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Found 5 results

  1. Anyone play two truths and a lie? Well, I made a sharder version of it. Basically, there are the same rules as the original game, exept this will be online. If you don't know how to play, here are the rules. One person starts off the game by saying three things about themselves. Two of those things will be ture, and one will be a lie. Then people go around in turn trying to guess what the lie is. Whoever guesses correctly is it next. I'll start. 1. I play Hockey. 2. I was born in England. 3. I have a cat.
  2. To my knowledge, in the cosmere we haven't encountered a religion that is true "in world". Most religions we have seen, such as Vorinism, Survivorism, or Shu-Korath, are focused on the attributes of a Shard or an individual, which we know to be human(oid)s with potentially lots of investiture. To that end, what exactly is the point of the religions in any of Brandon's books? They certainly provide hope, influence culture, and interact with magic systems in interesting ways. However, in my personal experience, the most powerful part of religion is that when you believe a religion to be true, it adds a sense of meaning and direction to your life. Kelsier, TLR, and the Shards don't have any evident (to us) authority to do such a thing, and yet their religions all offer some sort of greater meaning to life. If someone could prove to me that my religion was created by some sort of sudo-god, I would probably become rather distressed. I'm pretty sure Brandon has mentioned some sort of "Truth" going on in the background of the Cosmere that he doesn't want to elaborate very much on, but I think the closest we've gotten to this is Dalinar's struggle to understand Honor's death. Anyway, I guess I was wondering what other people's thoughts are on this topic. Does it bother you (that basically everyone in the cosmere believes in lies, and that Shards are willing to allow religions about themselves to be perpetuated)? Do you think you would be an atheist in the cosmere, given what you know about it and its religions?
  3. I would like to address the use of the word "lie" and "lies" as the have been used in the Cosmere. Careful reading has lead me to notice that the word is used in many instances to mean "that which is not now". Patterns spren type do not like being called Liespren because they use the word differently. In his discussions with Shallan, he encourages her to make a lie, and what follows is a representation of something or someone different from what they are now, but definitely what they COULD become. The same is true in the Liar of Partinel discussions with the old Hoid. "People love a lie, if it is strong enough." "Tell them the lies they need to hear". It is used almost as an inspiration or a base for faith. We see a lie as a misrepresentation of the past. So if I say, "I am a clown", you would say, "you are a liar because you have never acted as a clown". But you may not know that I have taken a job as a clown and start later today; I use it as a title or description. But more specifically, I may have decided to be a clown from now on but you would still call me a liar. Pattern would see this as a lie too, but would relish it because it is descriptive of a future truth. They know time too, but call all future truth which is different from the past a "lie". It shows a change, a pattern, a progression that they recognize. They just have a different word for it. It seems both a cognitive interpretation and allows for time progression, much like a Cryptic's changing shape.
  4. After reading Words of Radiance I was interested in the symmetric design of the names and poetry. Soon after finishing the book I was in a poetry class so I decided to try my hand at a ketek. I am fascinated by the differences between truths and lies after all everthing is subject to perspective. So here is my first attempt at a ketek. Lies are truths that see that truths are lies. What do you guys think? Is it too literal? Does anyone else have a cool ketek or poem for sharing?
  5. Well the release date is just over a month away now but we've run out of free previews and so the only solution is to honor the noble cryptics and create our own. I've been posting a few of my own in the comments under the 'official' previews on but I've also noticed a few being added on the chatbox here over the last few days. These poor orphaned snippets of dubious canonicity need an official home and here it shall be. Warning - Outrageously suspect spoilers lie within ---------------------------------- How about that assassination attempt with the spandagger fabrial in chapter 26, there Kaladin was inspecting knives in the armory when one of them leapt off the rack straight for his eye. Luckily he was saved by a nearby (hidden) King's Wit who managed to steel push it off course, the assassin hidden at the back of the room getting yanked into the open by his conjoined weapon. -------- Also try not to get too attached to Teft cause that bit where he dies at the end is heartbreaking - "Teft!" Jasnah screamed, holding his bloody body in her arms "Why?" He didn't respond. He just stared into the air, eyes glazed over, his spirit gone. She shivered, pulling him close as his body cooled. "You can't die, you can't. Please." It was no use. Teft was dead. Really dead. As dead as a corpse with burnt out eyes. So very, very dead. "But you had so much more to teach me about the Radiants" She felt at his pulse, just in case. There was nothing. "Oh cruel world" she said sobbing. She poked him in the ribs, it could have been a bad joke. But there was no reaction, seeing as how Teft was completely and utterly dead.