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Found 2 results

  1. Ok, all investiture has different forms, such as gaseous. Stormlight is Honor’s gaseous investiture, while Voidlight is Odium’s. What are all the rest? What could combinations be called? Canon Honor - Stormlight Odium - Voidlight Cultivation - Lifelight Honor + Cultivation - Towerlight Speculation Honor + Odium - Warlight Preservation - Shelterlight Ruin - Razelight Preservation + Ruin - Blendlight Endowment - Biolight Autonomy - Libertylight/Sandlight/Sunlight Devotion - Loyallight Dominion - Powerlight Ambition - Goallight Invention - Idealight Mercy - Kindlight Whimsy - Laughlight Valor - Bravelight Edit: I am going to try to keep this list updated with ideas people suggest Just For Fun List @Chinkoln - Otterlight
  2. As a remote sensing scientist I like to think about color and visualizations. In case you didn't know, all the stuff around us reflects different wavelengths of light differently based on the materials its made of. This extends outside the normal visible spectrum of light! For example, most plants are green because they reflect green light, but if the human eye could see into the near infrared, plants would be that color, because they reflect several times as much of that radiation as they do green. Something cool we can think about now that we know investiture that is associated with a specific shard has a specific wavelength / color is how to visualize things powered by that light. Mixing two colors/lights to get something new is actually super interesting, and using any three colors / unique investiture flavors, we could have a full color image! On Roshar, we'd have blue from Honor, Green from Cultivation, and purple/void? from Odium. If we wanted to visualize it for our eyes we could shift the colors to the three we use most, RGB -> Cultivation to red, Honor ->green, Odium -> blue, and make some cool false color composite images. In real life this lets us know something about the structure, because it tells us what is absorbed and what is reflected. Many bugs and flowers are reflective to UV radiation in unique and beautiful ways, for them to attract different mates. Same with platypuses (Not for attracting mates (That we know yet), just cool colors!). I think it was mentioned that voidlight and Odium have been part of the Rosharan system so long that it has become incorporated into the ecology there. Likely this is referring to Roshar becoming invested by Odium, maybe Odium has a perpendicularity now or something. Anyway I thought this was kind of neat.