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Found 107 results

  1. Disclaimer: I originally posted this theory as a response to another topic, I worked on it some more, but some of this post will be verbatum from that I was looking through everything Lift-related to try and make up my mind on what could explain... well Lift. While there's clearly something important weird about Lift's origin before her visit to the Nightwatcher, I don't think we have enough data to theorize about that, but I do have an idea what happened with the Nightwatcher, and, yeah, you read the title To show you I got there, I'll copy here the evidence that I found most relevant (I took notes notes Jasnah style) and then just summarize "my findings" and explain how I connected the dots. I'll be using Spoiler tags for spacing, and I bolded the snippets that I found most interesting, all the relevant info in the quotes is repeated in my final thoughts 1) WOBs on what Lift is\her origin 1) WOBs on the mechanics of Lifts powers 3) General info on Nightwathcer, Bondsmiths and multiple Naheel bond: So to summarize what's in the info I looked through and just some known facts: Lift is something very special only possible through an act of Cultivation, result of meddling with her spirit web. What she is and how she is however fits within a certain mechanic and is not a one-off thing, but Cultivation's experiment on her is a first on Roshar. Wyndle guesses she has a stronger connection to the spiritual realm, which makes sense in how for instance she can see Szeth's afterimage, and touch spren. This connection to the spiritual realm is probably related to how she is slightly different from other radiants (at least in how she would react to a dead shardblade). Still Wyndle bonded her as he would have a normal radiant, though the decision was made because she had been touched by Cultivation. She can only burn foods (not metals) and transforms the resulting energy as lifelight, with mechanics much like those of getting energy from digesting sugar. She does generate the investiture from the food, not quite like metals (allomancy) work though there's a similarity there. Finally, we know that she asked the Nightwatcher: I put this together with the fact that Bondsmiths can generate their respective lights for personal use, with not clear mechanics, and with the fact that the Nightwatcher is different from other spren, in how she's disconnected from human perception and thus more unchanging. So back my thesis: Lift has been bonded to the Nightwatcher since she was ten, and is already the third Bondsmith This explains how she can self-generate Lifelight, which as far as we know is only possible for the Nightwatcher's Bondsmith. We know that it is possible to bond multiple sprens, and we know that Cultivation is very capable of meddling with one's memories, so it's easily explainable how she could be bonded to both her and Wyndle without knowing it. With what we know about surges, it makes sense she can't do Bondsmith things beside istinctive Light generation until she's aware of what she can do. There's a lot of wiggle room on the details on how her Connection to the spiritual realm and not-aging, as we know Cultivation ultimatly gives boons and curses as she pleases, so anything is fair game. From a thematic perspective, the Nightwatcher's "untied to human perception" nature works well with Lift's boon request to be unchanging when everything else does. Tt would also make sense that the Nightwatcher's Bondsmith would have a stronger focus on the Cognitive realm and spren, as she is less connected to the Physical, this expelaining Lift's Connection with the Congitive realm. This could make a nice simmetry with the 3 bondsmiths being "more focused" on the three planes, Spiritual for Stormfather, Physical for Sibling, Cognitive for Nightwatcher. Of course this clashes with the simmetry between Shards and Lights, so it's just a thematic idea not a mechanic of their powers. In terms of mechanics we have to go with some wild theory, as she's supposed to be an "experiment that's never been tried before", so here it goes: Her bond is unique because it's a somewhat backwards Nahel Bond, so rather than the bond making the spren more tied to the Phyisical realm, it's Lift who grows more Connected and aware of the Spiritual. This would explain her special connection with the Spiritual realm and all that comes with it, and could be worked in the explanation of her 'not aging' Of course there's a number of reasons that could explain her not aging if you accept she's a Bondsmith plus Cultivation shenanigans. Bondsmiths' mechanics are not really clear, and supposed to be very Bondsmith-specific. I mean she burns Lifelight for breakfast for the Almighty's sake But that's it from me, what do you guys think? does this make any sense?
  2. From the album Shallan Stormblessed's not incredible art!

    I talk to myself a lot, and so I wanted something to explain why. So I made this.
  3. This may have been discussed already, but I was thinking that some of Lift's anomalies could be explained if she was a cognitive shadow stapled to her body somewhat akin to a Returned (but without the divine breath). Specifically, it could explain: 1. Her strong connection to the cognitive realm (since she's a CS), though we haven't seen another CS with her exact properties. 2. How Cultivation granted her wish "to stay the same" since a CS can be considered a fossilized version of the living entity (per Vasher, at least). Her powerset also explains some things that would otherwise pose issues if she were a CS -- e.g., the constant need for investiture (she can produce it fairly easily, so she's not in danger of running out unless she starves to death -- which would also kill her anyhow). This theory could generate some narrative interest for her flashback chapters in the back half (if she dies as a child and is saved by Cultivation, for example). That's the theory in a nutshell. If anyone is aware of any outright deconfirmations via WoB or would like to offer comments/critiques/refutations, be my guest.
  4. About a week ago I noticed That Lift is a Synonym of ascend and started thinking if it is a clue that will ascend to a shard (Cultivation?) in the future. Or maybe it means she will help someone else to ascend. I saw a WoB that Lift is the meaning of her name and not the way it is pronounced, but I haven`t found any on the origin of this name. Do we know if it is the name given to her at birth or maybe she started using it only after visiting the nightwatcher, presumabely when she was chosen to play this role? Was that something clear to everyone else that I missed entirely until now? (It appens sometimes as I am not a native English speaker - for few months I was sure the pun in Wax and Wayne was that the name sounds similar and I had no Idea that those are wordds with meaning).
  5. After re-reading Oathbringer, I started wondering about the old magics. So I went and looked it up on the coppermind where I found that Lift's bane isn't listed. That made me think some more. It seems that the boon/bane effect is mostly physical with the Nightwatcher. She tried to convince Dalinar to choose a physical boon, either an object or physical enhancement. In addition the boon and bane can be completely unrelated: see Av's father who got a heap of good cloth in exchange for seeing the world upside down. The three times we have seen Cultivation step in, the boon/bane seems more cognitive/spiritual. More important they seem to be the same thing. The boon IS the bane, with a little added flair from Cultivation to influence the world without anyone knowing. To get what you want, you have to take all of the result. Like the old adage. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. If you eat it, you also have to lose the cake and potentially add a pound. Think of Dalinar: Boon - Loss of Spiritual whispers and guilt for the murder he had committed. -Cognitive loss Bane - Loss of all memories relating to Evi -Cognitive loss Cultivation's meddling: Allowing Dalinar to grow strong enough to resist the call of the Thrill and being used by Odium Now, the boon could not exist without the bane. If Dalinar could remember her death, the boon would be ineffective. If Dalinar could remember her enough to ask about her death or, really, have any meaningful conversation with other about her, her death would be brought up eventually. So Dalinar could not remember her and grow the way he needed to become the "good" Dalinar of present day. So it was all boon, just with side effects. Next, Taravangian: Boon - The intelligence to keep Kharbranth intact while Rayse was Odium and the capacity to become the Shard's new Vessel -Cognitive enhancement Bane - The inability to have both intelligence and compassion at the same time -Cognitive enhancement Cultivation's meddling - All of it really. Mostly replacing a dangerous enemy with a potentially more amenable one. Note: The boon and bane descriptions come from the coppermind oldmagic article. I would disagree a bit there. Taravangian needed BOTH intelligence and compassion to be able to do what he asked which was "Capacity. Capacity to stop what was coming. The capacity to save humankind." So, Cultivation gave him the capacity he needed: mental capacity and emotional capacity. She even made it inverse, which seems wise. It is very had to strategically plan knowing you will cause thousands of deaths and even more suffering if you are also being compassionate. At the same time, you need have time to be compassionate to be able to remember why you are doing what you are doing and relate to the people you are saving. You really cannot have both at once. If you really want to keep the boon/bane mentality, then I would say the bane was the unpredictability of the effects. But even then, someone smart enough to make the Diagram would figure out the pattern and design a way to work around the compassionate side. Like Dalinar, seems like all boon, just really annoying side effects. Now for Lift: Boon - Produce Lifelight from mass; using Lifelight to Surgebind, being partially stuck with the Cognitive Real, vision manipulation Bane - unknown Cultivation's meddling - Experimentation of creating her own kind of Radiant Note: As with Taravangian's section, I pull the descritions of boons and banes from the coppermind. That list of boons seems pretty long, doesn't it. Not really Cultivation or the Nightwatcher's MO, giving so many boons but no obvious banes. So lets theorize a bit here. Producing Lifelight from mass and using to surge bind are not part of the boon, but what Cultivation was trying to obscure with the granting of the boon. The boon it self was "she was suppose to stay the same and the world was supposed to change around her". So Cultivation uses this ask to change her spirit web to use Lifelight which pulls her partially into the cognitive realm. This in turn grounds her mind in how she sees herself ( ie not more than ten) cognitively like spren are controlled by perception. So she keeps her mental age, but her physical body continues to age. (Though I kinda like the idea of her being more like Returned, where when she hits a certain age, she will stop aging). Being partly in the cognitive realm allows her to interact with it more, hence touching of spren and vision manipulation. But there are what could be called banes or side-effects. Imagine being a child in a grown woman's body. Imagine being on the brink malnutrition constantly. Definitely down sides. But Cultivation doesn't have a storm. How else could she have gotten light to her budding Radiant? I went on this particular tangent because of a WOB: Note that he mentions boons and curses from the Nightwatcher. In reference to Lift, it is just a boon. Now this is some what proven to be an omission as in a different WOB he mentions both a boon and a curse: But I wonder if someone could actually use BOTH lights, or if the process of changing the spirit web makes that impossible or at least very unlikely. Note that he also calls it Stormlight here even though we now know it is Lifelight. Final supporting WOB: So, to sum up. Cultivation doesn't really give boons/banes. She sees a request that she can do a single cognitive/spiritual manipulation that will provide an effect at least correlated to the request but also serves to influence the world the way she wants.
  6. I found this: My question is if she got access to an Honorblade, could she utilize Stormlight to fuel her Surges in addition to metabolizing food into Lifelight? From there, could she figure out how to internally mix and/or separate the power into Towerlight with the right intention? Maybe she just eats a prism to separate it? I'm imagining something on the back 5 where something goes wrong with the Sibling and Lift just jams herself into the workings and makes it work anyway. At any rate, having a Radiant on standby at Urithiru that can be directly fueled by the Sibling and Bondsmith could be really useful. Sure Dalinar can open a perpendicularity and eventually Navani will be able to as well I assume, but making it so Lift is doing funky stuff that only Bondsmiths do would be... fitting and hilarious. I still don't know how she was sneaking into Dalinar's visions. Thoughts?
  7. I’m doing a reread of Rhythm of War, and just noticed that in Lifts interlude, when she’s talking about hiding in Urithiru’s air ducts and other places (pg 1055 in the ebook), that “Up here in the network of stone ventilation shafts, she found the occasional mink or other scavenger, but it was actually her domain”. One would expect a mouse or rat to be mentioned if Brandon was going to mention a non-shell based rodent, but he chooses mink. And I think he’s definitely trying to be sly about mentioning our favorite escape artist here. They could probably learn a lot from each other. No real point here, I just think it’s a cool reference that I didn’t pick up on in my first read through.
  8. You know how Brandon likes to hide things in plain sight? There’s a chance Shalash was darkeyed. The likelihood of her having "nearly white eyes" when Jezrien had dark eyes is slim. Being a cognitive shadow, she has the ability to view herself however she perceives herself but she can't. I'll talk about that later. Eye Color Her eyes are described differently than most characters. Most people are described as having light/pale or dark plus a specific colored eyes. They are not described to a degree in which their eyes are of a certain color. There's one person described as have fully pale eyes - Lift, who runs on Life light, which is Cultivation’s light. From "Rhythm of War" Chapter 65, Lifelight is described as "faintly green." The exact word used to describe Shalash's eye color. I don’t think Shalash is using Lifelight, but I think the wording here indicates that she has been changed by the Nightwatcher. Death Rattle She changed her own physical eyes. This was inferred as Shalash destroying depictions of herself, but it can also mean that she is destroying the image SHE HAS OF HERSELF. So she's can't view herself anyway she wants - like a regular cognitive shadow. She’s destroying herself in two ways, through art depicting her - she's trying to erase herself from Roshar and through destroying her own beauty - her dark eyes. She's the dustbringer book. Dustbringers are all about "self mastery" which is self-control. Even though she is a cognitive shadow who could perceive herself as someone with light eyes she lacks control because she feels guilty for abandoning Taln and she keeps destroying artworks of herself so she needs outside help (the Nightwatcher). The Baxil Interlude I've probably this interlude multiple times (because Shalash is my fav character and this theory makes me so excited), but it never dawned on me why we are introduced to a herald this way. We are introduced to Shalash as Baxil's mistress. This is an interesting choice because we see Jezrien through the eyes of Dalinar, Szeth, and Moash - who all carry his blade at some point (Dalinar briefly in Oathbringer). We originally see Nale through the eyes of Szeth - his pupil. AND THEN IT ALL CLICKED! BAXIL AND AV WERE TALKING ABOUT THE NIGHTWATCHER THE ENTIRE INTERLUDE AND THEIR CONVERSION WAS SO ON THE NOSE AT SOME PARTS. This part highlight the themes of what is happening with Shalash and what I mentioned above. Not only did she change her eye color, but she has a boon and a curse given to her by the Nightwatcher. Some extra speculation I don't know where her story is going from her. It would be awesome to see someone's journey involve reversing their eye color. There's also another parallel if this is all true. Two women who were originally darkeyed sought the old out magic - one to not change her body, one to change a part of body.
  9. I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
  10. So lift metabolizes nutrients into lifelight right? This poses issues as to how much she can store, or obtain at any point, so If she got say, a full unsealed bendalloy metalmind, would she be able to tap it for energy, and then metabolize those calories into lifelight? or would the calories have to be inside her digestive system?
  11. Yeah, title. Personally, I do think there's a decent change that Lift becomes the Kaladin of the latter half of the series, with her as the arguable main character of books 6-10 the way that Kal has been for 1-4 (first book of the era both establishing the greater world at the current moment and also the past of the main viewpoint character, character deals with trauma related to their parents and deals with their own problems relating to doing violence for a good cause,) and we've seen her grow solidly through the present books, while also keeping her out of focus enough to prevent her from overplaying her hand in terms of history and things she has to work through. But as we've seen, she's already pretty far in her bond with Wyndle; Lift becomes a Third-Ideal Edgedancer as of, well, Edgedancer, and I'm not certain a Fourth and Fifth Ideal would be enough to deal with whatever craziness goes on in the latter half of the series. For this reason I believe Lift will bond the Nightwatcher (assuming that it is in fact a Bondsmith spren), as well as a few others. Firstly, there's the fact that Lift is a magical little goblin person. Lift is one of three characters we know of to have been gifted a boon by Cultivation directly rather then the Nightwatcher, and I personally believe her modifications are a bit more in depth then either Dalinar's or Taravangian's. Lift's spiritweb being modified to 1. run on Lifelight rather then Stormlight, 2. metabolize said Lifelight directly from caloric intake, and 3. exist a bit more in the cognitive realm (if i remember correctly) is to me a much more overt changes then Dalinar's temporary amnesia, and maybe even more overt then Taravangian's intelligence and passion. By modifying her spiritweb to run on Lifelight, it's possible that Cultivation is setting Lift up to deal with significantly more taxing abilities, such as the Connection-based powers of a Bondsmith. Lift also being an Edgedancer means she has one of the more simplified powersets of the Radiants IMO, so giving her access to four surges would be not too strong to be a main character, as neither Edgedancers nor Bondsmiths have been primarily combative in terms of abilities and instead forces Lift to continue using her intelligence and instincts in combat. (Also, having a living Shardblade already accounts for Bondsmiths so far not giving Blades.) The other important part of Lift's cultivation ties is looking, again, at Dalinar and Taravangian, more importantly looking at where they ended up due to Cultivation. Dalinar went from the Blackthorn, a man who treated the Geneva Conventions like a checklist, to the leader of the Radiants who sold a priceless weapon from an ancient time to free slaves, who is imperfect but trying, and who is one of two present Bondsmiths (and you could also make a pretty solid argument that him being in close proximity to Navani and helping her deal with her trauma due to Gav put her in a better position to be the other Bondsmith), and Taravangian, who's a frickin' Shard. Cultivation does not mess around, and that means Lift is definitely in for great things. "So," you say, "when would this happen? How do you see it going down?" Well, firstly, it's kind of rude to interrupt me while I'm writing, isn't it? But because I'm just that magnanimous, I'll tell you anyway. I see this bond being either the epilogue of book 5 (unlikely), first third of book 6, (maybe) or ending of book 6 (now we're cooking with oil!) I'll go through these in reverse order of likeliness. I doubt this'll happen at the end of book 5, because I imagine book 5 will be crammed tight already with Szeth and Kaladin vibing, the challenge, and everything else that I'm forgetting for the moment, and also because when this doesn't happen in book 5 I want a few years to hold out hope that my theorizing isn't wrong, dagnabbit. First third of book 6 I could see, but it would require a good amount of more obvious buildup in 5 and 6, and again, there's already approximately five billion irons in the fire for book 5. This bond occurring at the end of book 6 I really like, though, because buildup to a spren bond has generally taken a full book for a PoV character (Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, Navani, etc) so having the Sanderlanche of Book 6 include a Lift Bondsmith Bond would be enough time to establish dual spren bonds, etc; this also gives a character the ability to play with the Connection-based powers of a Bondsmith in combat more often, as Dalinar has been more of a logistics guy then a boots on the dirt combatant since gaining his Bondsmith bond, and I don't expect Navani to be jumping into combat soon but instead to explore the realmatic/scientific ramifications of Bondsmith powers instead. (Plus the whole can-the-sibling-bond-live-outside-urithuru thing.) Additionally, since there'll be a 10 year gap between books 5 and 6, I could see quite a few things going down. Dalinar either loses or ties the contest of champions and suffers a bad fate, removing him from the battlefield; and if Urithuru was destroyed/conquered again, that would serve to demoralize the Radiants and remove our second Bondsmith, giving the characters ample reason to seek out a combat-based Bondsmith to assist in the retaking of Roshar. This would give Lift, as a uniquely gifted individual in terms of Spiritweb, someone who already knows the location of the Nightwatcher, and theoretically one of the last remaining Radiants, significant motivation to be the one who directly seeks out Cultivation in order to see if she'll help them; and when she gets to where she met Cultivation as a young child, she's instead met with the Nightwatcher, who offers to bond Lift in addition to Wyndle, either on Cultivation's orders or just because Lift is that... Awesome. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the theory, been brewing on it for a while. Thank you for reading this, and have a lovely day. (Edit - Totally forgot that Lift has an Aviar now too. I don't think that factors into this theory, but it does give Lift a way to grow in book 5 without going up an Ideal, and if it has an ability like sensing other minds, could also help Lift find the Nightwatcher. )
  12. I made a post recently about how it seems that shapeshifters in the Cosmere are able to change their age and appearance by having some kind of connection to the cognitive realm, and then by manipulating their cognitive aspect. So, could the reason why Lift was changed the way she was by the Nightwatcher be because that she now technically does have the ability to “stay the same”, but she simply doesn’t know how to use it?
  13. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    This challenge again! Characters are: Lift (Stormlight Archive) Vasher (Warbreaker) Szeth (Stormlight Archive) Kelsier (Mistborn) Marsh (Mistborn) Raboniel (Stormlight Archive) (I was so pumped when drawing Kelsier & Marsh together xD Also Raboniel's lab goggles, they're just my personal quirk, not canon though.) Lift (in Azish robes) wanting more pancakes!
  14. I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
  15. Lift is running away with some food she stole, and Wyndle does not approve.
  16. I just finished the book and I loved it but admittedly, I feel a little devastated at what happened to Lift (her legs died when Moash ran his honor blade through them). Am I correct in assuming her legs cannot be healed from something like this? If so, I guess I would like to read theories for how she will bounce back and possibly regain the ability to use her legs. Any thoughts?
  17. spoilers

    Super Lift! The idea Lift gets a bendalloymind so she can can eat bottomlessly and bring out endless reserves of Awesomeness! The thought process After reading both Mistborn and Stormlight Archive I am curious about the combinations possible throughout the Cosmere and the interactions of investiture! The question What combinations of the Cosmere interest you the most? What effect, drawbacks and uses does this create? Combination question#2 Would the gemstones of Roshar be able to capture the mists? Would an allomancer be able draw on the gym stone as if it were metals?
  18. From the album stormlight archive art

    She is awesome
  19. My first topic in the RoW spoiler Boards. How exciting for all of you. Topics of the week seem to be coming back. So, When Mraize finds Lift, he says he's been waiting for an excuse to hunt her. This magged me a bit, and the whole thing made me want to punch Mraize in his teeth, as kidnapping and then trading Lift is completely abhorrent on it's own, and then finding out that Keliser is the leader of the Ghostbloods and somehow condoned this was very out of character. And then it occured to me that Mriaze needed an excuse to hunt Lift, and the only person who could forbid Mraixe from doing something would be one of his superiors and possibly even keliser. So did Kelsier forbid Mraize or any Ghostblood from harming Lift, and it wasn't until Lift did something like attacking the bird that Mriaze could retaliate?
  20. Is Lift able to heal herself with her lifelight (or any other way)? Are shardblade cuts permanent in the physical realm? Maybe I missed something, but it wasn't clear to me if she did this after her incident with Moash?
  21. So I was re-reading that really sad Lift interlude in RoW and was curious about one line. Pattern is measuring her height and she exclaims, "That's almost a full inch since last time." I don't know exactly how often Lift is checking her height but this feels regular. So it looks like Lift is growing really fast. Almost as if Cultivation's gift is fading. Hmmm, when have we seen that before. Looks like Cultivation is back to pruning. We know Cultivation loves setting things up for events far in the future. I think this interlude is setting Lift up for a major role in KoWT (Stormlight 5 if you haven't seen the reflection theory). From here it's mostly speculation for major roles Lift could play in the next book. One idea is that she could go with Kaladin and Szeth traveling to Shinovar. We've seen Lift and Szeth before and that was really fun. She could also end up being Dalinar's champion. It would be interesting to see Dalinar struggle with not being able to fight Odium himself. Also, we've seen that Lift has some strange power in the Odium visions back in Oathbringer. So what do you think? Will Lift be a main character in Stormlight 5? Will Dalinar actually end up being his own champion or will his stepping-down arc continue?
  22. Apologies if this is an old idea - it's new to me! I just read a theory on Reddit discussing how Taravangian was set up to be Dalinar's foil, and how well that fits with him taking up Odium and Dalinar seemingly being on a path towards reclaiming Honor (or something like that, at least). We know that Cultivation had a hand in both Taravangian's Ascension and Dalinar's journey, by interacting with them both directly when they visited the Nightwatcher. We also know of one other person who interacted with Cultivation directly - Lift. My theory is that Cultivation, in addition to preparing Taravangian to take up Odium (confirmed) and Dalinar to take up Honor (suspected), is also preparing Lift to be her own successor. Evidence in favour of this, in addition to the above pattern, that I can think of off the top of my head: Lift's character so far is based very strongly on the idea of not changing, which is more or less the antithesis of Cultivation's Intent. As we've seen, she is changing despite her best efforts and pleas to Cultivation. This seems to set the stage very nicely for an interesting character arc. She has bonded a Cultivationspren. She can metabolise food directly into Lifelight - Cultivation's light. There might be more, or I could be completely wrong. But I found it interesting to think about nevertheless, and I hope you do too!
  23. From the album Stormlight character emojis

    I really shouldn't be doodling when I'm hungry... Credit to @More Cynical Than Funny for the suggestion. If you would like to make a request for a character, please do so.