either whole or part of the eye's pigment changing (not really sure how it works, that's just what research has told me). Are there any ideas about where this would put someone in the Alethi system?
  13. Does anyone know what eye color Brandon has?
  14. Is it just me or do Lighteyes have no idea what a real apology actually involves? I was thinking of Dalinar and Shallan when I came up with this but Elhokar and Amaram both provided an interesting counterpoint to them as I thought more on it. So I guess you can call this a thread about the philosophy of apologies instead of just Lighteyes as the title suggests but it does contain WOR spoilers so here it should live. (PS there are a few Wheel of Time spoilers at the end too.) It started when I connected Shallan and Dalinar’s apologies to Kaladin together. First off Shallan claims to have apologised to Kaladin, when by my reading she didn’t really, then later Dalinar states “I believe an apology is due” but does not really deliver one himself. At first I thought he was referring to the apology that he himself owed to Kaladin but he apparently just meant that Amaram should deliver a simple ‘Sorry I murdered your men, mutilated your face and made you a slave’ (which admittedly he then did.) Shallan’s apology was pretty lacking by my standards. Kaladin (rightfully) called her out on the way she stole his boots then sighed and told her he was not holding a grudge over it and that she was not as bad as others. - “Not as bad as the others? What a delightful compliment. Well, let’s say you’re right. Perhaps I am an insensitive rich woman. That doesn’t change the fact that you can be downright mean and offensive, Kaladin Stormblessed” It was her next line that confused me - “I apologize, and all I get in return is a shrug?” I had to reread it looking for the apology, maybe it’s just me but as apologies go that was… not one. (his was closer) Dalinar was better in that his actions spoke of apology but he really should have said the words (Words are important on Roshar). He needed to acknowledge out loud that he more or less dismissed what he did not want to hear and that he was wrong to do so. Doing things correctly eventually is not an apology, admitting fault to yourself and those wronged is. Initially I was simply amused that he said an apology was due then failed to actually deliver one. Combined with Shallan’s failure I thought of this thread but we can look a bit further into it by using Amaram and Elhokar. Amaram. Now he did apologise, in the strictest sense of the word, the only problem was the sincerity of it. He was caught out in one direct lie and had to admit the truth, he apologised with all formality and admitted that he was sorry for what he did. The only problem being that his sorrow was in no way proportional to his sin, he may actually regret that innocent men were killed but he admits that this was not as important to him as gaining Shards ‘for the greater good’ and that he would do it again in a heartbeat. It is the forced apology that a child gives when caught out and made to apologise, an insincere formality. In his later viewpoint he makes it clear that his only real regret was not killing Kaladin too. (I think that once Amaram had confessed what he had done before witnesses Dalinar should have demanded he immediately surrender his Plate and Blade. What else could Amaram have done? It would have gone a long way towards Dalinar's apology) Elhokar is the only one who makes a real job of it, though he does not say the words ‘I’m sorry’ he does say what matters. He admits that he was wrong and he admits why he did it, he does this both to himself and to the person that he wronged. He humbles himself, he explains his hopes and his (many) faults and even asks for help in doing what is right. Of course he is drunk, in vino veritas as they say. A bewildered Kaladin shoots him down but he is still determined to figure how to do things better. You could also argue that there is strength in not saying ‘I’m sorry’ because when you formalise an apology too much you run the risk of doing it simply to clear your own conscience by getting forgiveness. The Wheel of Time is also good for looking at apologies specifically Elayne, Nynaeve and Egwene’s apologies to Mat. Let’s be honest, they each owed him big time for both rescuing them and for their treatment of him afterwards. Elayne and Nynaeve both get called out on their behaviour by Birgitte and Aviendha and made to apologise but as with Amaram above these apologies are completely insincere and only done with extreme reluctance. Elayne only regrets that she has somehow disappointed Aviendha and Nynaeve is… Nynaeve. Neither truly regrets their actions and their apologies are simply expected formality. It is only later that they work out Mat’s value as a person (and a friend) and they both make it up to him, Elayne in the way she treats him when they meet up again in Andor and Nynaeve in defending him when Tuon insults him (specifically mentioning the rescue). Both girls made a reluctant apology then backed it up later with actions, justifying their growth. Egwene on the other hand never apologises for any of her actions, she doesn’t learn to be a better person she learns to be an Aes Sedai. Perhaps if she had made friends willing to call her out more often (she sadly lost Aviendha to Elayne in that regard) she would not have been the only main character to… well, you know.., karma for not growing. (um, that is that she wouldn’t have… not that others would too). Thoughts?
  15. A large group, not a majority but quite a few people, seem to have an issue with Kaladin's attitude in WoR. Yes, he has a chip the size of a boulder on his shoulder. Yes, he is down right rude to most lighteyes, though to be fair this happened more often after Amaram arrived on the shattered plains. Yes, he has paranoid illogical fears. And you know what, thank goodness. If he didn't he wouldn't be human. He would be a perfect Gary Stu character. Kaladin has just spent a year being destroyed as a human being and being broken for the second time in his life. The first time happened when he lost his brother and he still isn't over that event. Maybe that will be his character arc in book 3. Anyway, if Kaladin were happy it wouldn't be realistic. If he believed wholeheartedly in Dalinar and Adolin it would seem fake. TWoKs was about Kaladin discovering he wasn't powerless and did have control over his life. He only somewhat trusted Dalinar because of one unusual event and Syl's word. In fact I think Syl's opinion of Dalinar had far more to do with Kaladin's choice to put his livelihood in Dalinar's hands. WoR is about him learning to trust again and learning how his choices effect him. And he came through his issues in about two months. People who have been through trauma like his can take years to come to the place he did by the end of WoR. Also, he was aware he wasn't thinking and acting right. He admitted to himself and Syl several times throughout the book. Knowing you have a problem is only the first step in working through it. It took exposure to the Kholins and Shallan to realize how wrong he was about lighteyes in general and that someone with lighteyes could be trusted. This was a really important lesson to learn before he became one himself. Further he needed to trust that his power would not be taken from him again before he could be the poster boy for the KR. Dalinar might be the leader, but he will be in the background. Kaladin will be the champion leading the charge and he will be the face of the Radiants to Roshar. The man at the end of TWoKs or at the beginning of WoR could not have filled that role. Kaladin had already been in that role before when he was Kaladin Stormblessed, the youngest and most celebrated squadleader in Amaram's army. He was already a rising star and then he lost it all. Of course he would believe that it all could be taken from him. All his power was taken from him before. I think that is the reason most of Bridge Four adjusted to freedom better than he did. This new life in Dalinar's army was a first for them and they had Kaladin to protect them. Kaladin didn't have anyone to protect him accept Dalinar and he wasn't completely sure about Dalinar. I was so shocked when Kaladin told Dalinar about Amaram's betrayal. The fact that Kaladin did so was very brave and showed that he was trying. So that's my opinion on Kaladin's attitude in this book. I do hope this is the most angst we get from Kal for the rest of the series. He came a long way in WoR and I found the journey compelling and believable. But if you disagree I would love to discuss it.